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  1. Whatsup everyone? I missed 50 pages of the thread. Lee Min-ho looks soooooo great as Koh Hansu.. really so excited for Pachinko!
  2. I've got such strong Lee Min-ho fever after watching Episode 3 yesterday! Aaah he is so cute! Sometimes I watch his videos calmly and sometimes I'm just fanning myself and giving him flying kisses to the screen! Ultimate oppa! I rewatched 7 First Kisses and that girl is so lucky she ends up with Lee Min-ho! These new KeyEast dramas have interesting descriptions. All are quite different in themes. What do you'll think of them? Do you think he should be cast in any of these? I hope hes considered. https://mydramalist.com/article/6249-first-lineup-of-kdramas-
  3. That is so nice of her! I wish she had won too. Shes such a good actress. And also best couple! Well anyway it was great to begin 2021 by seeing LMH look so dashing on stage and hear his encouraging words for TKEM cast and crew! Happy Minhow Year everyone! Have a great year and to more LMH fangirling or boying! Of course hope Lee Min-ho reaches a new level of success this year!
  4. I watched a lot of KDramas this year.. the most I've ever watched and this scene was definitely one of the most memorable scenes of the year.. actually this entire episode from TKEM. Btw are any of the other TKEM actors attending the SBS awards? Do you'll know? I hope they all get a few awards.
  5. Enjoyed the Faith poll. I've forgotten many scenes.. I last rewatched Faith in 2017.. need to rewatch. That Episode 1 scene when he comes to the present and takes the police shield is too funny. I love the scene when Eun-soo and the queen I think discuss about saying I love you to him when all the characters are outdoors, can't recall exactly. The miscarriage scene was too sad but unforgettable for me. I really like the King and Queen couple as much as Choi Young and Eun-soo. Also I just love the scene with that kid only when shes singing a song and Choi Young and the kid are finding it funny.
  6. Wow I just watched White Crow and it comes second for me after The Prayer. This one will also be in my mind for a long time. I was surprised with the ending instead of the usual realizing and paying for your mistakes. It was engrossing from start to end and the ending scene was horrifying but quite beautiful! Hani did a good job.
  7. This book club holds monthly reading challenges and Pachinko is the book of the month. Theres a discussion of the book on Facebook and also this discussion on 29th November.
  8. Wow they all have become good friends! All of them shared the pics on their individual accounts! Love this cast!
  9. Agreed. Reminded me of My Holo Love. Also the action and chase scenes were so thrilling.
  10. But what did he reply to Jung Il-woo's tweet? I was thinking hes wonderfully weird (in a good way) running and getting startled by the dog. Hes really cute! and I always like the songs he shares!
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