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  1. Have you watch these drama? 1) My Mister (Drama) 2) Prison Playbook (Comedy) 3) Search: WWW (Romance & Work related) 406
  2. Thanks God, It's FRIDAAY!! +2
  3. @snowlou @Alice Wonderland I love him too!!!! I also enjoy watching j-drama but I don't have particular favourite actor except him. And Love that Oguri Shun takes many diverse roles, but honestly I kinda miss him on romance drama like RMPW! +2
  4. How I wish my afternoon would be like: 348
  5. Fighting add teams! Sadly, I could not visit this thread (also forum overall) for some times due to work. Happy to come back and catch up with all of you guys! Hope everyone stay healthy and happy!! 688
  6. Finally, they have added the English Subtitle: After understanding the full conversation, I get a vibe that Shin PD is similar with Jeongwon/Seokhyung and Na PD is Ikjun!
  7. Thank you! Finally, could get a good sleep tonight with GY medal in my hand!! And I will think about other oppa medals tomorrow morning. Hahaha +2
  8. Finally, I bought GONG YOO medal!! See hubby. I am still a loyal wife to you because you are still my no 1, although I have a list until no. 6!! Good night all~ 480
  9. My first post in this thread! I have been a silent reader since the 2nd week of airing, and enjoy reading all of your insight and review. As majority friends in this thread, the charm of My Unfamiliar Family is the relatable of the plot, sisters-brother dynamic, and family's conflict that were well-portrayed in here. And as much as I love the family stories, I cannot help to focus on the romance and so far EH-CH is my favourite. I think some friends at the beginning, support more EH with the boss and hope the friendship between EH-CH will not change into romance. But for me, since
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