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  1. I didn't think OJP would have done that to DH too. But given that he was drunk as shown in this episode, anything is possible, even murder. As for EJ, I agree that I wished to see a clearer consequences for her to bear. But I guess she established herself with the police that she did it out of impulse, so I wouldn't say that what she did was based on informed and calculated decision. As for repenting, I see that she's been eaten by guilt throughout the time and she has also made a point to apologize to In Ha by kneeling down. And most importanly for me, she genuinely felt relieved and happy that SH regained consciousness.
  2. Yes, my thoughts too... but then maybe it goes to show that he doesn't hurt innocent good people, only executing the baddies...??? 888
  3. #36 ? (i don't know what the number is anymore) Noraebang ~ happy or sad, noraebang is the place to go. (using my phone so can't provide pics)
  4. DH is just a kid. A shoulder to cry on is exactly what she needed to gather the courage and speak the truth. I teared up with the way IH talked to her. Just like the way she talked to Soo Ho's classmate and apologized to her for adult's wrong way of handling things. She won these kids over and restored them. And these loving encouraging words are what a lot of kids today lacking, yet need badly to grow up properly. I actually love that in this last episode the writer made the parallel of our father figure to be saving JS from giving up on himself and the mother figure to be saving DH from continuing into despair. They are the parents of the hurt boy, and yet they are the ones who helped those who caused the hurt to their boy.
  5. Yes it is. It is wrong but it is not a criminal act. She was not only assaulted but threatened not to say a word about it or she'll die. It's understandable that she got depressed and don't know what to do. When you've gone through something so traumatizing, it is difficult to think clear, even for mature adults, much less a young teenager. I am not sure if you've watched the episode or not, but watching it, I can feel DH's fear for not speaking and she has been conflicted about her lies and she has genuinely asked for forgiveness. She is a victim, just like In Ha said.
  6. It's the land of psychopaths... what do they expect...? Okay, that shot got me sleepy... going to bed first... niteeee...
  7. Okay, this is a first after a while... I didn't read any "I hate him"..... 892
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that... Hopefully you can feel better soon. I'm a dog person, and have said goodbyes to many since I was a child, so I understand the pain... I kept telling myself not to get new ones to avoid more heartbreaks, but always ending up with another one... 888
  9. Oh noooo... I'm in the company of psychopaths.... Let me out, let me out!!!!
  10. The recaps I shared above are not complete. I'm only sharing the stuff that's caught my attention more. And they might not be in order... Overall, this is a great drama which I would recommend to people. Strong acting from everyone and great writing on humanities. The book The Little Prince and Catcher in the Rye came out again. This time out of JS's bag. I think WJ gave them to him.
  11. O gosh... I was so tensed watching the first 15 minutes... The gist in spoiler
  12. I didn't expect that too!!! Okay.... I never expected it to go that way..... But very exciting because seeds of doubts are planted now in Kang's mind...
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