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  1. I liked the fact that he was honest saying he had embedded an image.. He probably thought something but got completely opposite same thing happened to all except fans and these who know
  2. @CarolynH Ups? After re-reading the message i think there was a misunderstanding on my part.. Yes ahjussi was stern at times and alert
  3. Do you mean andre agassi?. I am hoping for new projects i am being greedy he just filmed one but i want more
  4. Cute i didn't catch that part with the little girl maybe it was not posted here I had no idea that Monica Seles was stabbed back in the day and were you there? Just read about it...
  5. There is small bitty bitty miminal chance of this rumor being real but i hope it turns out real.. I am basically day dreaming but it's okay.. But regardless my body is ready
  6. I don't think there is problem in soompi sometimes it also happens to me and it depends on the hosting website Thats sounds great. Have you been invited to the group if not let me know.. I will send invitation
  7. I thought we were gonna synchronise the time and find a common time in the week where all time zones can merge and that is if it is possible.
  8. I don't think tho Apple+ can be launched in korea for atleast few years. Not that it matters at all. Pachinko could be pirated in SK if it comes out but SK is not the only target market but every country that has kdrama fans and they will subscribe. they are the true target. South Korea’s top wireless carrier SK Telecom Co. is teaming up with Apple’s online video streaming service Apple TV+ amid its competitors’ tie-up with Disney+ and Netflix over greater share in the ever-growing pay TV market.According to industry sources on Sunday, SK Telecom and Apple TV+ are close to ink a pa
  9. I was also thinking the same from the get go. covering 4 generations in one season is alot unless you jump from one arc to antoher which also can work if excuted well. Maybe they will chose to focus on one generation and give the rest small screen time could also work in that way
  10. Such a great voice has left so early. Whenever i use to rewatch the drama she was always part of the reason due to that OST it really adds to the Dramas soul. That Ost is the dramas soul together with ahjussi
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