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  1. Yeah, physical attraction like that is very common for men. Just like some of us women here wanting to see his missing six-packs, LOL... It’s appreciation of their hard work in gyms I am still fine to see what happened that lead to him falling for SW. Also how the prof fall for NGB. Just please spare us from having to watch more of the 40s cheating couple. We get it. We don’t need to see more. Unless it turned out that he never crossed the line? But I just keep thinking about the other toothbrush in the bathroom...
  2. Surprisingly, most of the Korean comments that I saw are celebrating to see her in this drama. She (the actress) is well loved by the audience. My guess is after the flashback (which I hope ends early in ep.11), we will soon see PiYoung lashing out big time. Because so far only the after effect of her marriage crisis that has not been presented to us. I am guessing it’s gonna be major because of the back history of her parents’ marriage. Not to mention there’s a stepmom who is eyeing her husband as well. So she has to deal with two extramarital affairs while her friends only deali
  3. Below is what was posted at the official website as main introduction of the drama (translated using Papago). It makes me wonder what kind of message the writer wants to send viewers at the end of the day. "Half of the land is women, half is men." Love like oxygen to everyone. Just as life cannot be maintained without oxygen, true love stabilizes the soul and feels happy. Even if you enjoy wealth and honor as much as you want, if you don't love properly, most of you feel empty, and even if you don't have wealth and honor, your life is fun and full when you're next to your own
  4. What has been shown about their interaction was still fine for me. They met for the first time and she was just being polite and courteous, trying to give a good impression since they’re going to work together. So far it’s reasonable first meeting for me. No doubt they have good impression of each other. I want to see a little bit more of them, what made prof cross the line. Because up to that point, he was still happy about his marriage and dosirak. But I’ve seen enough for 40s couple. No more of them please.
  5. I like the idea of rattling 40s husband’s ego. Yeah, let’s go that way writer-nim! Let’s see how he feels when his wife gets comfy with another man. Yes, I want to see her take her daughter, move out of their house and live with her mother. Mom, hang in there, don’t die just yet. Your daughter and grand daughter need you. Enough with showing how the affairs started already, we only want to know who is cheating with who. Now that we know, show us the repercussions and revenge. I’m more interested in that. Okay fine, I’ll be mature and add that I want to see the resolution for
  6. Urgh! That Ah-Mi is such a seducer. It’s not her first time seducing men, I’m sure... She knows how to play the game well. I am utterly disgusted by her. It takes two to tango and it’s so true in the case of 40s husband. This affair has started from day one. As for 30s and 50s, so far it’s milder in that they just seem to have a very good impression of each other and no direct advances yet. Whereas the 40s affair, it’s clear both sides are testing the waters how much closer they can get. Urgh... I need the barf bag now. Same feelings here. It’s painful for me to go through this ep
  7. Maybe it’s supposed to be romantic? I dunno, I haven’t tried it I’d jump to do it with King Lee Gon though Better still if there’s just one horse for the two of us.
  8. Where do you come to this assumption of her texting? Are you suggesting her number is saved under a fake name Lee Sunbae by 50s husband? Somebody mentioned though that he is using a formal way of speaking to this Lee Sunbae. After last night, I thought about this also. But then I remembered that we were shown two toothbrushes in Ah Mi’s bathroom, that she was pleased about upon seeing. And we also see him leaving that same door (the one that showed his brown leather shoes). So I guess we have to accept that he most probably is cheating.
  9. Whoa, the thread jumped 4 pages while I was asleep... I haven’t read all but just wanted to comment that infidelity has little to do with being happy or unhappy in a marriage. It often is just a choice to feed the greed and lust. A man could still be happy in his marriage but go fooling around outside. It’s so true that men’s weakness is their eyes, what they see, and women usually fell because of a touch. @confusedheart326 really love your long post at the end of page 34. Most of the things you mentioned are what’s in my mind too. @D27Gjk68 said: A question
  10. Since she is a divorcee, I am guessing that the family she hid herself from at the department store was her ex-husband’s. Seeing the happy father-daughter interaction, maybe one of the reasons for their divorce is related to having kids? Like it’s difficult for her to conceive and yet husband wanting a child? Okay, I am thinking way ahead than necessary now, haha.
  11. This is a totally wild makjang speculation from me... Could it be that the musical actress was set up by Sound Engineer to seduce 50s husband because he secretly is in love with 50s wife and wanted her marriage to end so he could be with her? Don’t mind me...
  12. You know what, we should have guessed AhMi is his mistress because she was shown soaking in a bathtub before, LOL.... Stepmom gonna be furious to know he has another love besides his wife, wailing “Why not me?!” Interestingly enough, in the preview we see both stepmom and wifey wanting to know what kind of person seated next to him on the plane.
  13. Dun dun dun... the big reveal cometh.... I can truly say that I am officially disgusted now by the 30s and 40s husband. Especially by 40s husband, more about that. These two men's motive for the affair is purely lust and sexual. Ewww.... Ironically, their meeting with the women indirectly was caused by their wives. For the 30s husband, it was because his wife constantly nagged him to get in shape by going to the gym, and well, that's where he met the mistress. He told his wife that he didn't marry her because of her looks, and would love her even if she's grown fat lik
  14. He texted a Lee sunbae (someone senior of him with surname Lee). Thing is, sunbae does not always mean senior in age, could also be senior in ranks. And the text said he told his wife already he wants out from the marriage. The person asked if his wife will agree to that, he replied sooner or later she will, that he will handle the matter well. She isn’t a very famous celebrity though. IIRC, she is a musical actress, so her popularity is limited to that circle only. Not like well-known nationwide.
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