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  1. Ok Ran’s character brief Given the fact that she’s had multiple plastic surgeries, she may well have been someone in MY’s dad’s past but is now not recognizable to either MY or the dad. Potentially she could be someone who is seeking to torment MY’s dad for his past treatment of his wife?
  2. Parallels. Working off where someone left off... cr Some things stay consistent. Lee Shin dramas are formulaic. It revolves around their core beliefs. Both come from Variety show backgrounds, so it stands to reason that their dramas carry the same themes. JKH’s brother in Prison Playbook was a huge fan boy. And in Hospital Playbook, Jang embodied the BTS fan girl and extended her fan girl obsession to JWon. Even asking IJ to invite her over so she could be in the same apartment as him (when JWon and JWan were staying over). Thankfully Flower Garden has no such cringeworthy attachments. It’s steady. It’s reliable. It’s what Lee Shin like in their end game couples. A deep understanding rooted in shared ideals, beliefs and goals. It’s the little things. Like the thoughtful gesture of offering SHwa the passenger seat so she’s not squashed in the back. Treating her like the lady that she is. Cr midoring tumblr
  3. Wizard of Oz reference. The wicked witch of the west didn’t carry a broom, she carried an umbrella. Like the one MY dragged along in an earlier episode? Dorothy “accidentally“ killed her by throwing a bucket of water over her. Did MY do the same? The lake? MY looks to be embodying her mother (like she’s possessed by her).
  4. Pink Piggie appeared in Ep6. Actually his/her twin first appeared with Dr Do when his savings matured. He got his without needing to ask the bank teller. He must’ve told JWon about it. Because when JWon’s savings account matured, he didn’t get his. And he turned around to specifically ask for it. When that happened, I knew Writer Lee wanted us to play spot the Piggie. Piggie was highlighted in the very next scene (with 3? babies ). See how Shin framed this shot? Piggie in focus first...then he focused on the white flowers in the foreground. Rosa came with flowers from her garden. Specifically white flowers (a wedding? ). She cut them and put them in a vase..That SHwa provided (bride to be). JWon approves. And a marriage is mentioned (SHwa has always been Rosa’s first choice). And she persists and reiterates her point once more On Jeju Island maybe? Yes please. Or make that a double wedding? Pink Piggie says yes.
  5. I knew I’d love you Karaoke. After the shenanigans at the NS dinner where 2 grown men treated her like an object and claimed ownership over her. And one crossing the line once more and taking liberties in the taxi by leaning on her shoulder (which was NOT welcome - she promptly shoved him off) . SHwa was not in the mood for more frivolity. So she was pissed to see more grown men acting like idiots at Karaoke. But there was one in the midst whose aegyo she couldn’t resist. It was plainly obvious. And then as if by fate/destiny, as she is rifling through the pages to decide on a song. IJ by virtue of his song selection blesses our FlowerGarden couple with this (note how Shin framed the shot - this is how he (And Writer Lee) drops clues about end game) Focused. In the middle of the frame. No line.
  6. Her character description says she disappeared after writing her final book. And like you said, JuRi assumed MY’s mom was still alive so that fits the narrative that nobody knows she died because there was no body (except her father and her). It’s all in bits and pieces. I vaguely remember there was a scene where MY dreamt that her mom was in water and calling her to “save me”? Or at least I thought it looked like her mom (it looked like a woman). I think it was on the first night she slept in the castle. And then she visualised GT hugging her. Yeah I think having the father be “BlueBeard” the killer would make it too hard to resolve when the truth comes out. So suicide would be an “easier” plotline. The portrait in the basement (Ep6) had her father and her standing close to each other, he looked like he had his hand on her shoulder? So for all intensive purposes they looked to have had a cordial enough relationship. He strangled MY at the hospital because she looked like her mom (sleazy book reviewer said they looked alike) and in his impaired mental state, he mistook MY for his wife. That’s why he asked her why she was still alive before trying to strangle her.
  7. I think MY’s mom is dead. MY found the body in the basement. Nobody else knows except MY and her dad. Everyone thought she just disappeared (and that was the story her father told the public). And when she didn’t make an appearance after a number of years, she was deemed “dead”. I have a feeling the mom killed GT’s mom (in a fit of rage or jealousy?). She may have meant to kill GT (like she told MY for daring to bring him to the castle)? Potentially she mistook ST for GT and his mom intervened to save him? When MY’s dad found out he either - locked her away in the basement to figure out what to do (I prefer this option). And she took her own life. Or - killed her and hid her in the basement. MY found her body. I think they may then have thrown her body into the lake (hence the flashback where MY sees her mom’s body sinking). So to MY her mom is dead but still haunts her in her dreams (so she’s “alive” in her subconscious). Her dad is still living but he’s a shell because of his dementia. MY said she didn’t like flowers which dropped their petals bit by bit (cherry blossoms) but preferred those that dropped their petals all at once (like Magnolias?). She was alluding to her parents. She would rather they died without lingering. Her father is dying slowly (bit by bit) due to his condition. Her mother also still persists in her dreams refusing to “die”.
  8. This is how you do couple outfits. Subtle and so very tasteful. SHwa with her 3 “brothers“ and 1 soulmate. Flower Garden. Cr - HospitalPlaylist official Instagram
  9. I think MY’s mom is dead. Died in the cellar. My theory is that MY’s mother killed GT’s mom (either by accident or intentionally). Her father found out about it. Locked her up in the cellar. Either he killed her (ala BlueBeard) or she killed herself (ala Madame Butterfly). MY found the body. That’s why everyone else thinks MY’s mother just disappeared but MY says she’s dead. Her dad thinks MY is her mom which is why he tried to strangle her. These pics were interesting. Rose motif on hairbrush. Like the rose in the glass cloche in opening credits. Beauty and the Beast? Little Prince? Then this shot. Beautifully framed. As he embraces her. She grips the edge of his shirt. As their hands entwine, it forms a heart. Her mom has a penchant to dress in vintage dresses with ornate sleeves. I would imagine in ST’s eyes, she looks for all intensive purposes very much like a butterfly?
  10. The only 2 doctors who told the Director that they were going to leave at the end of the year. Fate steps in once more. Both have SokCho branch mentioned in their conversations with the Director. Both love the great outdoors. Both are altruistic and will be doing the Daddy Long Legs program together. Both have pre-existing medical conditions which they take pills for. They were meant to be. They can have their happy ever after in idyllic SokCho.
  11. This is how Shin PD and Writer Lee writes their end game couples. A deep connection, unspoken understanding of who the other person really is. They see them for who they are and love them fiercely. It is not based on a fantasy or deluded thinking. Cr midoring tumblr
  12. An alternative logical explanation for why JWon ran off at lunch It was because of baby Ji-A. And aligns well with how he cares for his patients.
  13. Writer Lee has taken a lot of material from R1988 to use for HP. Clues that support my theory of the last segment being a figment of the imagination. This segment from Ep11. It begins with JungHwan’s mom putting on a vinyl record (Vivaldi’s Winter Largo plays in the background as she speaks). Subs have her just saying Vivaldi but you can hear her say GyeoUl Vivaldi in Korean. Then she recounts her love story to DS’s mom (She even says hubby back then looked like Buddha ). Except we find out later on that the whole story is fabricated. It never happened like that. JungBong’s conversation with his dad later in that episode revealed that to us.
  14. Notes on the yellow/orange sunset filters If you watch carefully, Shin uses these filters to cast a yellow glow on certain scenes. Thematically, they denote sunsets, metaphorically depicting an ending. I suspect he’s used it to highlight the relationship being depicted or focused on in that particular scene is coming to an end. I have put these in spoiler tags because they don’t really apply to our Flower Garden couple who thus far have NOT been given the sunset filter treatment.