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  1. THIS is Hansu imo. I’m over the moon with his candid interview and the accompanying breathtaking photos. I see and “hear” a new Minho—bolder, more confident and eager to forge new paths. Yay to Minoz all over the world! He’s always been introspective and self-aware. But now, he’s found the freedom to express himself without fear of backlash. Having his own agency definitely helps this process. Like he said, I agree that he’s always been a good guy, aware of his limits and never crossing them. But having a free hand to reinvent his image (one that’s more comfortab
  2. Hi again chingudeul! I totally sympathize with JIW. If his best friend was open to collabs, why not with him first? But i understand where LMH may be coming from: his collab with LSG is music-based and his LMH Film channel videos seem to lean toward K-pop/ music as an underlying theme. I’m loving this tandem: both are fun-loving, humble and classy. Minoz aren’t the only ones taken aback by this friendship—even Airens seem to be pleasantly surprised as well. I can only think of one common denominator >>>his GF of 3 years who has worked with LSG. With what I can gather f
  3. Happy New Year, Soompi Minoz I pray that you’re all well and that everything in your lives will be better in this new year. Love, love his latest YT video. Crisp, classy and heartwarming. Very much in keeping with the look of his earlier YT films. With the added sentimentality of the times. I felt his heart when the ghostly cries of “Minho! Minho!” rang in the stillness of the night. I didn’t think he would make it there (award or no award), but now I know he had to because though they weren’t there he knew his fans would be watching out for him. Excited for t
  4. Could it be part of his deal with Apple TV+, to shoot a mini film with his iPhone? How exciting!
  5. @Narine Joa The term “flower boy” is something that's been around Korean entertainment culture for a very long time. Flower boys can be defined as boys who have feminine features, are pretty, have aegyo, are well-groomed, but can also be manly!Jul 23, 2017 Soompi
  6. Not saying there’s anything wrong with his flower boy image/ personality because that’s how he cemented himself in my heart. Just that this “branding” can detract from his desire to be considered a serious actor by non-fans. Some say he’s “too pretty” to be a villain, “too elegant” to portray a poor boy, “too charming” to be evil, etc. Nothing to do with his skills, just dealing with people’s expectations of him. Him taking on a serious anti-hero dramatic role is a step toward evolving from the “pretty boy” image into a more versatile actor. And him doing this in his 30s is a plus. He
  7. Dexter. Arrow. Game of Thrones (take your pick). Rick in Walking Dead....before he self-destructed.
  8. Both of these series are dark, foreboding and psychological, which I love. Maybe Pachinko will be more similar to The Terror both in terms of the intermingling of languages and the cinematography/ production design. The Terror was shot so well that you could almost feel and taste the atmosphere. The writing was also tight and flawless. It’s only been a day since the announcement and here we are chingus, already putting together the whole series which may or may not premiere next year. Excited much?
  9. If I may offer my thoughts on why adult Sunja (who’s the main protagonist in the book) is not being talked about: she could be a narrator with story being recalled from her perspective. Maybe it’s one huge flashback being retold by an older Sunja (or her descendant). After all, the book was acclaimed for being female-centric so I doubt that they will spin it to be all about MH’s character. That being said, I hope that MH’s role be strongly dramatic that will set a whole new reputation for him as an actor. His flower boy brand (that’s been over exploited in his millions of CFs) has
  10. Chingudeul, anneyonghaseyo Just had to post my over this exciting new project of our dear boy. I’m over the moon, not only to see him again, but for his choice! Critically-acclaimed novel, international cast, globally-powered medium. And the first among his peers to do it! I’m glad that his American agent also reps for Michelle Yeoh(Crazy Rich Asians), Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire) and Gong Li (Memoirs of a Geisha) to name a few. This could mean more international projects for him. Do you guys remember him taking a quick trip to LA (and Vegas, too) last year? We
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