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  1. @Jan Dee And now today in released pics WG are sitting side by side and so do IKSONG. Just couple things you know, reinforced by the pd that they are a couple and will continue to be in the 2nd season and there kiss in the 1st season was not a dream , as proclaimed by FGers. whereas in last year's pics they were so standing separated and we did not know that they were going to be the couple in the drama.
  2. @Jan Deewelcome to the thread, would like to know your insights on our iksong ship, this thread has been so dead for the past many months that I also stopped visiting it but don't worry I will come here to read Ur insights. And I believe now when the season 2 airing date is somewhat announced in June , this thread would become more alive gradually.
  3. Why killed Eun Shi Kang. Lee Hwashin is HOT. I miss Lee Ikjun.
  4. Category 1: Black and white JJS JJS is a charmer. some more black&white JJS
  5. @partyonyes there is a flowergarden ship and it is a Rare one , I don't wanna say anything more but just wish more Hospital Playlist watchers to see this poster, they will surely understand what I did here. @gm4queen yes I also wanna go with dinosaur oppa ,he is looking so savage here. Not sure why he needed ammunition though ,just his entry is enough to terrorise , isn't it?
  6. Category 2: Ship IKSONG ship WILL DO reach its destiny.
  7. Category 2 1. IkSong gonna be end game, no matter what(Hospital Playlist). (IkJun is referred as dove in the drama and Songhwa means "Flower" in Korean) 2. Domestic IkSong.
  8. Oooooook .....it's time for some catigory 2 posters i,e the ship. 1. IkSong in Sockchu (Hospital Playlist) 2. Dinner date at Sockchu. 3. IkSong is our ship
  9. 1. I oppa. 2. My family tree 3. Where ever I see , I see my oppa
  10. Ok I am back. So here we go... 1. Jo Jung Jackson. 2. Wanna have a toast with me. 3. It's Aloha time( Aloha is sung by him for Hospital Playlist as an OST cover and have won many awards).
  11. Thanks for warm welcome and I got so much excited just after reading that what this event is about that I did not bother to read the whole post,lol and jumped to post my pics. But anyway I will now try to come up with some names in my next post.
  12. Hello everybody, thanks A LOT for tagging me cause I am EXTREMELY excited and happy to participate in this event. As I think that I can FULLY participate in this one AT LEAST because I can't say the same for the previous events, being a relatively newbie in kdrama land. I have been in love with JJS for the past 1 and a half year now and I habitually have made so much GIFs and animated pictures of him, so as I said I am happy, to share them here so be warned ladies and gentlemen there is gonna be a whole lot of them,....I hope u guys won't mind. So here they are.... 1. JJS is
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