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  1. Kim Jung Hyun In Talks To Join Seo Ji Hye’s Agency + Agency Responds To New Dating Report By Dispatch | Soompi So cool if these rumors are true! 2 CLOY romances just makes my heart sing! (also I lowkey shipped them since they were co-stars again in Dinner Mate)
  2. Just curious, what were the other ships of SYJ that were popular? I know Jung hae in was one. Jo in sung? Seo ji sub?
  3. You guys. My country America seems to be headed for civil war right now and you wanna know what calms me down? Remembering BINJIN IS REAL. Wow, the power of this fact. Ok that's all. Have a nice day.
  4. Happy new year shoppers. We got our wish. I was giving up hope when we got our gift. I'm so happy right now. I wish BinJin all the best.
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