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  1. Just by looking at the stills, I chuckled a bit even without dialogue.. Scenario teaser stills released. "It's pretty if you look closely, it's lovely to see it for a long time, our actors are just pretty."
  2. tvN released trot teaser stills. "Seo Hyun JinXKim Dong Wook and the lighting,,,temperature,, humidity,, isn't it a work of art, not still?" [google trans]
  3. 'You Are My Spring' Nam Gyu Ri, a popular actress with many stories. Stills of Nam Gyu Ri transformed into 'Wannabe Star' actress Ahn Ga Young have been released. In 'You Are My Spring', Nam Gyu Ri takes on the role of Ahn Ga Young, who became afraid of loving someone again after being used badly and painfully by her boyfriend and manager she loved. A person with a story of a sudden divorce after a year of marriage. The performance of actress Ahn Ga Young, which will be created by Nam Gyu Ri who has firmly established her own acting color across movies and dramas, is rais
  4. I read the whole thing and regretted..so scary! The last part's so horrifying and not logical. I wonder did HJ read the book? Looking at her expression from the latest teaser, may be she did!
  5. After what we've shared on SHJ's thread about the "Black Cat" book that was placed beside Kang Da Jung's script book in the previous teaser, I'm guessing the cat could be one of the "victim" or eyewitness of the murder case. After the latest teaser, many question in mind...why showed yellow paper flower, lighter, what's the object fell on top of the car, Yoon Park & KDW stared intensely with one another,.....? Haha...not used to thinking about all these coz expecting & intriguing more on the romance parts. Banner promotion.
  6. tvN released the 6th teaser of YAMS. [Teaser] "Seo Hyun Jin left alone 'That person wasn't there'." https://youtu.be/5Dmqrl4k0Uw Suddenly the mood.... thriller...? It's a romance that goes from pink to blood. Come quickly in July... [google trans]
  7. Yoon Sang Jung, cast for tvN's 'You Are My Spring' [official] IOK Company Rookie actress Yoon Sang Jung has been cast in tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'You Are My Spring'. Newcomer Yoon Sang Jung, who recently signed an exclusive contract with IOK Company, will appear in tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'You Are My Spring' (played by Lee Mi Na/directed by Jung Ji Hyun/produced by Hwa & Dam Pictures). Yoon Sang Jung is expected to add fun to the play by disassembling the role of 'Min Ari', a profess
  8. The book title "Black Cat". @SweetLullabycorrect? I think this fan queried whether its a prop or hint related to a murder case & shared some notes about the book.
  9. Omo...I just read from somewhere it's the father have to take care of the daughter who's having dementia...not the other way round. I wonder does our queen have the time for this movie? ************************************ Finally Soop updates something...
  10. Ahn Sung Ki and Seo Hyun Jin to appear in the movie 'Dementia'.... "According to a film industry official on the 11th, Ahn Sung Ki and Seo Hyun Jin, who were offered to appear in 'Dementia', are coordinating their schedules. This is the first time the two have worked together through a work. 'Dementia' is a work about dementia. Ahn Sung Ki and Seo Hyun Jin appear as father and daughter in the play. Although it is a relatively small-budget film, expectations are high due to the good screenplay and the meeting of Ahn Sung Ki and Seo Hyun Jin."(aims to crank-in 2nd half of t
  11. tvN released 5th teaser of YAMS. https://youtu.be/jglzytIXcAU "Kim Dong Wook's calm and warm consolation to Seo Hyun Jin."[google trans] Cr for translation.
  12. Oh i didnt see these pics before Those pictures are from TBI where Han SeGye and Woomi travelled to overseas and that's the place she transformed into an old lady. I posted in the drama thread aldy. They're late for promotion..haha..so now pali pali release what they have in hand before premiere. ******************************************* Can't wait for more.....next teaser! Credit Soompi Hyunjinies for Eng translation.
  13. Yeah, romance is in the air! *************************************** Stay tuned ya...
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