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  1. i had chicken cutlet spaghetti.. bought some cut fruits.. honeydew and mango.. and a packet of durians for dinner.. YES DURIANS @partyon @Lmangla nope, no more craze.. some food craze come and go very fast.. the ever long lasting ones is definitely the bubbletea.. the craze never dies down.. it just keeps evolving into more interesting flavors and healthier options! below is one example of a popular brand in singapore.. check out the extensive flavors.. i find myself stunned for secs standing in front of the counter as well cr.: owne
  2. seems like its going to rain any moment.. my friend is driving over to pick me up then we'll head over somewhere to packet food.. not sure.. no cravings at the moment after 2hrs training my brains are toasted.. like those yummy marshmallows in the pic lol cr.: owner white curry mee sounds nice! it was such a craze the last time.. everyone was trying to grab their hands on the mykuali brand! cr.: owner @partyon are you still angry with me?? lol you seemed to be trying to rip me to pieces in the pool gif but fortunately, i can't swim
  3. my turn to go out and hunt down some food 892
  4. hi @Wuzetian good morning! hope your mom will have a smooth second jab!! @partyon must be really pissed with her oppa gym-in-bedroom lol she kept posting annoyed and explosive gif i better hide good morning and hi there to @Thong Thin @Min2206 @gm4queen @agenth @MayanEcho @willenette @joccu @4evrkdrama @confusedheart326 @LeftCoastOppa @larus @Sleepy Owl @Lmangla @mirmz @Ernie @kokodus and the abs sponsors @Ameera Ali @partyon @twinkle_little_star cr.: owner 886
  5. i just had to come back here to post what i saw on IG.. yes im still browsing in bed (almost everyone doesnt sleep immediately lol) @partyon!!!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CQb3Yosj4zM/?utm_medium=copy_link lolol nights chingus!! @Ameera Ali whoa, i like the ssh pics before bedtime!! +2
  6. he is in V4 now hahaha cr.: owner he was in Dinner Mate as well... and a few others which i can't remember since i dun really watch many of his dramas lol i'm sure @Ameera Ali can amaze us with his collection of abs in the dramas he was in! hahahaha night all chingus! i've got a live training to attend tomorrow morning from 9.30 to 11.30 i better sleep now! 884
  7. which one?? this?? cr.: owner i guess Mr Clean jumped out of the bottle label to help @Sleepy Owl and @LeftCoastOppa to mop up all our drools on this thread.. lol +2
  8. you forgot that the 2 oppas here @LeftCoastOppa @Sleepy Owl had to mop up the saliva pools in this thread most of the time?? lol @Ameera Ali mentioned that @Sleepy Owl was so happy that he finally has a companion with the daily mopping chore!! 870
  9. HAHAHAHA AT THE 5SEC RULE!!! why you took away the wet? cr.: owner 872
  10. @Wuzetian din realize when you said ang ku kueh was for your birthday! i thought its traditionally more for baby's full moon haha! yay!! 862
  11. see you later!! cr.: owner wow, it's been really bright and sunny in sg today.. all my laundry put out this morning came in all dry and crisp! i love the smell of freshly sun dried clothes!!! cr.: owner 858
  12. oh no!! guess i should have used the frozen chicken breast pic to garner more votes for the Men's Health oppa.. i din expect you to pick the grilled chicken breast with herbs.. cr.: owner @Ameera Ali you know after the rumor (didn't follow if it's been proven true or not), i thought SYJ might really have pulled off some of Park Gyu Young's hair from your gif. HAHAHAHAHA +2
  13. to the abs-lovers cr.: owner and to @Sleepy Owl @LeftCoastOppa and probably @MayanEcho iirc you dun really fancy abs cr.: owner +2
  14. okayyy, you spotted someone right at the back that kept jumping up and down? that's me. i'm short. @Wuzetian the helmet.. chingu.. he's holding to the helmet.. 848
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