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  1. Guys, tomorrow will be our first weekend without CLOY! I try to watch another drama to distract my feeling of loss due to CLOY, but it didn't work. At the end, I am exploring instagram, youtube, twitter, soompi forum for any content related to CLOY & Binjin. I know it will be hard, but never thouht that will be this hard. Hahahaha Any of you feel the same?!
  2. Could you DM me too please I need vitamin for the first lonely weekend without CLOY!
  3. 1) Reply series Director & Writer?! 2) Jo Jung Suk?! 3) Yoo Yeon Seok?! 4) Jung Kyung Ho?! How can I be calm with the list above!! Dear March 12th, please come soon! Btw, there will be only 1 episode every week?
  4. Comrades, I hope this is OK for me to add my favourite scenes in CLOY. I just realized on my previous post all scenes are only from the latest episode (14-16). We should not forget all great scenes right! 4. DRINKING CONFESSION SCENES. Who are not crying and moved by this scene?! Even SYJ pick this scene as her favourite. RJH is very introverted and doesn't often express his feelings, he had not even said I LOVE U to Seri. So this is very big surprise for Him to suddenly take the drinking moment as right time to tell his true feelings (even though they and we knew that YSR are not totally drunk at that time), so she will still remember what he said and he actually want her to remember. For me this cute, innocent but sad (due to their complicated situation) confession is more more romantic than a kiss or hug or any physical affection. 5. SERI-LYING REJECTION IN GSJ HOUSE. I re-watching this scene for many times. Not because I'm happy that Seri being mean to RJH. But because how RJH knew Seri very well and not sincere with her words. He didn't put it into his heart rather understand right away and didn't want make Seri more suffer. The way he replied with: OK, I know it, but don't cry. OMG! My heart melted right away and tears cannot stop from my eyes. Oh God, can I have One RJH in my lonely life. Wkwkwkwk 6. RJH CONFESSION TO HIS FATHER. I love the fact that RJH's words are very dramatic: You know, I cannot breath while I went to house. (How can you live without breathing Captain Ri?! LOL!) and he will live as a hell if YSR was dead. Even YSR were surprised. And then His Mother said: Breath, Jeong Hyeok ah! And that touching scene ended by hilarious scene when RJH's father cannot witness anymore how mad in love his son with YSR This forum truly really helped me in overcoming withdrawal syndrome and with the current news about HB-SYJ!
  5. AS MUCH AS I LOVE HB-SYJ TO BE REAL COUPLE (HOPEFULLY UNTIL BECOME MARRIED), I will always truly completely support everything for their happiness. And I hope HB-SYJ consider all shipper wishes as a love from fans not as a pressure. Totally agree with @phoenixember #INGROCERYWETRUST
  6. Anyone has seen this bts video (The photoshop photo in their swiss home? https://www.instagram.com/p/B8qkSIlJOoW/?igshid=1mx3lc9qnnrpd
  7. Both of you said it all! I don't want to pressure HB & SYJ, but seriously it is impossible for not shipping them. Literally, epilog in Ep 15 proves that. How all their behaviour to each other indicates they are in love
  8. 1. What is the most hilarious scene of our leads that you love? All hospital cute scene of our couple in Ep 14. Ri shows all his scars to Seri. Ri became man of love when taking care of Seri in the hospital and how the ducklings cannot handle to watch them. "We are stil here, Captain Ri!" 2. What is the most romantic/beautiful scene of our leads? The ending in switzerland. The visual is everything! 3. What is the saddest scene of our leads that broke your heart so badly? Hospital scene in Ep 14. I ended up coming to office on monday morning with swollen eyes 4. What is the hottest scene from our leads ( if there’s any )? Of course kiss scene in paragliding reunion scene 5.What is your favorite line from our leads? Captain Ri: See? It wasn't a coincidence. It was Fate 6. What is your favorite song? IU (I give you my heart) & Baek Yerin (Here I am) 7. What is the most hilarious scene from supporting casts? All duckling scenes! (especially when they are in south korea) 8. What is the most touching scene from supporting casts? Conversation between SD mom and RJH Mom in Ep 16. 9. What detail gives you the most satisfaction? THE COUPLE RING! I think not many couple lead (not yet married) in Kdrama wear couple ring. And we know how RJH & YSR wear the ring as always as they can. 10. What you wish you could have changed if you were the writer? I don't want to change anything, i just want our couple moreee!
  9. As much as I love all the lovey dovey scenes, I just realized that my top favourite scenes are more on the heartbreaking/heartwarming scenes: Reunion crying hospital scene --- how Seri's voice sounds very sick, how Captain Ri looks in pain, Captain Ri run to Seri room with Yoon Mirae's song playing in the background, when finally Ri show his vulnerable side and say I LOVE YOU to Seri, and they were crying to each other. This scene will stay for loong time in my heart. DMZ Goodbye scene --- no need to say anymore for this legendary scene. But, one of the most important is how finally Seri being honest and say all her feeling (So, we will not meet each other again? What should i do if i miss you so much). Because from previous separation, they never said about that before. They always act strong to each other. Edit: I love the fact that Ri in that serious-high tense situation, he only care on Seri (not fully recovered) and just run cross the border again. Honey, all officer already hold their gun, but his concern was only Seri's diaphragm. LOL! Face to face NIS Interview -- Detail acting from HB & YJ. How Ri little gestures change when Seri said "Please sit, I'm tired". Ri looked away when he saw Seri is in tears. Ri's chest in pain when Seri call his name "Ri Jeong Hyeok". I love all scenes with our OTP. But those 3 scenes will stay in my heart. Thank you CLOY production team, HB & SYJ! We will wait and cheer your next project.
  10. Withdrawal Symptom is REAL!! Last night, after finished the last episode, I have a dream. In my dream, I am already on monday morning, wake up and see my phone right away to open instagram, then my inner thought: NOT YET CLOY PREVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK? Then, i realized the drama is ended already. Oh my, it was just few hours after the last episode, but i already have hallucination that we will watch CLOY again next week!
  11. Omoooo, thank you for pointing out. It is very important for the story. It is cleas as a day, he is man of love
  12. As mush as i hate the ending of Ep 15, and after i managed to calm down, i finally can see a positive thing from last nigh episode: EPILOG!
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