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  1. Hello everyone. Long time. When I am rewatching Hosplay , there is one thing I want to talk about. It is not particularly about iksong but it is indirectly related to them .I remember I wanted to talk about it earlier when the drama was airing and we were commenting on main thread of the drama but I somehow always forgot about that after visiting main thread because there had been many other points to discuss about. Anyways....what I felt then and now again after drama rewatching that Songhwa's attitude towards Capt Ahn was very ....confusing. I mean if she didn't romantically like him back ,
  2. Hi everyone & thanks for tagging me and as always I have nothing much to contribute LOL because I just watched 1 drama the past year HOSPITAL PLAYLIST and I voted for it cause I absolutely loved it & anxiously waiting for season 2. Other than that I wanted to watch a couple more dramas namely Dinner Mate & Start Up. But may be some other time.
  3. 1 question? In which episode was the scene where IkJun+ junwan left the audition room and took shelter in storage room and SongHwa followed them. I have rewatched HP a couple of times but strangely enough never found this scene. So I can't remember the exact ep no. Plz help.
  4. My happy pill. For winning best OST at Melon music awards & Genie. From your forever loyal, happy and proud fan. Well deserved. May many more awards come your way. Ameen.
  5. Hi there everyone. I liked the game. I would like it more if you would include Jo Jung Suk dramas next time. I would definitely be able to guess them in a second. For now I could answer only 2. And am happy both were correct. . And actually from the description in blind items I have become interested to watch some of the dramas.hehehe.
  6. Thanks for tagging . I am relatively a newbie, just started watching in 2019. And only followed Jo chang wook & Cho Jung Seok from then on wards. Soooo can't guess many. Except for two. No 1 is
  7. Yes your conclusion is 100% correct. 1. They tend to make long term empty places their house. Why? Because they need privacy and silence just like us. 2. They are plenty in numbers. So much so that if we can watch each other we would be bumping into each other all the time. Because we would not have enough room to move freely.
  8. Yes demons and evil jins are the same. I don't know about Bible but from the hundreds of Hollywood movies that I watched this is my understanding after watching their characteristics that demons and evil jins are basically the same but with different names.
  9. @Sleepy Owlsiccini all 4 parts. Azem first part Debbie all parts ( I personally don't like them but they are very liked by other viewers) For now these are all I can remember by name .
  10. @Lmangla you welcome. Hollywood can do anything ....right. Alladin is just a fiction. But let me tell you there are actually good jins out there. Although I am not sure of if they are as friendly & naughty as in Alladin or not. But there are good & bad jins like good or bad people.
  11. I read this post after posting my answer to @Lmangla question. So I am here again. I fully agree what is written in the above post. Moreover I want to add that religious belief and practices impact a lot even if they are not scary in a scary movie for example in many Turkish movies they show a funeral parlor scene where a dead body is being bathed and wrapped for the final destination ......,the grave. Now this apparently is not scary but it creeps me out because I know one day I have to die and will be bathed & wrapped & send to my grave. So it creeps me being a reality. Now in Holly
  12. @Lmangla well Turkish horror movies are very different from the Hollywood movies. I cannot describe completely how they are different because you have to watch it to know that. Don't worry just 1 good Turkish horror movie will be enough. Lol. The whole atmosphere, the direction, the music, the intensity all is very different. I feel non Turkish movies somehow show the devil and spirits weak which is not the case with Turkish movies. They depict them very powerful. Which I believe how it should be . Because these devil beings are no joke. They also have rare jumpscare scenes. No
  13. Hello everyone. Thank you @partyonfor tagging me. This topic should be most interesting for me because I am a crazy horror movie fan. And I have watched hundreds of them. BUT strangely enough I never thought about watching Korean horror movies ,may be because a couple of which I have watched I did not enjoy them a lot. Any ways I voted for train to Busan, Alive and oh my ghost , the closet . Because these are the only ones that I have watched from the long list mentioned in the poll. Generally I like many of the Eng horror movies like grudge, orphanage, insidious, shutter, case 39, the co
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