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  1. @snowlou , @Lawyerh thanks for tagging me. I see a lot of changes here . Plus a lot of new events. Unfortunately do not have much time to grasp everything that is going on. So right now just dropping this thing that I made earlier for our IkSong thread but did not have time to post. So don't know whether it satisfies the definition of a badge or not but here it is Theme: rock my ship Hospital playlist : Dr IkJun & Dr SongHwa ( IkSong couple). Would love to do more as I already have been doing it for JJS main thread, IkSong thread, hp thread but time is very short for the competition.
  2. Love him in every role but loves him the most when he is Swoony. My order of favourite dramas Jealousy Incarnate Oh my ghost Hospital playlist Nokdu Flower Two Cops The King 2 hearts And how can I forget his cameo as merman in Legend of the blue sea.
  3. What I meant was can we know specifically that she said "let's get married" OR she said" get married" in Korean language. Is it possible to translate exactly her dialogue in this regard or what she said in Korean can be translated to both ways with "let " or without "let".
  4. From where I watched drama, the translation for this scene was this It is interesting to note that the difference between both the sentences changes the whole meaning of the dialogue. "Let's get married" implies that SongHwa is suggesting that let they both marry to each other. While "get married" implies that SongHwa is just suggesting to JeongWon that he should get married now to some one/anyone. So viewers who understands Korean , can tell us for sure what she said exactly.
  5. @KDramaFan0828 I agree what u wrote. But I was talking specifically from the angle of IkJun & SongHwa not ending up as a couple. Because people mostly compare them in this regard that they both won't end up together just like Jong & Rosa and will remain in a platonic relationship.
  6. We all have been talking about how IkJun & Song are parallel to Rosa & Jong. But I have realized that being an IkSong shipper this is not a good idea to put those 4 people parallel as it would ultimately mean that Ik and Song would not meet at the end and that is of course totally opposite to our beliefs that Ik & Song are the end game. SO if not Ik & Song then who can be put parallel to Jong & Rosa logically. I think it is IkJun & Geyoul. If the writer want to continue with her platonic relationship idea in the show she will never tie Jong & Rosa in a romantic relationship. So as we all know Geyoul & IkJun has a platonic friendship (though some people tried so hard to push them towards a romantic relationship to the point that it came off as cringeworthy & forced) so when according to our believes & hopes IkSong will become an official couple just like Wintergarden. They all will live happily ever after , with gomgom couple & Jonwan-Iksun couple. So it is quite possible that in their 60s or 70s Song will die first just like wife of Jong died and JeongWon die first just like husband of Rosa died first, so now IkJun & Geyoul will be left behind and all these years they had a platonic relationship, so they will continue with that platonic relationship till their death. And in this scenario , Uju could be future JeongWon. Just how JeongWon is with Jong & Rosa now. And other kids of IkSong & Wintergarden would be like other kids of Rosa & Jong, not necessarily all priests but in different professions , some living with them ,some working in other cities, other countries. Just imagine an old Geoyol playing mafia game with an old IkJun with Uju and their other friends , IkJun taking pics of flowers & telling Geoyol her youth is gone , Geyoul pulling IkJun hair out in mafia game, ....oh my my soooo hilarious it would be. Too far fetched??? Might be . But it logically perfectly sits with our established ships & the concept of platonic relationships. Isn't it? While I am writing it down all of a sudden another thought hit me , that never ever came to my mind before, is that not necessarily IkJun & Geyoul can be the parallel to Rosa& Jong But SongHwa & JeongWon can also be the parallel to Rosa& Jong. That is , in their 60s or 70s ,IkJun may die first than SongHwa & Geyoul may die first than JeongWon so it will leave SongHwa & JeongWon behind. And we all know they already have a brilliant platonic relationship so this platonic relationship will continue between them till their deaths just like Jong & Rosa. Huuuum , in this case also Uju can be put in place of JeongWon. Like how JeongWon is with Rosa& Jong now , Uju will be the next JeongWon to SongHwa & JeongWon in their 60s or 70s. Oh by the way, what if they SongHwa & JeongWon marry then in their old age to become a helper for each other just like we all hope & wish for Rosa& Jong . The wish of FGs will eventually be fulfilled though they have to wait for a long long time & maybe for some 96th season of the show.
  7. Hehehe you are correct but I was not talking about them , I was talking about @snowlou & like of her who still are not sure about even after there are tons of evidences now. Hayy snowlou don't be wishy washy any more. Just believe 100% in IkSong whole heartedly. We need people to support IkSong with their full confidence , and heart. Not anyone who is not a full believer because a half hearted believer cannot support fully.