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  1. I like the idea where you cast big names and just fill up the entire cast. The budget is gonna be gigantic for this one that is the only issue. I could assume anywhere around $70mio and I mean if you truly come thru with casting all the actors you named plus an additional big supporting casts but in that case making it a trilogy gangster movie would be even better with 3 parts and filming it in one go. I saw a report here just today speaking about the highest paid actors and it seems like 80% of their payments come from netflix and seems like they have been generous. If the script is top notch and everything of the storyline hangs together great and good enough to create a classic gangster trilogy then I could see Netflix opening it's bank account and splashing cash. I like LMH in gangster movies his the king of swagger. The way he walked into that mud scene is still fresh in my head and probably the most swagger on display I have ever seen in my life. The way he walks and everything just so much flamboyance
  2. Dirty love as in 21+ dirty love? I am thinking something like 365 days that was recently on netflix and by the way I didn't like that movie they made the ML a little bit to savage if they had tone down his character little bit the movie could have worked just fine for me because the premise was not bad. Or just 21+ movie with different take and premise because you can do alot of things with 21+ movies. Cough 51 shade of grey cough! hahaha just kidding with you folks chilax but just the image of LMH toying with a hot actress is in my head can't unsee. But aside from all the jokes it would work rather good with a mature actress and in an entirely different setting with a fresh IP and storyline
  3. I have heard about Running man from alot of people but I haven't had the opportunity to ever watch it and I know it has a strong international fanbase but the reason for that is something entirely different and in order to share this funny story I will have to take you back in time. Around 2004-2005ish I watched something called I guess Paradise hotel Denmark edition and where you have a couple of young people gathered on an island and in this island there is a hotel and long story short I managed to watch only 4 episodes and after that I gave up and I even managed to watch these 4 episodes due to group pressure because I was watching with some familiy members who were hyping it big time. I couldn't just skip these 4 episode since we were sitting in the same lounge room and socializing drinking juice, wine or tea. It was hell'va cringe and I was cringing every other minute and kinda forced myself to watch it while bitting down on my teeth to minimize the cringe factor and to give you a good example It was like being forced to sit thru JERSEY FUKIN SHORE it was a painful experience and since that day I vowed to never watch any reality show or variety show and I have kept my words since
  4. I need a bad guy character? Not a villian just a bad guy something like a gangster or a bad assss cop with very bad temper just a bad-asss overall who doesn't really give 2 cents and ruthless character Or a corrupt cop who steals from the government and does fishy stuff and lives dobble life. Just an ultra bad-asss character that is all and lawless. It's time for him to go back to his roots of being a bad guy
  5. I want Movies or dramas but I want everything except variety show (The last variety show I watched was Big Brother 1 in my country around 2001 and never watched another variety show since then)
  6. Oh. I feel you on this one. I also badly want him to play a bad boy character again a very very bad bad character even badder then GJP if that is possible.. But I am uneasy with it because korea is one strange place where people can't express themselves artistically however they want. I don't know whether it's confucianism or what not but bad guys are not appreciated as other places in the world despite being ''FICTION'' and only acting not real. I have seen people who have not forgiven LMH for some of his bad boy roles because he played an evil character for what like 3 episodes some people can't differentiate acting from real life. But aside from all that I am all in for a very very bad bad bad-Asss character and ruthless to the core character. I love him in these roles. I don't think he should care at all and give us the baddest assss character ever. I think it will have a positive reaction
  7. My guess would be a movie followed by a drama with few days separate announcement
  8. There is also Najwa Nimri who starred with Alba Flores in both shows and some fans consider her to be the best actress to ever exist. Spain is going thru a golden era of actresses and tbh none of the male actors are held at the same standard in spain because for Spain is the opposite currently since they have Najwa Nimri and Alba Flores starring in the same projects they are experiencing a golden age for actresses
  9. The weather is fine in my area currently fortunately. This question goes out to these who have been to korea does it rain alot in korea?
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