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  1. Director: Kim Jae Wook is not only handsome, but also masculine...Jang Hyuk is handsome, Lee Ha Na is beautiful and Kim Jae Wook is even more handsome...I'm sorry Hyuk...
  2. Someone has an unbelievable imagination! Mo Tae Go + Ryan Gold
  3. @lighthearted No, I'm looking for full version of this and special episodes of the Voice.
  4. Does someone know where can we watch Voice special episodes?
  5. I'm sure you can do it in the same page where you have watched HPL
  6. Very, very interesting interview! By standard, are you saying that you’ll do what you want to do? Kim Jae Wook: What I want to do, what I can do well at and what only ‘I’ can do. The roles that I can do the best job with in Korea. https://ssusita.livejournal.com/243069.html
  7. He is probably celebrating because his favorite team won Champions League
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