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  1. Seoooooo……..happy......Hyun Jin got this TVN's drama offered!! Can't wait to see her acting with Ra MI Ran! The tittle 'Black Dog' is quite appealing but have something to do with the feelings of depression...! Yes!! Hope she'll accept it!
  2. Oops!! Postponed to mid May... almost a month of waiting...! All BTI leads... LMK, AJH, and LDH had their new drama offered except HJ...!!! Don't think she has none, but just choosing her ideal one. I guess it will be a long wait... could be a year end drama...??? Hope not....!
  3. Hi all waiting for Hyun Jin news! Just read from Weibo that she will be appointed as the National Tax Agency Propaganda Ambassador on 18th April, Thurs! Hope we"ll see picture of her again...!
  4. Hey! At an instant glance, I thought it was Hyun Jin new project.. I had a split-second of joy and dissipated immediately..! If HSG wore this dress, SDJ might be swooned away by her gorgeous look and sexiness! Few years have gone, HJ still keep up that slender figure! I can't believe it! Tough.. competition..! Agree. I am surprised for LDH's nomination too! I think 'Woo Mi' did a better job as supporting actress in TBI!
  5. Hyun Jin lost Kolping cf as Kim Rae Won is the new brand model for Kolping 2019! I love to see her get another cf for clothing fashion, she always bring out a beautiful style in whatever she wears! Oh.. 55th Baeksang Arts Awards is coming, on 1st May.. I hope HJ has a chance to appear, be it as a award winner or a presenter!
  6. Don't really understand what is that about, but good to know that Hyunjin had tried something interesting to relax herself! Jeon Hye Bin started her holiday now in Spain, Barcelona..! WOW..! Not sure is she alone there?? So they didn't make it to view the aurora, Canada trip!!
  7. Hi! Welcome to HJ's thread! Even though I will support any choice of HJ's project but not too excited if she will be in RDTK2, because I will keep covering my eyes when come to bloody operation scene. We are all waiting.. and.. waiting for her new drama! Oops..! I thought those are old photos for TheFaceShop, Yehwadam's CF! And Shideo is so well-behaved! Every HJ fan know about him, he is a famous star too! Yeah! Looking forward for the upload making video!
  8. I am glad that KNTV did the interview with Hyun Jin and lmk! So pleasing to read their conversation and they were very lively! The part made me lol are: HJ had been calling lmk 'haraboji' (grandfather), and lmk mentioned that the NG king was 'Kingkang'!! SweetLullaby HJ just couldn't stop knitting! Previously, we saw her knitting a blue one at BTI commentary meet up. Now a maroon colour, I think it's a scarf with fluffy texture. She did make this kind of scarf for her BTI make up artist, and even crocheted strawberry shaped "dish scrubber" to the BTI lady staffs! Her schedule must be hectic during BTI filming period, break time she should be resting or cramming the script, yet she bothered to do all these craftwork for the team!! So...kind and thoughtful! Yap! Not really Ninja Mode yet..! Upcoming event on Monday 4th March, her taxpayer award! Hope HJ will attend to receive the President's commendation!! Amazed!! HJ was able to squeeze Shideo into her sling bag!!
  9. Oh! I love this picture with Hyun Jin's arm around lmk's shoulder! Yes! I know both of them not dating...just buddy...! I wish HJ would elaborate more what she means not having a healthy rest. Was she still busying doing stuff on rest day like.. knitting..? Hope she is able to focus on healthy rest as she desire! HJ tweeted thanking her hard core fans with a rare selfie photo! Precious!! Her fans increased through the years and doing amazing things to support her letting HJ start to ponder how she can repay back. Of course fans don't want her to pay back, just keep active in acting career and at times tweet more like the recent one! I saw a picture fan sent some birthday gift to SOOP for HJ and SOOP staff must have benefited it! And they should know HJ's fan love and support her deeply! I hope SOOP will organize a fan meeting for HJ in the near future! Thanks for initiating to update the first page!
  10. Super Gal99 and justright, great to see you back here sharing! Miss you both and other old friends.... What are you talking about...? Are you leaving this thread..? Make me want to sob! I encountered problem log in Soompi and have to change pass word too! They got closer after the drama ended. Look at how they answered the question!
  11. Happy 34th Birthday to SEO HYUN JIN ! Thank you for being an outstanding actress! Nowadays, you are the reason for me to watch Kdrama with excitement! Your personalities impressed me immensely, so kind and bubbly to everyone! Wish you always healthy and charming! Hope Hyun Jin you do have fun and celebrate your birthday with someone!
  12. Turkey people watched Kdrama.. is globalizing!! Hope HJ fan keep expanding! Many years back HJ did the expedition reality TV show, when they arrived Brazil airport, seems many people don't know her. The other actors got more attention and warm welcoming.. Oh! with Park Bo Gum, I just think along the lines of very famous actor, never thought it will end up being a noona drama! PBG always look cheerful but actually as a young boy he lost his mum. Wonder how his childhood like without mummy's love. He won numerous acting awards so I think I can trust his acting skill. True! These days noona drama is prevalent and I don't watch! I stopped halfway watching 'Temperature of Love' because of HJ pairing with Yang Se Jong! They are like sibling relationship to me, sorry to say no lover chemistry! Er… so I shall conclude that Gong Yoo and Hyun Bin are most preferred co-stars for HJ! Ha..ha..!! Until now, not a teeny news of HJ in talks for a new drama. Hope the long wait will bring a solid gold script to her that she once again show off her talent and hit high in viewership! At least we have her CFs updates here and there!
  13. Now I'm anxious to know who is HJ next drama co-star! Dying to see her pair up with Hyun Bin or Park Bo Gum! We are hopeful for the same thing.., pair up with very famous actor!!
  14. Wow! TBI appeared in Forbes.com...US...!! Unbelievable! SeGye couple's wave invaded the US... yes please! More popularity raising! Thanks to that journalist!
  15. Hello everyone! My late wishing... Happy Chinese New Year! And welcome guestra to Hyunjin' thread! (Are you old member here before, now using a new acc?) So Hyunjin will be receiving the president commendation on 4th of March, and starting May 2019 together with Lee Je Hoon they will become the National Tax Agency's propaganda ambassador! On 15th of March Hyunjin and lmk will get interview by Japan media KNTV to promote BTI broadcast. Bravo!! For sure March and May we will see her appearance! Both Kwon Yul and YYS were so open to share it out their heart fluttering experience with Hyunjin! Not to forget lmk too. He mentioned at BTI press con, in one scene he felt difficult to breath when he had eyes contact with Hyunjin! I think was in episode 2 when he used his jacket to cover Hyunjin head to rescue her from public crowd as dating rumor being spread. OK.... hope after her next drama, someone will share having a crush with her! Whoa.. that will make Hyunjin and our hearts flutter!
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