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  1. good night @MayanEcho I'll try I think I've seen that before on yt @partyon 86
  2. not yet. tax season has started so.. bye bye kdrama for now haha but I still keep going back to my fave scenes in WWWSK and FFMY 92
  3. I like fight for my way , she was pretty, kill me, heal me and dream high 2 too 94
  4. Yes! he's so handsome and so funny the drama is great too! hi @mirmz! 100
  5. I'm fine even if he's not single. He's aging too lol. I'm just addicted to WWWSK lately 108
  6. Hi! @partyon! just changing my oppa to Park Seo Joon since HB is taken now lol haha 116
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