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  1. I've watched Empress Ki several times and each time I come away with a different perspective. I initially wanted Wang Yoo and Nyang to be together -- forever. But as I re-watched I felt that Nyang's feelings for him were more about loyalty and worship of her leader. She truly cared for him, but I think because of her youth and inexperience may have confused her feelings of admiration for his leadership for romantic love. I do feel, however, think that Wang Yoo did love her in a romantic way. And is extremely protective of her. And I could never buy into Nyang's relationship with Emperor 100% because i had trouble forgiving him for his betrayal and for hurting her so deeply. It takes a deep love to overcome that type pain, even if you can understand his reasons for doing this. And time will tell if he truly loves her for who she is as it relates to her background -- or does he just need her. It's complicated. Tangquishi does, indeed, understand Nyang. And had circumstances been different, they might have made a great couple. I think of all the male characters he understands her best and admires her strength of character. She is not a weak woman and though it gets on his nerves, he is also drawn to her bravery and strength. it would be a nice twist of plot to see them together romantically! I agree that Danashiri's character was well written and that the role was well acted. I also wondered if she would have behaved differently if he had looked at her. But in the end, I don't think so. She is evil to the core and her jealousy is deep seated. it takes trust to build a relationship and her insecurities would prevent that trust from happening. Plus she is El Temur's daughter and unfortunately has inherited much of his undesirable behavior.
  2. Yes! All of El Temur's children are evil, just like him. And Tanashiri's servants/attendants are always trying to please her. When she's upset, they are upset. I understand trying to survive in that environment, but I don't see them behaving any different when they are not in her presence. Perhaps I need to read history from that era to understand the relationships of that time.
  3. I was very surprised that the emperor is illiterate and that he is not even able to defend himself. You would think that his father would have ensured that t this was done, as he grew up. His entire wimpy attitude surprises me. I wonder how he felt knowing that someone he considers a servant Seung Nyang is both literate and brave!
  4. Thanks to all for replying to my question. I agree that with the introduction of so many new characters, some had to go. I just wish they had made it a clear what happened to the group, once their leader (the Jackal) was no longer with them. I'm looking forward to discussing the next episodes. Empress Ki is one of my favorite historical dramas.
  5. Does anyone know what happened to the group the Jackal led to free their women relatives? I recall that she joined the Commander (her father) shortly after being caught, but it is unclear to me what happened to her group of followers.
  6. El Temur is evil to the core. I think he would kill his own mother, if it would get him that throne. And his son, Tangqishi is evil just like him!
  7. Hello, I am interested in joining the discussion. Empress Ki is one of my favorites. I will say this for now. I always found it interesting that no one could tell that Seungnyang was a lady. Looking forward to re-watching.
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