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  1. M literally fantasizing way too much and my giggles are all over the air ! Mom’s seems worried that m in love and keeps on asking why you smile and laugh often out of nowhere ! I cant say that m in love with lots of kdrama and kpop men and literally one more is added into bias wrecker list (she must think that m talking an alien language) Thanks to “Why secretary kim” that i gets scolding often for laughing out of nowhere ! The only thing i want to say to mom is : This drama is such a light hearted one that it almost soothes our worries for time being ! Hugs and love for all soompi mates for making it even more fun !
  2. Hmmmm ...... uuufffff ...... aaaaaahhhhh ..... uuuggghh ... i have all the emotions right now except happiness and smile ! started watching kdramas since 2013 but didn’t made me frustrated and angry at this rate ! Too sad that i drained all my prepaid data for this drama and got enough scolding and nagging from mom ! Seems like It wasn’t worth it ! not gonna do that mistake anymore ! Just going to watch spoilers for the coming eps and that too only bora and yoochan scenes ! just like @yehetchogiwa said He was great in Universe’s Star ! Seems like i could ship (woo ju and byul ) could see many scenes between the main leads and a meaningful message with that little 6 eps ! It just seems to me that they dragged and dragged the whole 9 eps and little of 10th ep with yoo chan’s first love and go the remaining 6 eps with the exact plot (from ep 6 onwards of jdrama ) with some slight variations like CDJ - bora’s friend relationship ! It’s whole new level frustrating drama ! I swear ! Ps: • dear @angelflower thanks a lot for the recap Dont mind me ; I would be active or a silent lurker in this thread till the drama is over
  3. Still cuts of yoon da young and park sung hoon ep 11 Credit : Soompi https://www.soompi.com/2018/06/12/yoon-da-young-park-sung-hoon-get-argument-rich-man-poor-woman/
  4. Am soo happy for the ratings , seems they will hit double digit soon , if it goes with this pace ! They deserves the best ! Neilsen Korea rating % (nationwide) ep 5 - 5.4 % ep 6 - 6.3 % ep 7 - 7.7 % ep 8 - 9.9 % Drama Are you human too and Robophiliacs - chukkadirimnida ( congratulations) Aja Aja Hwaiting - AYHT crews And robophiliacs
  5. what will i do and How am I supposed to move the next 148 hours ? Ps: sis @bebebisous33 the above post is just insightful !
  6. Welcome to all newbies including me ! Its nice to meet you all robophiliacs ! please do share your opinion, because i enjoy to move my time reading it ! Lets watch it together , laugh together, cry together, get annoyed together and have fun !
  7. We cant digest that hug when we know he does the same around min tae ra (well even if he doesn’t initiate it ) and smiling when doing so , holding hands ! I can rather feel it more like flirting with 2 women than distinguishing one as real and other fake ! ( It doesn’t seem fake at all to me ) yes sis @Lady_Lara exactly my feelings ! If he decide to stay with tae ra then just stay , don't play with bora’s heart ! And i seriously hate clingy female leads , stop being this way BR ! just like sis @Dramanoona said i hope she bcm more independent , courageous and most importantly stop being clingy (well i know that her character is like that , and she not gonna change , but it’s a bit intolerable to watch she being pushed away even though not purposefully) Well it can at least make a bit more sense if he pushes her away and then come back to her saying all those heart swaying words if he stopped his relationship with TR !
  8. Me when I literally read TJ confessing his feelings regarding BR to YC and knowing that YC was stunned : It serves him right ! Aah yes , seems like he will realize his feelings for her ! And me when i heard he said to give it a go to TJ and gave a fist bump : Bora yaa , please dont cling on him anymore ! Just play hard to get ! (It’s atleast tolerable to watch) Writer nim ; this is for you ! You had streched the 11 eps drama to 16 eps just to go with the same “turtle pace romance” ? !
  9. I really wish to see this drama after it gets completely aired as i dont wanna ruin the fun with my expectations to go the plot in the way i want , if m watching it along when it airs coz i get a lot of time to run my imagination wild ! But thanks to instagram “spoiling me with spoilers” ; I cant take my eyes from it ! Seems like m caught up in an ugly middle position ! Anyone here with the same feelings?!
  10. Mmmmm well i thought the romance would start within these ep or the coming one but after seeing the preview there isn’t any scope for it ! Seems like its going in the same path as j-drama version ! Spoiler ahead - Especially after hearing lee yoo chan saying in the preview - you said you will come any time when called . Its a lie right ? ! Its very similar to jdrama and then min tae ra would ring the bell , he will open the door thinking it’s bora ! And i can smell another kiss scene coming for this pair again ! (Similar to jdrama) See writern nim what i would do , if i will be able to witness another kiss of this pair ! Am gonna kick ur butt *#*afjdnckdksbx*.. Playing with viewers heart ! Soo pissed off !
  11. Just cant help myself but bring this into discussion ! The ost hard for me male version played when yoochan grieving for his first love’s death (near the sea) had blended so perfectly with the situation ! It gave me more meaning than the female version ! Touched straight to the heart , i could feel his pain ! Dont you think so that the background song (along with the meaning) blended so well with the scene ? ! And I seriously didnt know that MTJ’s feelings for BR was deep ! The angst and jealousy in his eyes in the last ep caught me off the gaurd ! I just thought it’s a random one , but it seems like he seriously loves her so much ! Feels bad for him !
  12. Was waiting for this pair to hit the screen with sizzling chemistry and they didnt fail to bring it out soo well ! It’s just a perfect package ; a light hearted, fun, smooth drama with perfect actors ! I was literally cracking up by lyj’s narcissism . And the food truck sent by bts V ; to add more spices to his narcissistic character lmao ! Waiting for more fun ! (Ahh well it seems m a bit greedy as the first ep itself was just too fun to ask for more ) Please count me in too dear friends/sisters/brothers .
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