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  1. Totally agree! I absolutely love his build during CLOY. I find him too skinny in anything else. It's not too clear when the Smart ad was filmed. During the other ads for Mediheal and Bodyluv he was still rocking the extra weight. He seems to be able to change his body shape pretty quickly (men ). And maybe now that he is a bit older his body has filled out more. Hope we are passed the super skinny SEGA days lol To chime in on the BinJin timeline, I mostly agree with everyone's theories. During TN filming they got to know each other a bit and spent some time with the director outside the set to discuss the movie. But this wasn't the traditional kind of movie set where they got to spend so much downtime together due to the nature of the filming (being on separate floors). Also HB was in a relationship at the time so everything was strictly platonic. 2018 changed everything. Reshoots, photoshoots and promo from about April to October with the most time spent together in Sept/Oct. I love how they always seemed to sit next to each other on the bus when traveling to all those events. We may never know exactly when things started but this was definitely the period where the foundation was being laid. However for HB to join SYJ in LA in January meant things were getting real fast. While we first heard about HB being in talks got CLOY March 8, in reality they have have been discussing this sooner. So there may have been a discussion as early as Jan/Feb about them being part of this drama, only solidifying their decision to keep the relationship private. And for obvious reasons they had to keep that up during CLOY filiming. Which leaves us here today, post-CLOY. What now? Perhaps they are at the point where it only makes sense to say anything when there is marriage news otherwise it might seem silly to announce they are simply dating since they issued so many denials. Could they really just be friends? Makes absolutely no sense to me given everything we have witnessed. They make too much sense together, there is obvious attraction, they are both in a similar place both in life and in the industry (SYG even said this during TN promo, how much they have in common), have a similar circle of friends, appear to share similar values, with just enough differences to keep things interesting.
  2. You forgot the last denial which came out day after CLOY finale. This was in response to the "handholding under the table" pic. I always felt uneasy about the timing of that denial. Why did they address it after CLOY finale if that pic had been circulating for a while?
  3. So CLOY was my first Kdrama and clearly it has ruined any other Kdramas for me because I am more than halfway through WTCB and find all the acting (save for GHJ and the precious lttle boy her plays her son) to be totally over the top. Why is everyone always shouting? Am I just used to western styles of acting which is more subtle? KHN is charismatic in the role but I don't think he is better than HB in CLOY. Maybe I need to finish the series to understand
  4. I had the same question. Not that I doubt the content is true, but is there an actual scoop here? Was SYJs agency contacted for info? I don't know how these things work in South Korea.
  5. They have wedding planners for a reason Interesting article. Glad to see the global recognition of CLOY and hope that is further reflected in the Baeksang winners!
  6. I still don't understand the airport thing. They were clearly travelling to Mongolia for work. What would have been the harm in being photographed travelling together in this particular instance? Did they just want to avoid the potential side-by-side pictures? They just ended up looking more suspicious really lol
  7. Kind of sad that thumb rubbing was as hot as it got, but I'll still take it
  8. Saw this on my google news and thought I would share it here. I love seeing North American coverage of CLOYs success across the globe: "TV drama on forbidden love casts spotlight on life in North Korea" https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1211971
  9. Re: all the videos above. While we're usually watching HB who shows his love/admiration all over his face, it's really SYJ who is most revealing especially during CLOY promo where she displays all the telltale signs of a girlfriend: the quick nudge, tap, or even death stare when the boyfriend is about to fall out of line . These reactions aren't how you typically respond to your "colleague" and were non-existant during TN days.
  10. I am reading HBs Esquire interview which was done in August 2019 just as CLOY filming was starting. This part stood out: In an interview from 2009, Hyun Bin had predicted, “I think my 30s will be my prime, and I think I’ll have my own family and settle down.” Asked if he thought his prediction had been accurate, the actor shared while laughing, “I don’t have my own family, so half of it was wrong. I wouldn’t say I’ve settled down, but I do think I’ve found stability. I think I’ve become stronger and more relaxed. I’m more curious and interested in work, and there are more things I want to express. I’m also working on more projects than I did back then.” So in reference to being married and having a family (settling down), he says that part didnt come true, but that he has found stability. To me that comment speaks to his relationship status not necessarily his life in general. Or am I just projecting?
  11. I think issuing a statement about it would draw a lot of attention. So far this isnt a widespread rumour (since it's pretty baseless and silly) but them saying something about it would ensure it has a greater reach. I hope people just let this one go. Nothing to see here people...let's move on.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B6EbzgCJYJJ/?igshid=sn4uk50zr9hi Rewatching this scene from CLOY and boy is our writer clever. I love all the little meta moments/references to BinJin and the tabloid fodder they have caused. More specifically: - YSRs team dissecting the Dispatch photo scandal and trying to frame it as just two *close friends* hanging out. Mr Hong assuring YSR he has strongly denied the rumour -in the scene above, her purchasing manager scribbling in his notebook: "those two are definitely dating" -also in Episode 1 where her eldest brother and sister in law are trying to figure out which celebrity YSR is dating this time. A baseball player? Idol? No this time it's an actor -YSR in the hospital admiring the paparazzi shot of her and RJH, and how they got a great shot of his broad shoulders (grocery pics also show his broad shoulders) -the trending search on YSRs phone when looking at the paparazzi including "Ralphs" -Grocery Boy. Nuff' said. I wonder if HB and SYJ had a chuckle about any of this? It's too funny.
  13. I loved this part especially! She spouted off those movie titles pretty quickly. And the video replay request had me chuckling too. I love HBs sense of humour the rare times he lets us see it...
  14. I think the Daesang going to SYJ in the same week she celebrates her 20 years in the industry (first week of June I believe) would be a nice and deserving gesture.
  15. I watched an older interview with HB last week (can't remember where I saw it otherwise I'd post it here) and I was so surprised when he talked about how strict his parents and particularly his father was growing up and how much they hated him pursing acting. Like his dad actually beat him and wore him down. But I'm totally impressed with how much he stood up for his career choice and did not back down. I hope they are more understanding now that he has achieved the success level he has. But to your point, I can definitely see him being attracted to a confident and bright spirit given the kind of upbringing he had. Reminds me of myself and my siblings. We had totally strict parents and all chose partners that were opposite of that lol
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