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  1. @partyon thanks for the invite! Those 3 sageuks I haven’t watched at all, so it won’t be rewatch for me, anyway I probably cannot afford the time Don’t know why but they don’t interest me even though they were a big hit then... Btw, I picked up and finished UF. My verdict: it is a good drama (once I shift the focus from youngsters romance). I love the real-ness of what the family is facing. 238
  2. Can I still nominate? Cha Seung Won in Greatest Love... how could I have forgotten one of the earlier abs (and shower scenes) I fell in love with!
  3. 364 I think everyone busy looking at abs now. And having difficulty deciding which are top 5... that’s why it took people so long before voting. I know I am one who has yet voted because I couldn’t decide!
  4. 460 okay, I’m out of here for the day. See you all again in the morning.
  5. He was still a bit chubby then, but the recent one, he also shown abs in Hundred Million Stars, during the bed scene. Song Seung Heon shown abs in first episode (I think) of When A Man Loves @Lmangla
  6. I haven’t gone through all pages, so don’t know if anyone answered you yet. SIG abs in Reply 1997. When he kissed the FL on school ground after washing his face. @Lmangla what time zone is the poll closing time going by?
  7. 472 missing the chat here. I support @partyon for EO!
  8. In his defense, I am going to think of it as a waterproof jacket and even if it isn’t, it will protect her from the blowing cold wind...
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