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  1. That’s not actually how people with prosopagnosia “see” faces. They can actually “see” your facial features, they just can’t associate the whole picture of what they see with a name/person/identity. . So he should be able to kiss her fine. Problem is that he wouldn’t actually be 100% sure he’s kissing the right person. So if someone else pretended to be her and told him, he would think she’s her. Actually I wonder if anyone would write about the opposite condition “superior recognizers”. Scotland Yard uses them to identify people on CCTV. They can pick them out from a crowd really quickly. Some have been reported to be even quicker than facial recognition software. -2
  2. Me too . Although I have reservations about the female lead. When news broke about her casting I was like “Who IS she?” She may well end up being dwarfed by Siwan and LDW in the arena. Hopefully she’s decent and not cringey and rub me up the wrong way . And then there’s that little thing about the writer being the one who wrote Save Me. I loved Save Me but her most recent offering was Item and it was disastrous. Not even JJH could save it. -2
  3. Sky Castle is a must watch. The beginning episode is a bit confusing because they throw ALL the characters at you all at once and it’s hard to wrap your mind around them all. But wait for it...the cliffhangers at the end of EVERY episode is well worth it. It is definitely worthy of the hype. -2
  4. When your bias shows up in a cameo (playing himself on TV ) - probably due to his ties with PD and writer. Ratings rise for 2nd ep. First ep was competing against finale of Dr Prisoner so understandably lower. Ratings 190516: #TheBanker: 5.4% | 7% #MyAbsoluteBoyfriend : 3.1% | 3.5% #HerPrivateLife : 2.8% #SaveMe2 : 1.9%
  5. That was what frustrated me most about how it all played out. Not that SM ended up being the killer but the fact that for the life of me I cannot piece together the jigsaw that the writer had portrayed in the earlier episodes. If the writer was trying to pen a redemptive arc for SM in the end by having him sit in jail for 13years and doing some studying, I am not buying it. If his father was handed the death sentence, I feel like SM should’ve gotten the same if not life imprisonment. After all it was his killing of the ladies and the fire that seemed to be the trigger to his father’s copycat murder/arson in the HanMin home? I watched the last 2 episodes rather hurriedly so my dissatisfaction could be unfounded. Here is what doesn’t “add up” for me - Stalker dad kills one lady, burns her face(?), stuffs her in a suitcase and heads up the apartment, presumably to kill SM(?), take the mom and start the fire so police would think they BOTH perished in the flames? The suitcase contained flyers about the fire hazard that the apartment was AND lighters. He removes the jacket off a sleepy JI (why do this unless he wanted to pin it on JI’s dad?). So he had it all worked out. - He then goes upstairs, finds an empty apartment...in so doing he walked past the apartment where the ladies are and SM is tying his shoelaces. He storms off in a rage, leaves the suitcase with the dead body, drops the jacket In the apartment (?huh?). He does something with the knife? Presumably he drops it as well for SM to find? - SM then conveniently goes back to his apartment, finds the dead body in the suitcase and then works out his father’s dastardly plan and decides enough is enough, Imma gonna kill those ladies next door and set up the fire to protect mom? When did the killing of the 3 ladies factor in on his father’s plan? He dons JI’s dad’s jacket and heads next door. Why not just take the body out in his apartment, and start the fire there because that’s what his dad was planning on doing? Why add murdering the 3 ladies? Like that would’ve just surfaced as a “good” plan? Had he killed before so it was a piece of cake for him? His reasoning was that it would compel the police to dig deeper into the case? Huh? I mean there were 3 ladies to murder? Not just the one at the door? He knew that because he had just been next door? Failure rate increases threefold when there are 3? Maybe he wasn’t thinking straight? But he had to be because he staged the death scene, cut the gas hose and then planted the lighter in the microwave (who would’ve thought of that? Wasn’t like his father gave him a blow by blow of how to plan a murder and hide it with arson?). There was intentionality there? It’s not something that “comes to you” at the spur of the moment? I would’ve just started the fire by lighting the curtains or something? And I certainly would not have had the presence of mind to stage the death scene. Especially if I didn’t “mean” it? Minor or not, there was intentionality, it was murder, not man slaughter. - Then there was the whole slow reveal to LA and hiding the truth from everyone who cared about him. Even his mom. I presume SM was also the one who called the hit on the other 2 ladies in the suitcases (to tie up loose ends)? And this was AFTER the “guilt” of killing the 3 ladies? Did he really feel remorse? The whole thing about wanting LA to hone his skills so he could read him? Totally unnecessary? - Why didn’t he just kill his dad? The whole spiel about wanting him to suffer? Die a slow death? From what? Sepsis? Hey he killed the 3 ladies (who weren’t exactly nice neighbors but surely they didn’t deserve to die), why not his dad who was the monster? Actually I would’ve been less dissatisfied if he performed a murder/suicide and redeemed himself with death by his own hand? - The whole HanMin fire scenario didn’t exactly make sense to me either. If SM was there to rescue his mom, and so was KGT, his dad was overpowered then? Why not take him out? SM was already the Prosector (and he had clout)? Why just drive away with the drugged out mother? Perfect chance to pin the murders and arson on stalker dad and end their fugitive days? I loved the acting by the 4 main characters but honestly the story left much to be desired.
  6. Ahem... E=mc2 . It’s quite drastic for someone to want their account removed or deleted. Most people who leave tend on amicable terms tend to just leave their account inactive. Unless as some suggested usafarmgirl 1. was hacked and she decided to close her old account. 2. lost her account access with the Soompi site change. 1 and 2 are unlikely because generally if this happens, most reasonable people would just get a new account, inform their friends of their account change and carry on from there. The last time I was witness to this scenario (account deletion) was when a certain Kiwi was told ‘none to nicely’ that he was no longer welcome in a thread because his posts were deemed ‘contentious’ and generally ‘incongruous’ with the ‘mood’ of the thread. Personally I really liked his posts because it gave a different voice and I am all about robust discussion . Anyway, he PM’d me before he left (giving me his reasons) and closed his account after that incident. Of course there could also be the case that real life got in the way. But generally if that is the case, most wouldn’t delete their account, they would just go off grid and leave their account inactive. So potentially, @triplem‘s insight into the situation could have been the impetus for her disappearance. I think others here have already done the relevant research and found her Instagram/Twitter...talking to her there by messaging may be the best way forward to get a handle on what transpired as it is deemed a more neutral space for open discussion if she had left in a less than ideal situation. -2 (I think I am a subtract?) I need to reread the rules again so I may edit this post if I am wrong
  7. Yeah I agree with most here. I like that JI and LA got their happy ever after but I didn’t like how writer made SM out to be the monster in the end. I haven’t watched but from the sounds of it he did all the killings? Including the HanMin home one? If he did then he’s turned out to be a worse man than his dad was? His dad killed the lady in the suitcase which he dragged into the apartment but SM killed everyone else? And all those people who perished in the fire too? There were a lot. He betrayed everyone? His mom, LA, JI and of course JS who went to her grave believing in him? Sorry but being nice and trying to make up for murder isn’t quite penance enough? His poor mother has to live with the fact that her son did this all for her? And all her efforts to prevent him from turning into a monster were all in vain? Love does not conquer all then? So maybe his love for his mom was as perverted as the gifting of the ring scene conveyed. I was going to let that slide but now that writer has already penned him as a monster, adding an incestuous fixation on his mom wouldn’t go that far astray SM’s character with an extremely sad beginning. Born into captivity, deprived of a normal upbringing BUT he did have his mother’s love. We were hoping for a redemptive arc but writer didn’t give it to us. Instead she has gone down the path that if you start off bad, love is insufficient to bring you around in the end? Bleak. Hopeless. Devastating. In the nature Vs nurture debate, this writer has just sided with nature, hands down. He was born in a cell and it looks like he will die in a cell.
  8. Sigh so looks like SM turned out to be the monster after all . Not sure so I like that ending. It means JS’s belief in him wasn’t justified and she died for it . That’s just plain sad. The men in her life suck. First her dad and then SM. I will have to wait till later in the week to watch properly. Too busy now, just reading spoilers. Thanks all for the conversations during the drama.
  9. Okay this is my last ditch attempt to exonerate SM. Yes I am stubbornly refusing to believe he did it still. I am trying to add the bits that SM told JI during the interrogation. So SM went next door after he sent his mother downstairs. That scene plays out where he kneels to tie his shoelaces and hears stalker dad walk by outside. He excuses himself from the apartment, heads upstairs to find LA’s dad (like he said). They are not home - they are in the lift. Meanwhile stalker dad has killed all the ladies and left. SM heads back down, finds the ladies dead, decides to stage the deaths (he wears the jacket and gets blood on it), sets fire to the apartment. Whether SM has killed or not, I really only see death in the final episode as his fate. Ironically Jesus on the cross was also stabbed by the soldier on his side to check if he was dead (another similarity). All will be revealed tonight I guess. I still feel SM will be the one to sacrifice himself and not LA.
  10. O wow... . If SM was the killer and arsonist... then he really did become the monster. But it doesn’t make sense for him to say he went up to LA’s dad’s apartment to get help after he had sent his mom downstairs? Was that a lie? He said the person killing the ladies in the apartment was the same person who killed the ladies in the HanMin home? Did he do that too? Hmm...he really is a monster if he did that. Unless this was some weird wild goose chase and there’s a plot twist at the very end... Currently I need facts to prove his guilt/innocence. Psychometric readings can’t be used as evidence in the court of law. Why would SM persist in getting JI to look at the facts? Why not just kill his dad and be done with it? What’s another murder if he’s already killed so many? Then admit to guilt of killing the ladies and clear JI’s father? I need JI’s final analysis before I condemn SM...she’s going to be the one to piece it all together. I feel like LA and the mother is far too emotive right now and JI’s the only rational calculating one. EDIT - Also timeline is a bit off? Why stay and rescue LA? I think SM may have staged the scene (tea cups etc) and set fire to the apartment but he didn’t kill the ladies. He would’ve just left before the explosion/fire surely? Why hang around to save LA?
  11. @turtle0217 Like you I don’t think SM has become ‘evil’. Otherwise he would become the Monster. Writer is more subtle than that. All the ‘evidence’ that is pointing us to think that SM has turned to the dark side are too ‘blatantly obvious’ for it to culminate in SM ultimately turning to the dark side. Her writing style seems to preference subtlety and foreshadowing. You need to see with the heart. And in my heart I don’t see evil in SM despite all the evidence thus far seemingly pointing to his descent into darkness (same get up as his dad – black cap, jacket, complete with ‘evil sneer’ etc). It’s like he’s taken on his dad’s persona on the outside. The only difference is that SM (unlike his dad) has ‘established ties’ – with his mom, LA, JI and JS. Brotherhood, camaraderie, love. They anchor him. Thus far we see their belief in him shaken one by one – his mom, JS and now LA. JI remains the only one still clinging onto the belief that he’s not the Monster within…despite evidences of the Monster without...she "sees with her heart" (Little Prince quote - "It is only with the heart that one sees rightly") Some think SM will be the one to kill his dad. I seriously doubt so. That would cement his descent to darkness for me. Just like if he were really the one to tell KGY to kill the ladies. But yes I still feel he (SM) will die in the end. There’s been too much foreshadowing for that not to eventuate. The Little Prince offers himself up to the Snake (stalker dad – The Snake in the Bible refers to Satan, the Father of Lies) to die. Much like how Christ offered himself up willingly as a sacrifice for mankind. I think SM will save LA another time…just like how he jumped out of the burning building in Ep1 cradling LA. Full circle. Death for the mother is probably the ‘kinder’ option in light of the potential demise of the 2 men in her life.
  12. I don't think they have enough to indict him and lock him up. So I think those scenes are of him meeting his Mother in prison and escorting her out (remember how the Police were frustrated that they couldn't keep her in the cell for longer?). Mother has her ring back in scenes so presumably SM (who is in possession of it now?) gives it back to her. I still find it creepy that he slipped the ring onto her ring finger. I wouldn't have minded it as much had he just offered it her and she slipped it on herself. The fact that he slipped it onto her ring finger (like a groom does his bride), it has all sorts of 'wrong' connotations. Like he's bound her to himself (like how his Father chained them). Probably why he was so distraught when he found that she had taken it off - like she had broken ties with him. Looks like KGT isn't quite dead yet. Major showdown to happen...probably not revealed till finale night. I think with how dark it's gone in past few episodes, writer will need a time jump forward in the end (like an epilogue) to give us a happy ever after for LA and JI...and the other minor characters...
  13. Possible. But I really don't think SM would kill his dad. Writer has been pushing that envelope and seeding the thought into the viewer's mind far too blatantly. I feel like this writer prefers foreshadowing and holds her cards close. Like JiSoo's death. The whole drama has been playing out like a psychometric read...we get pieces of the puzzle and writer Nim is the puppeteer pulling the strings. If SM kills his dad, he would 'become' the monster that everyone (including himself) has attempted to prevent him from becoming. Just like how his mom was devastated (and attempted suicide) when she 'thought' it was SM who ordered the 2 ladies killed. She may well die as well in the final battle. My initial thought was maybe she gets to live but perhaps death would be kinder for her option for her should SM die (and I believe he will pay the ultimate sacrifice - too much foreshadowing for it not to happen). JS's death was the proverbial 'nail in his coffin' (literally). Yes. As LA descends into the abyss and turns into a 'monster' himself, JI has been his anchor. I love the sticky notes scene outside the Police station. Star sticky notes (Little Prince again). How you rearrange the pieces can determine what the word is. She's the one with the level head and mind. Sifting through the evidence (psychometry is non admissible as evidence), actually formulating a case from tangible facts and witness statements so that it can stand in the court of law (Lady Justice is blindfolded for a reason). JI (Scully) steadies LA (Mulder). Bingo. Yes to the dad. Currently it looks like the blood on the jacket was what pinned the arson/murder on JI's dad. To throw reasonable doubt that he was not in possession of it at all when he was in the building could potentially be enough to acquit him. Initially I thought perhaps stalker dad conveniently dropped the jacket outside the apartment after killing the women. The scenes where he headed down the stairs after were of him sans bloody jacket. If you had wanted to pin the arson/murder on someone else (remember the little smile when he walked past a sleeping JI and then he took the jacket and put it on to kill the ladies so he had premeditated the whole framing), would you leave the jacket where it could potentially be burnt to a crisp or waterlogged from fire saving efforts? Probably not. You would want it out of the burning inferno so that Police could use it as evidence. What better way than to hand it to a fleeing resident? With all that smoke it would've been hard to make out who was who and the person would infer logically that the jacket was proffered from the original owner (JI's dad) rather than some random stranger you had never seen before.
  14. Ahh...guessed wrong about the pills....but they are similar - Fluvoxamine for OCD/anxiety. My predictions 1. SM dies. Like the Little Prince. And Jesus. Now that JiSoo is dead, and if he really is the VIP customer for KGY and called for the ladies to be killed, death is really the only redemptive path for him. Back to his rose/sunflower JiSoo. Her last words “come back to me” fulfilled. He dies in LA’s arms (like Vader and Luke)…and LA gets a final read on him for dramatic effect. Although from his conversations with JI in the interrogation room I am not so sure he ordered the hit on the 2 homeless ladies? If he did, he's in irredeemable territory for me and his fate would be redemptive death. 2. Stalker dad dies. Mom kills him after he kills SM. She pleads insanity and gets put in an asylum. 3. LA and JI live happy ever after. They have twins. A boy and a girl – SM/JS. Like the Little Prince – whenever the Aviator looks up to the stars he hears the sound of tiny bells and thinks of the Little prince…the children’s laughter like bell peals remind them of SM/JS. 4. Lieutenant Nam and JI’s aunt get together, needless to say, and of course Daebong and SoHyun(?) too – finally (frankly I am kinda annoyed with this side story...just give them a happy ever after already?) 5. JI’s dad is acquitted and lives with LA/JI. 6. JS’s dad is removed from his Superintendent position and has to live the rest of his life grieving. It’s ironic that his attempt to save/protect her actually resulted in her demise. Other notes 1. I really find it creepy that SM slid the ring onto his mom's ring finger?? It's one thing to have a cute 3yo son saying he will marry mummy when he grows up but quite another to have a grown man put it on his mother's ring finger?? Only a groom does that? But hey, SM and his mom are hardly normal people so I will let it slide... 2. JS's dad let slip to Nam that someone (a resident) passed JI's dad's blood stained jacket to him as evidence. That someone testified that JI's dad gave him/her the jacket to cover his/her face as he/she exited the building? How did the jacket end up there? That's weird. Jacket was definitely on the murderer when he did the killing. Stalker dad disposed of the jacket on his way out of room 702?? But where though?? SM claimed he sent his mom out of harm's way and he headed up to LA's dad (on 15th floor) to get help...presumably he missed them because they were all heading down in the elevator to get LA's puppy. Explosion and fire happens. SM dashes down the stairs and gets to 7th floor again where he meets LA/parents trapped in the lift? Here's where I am confused. Why would he stop on the 7th floor on his way down?? Why not just go all the way down - he was already in the stairwell coming down from the 15th floor?? That's odd. Maybe I am just nit picking... Finale week next week. I am looking forward to writer tying up loose ends well. He/she has been exemplary thus far...plot has been tight and very interesting. I have high hopes that it will all come together in the end. Even if it means JS and SM only have their happy ever after in the afterlife. EDIT to add - I rewatched segments of Ep14. The witness that claimed JI's father passed the jacket onto someone to use to escape down the stairs was none other than SoHyun's father (she's estranged from him or something but she was planning to contact him and ask him again?). That was the conversation she had with JI's aunt as they were watching the news. She mentioned that she was the one who used the jacket to cover her mouth as she escaped from the fire...I must've missed that she lived in the apartments too? Her dad testified that it was JI's dad who gave him the jacket and he gave it to SoHyun to use. I guess potentially that would bring about 'reasonable doubt' and clear JI's father of the murder/arson.
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