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  1. My guess could be change in filming timeline that SYJ and team may be concerned with, considering that this project was first mooted in 2009. Because she may have made other plans in the future which may be affected if the timeline for the filming shifted. You can guess what those future plans may be.
  2. If Binjin nation keep analysing the kiss and pushing the narrative that HB has let his feelings get the better of him which is why HB give the t kiss, there is a risk that it may all blow up in our faces, just like how the handholding under the table episode blew up in our faces. If this reaches sns and Knetz, they may call into question the professionalism of HB in mixing personal matters with work, just like the handholding under the table incident. We may not be able to handle the consequences with another strong statement from Vast just like the handholding under the table incident. Please exercise restraint and extend respect and consideration to HB and SYJ. And we do it because we love them as fellow humans with feelings like all of us and not some species in the zoo to be speculated and dissected for our amusement and entertainment.
  3. Thank you for your timely insights, what you said is so true. Sometimes we spend so much time and energy on the unimportant that we lost sight of what is important. Would like to add that I think above can also apply to a relationship.
  4. If I am not wrong, it was reported they were having samgyetang with her parents.
  5. Maybe you can start the topic. I can also share some experience.
  6. Congrats to our thread in reaching this milestone as we have come a long way. Double the joy as we will be celebrating the anniversary of this thread which is created on 26 Jul 2019. Thanks to all Binjin shippers for your support and contributions to this thread.
  7. Hi All, As we celebrate the anniversary of this Binjin shipping thread, it is good to remember why this thread is created in the first place, which is to support Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin to be a real life couple. Let us focus on celebrating and appreciating Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin and not bring their ex or their rumoured pairing with other people or their co stars into the discussion or speculate about them here, which is against Soompi rules for the Shipper Paradise which does not allow such discussion. Let’s not violate Soompi Shipper Paradise rules and let’s keep our discussion to our Binjin couple.
  8. I think it is highly unlikely that SYJ not being one of the cast or production crew will be able to tag along. Don't think there is any chance to travel around or do any sightseeing as there are probably strict restrictions in place of where they can stay or go to for filming. But the place Wadi Rum seems interesting. I think I will go and read up about Jordan now that this had piqued my interest in the country.
  9. Looks like filming for Hyun Bin for his overseas shot in Jordan for his movie Bargaining had started. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCLn6WmJKLj/?igshid=xdugm2ncuctp
  10. Another day, another Dispatch article with their picture but still not the one that will excite the Binjin shippers. https://www.dispatch.co.kr/2089215#_enliple Please up your game, Dispatch.
  11. See how her bestie Gong Hyo Jin describe Son Ye Jin in an old interview. https://www.instagram.com/p/CB5Mq2gpH_X/?igshid=17rstbx5ibxfs Son Ye Jin in HK in 2015. https://www.instagram.com/p/CB7sOHKJY7R/?igshid=1notw6zs8dizr
  12. I would suggest to ask the user for permission in this thread before reposting the content outside of Soompi.