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  1. I Am Sooooooooooooo Jealous.LOL Cant we switch Ahn Jeongwon with IkJun. When when when i will get to see JJS in action romantically. Oh my God at this rate where Winter Garden getting smoochy every 2 episodes. Aaaaaah i am gonna dye outta jealousy.
  2. Oh look what i found. This is from the ep 7 season 1. Song"You Always". And Junwan was even lip synching here with IkJun. Foreshadowing of the current situation... hmmmm....then" i am going to get you back" YES JunSun gonna sail.
  3. O YES... this is the new sitting arrangement for every DLL, mommy short legs meeting. IkSong as the team. I said it in my earlier post , i would say it again. Though Jwon started it but our IkSong are now the most active partners. IkJun is every where in Songhwa's life. Even in her MSL program. Just remember the last ep. When everyone denied even Songhwa had hope that IKjun would be able to cure. And if says otherwise, then there was no hope left for Songhwa. Here in this scene though DLL team was talking about a shelter home for patient's visitor. And IkJun ultimately got
  4. Many viewers, almost everyone, an IkSong shipper or anti Iksong or a genuine viewer thought the same thing after watching the parallel scene of the older couple Jongsu&Rosa walking in the sunset with IkSong walking and talking. That IKSong might end up just being best friends in the end. I even saw a separate post about it where the poster raised the same suspicion and concern on Reddit. It goes as follows I’ve been rooting for them for the longest time (am sure there are many of you in the same boat),but ep 4 (especially with the rosa-jongsu parallel) kinda spoilt everyt
  5. i dont know who is more at fault in JunSun relationship. when she made it clear she was not ready to marry why Junwan sent her rings. Might be she did not want to end things with him so she did not tell him not to send rings. Though she should have been more clear cut in her communication with him. She is selfish by ending her relationship just on a phone call without letting him talk. But she is actually more silly to break her relationship in such a stupid way . I was not expecting this stupidity from a 40 year old woman who is not just any ordinary woman BUT who is
  6. Songhwa's Answer: Her precious answer we iksongers & anti iksongers have been anxiously waiting for is finally here Compared to before, you’re probably more better now You’ve fulfilled this emptiness inside me Being so weary in this wonderful world Losing my way trying to find my other half is all in the past You don’t know how long I’ve waited in my life for this day It feels like a dream I’m not alone, but with you now Oh~ Love I’ve been so weary, why did it take you so long to find me Oh~ Love I love you, now you can spend every second w
  7. Hahaha....i m not gonna make any assumption based on the preview. I have learnt my lesson.LOL. But nevertheless interesting theory. What the hell.... i was not expecting that cliche korean drama trope of "leaving you for your own good" from this highly acclaimed writer. But i hope she turns it well into something new and fresh and acceptable. Seriously i would rather IkSun would have actually cheated on Junwan. That was much more interesting option. And how the story evolves for those 2 would have been more interesting after that. Than this cliche trope of lying to you, leavin you
  8. I admit i got confused with other people confusion that IkJun was clueless about JunSun relation until the last scene of the drama where IkSun herself finally told him about her realtionship with Junwan. Thus IkJun so shocked face reaction. But NOPE i am not confused anymore and i am sticking to my first stance that Ikjun was very well aware from the beginning about JunSun relationship. Otherwise all those scenes of him teasing Junwan serves no purpose other than the comedy. And all those clues are so much clear to ignore for such s smart a-s-s that IkJun is.LOL. Especially Junwan
  9. Exactly. I was thinking the same thing the other day. It do no feel like she is away at all. ohoooooh....i hate it... when i had time thete was no hosplay 2 . Now i dont have time but i am dying to participate in the discussions. The above 4 lines was written by me during the last week but i did not have time to even post them. So any ways ....it seems like the writer has somehow read our minds and actually making Songhwa leaving Soul for good.lol. Also i m missing the time here, spent last year. There were much more posters and they were very active throughout the w
  10. As all of us expect from Jeongwon to return the favour to IkSong by playing a facilitator in bringing them close, i think the DLL is one example of that dynamic between the three friends. It was initially JWon's idea but it was always Ikjun who was the one to provide funds with his non stop surgeries , then Jwon shared this secret with Songhwa only. But Ikjun ultimately got to know about it by chance. Now when Song is the actual active partner of the program, who she consults with for the most difficult , borderline impossible surgery......yes you guys guessed it rig
  11. I was thinking last week that Ikjun is already playing cupid for his friends.Only Junwan is not in the need of his help regarding matters of heart....... AND BINGO....it seems from the preview of next episode that Ikjun will have to delve into Junwan matters to sort them out for him after seeing him so depressed and stressed. And who else can better help Junwan than his gf's brother. And last season it was IkSong who were asked to park Jeongwon car .....implying that they will help wintergarden to be end game and sail....they will put Jeongwon love life ride on the right track and
  12. Ikjun's rival hates him but they are good buddies. He hated Ikjun in the past but Ikjun had no issues at all . BUT Songhwa HATED him. WHY? There is only 1 simple reason because he was Ikjun's rival. Conclusion: Songhwa who never hates nobody , only hates them who hates her IkJunni,
  13. Why some viewers think that Ikjun is a man-child. No he is not. He never showed childish tantrums. He is just a goof ball. Imo the real man child is Jeongwon. lol. He shows childish tantrums. Fighting on sitting in the middle, making fuss when scolded & hit by the mother in eating together scene at her home and latched to director ju jung suk like a little child, on using shampoo, on consuming less food when Songhwa & Junwan consumed more.lol. And look at his face while he showed those tantrums. Pouting just like a pissed off child. And Songhwa being the only fema
  14. Thanks to each chingu who took the time to explain to me what kind of racism was that. I did not know there exist this kind of racism as well. I came to know about it for the first time through this drama. I knew about when they bully you for ur color. ethnicity or dress or hairstyle are all kinds of racism.
  15. @shawolynnoh exactly. u got a good point here. This is the first time Jun Wan started eating first without him. So she just looked at him that how can he take lead without her. lol And sorry for me being dense but can some chingu make me understand how IkSun faced racism? What kind of racism is that she faced.
  16. Soooo nobody is making assumptions from the preview.......i think we all have learned our lesson from the previous season. How much misleading previews are....we have learnt our lesson.
  17. I think it was stingy given her situation when she was heart broken and sad & alone , sending her cake was like sprinkling salt to her wounds. And by your mentioning about how the person is first introduced by other person before actually making an appearance , it suddenly made me realized another parallel between IkSong. In the 1st season Ik jun was the only one who was introduced through Songhwa in darth vader helmet scene. All of other 4 friends were introduced in their own scenes. And in this season only Songhwa is introduced through Ikjun scene infront of the hospital entr
  18. I dont think the cake is from Gom for the other Gom. Why? Simply because he had not much time to act on this theory. As long as he rejected Minha offer ,his wife called and he became busy immediately . Secondly he gave Minha teokbakki because he wanted her to do good as a doctor, there was no personal agenda behind his action. And he is not interested in her romantically yet, so why would he send her a cake to make her feel better in her personal matters or rather we should say, in their personal matter when he totally just dont want to lead her on. I dont know , it i
  19. Ok,Ok,OK So what were our predictions or theories during the 1st season that came true...... There is nothing serious about getting the parcel back. As we expected it was just a problem of not delivering correctly . Songhwa initially rejected IkJun and friendzoned him.( because it is a slow burn) just as we expected after the 12 th episode last season. Seokhyoung's ex wife is back with an intention of starting a new , fresh realtionship. Posters who were active during the last year would definitely remember it. Apart from that i
  20. @moon_nebula So glad to find another IKSong shipper. just for your information we have a seperate IKSong thread , where you can bombard us with your IkSong love as much as you want. Hehehe. The first hit /slap for Ikjunnie from his Songhwa on season 2. . Did any one else notice in this first episode Songhwa called IKJUNNI instead of Ikjun many a times.
  21. Lol. The first one to cast vote in the pole. Seems i am the only one here MOST ACTIVE. lol. well why wont i be? I have waited more than a year for watching it. Any ways the first question i LOVED to see Jo Jung Suk in the drama after a long long wait and gap. He is looking more handsome this time . I think its because he is Extremely Happy from the inside because of his daughter. And what can i say about his acting. No Word Needed. Especially in the last scene if you can FEEL his pain, he has ONCE AGAIN proved how Natural & talented he is.
  22. I must say PD got me here good with Ikjun being EXTRA HAPPY in the very first scene and in the subsequent scenes with Songhwa until ofcourse the last two scenes. And Songhwa was TOO SMILY and GIDDY in the IKSONG first scene together when they meet at hospital entrance . I ALMOST thought and started to hope against the hopes that they already had started dating. LOL. Well IkSong Confess scene had The Highest Rating of the show. The whole universe wanted to know the IKSONG faith.LOL. Congratulations for the 10% + record breaking ratings. I was hoping nothing less.Well
  23. wow. in the first season it was Songhwa and Seokhyoung who were faced with an emergency patient in ep 1 outside of hospital and in this season it is IkJun who is faced with emergency patient in ep 1. The parallels of Ikjun and Songhwa. I must say PD got me here good with Ikjun being EXTRA HAPPY in the very first scene and in the subsequent scenes with Songhwa until ofcourse the last two scenes. And Songhwa was TOO SMILY and GIDDY in the IKSONG first scene together when they meet at hospital entrance . I ALMOST thought they already had started dating. LOL.
  24. wow. in the first season it was Songhwa and Seokhyoung who were faced with an emergency patient in ep 1 outside of hospital and in this season it is IkJun who is faced with emergency patient in ep 1. The parallels of Ikjun and Songhwa. As expected IKSong is going to be a slow burn. But as i said THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN. #IkSONG Endgame. Oh i m so ready to be on this journey. Also same GomGom. Slow burn. initial rejection and the long jurney ahead towards acceptance and love. What a nasty coincidence these 2 ships are my most favourite among all and these 2 a
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