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  1. Haha except I don't think it was necessary a blunder. It's not her fault that some people decided to take her innocent IG story and read into it. If you follow her, you'll notice she posts a lot of stories. She also posts a lot of clips of movies she's watching. I don't think we need to attach so much meaning to it. I very much doubt she is posting things to send hints to fans about HBs lovelife. As @bin-jinpointed out, she has posted SYJ on her IG feed many times over the last few years related to HBs TN and CLOY work. And she loved CLOY judging by her posts. So it makes sense to me that she
  2. @LavenderVirgothat is one of my fave BTS too. Not only is it not part of the scene, but remember this was shot in the FIRST week of filming! How close do you have to be with someone to feel comfortable spinning them around like that? Saw this on Twitter today and its amazing!
  3. @Intuition1I love that particular TN-era video for the reasons you stated. But it also shows the huge difference in how they talked about each other then vs CLOY period. Back then they were able to tease and laugh about how they looked good together. And SYJ joking that everyone tells her she looks good with her costars and she should date them/be lovers. And then the MC saying "what about HB?" And she responds she would have to think about it again. And in another video when rating their chemistry, HB says he would give it a 90/100, deducting 10 because they mainly acted via monitor, and SYJ
  4. @MsGrannyandMe @fangirl101 easiest way for me is to have the photo you want to post saved to your phone or computer and then upload it to a photo hosting site like https://postimages.org Click on "Choose Images", upload the photo, and then a bunch of options appear. Copy the 2nd option, "direct link" url into your soompi post and the photo will appear automatically. Or if the photo is from a website and the url ends in .jpg you can just copy and paste that here. Hope that helps!
  5. So now that its been confirmed the video was taken March 2019, and not after the April 2019 event, that is even more suspicious, right? Here is the translated Elle SYJ interview in 7 parts. Some good stuff (you have to click on the tweet to get to the rest of the thread): I found HBs and SYJs answers about the perception of CLOY from the international audience re: NK language very similar. I feel like they've probably talked about this. From HB's interview with Forbes: SYJs Elle interview (as translated from the Twitte
  6. That video I love how HB, KKT and the MSteams CEO (sorry, forget her name) all look taken by surprise at the crowd that showed up, and SYJ just has her gameface on with a big smile . I wonder what Kyung said to her before ushering HB away? And yes, HB/KKT waited for her by the door so its pretty clear they were intending to leave together. I love that, no matter what event it is, they stick together This is new today? Also this is great
  7. Cross status is truly confusing right now. The production team did arrive in SK for pre-production/meetings and SYJ has talked about it in both her online fan meeting and now the Elle interview. So she seems pretty firmly committed unless something changes. But no other casting has been confirmed. I saw on Twitter that pre-production for Confidential Assignment 2 is slated for next month with filming to start in Feb until June. Again, HB was only in talks but not confirmed. I can see him accepting this project but we will wait and see. Seems more than likely that both will be busy
  8. I agree. From what I can see, it's not the same bag. Could be same brand but different logo placement. New updates for both from Vast and Elle Magazine: This is one of my fave looks on HB! And is that a fascinator SYJ is wearing? How bridal lol
  9. I love this about her too. I follow a bunch of Korean celebs on IG and notice quite a lot limit or sometimes eliminate their comments sections on their posts altogether. Most also post a LOT (well, more stories than posts) but point is they use their social media regularly. And while I won't lie- I would totally love it if SYJ gave us more content - the fact that her updates are few and far between is totally refreshing. I get the sense that it's not that important to her, and she isn't spending her life curating content for the 'gram. Although I'm not judging actors who update often, especi
  10. @Babycake82I'm not sure why that collage includes the "handholding under the table" pic - it has been discussed to death, but it never happened. I think there's a lot that is more recent and credible missing from the list while a few of the pics included (like similar style of CFs), while kind of cool and serendipitous, don't really proof anything as they are not directly coming from our couple, IMO. I get that people may feel annoyed and frustrated by certain comments made by antis, but we don't necessarily always have to prove/justify why we believe our ship is real. It falls on
  11. 100%. We don't know either of them intimately. When we say they seem perfect or well suited for each other, its only based on what we've observed. And unlike other rumoured pairings, we actually have a recent and prolonged basis of observation We've been fortunate to have seen them on and off screen together the last 3 years or so. With both a film and drama project there have been countless opportunities to observe them together, how they interact and talk about one another, with the cherry on top being them spending time vacationing together in another country which both agencies failed to
  12. Poor HB, indeed. He sure has his hands full with all these potential love prospects We've been here before, and likely this isn't the last time either. Seems like some people really want to force his hand to confirm his dating status. Its really unfortunate. If rumours are based on something tangible that's one thing (for instance, getting caught grocery shopping together in a foreign country with photo evidence) but when its based on literally nothing at all except a random post online with no credibility it's hard to buy. And we know lately people have been purposely spreading al
  13. You and me both! Better to keep our expectations low though I hope this means new interviews to accompany the photoshoots That is a scene from CLOY.
  14. I was skeptical when I first read this but seeing the actual screenshot from the source, seems to check out? (small correction, it was an IG post, not a story). What a mistake to make though. And you are right - the pic is from that collection of CLOY BTS which was unreleased, and not a screencap/photograph from the episode. How did this happen (if its just a fan edit, it should be marked at such. Hopefully people aren't faking/manipulating that kind of thing. If it's real, it's just a funny error. Not sure what it would prove?) Congrats to CLOY for the Apan nominati
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