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  1. See? This is the normal convention in most if not all bands. The bassist stands beside the drummer so they can set the groove together as the rhythm section. The teachers demo Canon for the Lacking 5 and stand where they (as professionals) would normally. How Shin got them to stand in the show was deliberate - to keep our FlowerGarden pair hidden in the background until the final reveal . Our FG pair got some “couple” time last night. As the rhythm section, they have to be tight and share a special bond. As Shin PD watches on EDIT -
  2. Hand touching (in the script ) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Blvnk8mLSGK_eUsNnLPVZxIno8ChVG6Jg_wsQjbjaqw/
  3. Started to watch R94 (I am watching it backwards ) Some thoughts popped to mind when I watched Ep16-17. (Yes it’s open for anyone who cares to read. For now it is anyway) https://docs.google.com/document/d/12MU_tz4pwvQQAzCZZfZUuTulRMxaGSjK_KMgGNOP7Ok/
  4. Long hair usually means Sageuk? That seems to be the usual for actors. I guess we will wait and see. . I completely forgot about Crime Puzzle. Is it airing somewhere - no confirmation on TV station? I thought it was supposed to air already? I hope it doesn’t turn out like 4 Sons. All that work amounting to nothing
  5. https://www.soompi.com/article/1446509wpp/park-hae-jin-opens-up-about-pressure-of-winning-his-1st-daesang @nonski what different project is he talking about?
  6. I saw that @nonski. So happy for him. Sad to see everyone wearing masks and gloves but I guess that’s just the world we live in right now. I haven’t seen/heard much about future projects for him? I thought Kairos would take out the drama of the year but glad that KI tipped it in the end. This award would give him a nice boost in confidence heading into the new year. EDIT - I am not a huge fan of the hair though? I prefer him with shorter hair. But then again, I always prefer men with shorter hair.
  7. That trailer was totally unexpected . I have never seen PSH like Lara Croft. But she seems to have all the right moves in the trailer. I am intrigued. Good that they have a premiere date. Not long to wait till March.
  8. I see what you did there PD Shin . JWon’s secret knowing smile to himself and then at IJ when his friend scored the choice of Ms Winter. This was excluded from the actual footage but was filmed. Compare his joy for his friend when Ms Winter chose him (IJ) this time as opposed to his bland response when she chose his (JWon) surgery later after the over the top rose proposal scene. She is still not his cup of tea. Remember, this was after the maggot scene where many thought he changed his mind about her. He (JWon) exhibited no signs of jealousy. Compare IJ’s response though when Ms Winter
  9. Okay. I was totally NOT expecting that. Looks more like an action/thriller drama? . Will tune in. 536
  10. From the horse’s mouth . Knowing how in depth Shin is when it comes to matching the character with the real person... camping king JWon... meets camping queen SHwa. A match made in Heaven. cr https://www.soompi.com/article/1444779wpp/yoo-yeon-seok-talks-about-his-hobbies-his-new-movie-new-year-blues-and-more
  11. Spreading the Christmas cheer. Love how they have Perspex screens between them because of COVID. Protective measures. Better safe than sorry. Waiting for it to be subbed.
  12. Congratulations to the team for winning (Cr hospitalplaylist_official Instagram) Only Flower Garden couple singled out with white backdrops (wedding)? I don’t even have to try too hard to row my canoe.
  13. I agree. I must be in the mood for the familiar. There’s nothing mindblowingly new in this drama but it’s just a fun watch. I really like MGY and her character JuKyeong. She’s cute and puts a smile on my face.
  14. The egg connection . PD Shin and Writer Lee linking Reply series with the current Wise Doctor series. cr rahmadeux Twitter
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