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  1. You can check out this site www.topstarnews.net, dated on May 13th. It's in Korean language, don't know why uncle google didn't translate for me!
  2. As we are expecting Soop to do something, article was out already that Hyun Jin made an apolopy for her absence. Can someone post it here what exactly she said! Thanks!
  3. Oh! I ever saw this photo on weibo sometime in Mar. The owner of this photo tweeted that Hyun Jin was her father's company model before when she was really young and they did talk to one another. And now HJ is so famous and can't believe she is also her fan!
  4. Hi @Super Gal99 miss you! I have not walk in The Face Shop for donkey's years! Attracted by the poster of HJ, hmm... one of these days I shall take a look at The Face Shop! Thanks for the info!
  5. Yes!!! Soop has to do something to stand up for Hyun Jin! Hope HJ stay strong physically and emotionally, so that she can well focus on her upcoming project! And the male lead for Black Dog is out. It's Ha Joon! I'm not familiar with this actor and he's younger than HJ. Now, I want to hear more good news about HJ!!
  6. There is a Chinese saying that goes "Do not sprinkle salt on one's wound", that's how I feel about the negative comments on HJ! Hope the people from the National Tax Service understand HJ situation and be kind to her, not just annoyed by her absence. Have faith HJ is coping well. She has Koo Hye Sun whom she often in contact with and many close friends like Jeon Hye Bin, MoonJiIn, Lee.. and many others will definitely give her lots of encouragement!! No worry..no worry.. HJ will be all fine!
  7. Omo…. I've been anticipating for this event and.... The word SICK really put a lot of us into worried mode! I hope she is just having woman's problem... PMS! Wonder is she still the Ambassador since she was absented for the ceremony? Hope she recovered very soon!
  8. Mianhae @Super Gal99 ..will not eat you for supper..haha.. But just remembered the kaya toast set picture you posted before, lured me drooling! Oh yes! The heat was killing me...chingu! How can we steal uri queen's fan!! What if she starts filming during the summer, she needs it so much! Andeh! Andeh….. @SweetLullaby @jakey09 @LifesLikeThat and @shjfan23 you guys really love RDTK! I ever read that the OCN drama Han Suk Kyu is taking only has 8 episode. But the recent news, I can't find any mention how many ep anymore. May be there is changes or I have mixed up with other drama. And his drama is going premiere in July, still possible for him to make it for RDTK 2. I doubt Hyun Jin is able, may be a yes for cameo... I came across a comment that Black Dog is boring! Hmm... probably this person doesn't like a school drama. I deemed that it's too early to say, but ironically why I start to worry about the rating... Whatever, as long as HJ is starring in it, can't wait to watch and be enthralled by her acting again!
  9. Ok...will wait for your search...I'm so curious who is the male lead! Whether hottie or not just don't give us an ahjussi! Even if this is a woman centric drama or a bit heavy, I'm still hoping that the writer would add in some romance scene to spice up the atmosphere. I hope the overall storyline will not disappoint us! Supper Gal99, I think you have many fans!! Ha..ha…! (fans of fan)
  10. Seoooooo……..happy......Hyun Jin got this TVN's drama offered!! Can't wait to see her acting with Ra MI Ran! The tittle 'Black Dog' is quite appealing but have something to do with the feelings of depression...! Yes!! Hope she'll accept it!
  11. Oops!! Postponed to mid May... almost a month of waiting...! All BTI leads... LMK, AJH, and LDH had their new drama offered except HJ...!!! Don't think she has none, but just choosing her ideal one. I guess it will be a long wait... could be a year end drama...??? Hope not....!
  12. Hi all waiting for Hyun Jin news! Just read from Weibo that she will be appointed as the National Tax Agency Propaganda Ambassador on 18th April, Thurs! Hope we"ll see picture of her again...!
  13. Hey! At an instant glance, I thought it was Hyun Jin new project.. I had a split-second of joy and dissipated immediately..! If HSG wore this dress, SDJ might be swooned away by her gorgeous look and sexiness! Few years have gone, HJ still keep up that slender figure! I can't believe it! Tough.. competition..! Agree. I am surprised for LDH's nomination too! I think 'Woo Mi' did a better job as supporting actress in TBI!
  14. Hyun Jin lost Kolping cf as Kim Rae Won is the new brand model for Kolping 2019! I love to see her get another cf for clothing fashion, she always bring out a beautiful style in whatever she wears! Oh.. 55th Baeksang Arts Awards is coming, on 1st May.. I hope HJ has a chance to appear, be it as a award winner or a presenter!
  15. Don't really understand what is that about, but good to know that Hyunjin had tried something interesting to relax herself! Jeon Hye Bin started her holiday now in Spain, Barcelona..! WOW..! Not sure is she alone there?? So they didn't make it to view the aurora, Canada trip!!
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