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  1. Thanks for the quick review! Oh yes still can't help drooling at Die Feng anytime for being such an up righteous disciple of Kun Lun I had no idea who Vic Zhou was then but to me he was alright in the drama...
  2. I just watched the first episode! I'm simply too excited He's still a lead in the drama right?
  3. Omg one of my fave scenes That cheeky smirk behind that serious facade. I can watch this on loop whole day with a big wide grin and laughter. How can we not fall for them?
  4. Good to see you here @SilverDawn Hope this current exposure will boost his chances of getting more ML in C-Dramaland Is he managed by Jaywalk Yang Mi's studio?
  5. Yes I adore his character as Die Feng in TMOPB. But a pity too short of screen time. Oh ic...I happen to be a fan of ELOD. Everyone will have their favourite actor or actresses Has anyone seen the first few episodes yet? I'm planning to wait a little longer so I can binge a few episodes each time.
  6. I'm here rooting for Leon Lai Yi Happy for him to have his first Male Lead character. I loved him though he played the villain in The Flames Daughter 2018. He has such strong charisma. Anyone else shares the same sentiment as me? Hear from you all soon
  7. Thanks for the explanation. This could include a possibility to register marriage outside of NK/SK like in Switzerland? I also concur that they pretty lack skinship. Eg after exchanging rings, he could have just give her a peck on the forehead or something instead of standing for eternity There are many other ways to show passion and love instead of just kissing. @TotoroSY Thanks for sharing the true love story. Piqued my interest and see if I can read more real stories as such.
  8. I cried rivers of tears Finally I've finished the whole journey of 16 episodes just a while ago...But like you pointed out they meet only 2 weeks a year?? Or could he be managing the students/performers there? They went through so much of hurdles and hardships, thought the first thing is to settle down together...Or was it because they are kinda "married" since they have exchanged rings already.
  9. Hey peeps! I'm currently watching CLOY at the moment. Glad to discover this forum. I have a question. Is there really a 10.5 episode? I'm watching on Dramacool platform and there is no sub for this. Hope you all can help. Thanks!
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