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  1. Mmmmm...he looked heavenly at the Sejong Institute event Thanks SoomZies for bringing all the delightful pictures. I especially adore THIS He looked like a boy about to take his First Communion As for profile, I still can’t decide which side I like better....but I’ll kiss either one if given the chance If looks could kill..... cr as tagged
  2. Hola tambien chingu @kiklaminHo We’re the same...I love that uri bb still has his “3-yr old” antics no matter how formal Or somber the image he wants to project New fans may think he’s trying to imitate the younger idols but if they go back to his old videos and interviews, they would realize that LMH is the original “pabo” to his fans That squirting dumpling is called Xiao Long Bao which has chicken or pork broth inside thus challenging to eat. I love it! Some people say it’s meant to be eaten whole but it’s so darn hot! I believe it’s Shanghai in origin (am I right @gtLmh0622 ) and considered a special dish not all Chinese dimsum places can offer. You ought to try it! For you....do you see what I see? cr as tagged
  3. @msdot I use “scandal” loosely to mean news. If you don’t keep up with k-entertainment news, then you’re good
  4. Seriously looking so hOttt (The profile to beat all profiles) ....and uber-kyeopta at the same time How do you do it, Mino-ya??? i am not surprised that his IG followers jumped all too sudden....he must have the most followers per post in the whole world, don’t you think? ————————— I know I am not supposed to comment on other celebs here. BUT....this most recent scandal really affected me. And it’s so close to our hearts because our bb was/is also quite smitten with her. I just hope our bb doesn’t rush to get married....
  5. Chingudeul annyeonghaseo been a long while...mianhe couldn’t join you in your “events”, but trust that I’m now updated Like you I’ve been taken aback by our bae’s socmed shenanigans of late Seems to me that he’s now determined to be present in his fans’ lives not just more frequently but also more openly. Could it be the effect of being out of circulation the past 2 years? Or that he has now more control of his content under his new agency? Or simply, he just wants to create a more open and “accessible” image on this his 2nd chapter of acting life? Whatever it may be, I absolutely looooove this new incarnation! It’s always great to “hear” from your idol firsthand above and beyond the PR content. I can’t wait to watch “The King”. Read somewhere that it will be broadcast by TVN and most likely by Netflix too. I enjoyed “Mr. Sunshine” and I hope that LMH’s drama will have the same sweeping cinematography and robust writing. I am not familiar with his announced costars but I’m looking forward to their interactions with LMH. I recall in one of his interviews prior his civil service that he plans to do more adult roles when he returns. Doing a cable TV drama may be his first step—never mind if viewership is not as strong as free TV’s, for as long as his characterization is deeper and more indelible. Plus showing it on Netflix will bring him a wider and more mature global audience. Besides he’s looking extra HOT and Smexxxy now....not very GP, more PG in my eyes Want to thank everyone who keep this thread alive and kicking....your contributions do not go unnoticed and you will be rewarded in the afterlife Lastly, chingu @gtLmh0622 what’s he doing in Taiwan?
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