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  1. Has anyone read this old interview of Seojun? This was Seojun's interview with Tenasia in 2015, when he promoting The Chronical of Evils. In case you haven't, this probably will become your good Tuesday read hehe~ Q. I heard that after the drama "Kill Me, Heal Me" ended, you were going to rest for a long time, but it seems you can't rest properly due to movie promotion. A. That's what i said. But this (film promotion) seems tighter in a way. Q. Did you expect to rest? A. I was just dreaming about it (laughs). Q. How was the stage greeting? It must have been un
  2. @ivanovie25 Ya i know that part when he playing guitar for his wife. So romantic And i saw the clip a lot in IG too. But my first time seeing the karaoke scene. I thought i had watched all his parts in the drama but turned out i hadn't lol Owww!!! Seojun in water is too dangerous. He is not human
  3. @Jeomju1216 yes it was for calendar 2018 photoshoot I happen to have this pic on my phone so i post it here since we are talking about this photoshoot xD @ivanovie25 Lmao when he sang with BJH using wig, why so cutee! For Pots of Gold, i mostly skipped the drama scenes and watched Seojun's parts only This is my first time seeing that karaoke scene. He sang pretty good though at that scene, unlike when he usually plays as a tone deaf lol @Gisell Gisell A channel? What channel? Oh, Happy birthday Lee Young Joon my first love! Lee Young Joon is my
  4. 2017 : 3, 4 omg i can't choose! 2018 : 3, 5 this is getting harder 2109 : can we just put all those 2019 photos on our macarons?? How is that possible to choose? 1,3,5,8
  5. 2015 : no 1 2016 : no 4 the blonde seojun @cindaga @aulialanniputri Yeay! Finally! Congrats and welcome to Park's Office guys! I didn't know there's the tutorial on youtube. I'm now assisting @Gisell Gisell . I think you need to watch the tutorial sis Awww.. i'm looking forward to Seojun's magic in Project K then, if he really accepts it
  6. @aulialanniputri @cindaga @Gisell GisellGuys since it needs direct assist, i think it's only possible if i assist you through messenger platforms bcs there are several steps you must follow. Feel free to pm me. Instagram or Discord would be okay @serenilmauve Thanks for making the list I'm contemplating between 1 and 2. But i'll go with 2. Bcs his hairstyle as Shiwoo somehow represent that year, 2012. So for me, when it comes to 2012, Shiwoo with his signature hairstyle will pop up in my mind In my opinion, 2011 is also no less important which marks his debut year. How
  7. @Gisell Gisell The fanmeeting will be in mid july only for 30 selected people. And there's also 1 on 1 video call only for 3 lucky people. But i'm not sure if we can stream it or not. Hopefully it would be like Kloudbeer or BliBli. @aulialanniputri That was also my problem and it made me stuck. But after studying it carefully, i got some insights how to do it. You have to do real name verification. Maybe for those who don't understand hangeul, it would be a bit complicated but you can use my template. So all you have to do is just copy-paste mine Park Hyungsik's Utopi
  8. @Gisell Gisell Yes, as long as you have kakao talk. If you want to join, feel free to reach me. I'll try my best to assist if you need help Awww Hyungsik is so sweet to send the coffee truck for his hyung and his former co star Meanwhile this article talks about Wooga as world domination squad referring to Seojun's hollywood casting https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/109/0004424613
  9. @serenilmauve also, say no to work, sleep, eat Btw, if you guys want to join Park's Office, i will gladly help you. I'm also still an associate member so there's not much thing i can do other than posting and seeing other members' posts. Also not sure if i could manage to level up to regular member and then honorary member anytime soon, since it has several conditions we must fulfill. But i recommend you guys to try to join first. Apparently, it's easy and so much doable
  10. What about a villain role with Ji Sungjun's sophisticated hairstyle? He will be the finest villain in the whole universe But please not with a green or blue face lmao
  11. Let me post this here so that if the news is legit, then this is part of the history. @serenilmauvebcs of my slow typing now it's double post
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