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  1. That’s what threw me. The book throwing happened at night? But the cctv footage of SeoHui following SangHoon was daytime? Or at least there was some light because they timestamped it 6pm (before the sun set?). It was his last call and made in the vicinity of the car accident (SongJu)? Unless they decided to just look through cctv in that vicinity and it wasn’t 6pm that they were sifting through but the whole day’s footage of the accident date to trace his footsteps. HoKyu definitely has a backstory as well. He quit a cushy well paying job to work in the police force. Even Detective Yun expressed his disbelief. He seems to have a good handle on everything that was happening in JQ. But yes as a few have suggested SeoHui isn’t as innocent either because she seems to be hiding facts from Detective Jo. And that weird dynamic between JQ Chairman (Bonsai Man) and his son SangHoon. You would think he would be panicking a bit if he knew his son was in danger? SH is his ONLY son? Were they hiding him to keep him safe and he broke out to try to investigate only to be nabbed by the 3rd party involved hence the dismembered hand in the box as a warning not just to SeoHui but everyone else there at the memorial? She was needed to identify the hand as her husband’s (wedding band) but maybe it was to send a warning to JQ chairman?
  2. Indeed...he met a lot of strangers in that Hell 500
  3. ...which was strangely named Eden although at first glance it looked a lot more like Hell 500
  4. Warning Long post Ep1 - Hand There’s a lot of focus on hands this ep. I like how the writer and PD focuses our attention on hands and the events playing around the hand scenes. It shows a connectedness or disconnect. SangHun smashing his hand first on the table...then into the glass window...blood spatters just like the blood from the previous scene (suicide). They (he and the woman) are connected. The hands of the sashimi (?) Chef sharpening his knife which he wields in defence when Detective Jo comes up behind him (he’s an ex Con that Detective Jo presumably turned from the dark side) After the altercation of SangHun and his Father in law at the study and SeoHui (LYY) chases him for an explanation, the scene ends with the camera panning in on her hand and the wedding ring. She connects the 2 men unwittingly. Detective Jo’s mother’s hands whilst shelling beans. Hardworking hands. She’s living in the countryside. And Detective Jo is heading there to care for her (she has colon cancer). He is connected to his mother- hence his decision to leave the city and take up a smaller post in the country to be with her. Chairman of JQ (SangHun’s dad) holds SeoHui’s hands in consolation at the wake, urging her to be strong at a time like this. He only holds her hands, nobody else’s. Does he want her on his side? Trying to connect with her. The undertaker says, “put your hands on the body of the deceased and say your last words to him”. SeoHui has a flashback where she is holding onto her father’s hand. She doesn’t want to go (with SangHun presumably to Germany?) but he tells her to go. She repeats the same phrase he used then to his body. “Have a safe trip. Take care”. The undertaker puts a glove to cover her father’s hand. Ominous. SeoHui needs to take care, her Father is no longer there to protect her. She remains connected with her Father - her reluctance to leave his side despite being married is strange for someone who is newly wed? Or maybe it just goes to show she is more connected with her Father than her Husband. Gloves on the hands of Chairman of JQ as he tends to Bonsai. Bonsai is all about control. Large trees miniaturised and confined in pots, only allowed to grow certain ways to “fit” a picture of what the bonsaist has in his mind. The man who is talking says, “he (Assemblyman Kim) caused us a lot of distress. Now that the obstacle is gone, we need someone to fill his space. This time we need someone who can bend to our will.” (Bonsai). Curious Chairman of JQ hands the plant over to the other man (I am unsure who he is) seemingly to want to keep his own hands clean and have the other man do all the work for him? Chairman says, “People think that grafting is easy but it’s more than just adding some twigs to the main stem. But the grafter must be skilled to make sure the main tree remains intact.” Ominous warning to make sure the person they “graft” on as a replacement doesn’t endanger the main tree (the whole organisation). To which the other man assures, “I will make sure I do things right.” Chairman is disconnecting himself from the “action”. His henchmen will do it for him. And the next scene we see him talking to SeoHui’s Mother to convince her to enlist SeoHui to stand in her Father’s place with a veiled threat in an envelope, “Let’s make sure we can have Assemblyman Kim leave with honour...this is the original I mentioned before”. Blackmail? He’s threatening to ruin her husband’s reputation if she doesn’t comply and convince her Daughter to do as they want. Her Mother stops her protests when at the cafe (I am assuming it’s the cafe SeoHui owns) when she expresses her reservations about taking up the role. She does this with her hand on SeoHui’s hands which were on her lap. She is trying to connect with SeoHui but she obviously isn’t as attune with her as her husband was. And the mother pretty much steamrolls the whole conversation leaving SeoHui bewildered and voiceless. And we get another tidbit of information. JQ is planning to move into the little precinct of SongJu (the precinct her Father was representing and the same precinct she needs to win in the by election now that the seat is vacant due to his untimely demise). I don’t think SeoHui and her Mother are “connecting”. Her Mother knows more than she is letting on. Detective Jo finds out that SeoHui followed SangHun at 6pm on the day of her father’s death. She was the last person to see him? I am unclear as to whether this took place before or after the altercation with the book throwing? Final scene with SangHun’s (?) severed hand in the box. And SeoHui’s hand trying to reach for his but never getting there. Both wear similar wedding bands. Her hand trying desperately to reach his? Signifying a parting which is now permanent? Also the fact that the box was placed so close to where SeoHui was speaking? A warning of sorts surely to her. It’s a signal that they mean business. They wanted her to see it. In amongst these, other bits of information Business dealing involves a renewable energy project with private-public collaboration - led by government with private investment by JQ. But Assemblyman Kim was against SangHun from becoming the CEO. Yet SangHun still ended up as CEO for some reason. And the rumour mill within JQ and the rest of the country started because SangHun didn’t seem to have the qualifications necessary for such a position and yet was placed there regardless. What we know about Assemblyman Kim He was going to run for President. Pro democracy Even though his in-law is the Chairman of JQ (SangHun’s dad), he was staunchly against the chaebols. In other words he couldn’t be “bought”. SangHun possibly a sham marriage? Did he marry SeoHui out of love or to gain favour with her up and coming Father headed for the Blue House? Looks to be keeping a woman on the side? Potentially the woman who committed suicide? Intensely angry that the woman in question was killed. He refused to believe she died due to suicide (the suicide note was placed so far from where she jumped...and a rock neatly placed (and it was typed? Most suicide notes are hand written?) on it. Was she silenced because potentially a scandalous affair would rock Assemblyman Kim’s chances of Presidency? Hence SH vowing to “get to the bottom of it all”. Or maybe just SH’s position as CEO in JQ? He didn’t look like he was behind the accident of his Father in law...that scene was imagined by Detective Jo. He was on the run from someone in a forest. He had no shoes on? And then the hand in the box...was it really his?
  5. @triplem homeboy is looking suspicious from the get go...all that anger... . Is the dead woman his Mistress? Notes 1. What’s with children and gore? Both times... . The suicide...and then the dismembered hand...poor boys are gonna need counselling henceforth. 2. It’s a great start. I like the characters. They all have depth. Granted there’s a lot to take in. I think I need to rewatch to get the full value of all the links and the power plays and double speak. 3. LYY looks to be the innocent caught up in all this. Initially I thought there would be no romance between her and Detective Jo. But now I am not so sure. Her marriage was on the rocks and from first glance it almost appears like an alliance (sham marriage?) with politics involved? Great first Ep. Apparently 1.4% is purportedly good for OCN (I heard this from regular OCN watchers). I get the feeling it can only climb. The story thus far is gripping and fast paced, I like it.
  6. No he lives . So safe to watch. It’s a nice feel good movie. Family friendly. Just great story telling. 946
  7. Haha great minds think alike. I did too. I think I am slowly going through So JiSub movies/dramas. I like his depiction of the angst ridden, sullen brooding hero. He does those well. Even if the movie is just full on violence with little plot, he holds my interest for those scenes where he just broods. I even watched Little Cabin in the Forest for him. I fast forwarded Park ShinHye segments . For some reason, SJS doing nothing much and just living minimalistically was sufficient. It was therapeutic and calming. The complete opposite of PSH who seemed to be always doing things or dancing or being elaborate in trying to live off grid. There’s something very monastic about SJS. 948
  8. If anyone wants to watch a lovely feel good movie, Be With You with So JiSub and Son YeJin is gorgeous. I am watching it again. Be ready with the tissues. But it’s lovely from beginning to end. Tender and cinematically exquisite. 940
  9. Maybe after this one is done? I don’t want to ruin my fun . Thanks for the offer.
  10. @Sushimi I am trying to track down the movie he starred in about the children in a choir? That looks right up my alley. Looks like a feel good movie? Can’t find it anywhere. Wasn’t Merciless the one that made it to Cannes? I forget. I know one of his movies made the cut. Pretty prestigious. 940
  11. He’s a good guy in Leverage (for a change). He’s plays a “human weapon”... but on the flip side, his alter ego goes to mush with his puppy dog. (From the trailer). Should be a fun ride. 938
  12. I think I am secretly glad I haven’t watched the US Version (although I have been trying to track it down online and can’t seem to find anywhere to watch it). My previous experience from having watched a US version which was subsequently adapted to a Korean one was not great. I kept comparing the pair which meant my experience with the adapted version was vastly diminished as a result. That was Suits. I couldn’t get past Ep 1. There could only be one Harvey Specter . I enjoyed Designated Survivor 60Days probably more so because I hadn’t watched the US Version. I can only imagine adapting a well loved cast from the US Version would be tough for the writer here. Everyone had their favorites so comparisons would be inevitable. It would be interesting to see how the writer pens it to suit the Korean audience. The comedic elements already hint at a departure and into the more familiar KDrama territory. Like @stroppyse I hope it’s balanced and not overdone.
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