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  1. I agree with your analysis. WY was a caring and selfless person, who truly had SY best interest at heart. I found the Emperor to be selfish, even though I think in his own mind he did love SY. It seems to me that he grew dependent on her to save him, as she had done when they first met. However, even until the end of the movie I could not figure out if SY loved the Emperor or WY. Perhaps she loved them both, even though she clearly began a relationship with the Emperor as a tool for her plans. Empress Ki is one of my favorite historical dramas. I've watched it many times, and each time I learn something different!
  2. I'm just getting started on this drama, and so far after a few episodes, I am encouraged to continue watching. And, I'm reading the comments from those of you who are ahead of me. I'm trying to avoid spoilers, though. I was curious to see how the writers would allow the couple to stay in relationship after the princess learns of the prince's deceit. They devised an interesting plot -- forgetfulness! Looking forward to sharing my thoughts and reading more of yours.
  3. Initially, I, too, thought that Molan got off easy. But after reflection, I agree with you that she is suffering and that is her punishment. She has no love in her own house and she gets to see her sisters living happier lives. I really like how the writer's showed her breaking down and crying, after her husband left with the servants. Molan was in dismay, because, as she stated that behavior worked for her mother. She is clueless as to why it's not working for her. And, as you stated, "Molan had the poorest example" -- her mother. There's a part of me that would like to see a sequel to see how all the sisters and families are living now.
  4. So good to hear that this C-drama does have a happy ending. So many of them do not. This has been quite the journey for ML and GTY. They deserve a happy ending, with some with peaceful times -- for a change.
  5. I agree that this was a good move on GTY's part. And he was very subtle about it, yet at the same time, making his point. Yuan Ro was actually quite surprised, thinking GTY was there for battle.
  6. I plan to begin watching the series today. I'm new to this forum, but truly appreciate the forums and lively discussions.
  7. I also agree that this was a brilliant scene and dialogue. The acting of all the characters in that scene was great and believable. I especially like the part where Aunt Kang tripped and fell!
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