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  1. A WOH international fan wrote her personal review! https://www.pov21.com/word-of-honor-a-captivating-drama-worth-watching/?fbclid=IwAR223gG43u697GKpEPFq1_Qg754Lp7e_cY91wh7s5Zc89AlYTqrJgfI47qE
  2. Oh they didn't record together? I didn't know that. Lol...I'll try and hopefully everyone will like it... Who isn't naughty? Didn't know GJ will stick his tongue out. Thought only WKX does that Ah Xiang. Lol. Here's an interview apparently by someone famous on WOH. You will need to read through the whole thread inside under replies.
  3. Did you read the were many comments on the frontal treasure? Everyone was wondering if it was due to mistailoring... I saw those pix too but didn't really read the comments. I thought was legit since they actual duet in TYK. Lol... probably in the novel that ZZS flirted much as well? I'm only at Chapter 41 where he's not that into WKX yet. So can't tell much if ZZS did. But on drama I thought that would be funny if there were able to air those scenes! There are so many beautiful and really ahem, erotic fan arts of them! I dare not post here!
  4. ZZH in latest Happy Camp video with subs...Super funny... Modern Wenzhou... Credit to original artist
  5. At this hour? Wow! I'm so full from dinner... Anyway signing off for the day! Good night! +2
  6. You're just too good to be true...Can't take my eyes off of you...You'd be like Heaven to touch...I wanna hold you so much
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