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  1. Am going to watch Vincenzo ep 3 now 402
  2. It happened to me too I was laughing at pigeons posts, of @Abs_ triggered and @elan1 followed by John wick joke brought by @Sleepy Owl as I scrolled down,I could see half naked men, Mom was passing by and I scrolled down again uff another half naked men , Thought its better to scroll up and I just stood at @Sleepy Owl post ! uffff That was a nerve wrecking moment -2
  3. Am a crazy sucker for kdramas that revolves around real life situation and that’s hw I got to know Black Dog And it give me Misaeng [Incomplete Life] vibes. Have you felt the same ? But I love misaeng more ! It took me a time to cope up with the drama (Black Dog) pace as it’s kind off slow but really meaningful drama ! Me too love dramas with real life problems. Which all are your other fav. Dramas with this genre ?! yeah you did recommend me the drama before and it’s surely in my to watch list ! My “watching thrillers rece
  4. Hello everyone Ep 9,10 & 11,12 review: The murders keeps on increasing and I am restless as much as detectives. I cried along with se Yeon’s Oppa. Shin is surely a awesome prof. I love her teaching method ! And this question keeps pondering in my head as I listen to the story of Jung Ho Young ! Is a person itself being bad or is it the circumstances that brought to a person is bad ?! Uggghhh not again plz This man is so quick uuggh we lost him again ?! WTH ? Autopsy Dr is a serial murderer ?
  5. No @pompyavi I was shocked by the fact that the plot wasn’t even original with all those buzz they brought before airing ! Am going to drop Sisyphus without even starting it. Guess Sisyphus won’t make it up for me. Won’t be able to handle unrealism + “heroism at its extreme” kind off plot for a long time ! There must be a either a plot or atleast actor/actresses that could make me watch such kind off dramas ! By the way @Min2206 I liked Vincenzo ep 2 more than ep 1, the drama surely has got plot potential ! will let you know the review once I finish writin
  6. 438 we are talking about Vincenzo FL sis @Min2206
  7. Just loved how you pointed out the some to several ! You know what everytime when there is a tiny sapling of expectation growing in my hurt I bury it saying to myself - “no expectations please ! lets watch it smoothly !” And about fiery priest and chief kim if it’s over dramatic, I won’t be able to handle the drama ! Blood was written by the same writer and same goes for Good Doctor (haven’t watched the drama yet but it was well received by my frnd who rarely love kdramas) ! Even I loved blood for its writing and then I donno what happened it sudde
  8. hyungnim @Sleepy Owl didn’t you find things overdramatic at some point ? Or are you used to it ? And about Kim Yoon Hye even I wondered why she is acting a side role here ! Guess its like PICTURE ABHI BHAKI HAI MERE DOSTH ! Havent watched Fiery Priest and Good manager yet (watched some spoilers) ! But I have watched blood during its air time (i wasn’t matured enough back then - and I liked it back then especially the cliff hangers in it ) Fiery Priest is in my to watch list ! will try it out one day ! I know this Q is repetitive but am askin
  9. Hyungnim @Sleepy Owl just amazed by how quick you are ! My post is surely gonna be long ! Just love how caring you are ! Sis @Min2206 yup 10.207% seoul ! @Sleepy Owl @Min2206 and everyone else who wishes to hear ! Honestly saying, waited for Vincenzo only bcoz of Song Joong Ki (my first drama of him was DOTS and that was the last too until Vincenzo. Arthadal Chronicles didn’t caught my attention yet ! Is it worth the watch ?) Coming back to Vincenzo didnt even look into the synopsis, I was like lets just go with the flow
  10. Rarely and very rarely wait for romcom nowadays (No high expectations though) and this drama is one among them MBC Trolling themselves waaah braaavvvvoooo ! Finally am able to see Lee Min Ki without his usual “robotic tone” Thanks for all the replies I agree with everyone as i read through your posts ! 460
  11. That’s what they never run away and we can watch them anytime and that’s what makes me hang in during studies, but my patience fails to hold me back from spoilers and that ruins the mood for many dramas ! Talking about Mr. Queen, setting aside the bc schedules, the drama failed to move me with it’s plot “pace” , I rather felt its dragging and I was planning to drop (but still at the fence) and then just got to know the ending (it was fine not disappointed but kind off unreasonable) ..... Got this feeling that it isn’t worth the time anymore ! (Already a lot of dramas worth wa
  12. Hi everyone Since i have a long list of my fav. food (way more longer than the “OPPA LIST” ) its damn hard to choose few among them (to post) ! So lemme move towards today’s theme : Am a pickle person ! If you ask pickle for today I say yes If you ask pickle for tomorrow I say yes And If you ask pickle forever I say Yes Yes Yes Literally just the thought of makes my mouth water ! Or just simply eat raw mango + salt + chilli powder + lil. bit coconut oil if needed Love salted preser
  13. Hi everyone past two weeks were drowned with hectic schedules ! I planned to stop watching aired dramas (no time) * Black Dog * Nobody knows will binge watch both when I get a looongggg free time ! (am at the edge cant let them go ...but still i have to.. or else my ongoing dramas will be on pending list ) Lemme spare some time for ongoing dramas Didnt start ongoing dramas yet : *LUCA *Sisyphus *Hello its me *Vincenzo (don’t have much expectations for these dramas as lately kdramaland never fail
  14. Sorry sis @partyon that I am late It was after watching ep 6 that I couldn’t help myself to not binge watch this drama as it has a way too special magnetic force that keep making me hooked into it. Lemme write the review just like what I thought as I watched each ep ! Ep 7 & 8 review : Ep 7 Whom did he call ? No plz dont spill out everything to that creepy Dr. .....Sun jae yaa chebal ! Its like he (autopsy dr) way too trustable to be doubtful. The scene where Kwang Ho calling his wife through phone and she talking about Him to the
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