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  1. @Nikaa94 Kang Sora and LMH surely will be a visual couple. And I was expecting to see them together in cell return CF but they promoted individually (***sigh...) She is quite popular actress not to that much of Park shin hye or song hye kyo or a strong fan base like LMH but she had made her own niche in Korean industry ! @scrawford Kim eun hee writer will strongly bring an impact ! Me too wish if he could act with those male actors (their bromance would be ....* swooning* too delulu you know ! ) be LMH KWB or LMH WDH or KRW LMH he shows chemistry with everyone he pairs with @Heretorant did you just come out of my mind ? The thoughts in my mind were exactly written in your post ! Me too wasn’t too fond of kingdom 2 the only thing that made me excited and surprised was the last scene and I screamed shim cheong aaaahhh ! Neo wae yogi isseo (why are you here ?!) that was totally unexpected (didn’t catch up with its updates ! but the thing is am way too biased I guess coz it still hurts me thinking abt LOTBS, JJH was indeed needed to be praised for her acting skills but same does for LMH and it felt like all were going crazy over her ! Hoe Joon jae was truly too adorable ! I still can’t get over the drunken HJJ @Deepakmahajan me too want him to get more recognised in his own country for what he does ( he gives his all in ) just like how BTS are slaying it ! They has more fan base overseas but now everyone acknowledge them even in their own country ! As I said this man had got all the potential in him and I pray he get all the chances to show it out. @CarolynH but aren’t you the one who started this thread on June 22 2007 ? me too vote for the same 1.quizzes 2.favourites 3. Good day series miss him badly and hope he would come back soon !
  2. @CarolynH am a fan of you ( I admire you a lot seeing you as a fan of LMH for more than 13 years .... ) This man showed me the gateway to kdrama world in 2012 through his character GJP. And from then onwards I had fallen for him . Thanks alot for inviting us ! @Nikaa94 I personally love kang so ra, she is a good actress I agree Go ara’s acting isnt very impressive but I really wish if he could act with shin mina ! She is an awesome actress like KGE ! @alma4ka2 me too wish he would chose a total 180 degree different character in his next project.(unusual role) haters think he is overrated, But this man has seriously got all potential in him and i hope he will get a role that could make his “inner pearl” shine more brighter ! @Heretorant I agree with you abt HHJ ..she might bring out awesome chemistry but there is something she cant pull off in her acting ! But I seriously love the W/nine writer song jae jung (when it comes to thriller).And Pinocchio writer park hye reon (she brings out prblms in society and make us think more about our approach towards society) I need lmh to collaborate with them so badly ! Many of the minoz may consider me crazy but I prefer him to act in kdramas than in kmovies coz I can watch and swoon over him more hrs ( way too greedy ) !
  3. how about 1. Kang so ra 2. lee sung kyung 3. Go ara 4. Shin min a 5. Seo Hyun Jin
  4. The king eternal monarch was indeed a memorable drama No matter how much I say but still my heart keeps on asking me to say it again Each and every actors in this drama had their own charms and shined in their own niches that made the ”scenery “ more beautiful and bright ! Thought of placing KES from A to Z but i gotta take back my words ! she is one of the “zero” for me ! How beautifully she unfolded things straight in ep 16 ! Each scenes were breathtaking and warming ! And park won sang’s ( chief park -head inspector ....bad that i saw him with eyes of suspicion) his character was so warm ! And KES’s dramas never fail to engrave certain of the characters dialogues in my heart ! This drama did it too ! “I am the king of kingdom of Corea, and my name, that can’t be called, is Lee Gon”. “It took me a long time to realise this. When its fate there are no coincidences. Your fate is determined by the choices you make, but there are times when your fate chooses you” “there will come a moment when it seems i have disappeared. I don’t want you to worry too much if that happens. It just means I am walking through the frozen moments in time” ”you can never know what will happen in life.But if there is a place you want to reach, even if your life maybe at risk, that is fate. The footsteps you take by risking your whole life is what’s fate ! “Your choices determines your destiny but no one gets to choose their parents. so change this ‘choice’ of your’s , for the choice you make will determine ‘this boy’s’ fate. “ “I wish to be able to love tirelessly “ I thank every “monarchs” for making this thread bright, positive, friendly, naughty and warm. Wish to meet you all with a new drama. Stay positive stay safe ! Gonna miss everything about this drama including monarchs ! @syntyche your effort to tag all of us was indeed touching ! Thanks a-lot !
  5. Gonna miss this couple a lot ! spoiler alert ! @scrawford that’s why I have high hopes (surely it’s delulu ) that either there will be a surprise ep 17 ooorrrrr an extended ep 16 with 1 hr & 30 mins (all these happenings cannot be done in 1 ep plzzzz ) and if really, really if it’s a scene that got cut and if it’s an open ending I will join @vangsweetie637 to throw KES into that “garbage box “ !
  6. wwwoooo All these happenings cannot be done in 1 single episode plzz ! am i too delulu who still wish and still think there is a surprise “episode 17 “ for us ? I am just saying i didnt get enough of our couple . They just make my heart sink in emotions ! M gonna miss LMH more & m too selfish and greedy to pray for his comeback soon! Can anyone save me from this longings?
  7. I stand with you @madmad min your thoughts... Too... Yes let’s wait for the curtain to drop ! just like @wenchanteur said m just waiting for the drama to end to bring KES from A to Z . But regardless .... I love each and every actors in this drama (more biased over lee min ho though) and Memories of you all (soompi members posts) were sweet and shining..... “because the days were good because the days were bad because the days were just so !” congo - 800 pages ! Woohoo
  8. And am even more suspicious of head inspector who always “deals with loneliness” After rewatching W two worlds ...I have nourished those seeds of suspicion even more ! did you guys noticed during the search of location of LJH’s mother this person was missing amongst them. And he even suspiciously trying to escape the gas leakage scene.( I think he is one of spy of LR/LL) have anyone noticed it ? But little did I realise it’s already ep 15 and the drama gonna end soon with 1 ep left (guess he won’t play any significant role )
  9. It’s so hard to catch up with you guys ! since it’s our last week together I thought of reading & reacting all the coming pages with you but suddenly my phone’s notification “you have consumed you data for today “ and m like what the dlfhdxhsdfskisjd ? Its not even mine Mom gonna kill me ! Will catch up with random pages ! By the way : our preview for ep 16 surpassed 4 million views within two days on Instagram !
  10. I am way totally out of my mind ! the scene where TE got stabbed by Luna the lights were blinkering .... and my mind out of nowhere recalling OMG cheese in the trap proposal scene giggling at that moment and my other self telling me to get back to sense ( the girl is badly injured) !
  11. This writer kim eun seok gives her product advertising scenes all around even in these serious episodes and me be like : If I ever see her doing scenes just for Product advertising again in the coming episodes ! someone might need to stop me coz it annoys me freaking so much ! ps : Me going to south korea is like But still m gonna sue her
  12. I was planning to go on silent lurking mood but you guys keeps on dragging me to soompi world ! It must be you people’s amazing theories and insights -“ Naega yogiru parimokkiruen iyuga” The reason I am here (in this soompi world) By the way Guess Tae eul was too blindfolded to believe luna’s words coz when TE warned TE : if you ever touch ppl around me.. Luna : If I was planning for that I would have done that while you were away ! “I came Here to see you” . I will come soon. And then TE says to shin jae when he asked are you searching for Luna : “she will come to me sooner or later” ps : and it’s just a part inorder to move the plot more thrilling sis @Heretorant thanks for the shin jae twitter insights ! It’s an awesome thought ! too lazy to go back and like it
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