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  1. Am really glad to hear that you found a drama for you sis. (I feel so empty & gloomy if I don’t watch any drama) Yes yes I have started watching it. As I have said before am a sucker of “slice of life” genre and am loving the show so far. The writer chose a different theme to talk about life and it’s beautiful . Oppa’s character has a “Tsundere” personality. (Though am not liking his voice modulation in this drama hope I will get used to it) Will definitely catch up with the monthly house thread too (but I need to update myself with Bossam thread first)
  2. @joccu sis This is for you ! https://www.soompi.com/article/1475329wpp/byun-yo-han-in-talks-for-new-drama-based-on-german-mystery-novel By the way how is your Dracaena/Lucky Bamboo doing ? What about the plant you bought along with it ? (I forgot the name) -2
  3. This one is dedicated to My Eonni @partyon 2 truth 1 lie - If mine and twin @confusedheart326 motto for choosing Oppa is - “If you are handsome you are my Oppa” But Eonni @partyon Choose to be “different” ! her motto is - “if you have perfect abs you are definitely my Oppa ” - She is the promotional ambassador of Cardboard Oppas and is in love and have a two timing with Cha Eun Woo (the universal cardboard Oppa) and Jang Ki Young ( Universal cardboard Oppa’s rival) - She is a philanthropist when it comes to Thai Oppas shares !
  4. Change the answer abt chingu @Min2206 I guess I went wrong there ! Talking about cheating, I still remember there was this bench-mate of me who cheated so “professionally” the test paper of mine that she even wrote my name on her test paper instead of her own name Yeah she screwed up the test -2
  5. 1.True - Its a universal principle hope one day this principle too gets a variable ! 2. Absolute universal lie 3. True true true 694
  6. True True Lie ( sis @gm4queen’s hate for girlish oppas is all around the air) -2
  7. True Lie ( chingu @Ameera Ali fooled you and dodged from you during tunnel rewatch event) True -2
  8. 1. Lie 2. True 3. True True True Lie Sorry chingu @Min2206 if am wrong ! 1. Lie (even the food speaks out for sis@sadthe1st) 2. True 3. True Sis @agenth Seo kang joon is my Oppa Honestly speaking the base ball player doesn’t look like him. But maybe his eyes By the way ! He is a good kisser and can be definitely a rival to JCW 698
  9. Reporting an illegal trading ! Eonni @partyon being am not gonna allow for this -2
  10. Going to add the drama At a distance spring is green too to my ongoing watch list after reading this quote ! 730
  11. Ohh wish if I could get in touch with her. Me too hope they will understand. Or else i would just lurk them from behind ! BUT no hidden agendas .... -2
  12. I first watched him in Angel Eyes (his role is a matured one there ) Watched Running Man with Angel Eyes cast - and fell in love with his clumsy attitudes I had also watched Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go, Another Oh Hae Young, My Unfamiliar family. Top star U back (dropped it) He tends to choose more cheerful or dependable characters. Sometimes Funny ones too ! Not that of a best actor but a pretty decent actor Am watching it sis. Me and sis @larus been waiting for Monthly House several months back (am in love with genre). Do tell me your thoug
  13. I know sis you won’t be surprised ! But Kim Ji Suk is my Oppa (one amongst many) By the way Congrats sis @agenth and twin @confusedheart326 Looking forward to your polls and events. -2
  14. Hi everyone Couldn’t catch up with you all being bc with RL But lemme share my happiness to everyone here TADA..... I have become a junior moderator ! Thank you all Congratulations sis @gm4queen Will catch you all later -2
  15. Chingu I donno anything about it. I got to know it just now through you -2
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