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  1. @gtLmh0622 Thanks for this. @syntyche Wow. Your thoughtful explanations helped my liberal arts mind grasp the concepts of “0 and 1” and Euler’s number where my professors failed. Thanks for sharing. Chingus, I’m not the only one rewatching the series from episode 1 in preparation for Friday-Saturday right. The last 2 episodes started to unravel some of the puzzles and I want to be prepared for more unraveling to come. Haven’t posted but definitely been lurking this thread and the drama thread and Twitter to keep up. Thanks for all your efforts guys. You make the experience of watching our guy more enjoyable with all sorts of theories and observations and of course the swoooons Can’t say just yet whether TKEM beats Faith in my heart but it’s definitely getting there. I’m so proud of his evolution!
  2. I LOVED this scene, too. The look of realization acted superbly by both actors. SJ realizing that his dreams are real—that he IS more than what he thinks. LG realizing that his people are at risk, being played like pawns by a traitor playing God with people’s lives. I foresee the next episodes to be the battle between good and evil. There will be a lot of role-switching too. People determining where to stand. Or at least that’s where I wish it to be. I also feel that the romance is kinda off-putting. Don’t misunderstand me—I love me some good romance. But the way it plays out here is a bit staged. Not unlike the many PPLs—It’s there because it needs to be there not because it’s intrinsic to the story. The way it’s laid out, LG and JTE have real reasons to work together whether they love each other or not. But maybe in the end, this Love will come to bear on the decision/s they would have to make. Will the answer or solution be as beautiful as the question or problem? Asking for a friend.
  3. Hello TKEM watchers. My first time to post here. Been lurking and totally appreciate all the observations, theories and explanations that help me understand the story better. I agree with most everyone’s sentiments: though the story is gripping, the pacing is slow. I don’t mind when the director takes his time to unravel his expositions, but I expect it to lead to something more impactful by the end of the scene, not cause confusion or bewilderment. Like that scene with LG’s doppelgänger’s mom: when she said that “they” will bring her back to life again, director showed her wrist scars. My take is that she’s tried to kill herself several times (having caused her child’s death indirectly) but LR didn’t let her die. But others here interpret this as she’s time-traveled. I don’t like it when I’m confused My take on SJ’s case: his ROK doppelgänger got ill (or died) and his rich parents paid LR a hefty sum to “bring him back alive”. So LR had SJ kidnapped in the Kingdom and switched him in ROK. Now SJ’s real mom (who works in the Palace) is being blackmailed by LR to work for him with the promise maybe to keep SJ alive in ROK. Whilst most of the ex-Kingdom guys (that we know) who moved to ROK did so willingly, SJ was forcibly taken there which is why his role was highlighted in the beginning. Would he go back to the Kingdom and profess loyalty to the King or will he stay in ROK and be with the Mom he’s known for most of his life? Form the beginning, I never expected this to be a romantic story. But I understand why many of you want it. I also didn’t think Heirs, based on initial synopsis, was a love story but that’s how it ended up to be. As the title alone suggested, it was a story about privileged young people—-yet people were mad that too much time was spent on several storylines instead of the KT-ES line. Here, by the title alone—TKEM—you expect it to be a story of the ML yet it has spent an inordinate time on many characters who do not add value to him. Or maybe they do....just that the Directors haven’t gotten to that point yet How do I think this will end? Based again on the original synopsis, the King will close the door between the two worlds. And the premise is: Given the chance to choose which world to live in, would you stay or leave? This gives me a reason to keep watching. Even LG has to answer this himself.
  4. Hola chingus! Just dropped in to say: WHY DID I CRY at the end of ep 4?!!! Lee Gon totally blew me away! It’s like he’s telling ME the same thing—“Don’t get startled. TRUST ME.” Don’t get disappointed with the slow-burning plot. Don’t be frustrated that you don’t see or hear from me enough. There is purpose in all this. Don’t over analyze. Just stay with me and I’ll surely take you on a great ride. Lee MinHotHotHot is baaack! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f1/c9/8f/f1c98f831ce72b21660505d8e45dae0c.gif
  5. Thanks @syntyche for sharing the Nielsen K ratings. Just realized that Netflix’ 1 episode is 2 episodes in Korea. Saw a comparative grid (on Weibo) that showed how TKEM fared vs other Friday shows and it’s #3. Not bad at all. But ratings aside, it’s great to see how the Minoz fandom has come alive across all social media. Hope LMH realizes that his work offers us bored and anxious souls all over the world some sort of panacea in this quarantime. Wanted to bring some pictures but forgot how
  6. Soomzies old and new annyeong I was summoned and now I’m here. Thanks for all the posts/ updates. This thread is truly uri Minho’s parallel world—when he’s active, we can’t help but emerge from our quarantines So...I just watched the first episode and although our boy only came out fully in the 2nd half of the 1st hour, I liked it. Felt and looked like a movie. Can’t wait for everything to unravel. I echo your disbelief—-how can he look even more handsome???!!! Like fine wine, indeed. Not just his face, but his body appears more chiseled and firm Fans on Twitter are saying that the real-time rating of the 1st episode is around 16%. That sounds impressive to me relative to prevailing viewership %s and that it’s only the premier episode. We’re in for a good ride, chingus. Pray all’s well and stay safe out there
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