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  1. I finally watched ep.1-2 of season 2 properly today. My favorite character of the drama atm is PSH’s mother. She is a good wife and a good mother, though not flawless. Anyway, I am rooting for the PSH to be able to get divorced and unite with Song Won in marriage. What I see is that he sincerely wants the best way out for everyone. He is willing to stay married to BHR and be her slave as long as he gets to see his child once in a while. His whole pleading with his mother to help SW out is so that he could keep his promise to BHR to cut ties with SW, be it maybe only for duration of p
  2. O gosh, I was so annoyed too with him cooking, especially when he bragged that he is good in making mandoo! Why didn’t he ever make it at home before? That is so troublesome to make, I don’t even like to do it because of the mess I have to clean up later. I am a one-pan kind of person when it comes to cooking.
  3. You know the funniest thing is that stepmother bothered to ask the maid what color is his hair....
  4. I voted “other” for Cha Sol’s mom appearance. At first I was super annoyed with her, especially after seeing the preview. But because we have been seeing more stuff happening in the palace, I am hoping with her appearing, we’ll get to see more of the family issues being resolved. And of course, her presence will only strengthen our OTP’s love and feelings for each other.
  5. Have you tried watching though? It’s quite well-written in my opinion. Lots of touching moments with each case. I am watching quite a few now: Bossam, Racket Boys, Mine, Gumiho, Doom...
  6. I agree that we shouldn’t lose ourselves trying to please other people. But wouldn’t trying to cook (for example) count as working hard to make the marriage more beautiful? What are things that can be considered “work hard” for the marriage, if not some sacrificing or some tolerating? Doing something we dislike (or not good at) for a change, to make the other person happy, to make the other person laugh... Call Hong Ji-Ah from Daebak Real Estate
  7. In the preview, actually Lee received report from his man that indeed there’s a young woman living in the same house as BW’s wife and Lee asked for the identity of this woman to be checked out. So Cha Dol’s mother is not a spy planted by Lee. Also from what I remembered, she dumped BW for some guy who is richer. Her identity name plate could be a fake, or something she stole from the man she ran away with.
  8. Aaaah, I see... The Chinese translation has her name and position that she usually goes by at work, which is Writer Lee. The word used in Korean also the same, Writer Lee.
  9. I don’t think he knows the older sister. It was just his indirect way to compliment her looking young, that he’s mistakenly thought she is the younger sister of Writer Lee. The other 30s and 40s wives laughed at the way he was teasing 50s wife, because they didn’t think he had it in him to pull such a joke. So is episode 1 a go or no-go? Number of barf bags needed?
  10. I don’t know for sure, haha... But they will have to use CGI to illustrate the air flow either way... Oxygen bars use to be a hype, I don’t know what it’s like now though. So for rich people to have that kind of product installed at home is possible. I was only thinking that the remote control should be nearby. Why do you wait for a servant to turn it on when you’re already gasping for more oxygen LOL... which is why I think it’s just PPL because she needed to mention what the thing is. If she were to turn it on herself, there can’t be an introduction of the product haha...
  11. I thought it was just a blatant PPL Don’t think they will use it as sinister plot if that’s the case.
  12. It’s Assemblyman Ko. Recorded in his phone under a disguised name.
  13. Could be 50s wife’s imagination too... torturing herself unnecessarily. Argh, I saw the stepmom trying to kiss stepson... aaargh, somebody give me some saline water...!! And looks like we’re going to have a showdown on the three females fighting for a man.
  14. In RL, moving to another country is super difficult, unlike what dramas portray, that you can just pack a suitcase and catch a plane. This is where it defies logic again as have been widely discussed here. Since she believes her baby would turn out just fine, whyyyyy would she switch baby with JE?? *rolleyes
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