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  1. Omg RSY is Killing it ! . I have never seen evil played so intensely. He has definitely stolen the Show in this drama. Not to take anything away from JHW he is one of my Favorite actors. When hes on screen it's hard to get unglued from the TV lol. PHB I wasnt to fond of her acting, I felt from early on that they should have stayed with PHN . But even with all the craziness it has been a great drama. Im looking forward to the Finale this weekend. Seriously though Wth did YMR think was going to happen when she went back? That it was going to strawberry fields forever? Not! .The thing that really set him off , Is when she told him she loved SJW, good God he just imploded.
  2. Honestly they all deserve each other , I think they should turn the gun on each other , No one should be left alive at the end due to stupidy. But I'm not the writer so I dont know jack lol. Seriously though there is a part of me that feels for KIW, He was abused and became the abuser , Thanks to his father its sad.
  3. I agree KIW needs help asap. Who wants to help him is the 64 million dollar question. Other than that I cant see anything but tragedy for him.
  4. Honestly after 28 episodes I'm no closer to guessing the end than anyone else. I'm a little confused about plot. So now that the poop has hit the fan whats next? , Please don't tell me I have to endure another 12 episodes of KIW Psychotic episodes or another reference to smelling rosemary . Seriously this train left station too far to turn around now. Only thing I can see and feel is a tragic ending on the horizon.
  5. My mom says it best : You can't fix what happened yesterday. You will never forget, The Only thing you can do is try to forgive which is hard , And move on.
  6. The clip is in the present. DR was living with her Her other dad at the time. Mr Kang was volunteering at the church. I'm agree with you, Im tired and sad from seeing all the suffering that's going on. WDR and DR were so happy in the beginning. now their marriage is up in flames as HJ and Mr kang. The families are Shredded to pieces, I just want see happy smiley faces again. My supply of Kleenex is running real low watching this drama.
  7. She didn't the first time WDR stayed with DR even though he knew her father's secret. But now that the other bomb has blown, Its looks like they will be headed for divorce court. Next week. So much for wedding vows, As soon as the other shoe dropped they went Went straight up in flames..
  8. Unfortunately it was DY Dad it is shown close to the end of episode 2. DY dad I think had a dentist office in the building on that floor, It would explain why he was there.What is bothering about the clip of crime is , When Mr Kang is running at DY dad , They show who is behind him before they show DY dad and Kang drop to the floor, After that Kang is scene running away. Also the pic DY is scene looking at on her tablet , Is purposely put there to throw the viewers off. Mr Kang never wore a mask or hat or that shirt at the scene of the crime. His hair was much longer, this mans hair in the pic is short. In episode 4 a policeman comes to see Mr kang freinrd, He tells him hesl ooking for Mr kang because of a prisoner who he you use to share a cell with. The policeman also goes to see Mr Kang at the church , He tells him that the suspect name Yoon Dong Soo was released and robbed another safe. He warned him its not good idea to be seen with this young guy. I think Mr Kang took the wrap for him.
  9. I love DR and WDR. But DR is going to have to grow a backbone , And WDR is going to have to grow a a set and tell his mom where to get off At this is my Wife.
  10. I Cant speak for everyone here, I know that Korean culture is very different from American, But even in this day and age things have changed in SK. What is wrong with these grown People? I'm 50 my mom is 80 I would have to be half way to Bellevue to ask my mom for permission to do something. She would probably commit me herself lol. The in laws in this drama give a whole new meaning to Family Dysfunction . I feel things between husband and wife are between husband and wife , Not the whole dam family. Nowadays kids Gets cant run fast enough to get out there parents house married or not.
  11. lol I agree please clone this Guy . Hes daebok in my book . When He gets jealous its hilarious lol.
  12. I knew once the Uncle and Mr Kang cross paths He would recognize him. Yes she will still love him, She has accepted him for who he is flaws and all. Did you see the look the young guy gave DR today? He's falling for her. She gave him her number he was happy as can be. This could spell trouble for DR and WDR.
  13. It's just a guess but, in the upcoming episode HJ is seen in the airport, Mr Kane is driving a truck and seems to be heartbroken that HJ is leaving. He is driving pretty fast. Will Mr Kang Get into a accident ?
  14. I was thinking When Mr Kang went to trial , Some family members had to be there, DY and GR Mom was not or she would have recognized him in a second. DY was young she barely remembers him , back in a earlier ep she thought he look familiar, But could not remember where she saw him before. GR has never seen Mr Kang , I think if they cross paths He would know who he is. Maybe he was at the trial . The loan shark as you said is seeking forgiveness or to rat him out. DY Uncle I believe also can ID Mr Kane. I don't believe Mr Kang is Guilty, Back in a previous ep in a letter his freind Wrote him jail , He said that he felt bad that he was in jail for his theft. HJ ex is still around. Whatever the case is this Volcano is about to blow .
  15. I totally agree with that enough is enough, there are no winners here, Yes MK committed a crime and went to prison, But in the process he suffered because he lost his wife and abandoned DR. NH lost a husband , DY and GR lost their dad.
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