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  1. ROSE WINES (1) Kim Tae Hee - definitely not the most versatile actress and the dramas she chooses usually end up disappointing me (like IRIS, Yong Pal and Jang Ok Jung) but I can never resist checking out her projects. She's so pretty and seems sooo nice in real life. Good thing she ended up with Rain. (2) Ha Ji Won - wasn't a fan of her pre-2010 dramas but I loved her in King 2 Hearts and Empress Ki. Enjoy seeing her IG posts too (very artistic) and her guesting at House on the Wheels. (3) Gong Hyo Jin - her works are always a safe choice to watch, very comforting. She has a kn
  2. Just finished and absolutely loved House on the Wheels (season 1). Will be watching season 2 next. Just don't want to rush into it immediately because I want to savor each episode slowly. I'm not that familiar with Im Si Wan yet but I know I'll enjoy it as much. I rarely watch variety shows but House on the Wheels is pretty special.
  3. I've been curious about Eyes of Dawn for a while now and heard it was a ratings beast back then. Like people actually went home early (straight from work) to catch it, I think. How sad for the PD to go from one extreme end of acclaim to the other. I think a lot of people have a huge soft spot for CTH because of My Sassy Girl (probably my first Korean movie). Recently, I enjoyed him in the movie Along with the Gods but for variety, I only saw him in one episode of Hometown Flex (and it was Lee Seung Gi whom I didn't enjoy as much). Is it just me or i
  4. @dramafan33 I enjoyed the first IRIS at the time it aired that's why I couldn't believe why JH fans don't mention IRIS 2 at all. After being disappointed with Voice, I can now finally believe that he does have some "not-so amazing" ones after all. Teehee. @yoeda We can try. Which shows are you thinking of? The companies pay for exclusive streaming rights per region especially for the hit shows, I think. Maybe this is also the reason why only Voice and WOL are everywhere. Now I'm curious about The Uncanny Counter. I think there were a lot of meh dramas
  5. I went back to playing the last episode at least. Story was still predictable and characters were still as bland as before... I wasn't even paying attention to their multiple chase scenes but at the last 15 minutes, when Moo Jin Hyuk goes to the columbarium and tears up a little bit, I looked up from what I was doing and properly watched. It's not his best by any stretch but it's classic JH and I can't resist his magic when the camera closes up on him being reflective and struggling to hold back his sadness. Add the 10 or so seconds of behind the scenes at the end, and I've made my peace with
  6. I agree! Master's Sun, Black, Shopping King Louis, Black, Fight for My Way etc. So many nice rooftops~ Ooooh. If that's the case, is it possible that it's 2010's Chuno that started ab-fests in sageuks? I recently just got back to kdramas after years of not watching and it has changed a lot. Love triangles aren't as common, quite a bunch have two couples as focus or even lots of minor characters with their own pairings. Descendants of the Sun, Touch Your Heart, Goblin, Dr. Romantic, Waikiki, Suits, The Producers, When the Camellia Blooms, Life and many more.
  7. Teehee. I usually try to save the best for last (rather than go for chronological) plus he was a swimmer also in School 2015 that's why I'm trying to watch something else before Weightlifting. I just realized School Nurse Files is only six episodes! I think I'll go with this then maybe take a quick peek into Cheese in the Trap or Habaek. From what you say, I think I'll enjoy Start-Up (plus I like Suzy) so I'll indeed save it for last.
  8. Oooh. Just dropped by to add that I didn't care much for Nam Joo Hyuk back when I saw him on Moon Lovers, and was even confused for a time between him and Ji Soo (having the numbers 13 and 14 didn't help also). But then I watched Radiant and was utterly captivated. He has the looks, the height, on-point acting, and this quiet, introspective quality that I generally like in men. I'm lining up and pushing to the top his other shows in my to-watch pile (probably except for Habaek unless any of you will say otherwise). I have just finished enjoying School 2015 a
  9. When I hear melo I always associate it with Son Ye Jin (she has a lot of melos). Gong Yoo's Goblin is also classified as a melo. And, if I'm not mistaken, Thank You is a melodrama too. As for doing something other than acting, I'm torn on this. Some people are better with internalizing emotions rather than explaining how to internalize emotions. JH has a tendency to be long winded in his explanations, I'm trying to imagine him as a director... Maybe he can try directing once he's older? For now I want him to immortalize his youthful good looks as much as he can.
  10. Let me know which show you decide on. I'll join you. I thought A Beautiful Mind will be the Editor's Choice watch on KFG's site but it isn't, so... I saw people elsewhere gushing about Voice and thought it can't be bad even if here on our thread it isn't on anyone's list. Now I see why. And Moo Jin Hyuk had those moments where he was shouting the end of his sentences (without the need to) which I really disliked. I checked out the first episode of WOL, I'm not sure yet if the story is something I'll like but he is indeed cute in it. Before Voice, I never thought I
  11. I'm currently halfway-through with Voice and I'm getting headaches from the camerawork. JH's character is pretty straightforward (which shouldn't be a problem, I enjoyed his equally straightforward character in The Flu) but there's something so unappealing with how they handled the show that I can't fangirl over him like I usually do. I generally like detective dramas even if I can see some plot-twists ahead. And for Tell Me What You Saw, it wasn't perfect but I enjoyed seeing him there. But I just can't believe I'm not enjoying Voice at all. I expected my worst JH ser
  12. He has this "bad boy" quality (especially from the pre-military til thank you or robber?) that I feel hasn't been utilized in a long while. Aww. There goes my wish for something fun and light~ For hair, I'm not sure if you can use extensions and put it up in a bun but it looks gorgeous when it's down. Oh, I checked. Lee Joon was with him in IRIS 2 (minor role).
  13. I checked out The Crowned Clown for JH's cameo and ended up staying for the beautiful way it has been directed and Yeo Jin Goo's fantastic performance. Apparently it's the same director (Kim Hee-won) and also, that Yeo Jin Goo's very very short scene back in Deep Rooted Tree was JH's request. He saw the talent even back then. I voted! I hope it will be the "editor's choice" for second group watch I loved the middle stretch of Deep Rooted Tree (episodes 5 to 15-ish?) and JH's character was lots of fun (before he started his Dam-aaaa anguish). N
  14. Just voted. He's good in anything he puts his mind into so for #1 I chose the genre I wanna see him next in. - Romance or romcom - Horror - Something else is Fantasy! For #2 I wanna see him with someone younger, not sure who exactly but someone like maybe Han Hyo Joo (though they're both too soft-spoken) or Park Shin Hye? For #3 it doesn't matter because he'll always have his abs (though maybe not as rock-hard as Chuno's). Can't imagine him letting go of years of exercise and discipline. It's just not him.
  15. Oh. Think I'm gonna have to watch it again. Been wanting to see more of Rae Won too so that's a huge bonus.
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