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  1. Guy has a good sense of humor as we know. He laughs easily;) Btw, just saying, i just like the fact veteran actress Jeon Doyeon attended BAA. Remember she revealed that she wanted to work with PSJ. I wonder if he knows about it . I think that's a compliment. JDY is one of respected actress in SK (with some x-rated projects ). I like her. I wish they had a small interaction that night. Or maybe she watched him and just admired him from afar lol pardon my (not a shipper in this regard) delusional mind XD Indeed! Park Saeroy was an inspiring character that change the way people think, in a good way. And PSJ brought out the best version of Park Saeroy himself. Yes we have Jo Saeroy, Jun Saeroy, and not to mention a bunch of youtubers also did all those hilarious parodies
  2. Agree with you that he looked tired that night xD Well, it's still on September though. If he wins something it'll be good. But tbh i don't expect anything. I'm still in broken hearted mood about Baeksang xD
  3. Itaewon Class is on entry status for 15th Seoul International Drama Awards. But still no further info for the list of the nominees. Based on the 13th SDA where PSJ won Oustanding Korean Actor title, it looks like the only actors present that day were the ones who won in each category. Correct me if i'm wrong Source : www.seouldrama.org
  4. Yeah bcs she's the only nominee from HDL right? I think that's the right choice to arrange her seat close to PSJ as her next co star Yesss hopefully!!!
  5. Really? I knew it's KDM on his left, but i didn't notice IU was on his right. Maybe the EO was like "let's put him between his former co star and her next co star" lol xD
  6. PSJ didn't win Best Actor But at least, it's a blessing to see him tonight in suit Maybe such an underrated one among the nominees in the category, but congrats for Seojun's dongsaeng, Kang Haneul for Best Actor title Also, congrats for Seojun's co star Kim Dami for Best New Actress title. At least, my feeling was right about her winning And let's continue to support our beloved actor and his upcoming movie, Dream. YOU'RE THE BEST IN OUR HEART
  7. Yesss too handsome too handle! Will be right back. I'll continue watching
  8. Kloud Beer teases us with their new model Though it's blur, but i know he'll look so good with his hair up and that blue shirt
  9. Hong Seokchun IG update. I post here just bcs there's someone with chesnut hair that we're so familiar with lol