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  1. hi @mirmz @joccu dun drink them yourself! share me one glass! hahahaha 420
  2. i kept my head low.. and made sure i din catch anyone's gaze.. 424
  3. @Abs_ triggered i had to scroll up ur post at top speed.. cos i was inside a crowded bus with my hp on soompi.. i caught a glimpse at some half naked men and like, OMO SCROLL IT OUT OF SCREEN QUICKLY!!! +2
  4. pinkish hair?! hahahaha that sounded like, the sandrose? its 35C here.. and its evening time.. im being slowcooked to perfection hi @4evrkdrama!! +2
  5. hi @joccu and right now.. i need nachos with salsa dips! 414
  6. @Thong Thin which specific plants/flowers were u looking to buy this morning? i'm using pink smeg.. it's already a big chunk of bubblegum itself.. hi @Abs_ triggered i saw u!! 410
  7. hi @Lmangla @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @larus welcome @Wuzetian @Lmangla i changed my cleaning schedule to sundays.. there's been some major roadworks at my area and they work on sat as well... and all the dust from the sand granite tar or whatever they are mixing in, stays in the air.. i'm getting a headache staring out at the "hazy sight" as well. i completed sissyfurs ep3 and 4.. haha and i saw the fridge scene.. i'm guessing locally made Samsung and LG have super durable fridge doors than Haier lol or the rifles that the CB are us
  8. visiting the nursery is always so fun.. so many pretty flowers u'll be tempted to buy this and that.. and then, no space! hahaha share what u bought later! i repotted my crown of thorns to the long planter outside.. now it's looking lonely at one side.. i'll probably buy one more pot to plant next to it tomorrow.. 398
  9. good morning @Thong Thin @Min2206 and hi to u too @mirmz @elan1 and maybe @MayanEcho who hasn't slept or already awake! @Sleepy Owl umaru chan would be very angry at the bottles of orange and cola wasted in the making of the vid hahaha i'm having coffee and eating sweet chestnut bread loaf 396
  10. sea pollution!! lol and the fishes get intoxicated by the marker ink.. and then fishermen catch those fish and feed them back to humans again.. so we eat our consequences 418
  11. @Min2206 @Thong Thin less sweet please! and full fat please.. no 50% no reduced calories! and of cos, this one i have to tag @Abs_ triggered hahaha
  12. hi @Min2206 @Thong Thin @MayanEcho @mirmz @kokodus @Sleepy Owl i went to laze and do nothing after watching RWTMR ep4.. and dozed off! i'll watch sissyfurs ep3 and 4 later then i go continue laze and do nothing at my mom's place.. oh, i go there to get fed lunch and dinner hahaha to all chingu celebrating CNY, today is the last day!! 420
  13. hope u will have a fabulous day!! imagine us dancing along side with u!! weather seems gloomy and a bit hazy here in sg.. not sure if it's the roadworks or the air quality isn't too good today.. 440
  14. nite nite @elan1 hi @joccu i'm officially off work.. in another 2 mins time! then i'll catch up on RWTMR ep4 and sissyfurs ep3 waiting for my delivery.. cold brew honey latte!!! 442
  15. hi @Sleepy Owl @kokodus @pompyavi haha i thought he shone too brightly and the plot became illogical he turned godly.. i shall catch up on ep3 later!! YESSSSS.. actually we were being asked by the management to clear a lot of leaves "doing nothing" last year too! i mean, we couldn't travel.. even if we took leave, we couldn't go shopping or movies much.. so it was literally clearing leave to do nothing. but it's a way to help co cut costs and not layoff staffs.. so ya, at least this year is much better.. so i can still take l
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