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  1. i’m here rooting for sexy Jang Dong Gun and pretty Kim Ji Won omg she is really really pretty in the tribal outfit and face paint!! like a fairy.. can’t wait for this! and its by TvN too.. A Korean Odyssey was a hit (except for the ending!) lets hope this will be even better!!
  2. Han River maybe? Han Tae Ju River?? u need some lemon soju and meat i usually watch 2-3 ongoing kdrama at the same time so that i dun get too engrossed with one and the waiting game of 1 week is a torture..
  3. erm.. who moved out of the apartment in the preview? TJ moved back with Chairman Han?? MR took off the ring.. sighs.. if Chairman Han can threaten TJ with that, and TJ succumbed to it then its not difficult for that old fox to pull the same stunt and force TJ to marry Jung Soo Yi.. and finally, TJ new image looks much better and more compatible with MR.. OK im not going to watch ytd and today’s epi.. i shall watch them after next week with all 4 epi back to back.. and check here for updates haha! @larus i cant stop laughing at the chinese hashtags management reshufflement and promotion notice is out.. not her name, but her bf’s.
  4. there is a red usb among the evidence which EJ gave to the police.. it contains photos (i guess) which JP used to threaten DH with..
  5. i skipped most of the epi in the middle and just came back again to watch the last 2 epi.. i must admit Suh Dong Hyun acting is really impressive! he is able to grasp so many emotions thrown right into this Joon Seok character! what Da Hee confessed to him really sent him hell down to reality.. Nam Da Reum on the other hand, has Seon Ho in a more soft and subtle character.. its like, boys in their puberty age where some are going rebellious (Joon Seok) while some remain nice and sensible (Seon Ho) the ending where it was revealed the book is not a diary but a collection of poems.. i was really touched at that.. (i need a son like this!)
  6. while we are getting heartbroken for MR and TJ with all the secrets and evil people like IS and Chairman Han.. one consolidation is that, they will ultimately be together haha i dun think there will be a plot twist for family drama endings lol this is not Possessed 2019 so its definitely all going to be lovey dovey with the prince and princess lived happily ever after so, should i keep ytd and today’s epi to watch all 4 next week?? will i die of angst?? i shall check here for updates @Dyslexic heart Young Dal should be SJ’s blood brother.. he pooled in his savings which was meant for his marriage to open the ox bone soup restaurant with her.. and, first few epi SJ did nag him about getting married and stuff.. and see how she gets irritated with him for the rockband? haha poor SJ.. apart from all the 3 daughters she still has to worry for the brother! sidetrack a little.. that old man (Chairman Han) was a very nice principal in Seah School of Beautiful World (JTBC) hahaha and, Jong Hyun recently advertised for this new LED iron man face treatment right? its also been advertised a lot in Beautiful World haha makes me wonder how effective that is, considering Korea has so many beauty products in the international market!
  7. hahaha but the thing is not about what the staff in the company see, its how MR feels later on when she knows the truth.. plenty of chances for them to confess but neither of them did it. MR doesnt know a thing about TJ’s parents except his mom passed away when he was at a young age and that SJ and uncle know that his dad is a businessman. then again, both had that one secret they din say to each other so call that quits? lol MR has more reasons to be angry with TJ though.. his identity plays a more impact in their relationship than IS being MR’s birth mom. MR is still “the daughter of the shabby ox bone soup restaurant” as how IS said.. nothing much. but TJ, his real identity will affect everyone around him.. and lets hope Director Park helps a little. he seems reasonable and should not let IS waver his integrity.. so whats with IS trying to help his unwed pregnant daughter find a good husband?!?! its not going to hide the fact that his daughter is an unwed mom.. ask her to abandon the baby and live like how IS has been living for the past 28yrs? omg absurd.
  8. actually i cant catch a single word what she is saying haha even the first time when she first met Wang Wei lol in most of the kd when the koreans speak mandarin, its almost i cant understand a word at all.. for Wang Wei cos she is really half korean half chinese, her mandarin is perfectly understandable to me maybe TJ should go to another co.. unless he still is taking over the CEO role in Hansung Apparel.. its not going to work out with MR hiding her birth mom truth and TJ hiding his successor destiny.. else, let Chairman Han renominate his 10yo son to be next successor lolol IS will have a good time sitting there as a puppet CEO its going to be a good 10 epi of conflicts and quarrels.. (I Have a Lover was 50 epi and it took a good 8-10 epi depicting all the conflicts until the last few for the couple to finally got back together).. im hoping Wang Wei play a more important role in guiding MR.. cos MR doesnt seem to have any friends other than her mom and sisters (which they already have so much problems themselves) and TJ being the only friend she has, is now her bf.. she needs a real girlfriend or a senior whom she can confide and get wise advice from.. WW fits the bill. and more importantly, WW has more influence in her successful status and friendship with Chairman Han.. she can make a huge difference.
  9. at that very instant, that foolish old man is funny!! analysing the future daughter in law??? woohoo!! bye bye jung soo yi but oops.. IS is going to be MR’s aunt in law? its complicated.. the scenario is like, an adopted son falling in love with the real daughter and they are supposed to be half siblings although no blood relation.. sounds like autumn in my heart???
  10. @Auntie Mame i dun think so.. cos he did mention to IS about letting TJ and MR get married towards the end.. but that stare must have been v uncomfortable for MR.. she was reporting details to him and he was there just staring.. did this old fart have a bad record of sexual harassment?? haha IS did warn him about his off topic conversation with MR in the meeting with the Directors and General Managers when he popped in to the company..
  11. ok i ff to the scene where Wang Wei chatted with Chairman Han.. seems like they know each other quite well for such a casual conversation.. Chairman Han was in awe at how MR explained the proposal to Wang Wei in mandarin then later summarised to him in korean. when she left, he was still impressed? should i use this word? haha so Wang Wei caught his look and joked if MR is his new target of interest.. and then, mentioned in korean something about his new wife is in US.. so you see Chairman Han getting agitated trying to argue with Wang Wei’s joke, then she commented in mandarin that “although you are a very smart person, there are still times when you are unable to let go..” i wonder why Wang Wei knows korean so well yet still let MR went through the trouble explaining in mandarin.. btw seems like MR was very unhappy or agitated with Hansung or something? the rumored Chairman son in the co or something? she was letting off her frustration on TJ bed and he had a weird expression on his face.. i wondered what did MR say?
  12. haha should i ff to the scene where Wang Wei speaks in mandarin to explain? im glad that MR was honest about her lack of confidence in marriage to TJ.. at least he knows its not that he is lacking or anything.. and, whats with the Creepy Man again?? Mi Ok shielding him?? lolol
  13. the preview has something about Chairman Han intending to offer MR the position as a Junior Executive Director and he is going to use that as a bait.. but a bait to lure her to abandon TJ for her career prospect?? some cute thoughts.. maybe when Wang Wei gets introduced to the Marketing dept she will recognise the man shirt as TJ’s which MR wore the first time they met haha
  14. lets hope Wang Wei brings MR over to her co.. which should be a good progress to MR’s career prospect than stuck in Hansung Apparel where IS is plotting to send her to US and Chairman Han who cannot accept her dating with TJ.. the scene with MR at the airport with her luggage, maybe she is off for a site inspection trip with Wang Wei? and, that Jung Soo Yi has yet to reappear in the story plot since the event.. i hope she comes out soon, at least we can guess what is going to happen next then being left in suspense. IS is drinking whiskey in every epi.. soon one of our chingus’ wish is going to come true.. her liver might collapse before her.. btw, Yoo Sun (MS) has a movie.. which she is advertising a lot on her IG
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