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  1. 1. Crash Landing On You 2. Scarlet Heart 3. Empress Ki 4. Hotel Del Luna 5. Dong Yi
  2. Me too. I want to see HB and IU But a little off topic hehe Excited for Yejin
  3. 470 Hi @Jillia! So many deadlines Finally have time to logged in and post Happy birthday to my oppa
  4. The one that really convinced me except the grocery sighting was the couple ring bts scene lol! He's so nervous that time haha! Why HB?? and also HB pretending to drag SYJ to bed after the ring scene. It was so hilarious! How can you joke like that haha! You don't do that to any costars even she's a friend! Unless... Haha just kidding! please ship responsibly
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