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  1. Until TKEM I really hadn't watched many shows with Lee Min Ho in them. I had watched all of Kim Go Eun's shows after Goblin (that's when I was introduced to her) she's my favorite female actress. She is beautiful , elegant and a total badass in TKEM. I want to thank KES for her perfect casting of LMH! LMH plays a kind, smart and an exceptionally regal monarch. He is so BEAUTIFUL to look at! I am now a totally devoted Lee Min Ho fan! Thank you KES!!!! I wish them both the very best that life has to offer!
  2. Thank you re-cappers! Your ability to type the episode and provide pictures so very appreciated! Thank you KES! Your beautiful ending was like chicken soup for our weary minds! I'm heading off to watch the whole series now that I know what waits for me at the end!
  3. Good Morning! Nervous and sad about today's final episode! I had a dream last night that Lady Noh and JTE are the same person. Now I'm dreaming about TKEM! I need to get a life! Hope today's episode ends happily! Have a nice weekend!
  4. I hate to see TKEM end tomorrow. I have enjoyed following all the theories and the camaraderie of this forum. You guys have been brilliant with all of your theories. As I am a liberal arts person most of the theories went way over my head but I enjoyed reading them nonetheless. I'd like to think KES has taken a peek and marveled over the way her writing has inspired a group of people to trade theories for almost 900 pages in less than 2 months. What a beautiful drama! What a crazy ride! Thank you! You all are the smartest and best! HAPPY ENDING PLEASE! PS: IF Einstein had been a Kdrama fan he would have definitely joined our forum!
  5. Good morning (in the US)! Does anyone know what the uniforms are in picture number 3?
  6. The King: Eternal Monarch Netflix World Top 10 TODAY #6 MONTH #9 YEAR #16 NUMBER 1 in the following: Hong Kong Malaysia Nigeria Phillipines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand So Happy for everyone involved in TKEM! Such a beautiful drama. I'm sad that it's coming to a close
  7. OH MY GOD! TKEM's version of the Goblin's hot guy catwalk! I was wondering when KES would slide one of these into this drama. It's a KES staple!
  8. Just went to the IMDb site and gave it a 10. Thank you for bringing to our attention! They deserve nothing but praise for this beautiful drama!
  9. I wonder if this set up is for the coronation of the new queen? There were some photos last week that showed a gray building with a white swag curtain and flowers lining the stairs. Could that be the sight of a royal wedding? Never know with KES!
  10. The King Eternal Monarch Current Netflix Rankings TOP 10 Today #9 This Month #10 This Year #16 Congrats to the whole TKEM team!
  11. I too am interested in the TKEM's connection with the Korean War. LeeGon was also interested in the history as well. It was the subject he was researching in the first library scene.
  12. My liberal arts brain has officially exploded with the new teasers and videos! Gosh, seems like KES is going reward the Monarchs for our undying devotion to TKEM! The next episodes are going to be EPIC! EPIC! EPIC!
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