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  1. ELEOS is the working title. When a film or commercial is being done, the team uses a working title to keep things confidential. A lot of documents—permits, contracts, etc.—need a project name and thus a working title is used. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the final Series title is not Pachinko since it’s been written that the Series is BASED on the novel and not exactly a film version of the book. @lupeace No, I did not comment on the YT video but it’s an obvious remark
  2. I’m lapping up LMH the Director. Focused, purposeful and so caring toward his talent. The standard way is to release the main video then show the BTS. But no, he first shows us how the collab came to be, to pique our interest. Then he shows us the process, further building up anticipation. Have no idea what comes next...pushing LSG to do things he won’t otherwise do? By the time the main video comes out, the Airens and Minoz have already fused into one giant fandom: the AiNoz or MinRens! Bwahaha His giggles...hearty laugh...constant fiddling of his hair...googoo eyes toward Seung
  3. THIS is Hansu imo. I’m over the moon with his candid interview and the accompanying breathtaking photos. I see and “hear” a new Minho—bolder, more confident and eager to forge new paths. Yay to Minoz all over the world! He’s always been introspective and self-aware. But now, he’s found the freedom to express himself without fear of backlash. Having his own agency definitely helps this process. Like he said, I agree that he’s always been a good guy, aware of his limits and never crossing them. But having a free hand to reinvent his image (one that’s more comfortab
  4. Hi again chingudeul! I totally sympathize with JIW. If his best friend was open to collabs, why not with him first? But i understand where LMH may be coming from: his collab with LSG is music-based and his LMH Film channel videos seem to lean toward K-pop/ music as an underlying theme. I’m loving this tandem: both are fun-loving, humble and classy. Minoz aren’t the only ones taken aback by this friendship—even Airens seem to be pleasantly surprised as well. I can only think of one common denominator >>>his GF of 3 years who has worked with LSG. With what I can gather f
  5. Happy New Year, Soompi Minoz I pray that you’re all well and that everything in your lives will be better in this new year. Love, love his latest YT video. Crisp, classy and heartwarming. Very much in keeping with the look of his earlier YT films. With the added sentimentality of the times. I felt his heart when the ghostly cries of “Minho! Minho!” rang in the stillness of the night. I didn’t think he would make it there (award or no award), but now I know he had to because though they weren’t there he knew his fans would be watching out for him. Excited for t
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