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  1. @AyaI'm not sure if the content will be different in your country, but I was able to watch The Truth Beneath on Amazon Prime. SYJ was so great in this role. That along with The Last Princess, she has really been killing it in her last few film roles (TN and Be With You were really good performance too). The Point Men will likely be released this year so that's something to look forward. We have been deprived of seeing either on screen in a new project since CLOY ended
  2. How cute is this? From the latest CLOY exhibit which is now in Osaka, Japan I believe. I agree they are more compatible than they appear. I know we tease HB a lot for being 'no jam' but he does have a good sense of humor which SYJ has mentioned even as far back as TN era. She said he was quite humorous and that they both love comedies. I think HB in public is probably a lot different than HB in private amongst people he knows and feels comfortable with. We've gotten glimpses here and there when he was younger and even most recently when doing promo with SYJ. He has
  3. Not just you lol They are always engaging in staring contests. This video and caption made me https://www.instagram.com/p/CLyYgD9Jzm1/?igshid=favz3h8z2uig I agree. The cap was just a cap and wasn't intended to send a message. Not HBs style to invite gossip through his wardrobe And I actually loved his response to the GQ question about love. He said its something you can't live without but its hard to keep/maintain (which is wise and true). And when probed further, he said he works hard to protect it. If you read between the lines, its obvious the interviewer
  4. @nclyits actually a fan edit (a very GOOD one though). Lots of creative folks in this fandom
  5. It's hard to keep up with all the Smart content. Based on the teaser (umm are they holding hands ) we may be getting CF # 2 really soon. Speaking of Smart, more info today on how they managed to get Binjin on board in the article below. I especially like this little tidbit from Wilbros who talked about how many international offers Binjin received once they confirmed their relationship. I think they were always planning to do a joint ad with Smart based on all the behind the scenes planning that went on from August to November 2020 (as per Jane). So even if they were offered more lucrative con
  6. I'm not sure what is so funny either. I'm not saying HB is not funny (I actually think he's pretty humorous) but do I literally laugh out loud like SYJ does when he says something? No sorry But what matters is she gets him Re: the laugh/chest touching, Jane from Smart confirmed it was NOT scripted, but it was so great they likely just left it in. Good call. Yes I believe you are correct. They actually reposted it and tagged Smart but looks like that still wasn't sufficient because they deleted it again If you look at the four pics she dele
  7. I enjoyed the BTS. Nothing earthshattering which is to be expected since it was vetted by the agencies but its awesome to see them side by side interacting again after SO long (since Baeksang in June). They looked relaxed and seemed to enjoy the shoot. HB always makes SYJ laugh which is my favourite thing ever. She finds her Mr. No Jam hysterical. Only love can do that These two Hard to believe we are living in a time where not only have Binjin confirmed their relationship, but they are doing a joint CF and proudly dating publicly. Who
  8. Makes you wonder how everything would have hit differently if they hadn't confirmed last month: HBs voice appearing in the background of SYJs birthday post, the Smart CF dropping on Valentines Day with SYJ saying I Do, hands all over HBs chest and his loving gaze, HBs APAN speech, the side by side framed pic sent to Jane, etc. We would have lost it So glad we are done looking for crumbs...for the most part anyway...the wedding watch continues.
  9. Can you believe the CLOY finale was a year ago today? (its already Feb 16 in SK) What a whirlwind of a year! 1 year ago YSR and RJH got their happy ending
  10. Yes, and it always look so genuine too. This is the biggest surprise for me. Because you commonly hear that actors are who actually together in real life lose that spark on camera and don't tend to have the most sizzling chemistry. But HB and SYJ are an exception for sure. They had chemistry from the very beginning when acting through a monitor for TN, then all throughout CLOY (where they were likely together already for a year) potraying the most beautiful love story that captured peoples hearts, to the present with the Smart CF where their love and affection really shines through in those 10
  11. @Blithenostalgia there has never been a more appropriate time to use this emoji May SYJ forgive me
  12. @faserunyes weekends are quiet. I'm sure there will be more activity in the coming week I do love that new BTS photo because HB wasn't part of that scene near the water (Seri was with her ducklings). But nevertheless he finds a way to get close and he looks so attentive when she speaks So fans on Twitter are celebrating SYJs 20th debut anniversary (which I'm a bit confused about, wasn't that last year?) But anyway check out this amazing gift one group sent her. This fandom's creativity knows no bounds. She's going to love this!
  13. Yes, and if you pay attention to her IG activity, it has gotten more infrequent the past few years compared to when she first opened her account in 2015. She was posting several times a month. There was one day she even posted over 10 pics. And she liked and commented on her friends posts all the time. Since early 2019 (i.e. grocery gate) it has dwindled down a lot and I think the only comment she left on her friends IG in the last 6-8 months is SYAs post a few months ago. Reason being, when she leaves a comment fans flock to it and start commenting back. It probably draws too much attention.
  14. THIS. Some have been waiting since 2018 TN promo and some since Jan 2019 grocery photos. For those who started to ship during CLOY, 2020 was full of waiting and we sustained ourselves on whatever crumbs would get thrown our way. After CLOY wrapped in February, we saw then together only once the entire year at Baeksang. And somehow we survived. We finally got our long awaited confirmation. This is the easy and most enjoyable part now I actually think its less the fans putting pressure on them, and more so the media getting overly excited to finally being able to publish
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