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  1. I am still recovering from oppa’s shirtless scenes yesterday.... 514
  2. @Sleepy Owl Hey dongsaeng! @Min2206 Thanks for the explanation with regard to the festival! @Lmangla I switched again to Team Subtract but I keep adding by mistake.... 508
  3. Good morning chingus! Time for coffee! 504
  4. Oppa's yoga session. Oppa is very flexible! 494
  5. OMO! Ms. Koko you're into Chinese oppas now! Also, this guy is 32! Was the previous one too young....? 490
  6. Awww, sorry @Sleepy Owl dongsaeng! It was meant as a joke! In any case, here, let me hug you! 498 PS. This is how it feels when you tease people dongsaeng.... Let's all tease less, no?
  7. No, because you seem to be oblivious to women's "signals".... Many men are like that.... Team Add congratulations ! I will update the score board. 500
  8. Dongsaeng.... Let me guess: you're single, no? 994
  9. Hey lil sis! Good night @Min2206 990
  10. No, we're moving on now.... Enough teasing for one night, ok? So, have you already watched ep 3 of Zombie Detective? Yes @Min2206 you may hug him. 998
  11. Dongsaeng Let's change the subject, shall we? 996
  12. Haha Like my dongsaeng @Sleepy Owl said: "Noona is noona". It's the job of a noona to teach her dongsaeng! Please don't kick my dongsaeng - he already apologized. Now here is a nice pic of your oppa to calm you down! 992
  13. I just realized that the words "helmet" and "stress" are loan words in Korean. (Watching Zombie Detective here). Did y'all know that also the following words are loan words in Korean? bus, taxi, supermarket, computer, virus, butter, pizza, hamburger, sandwich, sports, golf, model, dollar, shopping, allergy, vitamin, COFFEE (everyone's favorite word on this thread ), screen, etc. 992
  14. Awww.... Very nicely put.... Let's all be friends on this thread! @Min2206 I hope you feel better now! 992
  15. lol It's ok, his noona will have a word later with him.... 988
  16. Dongsaeng, that was a bit harsh.... Poor @Min2206 I don't think LMH is that bad of an actor actually - he has a lot of charm and I feel like he probably gets type cast a lot due to him being very good at playing the cold type. It's interesting to see him in BTSs because he actually seems like a pretty sweet and goofy character - this doesn't really come through in his roles. I actually enjoyed watching LMH in both Personal Taste and BOF (believe it or not). He is also very good looking. 984
  17. Yes, @Min2206 's oppa and my oppa are brothers! @Min2206 and I are related! 988
  18. Watching Zombie Detective now. This is so funny. I've been sitting with a smile plastered on my face for the first 10 minutes. 986
  19. Excellent height in my opinion! I know LMH and CJH were brothers in The Heirs, but I just couldn't make myself watch it because of automatically bad kissing scenes (we all know who the FL was ). 982
  20. Yes, oppa is tall (187 cm) ! Same height as your Daejang Off to watch Zombie Detective! I already saw oppa's shower scene !!! 980
  21. Look how cute and happy oppa looks! Also, the zombie didn't eat the chihuahua even though he wanted to snack on it! (cr to DC) Good oppa! 974
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