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  1. Where is my nomination Just kidding. I haven't been fully active since I moved to SA.. what about LMH fanboy account or did I misspell that twitter account. Anyone remembers woodalchis minoz. Wait a minute nominate Monika Setione
  2. I have seen these scenes in the drama but never seen behind the scenes. It seemed funny filming them
  3. Did she really say that? The meeting should occur during LMH in his Hansu act it would be hilarious if it occured under these circumstances.
  4. Good morning folks. The premiere date is around may or april as what i heard. Waiting for more news
  5. I wanna see him go from one filming set to another immediately they will probably come out around the same time. hopefully the other one is netflix original. We are based there
  6. Second half? That is a long wait if he did another one then the wait will be shorten since we will be getting two right after each other
  7. I was thinking maybe something completely different since webtoon is frequent these days and the same goes to Rom-com, Zombie genre, Melo etc etc all these are frequent but rather we need something completely unique. I would actully take a netflix gangster series and I know this is uncommon but I would like intimate scenes to be included frequently Something along what @Elnin Joery said where we are following his character in the underworld. We need VIOLENCE alot of VIOLENCE in this series to the point it becomes unique and the International fans will eat it raw binging in one sit
  8. It is sort of annoying but sometimes crucial. It is good to keep distance out in the public these days
  9. I am just kidding with you. I don't have a fanfic but i was thinking about writting one and sharing it here and no it is not 19+ i was just playing around
  10. Hmm? I was thinking about 19+ fanfics and may not be legal for the kids lurking here. You still interested?
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