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  1. Haha.. I missed your special weapon! The current stylist is really daebak, making sure Hyun Jin looks pretty even as a doctor role! Thank you for all your hard..homework gifs, enjoyable!
  2. Huh..still very short..but can't complain its just a cameo thing. Love their chemistry, too bad no sequel! Haha.. I wonder did Hyun Jin experience heart fluttering moment acting with PBG, especially the last scene! So next, waiting for..bts, hope there is!
  3. More pics! Source:https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000332943
  4. I can feel your passion for Hyun Jin. Please don't faint when you watch her appearance in ROY on Mon! I read about they took more than a day to film probably 2 days? So I do expect more scenes than what was shown from the preview! Coz youth and dreams are far away from me and the FL is not Hyun Jin! Don't forget to hi-5 with @shjfan23 ! Yes I remembered the ship..ship..thing.. and you're trying to name them Min Jin/Jin Min! @SweetLullaby asked us to find other victim coz can't even see mysterious M's face! We're really crazy! @inspiredbyshj You got to see the other mysterious M short clip with different edited words...so hilarious!
  5. So Hyun Jin'll be appearing pretty soon..either as Jessica or a doctor?!
  6. Omo! I'd failed my counting...! Seriously, I lack of 'seotamin' and thinking of Spring comes faster too much! Haha.. I'm not as smart as @SweetLullaby to take a screenshot, I kept staring the gif for a long time, and managed to recognise a few popular actors! Thanks for translating the Taiwan News, so true she can have great chemistry with any actors. I miss her Taiwan fan meet event, its a rare chance, the only Asian country invited her over, right? When will be the next invitation? My guess is she may appear on the following week? I shall start watching from next week episode onwards. I didn't get to hear the name Jessica in episode 6 preview!
  7. I miss her 'heyday period' too..fanmeet sessions, CFs, photoshoots and interviews.. She got nothing! Nothing....Nothing this year!!! Haha.. those adjectives sum up our expectation for the mysterious oppa! Oops! No official confirmation yet. Sorry.. I'm too hyped up for the offer and talked like she has accepted already! Ok.. lets wait patiently. Yes! Hope it'll be a hot topic!
  8. Haha..next year is just two and half months away! Thank you for the link and took time answering my question on behalf of teacher Sky! So the 3 characters could be childhood friends? I just noticed that the 'Bubblegum' is a drama about childhood friends turned lovers! Thanks for scouting the oppa for us! Fingers crossed that we'll have someone probably not a big name, but charming, handsome, awesome, promising, and familiar face as ML! I shall daydream the big name reserved for cameo! I thought of that too! Inspired by the three gifs of HJ posted by supergal99 previously, I've started to think will she have bob haircut or long hair like HSG or bun up hairstyle? Personally I really...really...like her with long hair. Came across this SBS morning wide ent. news: "Hope to see the star releases an album." - Seo Hyun Jin I hope she'll sing for 'You are my spring' ost!!
  9. As for the drama, I've watched ep. 1 only. My main focus is on Hyun Jin, so I shall wait until she appears, and watch her part only. Jjang! Most people voted tvN! Actually I don't understand what's the meaning 'seven-year-olds hiding behind adult facades'? And why a smart woman like Kang Da Jung can have poor choice who dates terrible men? I will find out next year!
  10. So.. you're expecting a 'noona drama'? Have a glimpse of how it feels like? Watch this mash-up video of 'Black Dog' and 'A piece of your mind'(Jung Hae In). I agree! May be, apart from what was told from the synopsis, there're still some gist of the story more exciting or intriguing not fully reveal to us, hope so! No idea about Bubblegum. @justright Hi! I do hope HJ stay healthy, and everbody please take care! No further details yet.
  11. Seo Hyun Jin In Talks For New Drama By Co-Director Of “The King: Eternal Monarch” Sep 14, 2020 Seo Hyun Jin may be returning with a new drama called “You Are My Spring” (literal title)! On September 14, Ilgan Sports cited a drama industry source who stated, “Seo Hyun Jin will play the main character Kang Da Jung of the drama ‘You Are My Spring.'” A source from Seo Hyun Jin’s agency Management SOOP clarified, “Seo Hyun Jin has received an offer for ‘You Are My Spring’ and is positively reviewing it.” “You Are My Spring” is about three characters who each live on with their seven-year-old selves in their hearts. All of the characters are held back by the keyword “salvation,” and the story begins there. The drama aims to be a “healing” romance story of seven-year-olds hiding behind adult facades. The character Kang Da Jung is a hotel concierge manager who takes after her father’s brains and her mother’s resourcefulness. She has never attended a private cram school like her peers, but she enters and finishes college with scholarships. She then goes on to find a job at a five-star hotel and rises up to the manager position faster than any of her fellow employees who were hired at the same time as her. Her problem is that she also takes after her mother’s poor choice in men and dates men who are terrible like her father. Writer Lee Mi Na of “Bubblegum” and producing director (PD) Jung Ji Hyun of “Mr. Sunshine,” “Search: WWW,” and “The King: Eternal Monarch” will be working on the drama. It is slated to air in the first half of 2021, and the broadcasting channel has not been decided yet. https://www.soompi.com/article/1425343wpp/seo-hyun-jin-in-talks-for-new-drama-by-co-director-of-the-king-eternal-monarch *********************** Welcome back our 2 'allies' @shjfan23 and @LifesLikeThat! @SweetLullaby Since they are three protagonist, I want to be selfish hope that HJ is the only female lead and the others are ML. Yes I have in mind one of them is Hyun Bin, if not some charming, handsome awesome actors!
  12. Thank you @Not Me for the good news and welcome here! This one looks more promising! Now curious who's the male lead! Seo looking forward for the official comfirmation! Wow HJ's going to transform into a hotel concierge manager!
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