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  1. No way...I’ve been living in a hole. So I see “Ask The Fellas” pop up on the hot topics panel and Lo and behold, our very own @Dhakra is like the Sensei there. RESPECT . He even does private counselling sessions. . Love a man who cares. Mrs D-to-be is a lucky woman. 662
  2. I had a Science teacher who named his son Hydrogen... . I don’t get this teaser? I thought it was all about con artists who are like Robin Hoods and scam the rich. Why are they trudging through the countryside? Shouldn’t it be set in the city where all the big scams are? 474
  3. @Ameera Ali SeungGi is cool. There are some guys born to do action type movies/dramas. When they run, they look cool (there’s a fluidity in their movements). LSG is one of them. Rain is another. So JiSub, Ji JinHee and Ji ChangWook as well. They even look cool running in suits. Some seem out of their element for some reason. I am not sure about brown eyes Oppa...I am assuming this is referencing Seo KangJoon? This is him exercising (such a dork)... wait till the camera pans out in the end. (HINT - his hair was defying gravity...) 466
  4. Yeah...that scene of him saving her (YooJin) from the room and the sprinklers going with her voice over saying she can’t tame him coz he’s a wolf? Then he stops her just at the cusp of her emerging into daylight with his hand on the small of her back as he growls, “stand up straight, your enemies are watching”...Gah...just as well they had the sprinklers on... to turn down the heat . 470
  5. Apparently Yoon SeAh is playing his old flame from 20 years ago? I hope I don’t start to ship him and her instead like I did the older YoonA and him in K2 . K2 was like the battle of the Yoonas and Dances with Ramyeon just couldn’t hold her own against the sizzle of the older Yoona. 512
  6. Just started O My Venus (on Netflix). Yes I am very behind with dramas coz I only started Kdrama in 2017. In the mood for light and fluffy. 1st episode is showing promise. So JiSub and SungHoon together - eye candy. And Shin MinAh’s character is cute. I haven’t watched her act before but I like that she’s stayed with WooBin despite his illness. I have always known her as his gf. Now I know her as a believable actress. I like her. 534
  7. I know its origins is a webtoon but there is a French play where the phrase “Hell Is Other People” originated. So you may not be far off. 566 http://www.the-philosophy.com/sartre-hell-is-other-people/amp
  8. I don’t feel any animosity towards him at all. I am with you. He is a victim of his circumstance. He has zero control over the situation at home so he builds a safe haven for himself at the school. He carefully crafts being the model student and friend. He has a deep self loathing. JW (and to s certain extent SB and even OhJe) and the Teacher are the only ones who see through his facade. They have tried multiple times to try to reach out to him but he hasn’t accepted their help. I pity HY. He has an abusive tyrant for a father. Yes it doesn’t justify him extrapolating that and being a tyrant himself at school but he knows no other way out.
  9. He said it to the Prosecutor (with stomach cancer). It was in the context of “I will see you tomorrow”...and when tomorrow came, he was seen to be at the seminar (?) that the Prosecutor was at. It’s lost in translation. The term used in Korean for “I miss you” when literally translated means “I want to see you”. But most people translate it to, “I miss you” when used in the informal context. YH used the “formal” version of the phrase, not the usual cute or informal version between lovers or close friends. So he was talking to the Prosecutor saying, “I want to see you”.
  10. His grandpa passed away. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/09/yoon-si-yoons-maternal-grandfather-passes-away
  11. It started so well. I loved the characters and then the drama sort of lost its way? I felt like the friendship between the mothers was too contrived? The romance between the leads was very sweet and innocent and I love OSW’s portrayal of his character. HyangGi is good as well. I really liked the atmosphere they created at the school and the girls’ friendships (the giggling and shared experiences during sleepovers) but somehow the drama lost me after the camp night. It was the same for Doctor John. Too many terminal illnesses for the characters. The euthanasia debate was sidelined and muddied. Subplots just added too many loose ends to tie. I don’t think I could watch S2 even though I like the leads JiSung and Lee SeYoung. 544
  12. Hmm...CIPA is not “curable”. Maybe in the KDrama world but not in real life. Patients don’t actually have those pain receptors or nerves to their sweat glands so they can’t sweat. Nerves really only develop in utero (when you’re in your mother’s womb), once you’re born you can’t magically grow more nerves. Although there has been some improvements in the field of nerve regeneration in the case of spinal severance (where a patient becomes paraplegic or quadriplegic from an accident), the nerves were already there from the start...it’s a matter of reconnecting them. This is not the case in CIPA. I felt the drama started too many tangents from the original premise of the show which was to address euthanasia. Then the whole Cherubim drug issue was added. You don’t need a new drug to send people off quickly and painlessly? There’s already ones available who do a decent job? Too many terminally sick people which I felt was not absolutely essential (the Prosecutor - what was with the Ring he had (did I miss something)? And YH’s Lawyer Friend too?). Even YH’s CIPA was a distraction I felt. I think they tried to address the whole euthanasia debate but just had too many side issues which took away the focus of it and therefore muddied the issue? Was the whole emphasis on pain (or lack thereof in YH’s case) meant to address the whole how much pain is too much in which case euthanasia is the “kinder” option? It wasn’t clear. I thought that was what they were going to tackle with the initial case that sent YH to prison but it just got lost somehow mid drama. I think they tried to address it with the actress with the facial cancer but somehow it didn’t translate for me. Stage 3 stomach cancer (what Prosecutor Son has) doesn’t have a great prognosis... I don’t even know how he continues to work like he does after chemo. Only 1 out of 5 would still be alive after 5 years and that’s being optimistic. But that’s KDrama for you. . But I am glad the OTP got some semblance of a happy ever after even if it was after a 3 year parting.
  13. So did I (finish it). But I didn’t engage my brain whilst watching . I stayed for BoYoung. She was just the cutest thing. Wasn’t completely sold on OTP... Guess that means I need to deploy the same with Melting Me Softly. Title reminds me of Frozen... Olaf... LET IT GOOOOO.... Awww...now that’s a pick up line. 516
  14. Gah...the man can kiss . Way to leave us all hanging YoHan. . No idea where writer is going to go with this. I am happy either way. She got her confession. Saranghae.
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