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  1. @tas82 love love the gif lol . Im still in aw from ep 53 When SJ confessed his feelings . It's one of my favorite episodes so far I watched it twice I couldn't stop laughing at SJ. Min Ji is adorable he just can't say no to her lol. I saw the slap heard around world she going to get a whole lot more before it's over, that was just a appetizer. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near SJ when he finds out about his birth Mom , If he's this angry about PJ , hes going to be like the incredible hulk when he finds out about his Mom lol. In the Preview PJ shows him the hankie he gave her 7 year ago hes in shock, he definitely knows now their love is meant to be. But as @tas82 said I can't see the icebergs ahead , I'm to busy enjoying their happiness for which we know won't last long.
  2. Yep PJ is one lucky Woman lol. It's about time Vixen gets payback !. I can't stand her smiling and gitty all the time so fake. As for PJ knowing what SJ look like 7 years ago , The hanky helped her remember and also back then SJ had somewhat started growing facial hair. Oh that horrible rag on his head they need to burn it lol, I know it was only for a disguise but it looked terrible. I'm enjoying the slow burn to their romance, How he is building her confidence and encouraging her. I love how he is slowly bonding with the kids unknowingly , Min Ji has him wrapped around her finger. In the preview she puts a bandaid on his boo boo lol it's so cute and heart warming. The PJ and SJ romance is starting sail and the Villians will hopefully slowly and painfully get what's coming to them. I'm also looking forward to all the birth secrets and relationships being revealed it's going to be quite interesting. I got my popcorn I'm in for the long haul.
  3. I totally hope PJ makes EJ look like a fool , Just as she did at the fashion show.If the chairman is handsome my eyes must be dilated I'm sorry I cant see it. SJ is slowly falling for PJ unknowingly, he was happy to be with kids, As Soon as he saw PJ with the Doctor's his whole demeanor changed, In the Preview the doctor said he would drive PJ home , He did not want her to get in his car. He said we live together get in my car lol. Be careful SJ your fangs are starting to show lol.
  4. This is going to be a match made in hell , There is no love lost between the Moms. TW is not exactly in love with his brother in law either lol. I can't wait for the day this union implodes and EJ gets what she deserves. I dont feel sorry at all for SJ he took PJ kindness for stupidy it backfired bigtime.
  5. I totally agree PJ needs to teach Minho some manners , And tell him you dont get anything in life for free you have to work for it. SJ is slowly falling for PJ without knowing, Did you notice the way he looked at her when she was singing, When he smiled as the Golf star was talking about her, The look of jealousy when she was laughing and talking with the doctor, SJ and PJ even argue like a married couple lol.Omg the pancake slap I heard it all the way over here in New York lol.
  6. I Feel Vixen will use the DNA test to blackmail Cruella and SH, And hurt and humiliate SJ and his MOM and PJ. She makes the 7 deadly sins look like a recipe for devil's food cake.
  7. SK is not going to be her only problem, She is going to have the mother law from hell to deal with also, A snake is snake the three of them deserve each other , Their little plan to rid themselves of SJ is going to backfire bigtime.
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