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  1. BD team effort blowing out candles! Korea National Tax Service's Facebook updated:
  2. From Heo Tae Hee's Ig (Teacher Ha) We love Black Dog team too! cto.
  3. Hope next time she'll take selfie! Hard to say goodbye! Not only for HJ!!
  4. They actually had a wrap up party(wed), not announced to public? cto. @randomthotz I thought RMR's new movie VIP Premiere was over and she had invited some BD cast.
  5. I don't know was it a last minute decision? They had a "informal" one not like those with reporters and fans waiting outside the venue, could be lesser people I'm not sure. Hope someone will share their photos. And that huge nice cake was joint purchased by HyunJinLight, GINIUS, and Seo Hyun Jin DC gallery, must be really expensive! They're mindful about the cake not to look too personalize like all about Seo Hyun Jin, so that's the pattern they chose after much consideration.
  6. @shjfan23 So touched by the effort of her fans, hope HJ gain a lot of strength and encouragement!
  7. From Management Soop YT! This group is so sweet! Celebration from Soop on her drama completion!
  8. They managed to have small gathering! Love this drama! If I have the time may watch again.
  9. Rating for ep. 15 Stills https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/213/0001152486 Black Dog team! cto.
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