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  1. can't wait for the story to continue! pyeonggang just arrived at the palace and the story has just begun to turn into something more interesting with all those intrigue at the palace. and i hope na inwoo can live up to audience's expectations and i know he can!!! falling in love with him in mr queen he couldn't get sobong mama, then he definitely can get princess pyeonggang anyway, after watching ep 7 preview why do i have intention to ship pyeonggang and the general T-T
  2. 15th of March, isn't it? Netflix just released 2 pictures. Caaant waiiiit Anyway, i cant find love alarm season 2 thread. Anyone can drop me the link please?
  3. I kinda like the ending By the way, did cheoljong know the soul wasn't the same anymore? Because in spin-off, he fell in love with real soyoung at first sight but turned cold shoulder because of her clan. So i wonder if he missed that soyoung (when they tried to find each other in the end and met at the lake)
  4. we will find the answer tonight sis i've watched the video from tving and idk why but i can see sobong's personality in soyoung (before she turned into someone who thinks suicidal is the answer). she's bright, livelier, and on high-spirited to meet cheoljong. i'm wondering if she already knew about cheoljong is the boy from her past or she just acts like common girl when they meet the king. and choi sanggung she pity whoever will be that girl's sanggung
  5. reading all the reps here is really a mood to start new week. thanks you guys anyway, uri mama needs to stop doing dangerous things because every time i watch her move, my own womb ached i read another theory about this is only cheoljong's dream. they foreshadowing about it in a preview where cheoljong told about his dream. something like "when i woke up, .... " i forget sorry =)) but how about soyoung's soul in the lake? they portrayed she sunk into the lake and bonghwan's (inside soyoung's body) floated up. idk how the pro
  6. I know you guys are probably tired of hearing this but THE CINEMATOGRAFY IN THE TRAILER IS NO JOKE. everytime i watch the trailers it gives me goosebumps, not only because the cinematografy of each scene that is so pretty, but also the acting of each actor. i hope they can keep the curiosity, excitement, and these 두근두근 feeling in the drama yes! tale of nokdu is really good. the actors also have good chemistry. and if you don't mind i can suggest six flying dragons. it is based on real history i will ship pyeonggang and ondal's father
  7. at the end of the day, it's all about business. as long as she never say yes to those rumors so, this week's theme is teddy bear?
  8. i hope they do, just like scarlet heart when haesoo practically changed gwangjong's image in the future because of her actions sobong's decision to make (possibly) mr.han's ancestor to become eunuch remind me of grandfather paradox. anyway,i read somewhere that the child of cheoljong only have 6 months life span. i hope they will not include this plot in the drama because i can't watch the baby die after all the happiness
  9. he's so happy thinking he's going to be a father but then he remember sobong, his wild wife is going to be a mother. what a poor child anyway, let's celebrate because we're going to have an online nephew/niece and this week will be full of online baby shower yay
  10. i really hope soyoung and bonghwan share same soul. it implied in ep 14 that bonghwan likes cheoljong, but then he feels like an intruder, someone that doesn't deserve cheoljong's love because its soyoung's right (hence he said to himself "i am not soyoung" after he rejected cheoljong's confession. by sharing the same soul, i hope bonghwan can understand that it's okay to love cheoljong because bonghwan and soyoung basically are same soul. and for the ending, since watched scarlet heart i always put my guard on for every kdrama so I AM READY FOR ANY ENDING IN THIS DRAMA well, i
  11. quick question: so, it means our theory about reincarnation is wrong? the real soyoung is dead and bonghwan is inside the body now? whoever the soul inside the body, shin hyesun is really nailed the character ikr! she just appeared out of nowhere and blame soyoung without knowing the real story. she's really portrayed all human's main behavior can't wait to hate hwajin more and more at the weekend!!!!
  12. isn't he a drug addict? jebal don't make this scenario happened. cheongie has to taste and KNOW by himself how the queen's cooking could even affect the great queen dowager anyway, i read some theories that they will dethrone soyoung from her position, i hope it won't happened and chongie can protect her yep, she is really amazing. i just realized she played as anti-fan in IU's drama the producer and her acting in school 2017 was great. i ship her with daewhi lol hahaha. honestly idc about hwajin and the king's love story and they can go lovey-dov
  13. quick review (and spoiler if you havent watch ep 11) from me; i think the production staff also know this ep will bring some dissatisfaction that's why they put the same preview from the last ep (when hwajin wanna shoot soyoung)
  14. is this a good drama? can a coward like me be able to watch it without having to feel scared when going to the toilet at night? i never finished deluna because it sent shivers down my spine everytime a ghost appeared horror isn'y my cup of tea but there's kim sohyun i wanna watch it but then there's ghost also
  15. okay. this is how i react to the newest ep first thing first, wth jo hwajin? she has been trying to be soyoung since they were kids and even she dressed like her. no wonder when sobong accused her to be 'fake soyoung' hwajin got all the f word on her face. the hell's wrong with girl? i can understand her angry towards sobong about her maid's death but she got all jealousy because cheoljong shows some attentions to sobong, while actually she never had the right to receive his attention. sis you are craaaaaazy at this point i just want to watch chef roya
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