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  1. @Thong Thin @sueeila Let me know if the recipe works! @serenilmauve Best brand chooses best model Guys. just in case you have a plan to watch Youn's Stay live and you guys haven't found a way, try this
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ_EjWQFdVU/?igshid=x05166efe2q Look like Seojun had photoshoot for upcoming ZIOZIA S/S Collection yesterday. @ivanovie25 I'll definitely go with food processor too lol! Ah right, from that interview. I'll watch it again The song is Ready Set Let's Go by Koyotie. Their songs are indeed perfect for workout This one, right?
  3. @ivanovie25 I think even if there was no covid he would still not be doing it either lol. I'm sure lots of projects are already lined up for him and he'll end up in choosing what to do next lol. But in this situation with covid, i do think it's the right time for him to study though coz he has more free time. Or who knows maybe he's in the process of studying right now Oh.. You're right. I think i've heard V said that somewhere but can't remember when and where exactly @ivanovie25 @sueeila
  4. @ivanovie25 Yeah.. it was his dream since long time ago actually. I remember him saying he wanted to work hard for about 3 more years at that time in an interview in 2017 and then went abroad for a while to learn english bcs he thought it's the fastest way to master it. Now it's the time for him to accomplish it but i guess good opportunities keep coming on his way so he has to put it on hold All pics on Awesome Naver post https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=30471316&clipNo=2&memberNo=43298448 How can he look you
  5. @serenilmauve Thank you for your recommendation Though in the end i downloaded an app to compress it. Will try yours next time for my next look @Gisell Gisell @sueeila I think we all can make it. The ingredients are familiar and quiet easy to get @ivanovie25 Lol okay. I'll try to write down the ingredients later XD https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ83HTpBJwB/?igshid=1v32d3y30nfo9 The summary of Seojun - Sonny interview. An athlete interview is usually conducted by a news anchor or sports tv presenter or host right? But this time
  6. @ivanovie25 *virtual high five* Let's plan a chicken party y'all https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ5xgaBnaN7/?igshid=dwf59jbuyo0f Someone shares the recipe with the name "Park Seojun Chesnut Tteokgalbi"
  7. @serenilmauve Guess i was born hating on it. Even from the best and tastiest franchise brands in my country, i won't eat it. Chicken wings for the win for me Btw, Do you have any recommendation to compress gif online? I won't be able to sleep until i successfully change my profile pic Edit : problem solved puhahaha Chesnut
  8. @Gisell Gisell Yikes.. I hate the dry texture though Too many good pics or gifs these days. I want to change my profile pic but i need to stay loyal to my chestnut. Seriously in dilemma So i changed it. But his handsome face isn't clearly visible so i think i'll change it again
  9. Seojun, out of all chicken parts, chicken breast is my least favorite. So i'll gladly share my chicken with you Guys, my anxious soul is acting up again that i heard Oh two best friends will reunite again though it's an uncontact interview. Seojun at Naver Square in Seoul and SHM at Tottenham Training Centre in London. Glad to know that SHM asked Seojun to host the interview for him, and Seojun gladly accepted it Yes, he looks ultra handsome in the teaser
  10. I'm here.. It's not that i'm enjoying weekend but weekend is my busiest time of the week actually @ivanovie25 The article is about viewers loving Seojun and Yumi visual and their tikitaka chemistry, especially when Seojun teased Yumi about why she bringing a big bag to work while the workplace actually only less than one minute away from their bedroom lol. They along with Wooshik are really like siblings. But especially Seojun and Yumi as Kitchen team, i love the combination of footage where Yumi keeps calling "Park gwajang.. Park gwajang.." I know that movi
  11. @ivanovie25 Yup, the meatball. He gains new nickname as tteokgalbi master from k-netz lol. It's indeed tiring bcs he needed to knead the minced beef like endlessly. Me, i would've just used food processor lol. Actually there are many moments where we can see his gentleman side but what i can remember now is on 3MAD, when Seojun and the ladies went grocery shopping. When the shopping basket started to get full of stuff, Seojun swiftly took it from seodam "let me hold it" @serenilmauve @Gisell Gisell Actually my first time hearing it too. I just wrote down what
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJzag2tBPTU/?igshid=1b7rezd1aug9o Youn's Stay ep 1 rating (Nielsen Korea) : Nationwide : 8.2% Seoul : 9.8% (ATAM) : Highest one minute viewership at 22.33 of 18.99% What a good start! He stuck practicing tteokgalbi for 3 days and ate the tteokgalbi the whole 3 days. Seojin and boss Youn were so impressed by his great effort. Ah.. He always brings out the best in him in everything he does, despite just entertainment show. Indeed a dedicated man Deja vu He carried b
  13. @ivanovie25 But probably 8 including the employees' hanok, like the main hanok for welcoming guests to check in and also the kitchen. Now i wonder if their bedrooms are also the part of the hanok?! See? Too many questions though we will see it in few hours lol. Thousand pyeong is indeed large area Me too. I even ignored my mom's call earlier. Bad daughter What? Conpia? (i copy k-fans who like to shorten everything lol) They said filming start in april.
  14. Guys, you can focus on your work but i can't even focus on reading this thread properly. Seojun in video greeting looks too fine to handle this is not healthy
  15. @Gisell Gisell Translation : It's been about 3 years since i greeted you at Youn's Kitchen 2. I, who was a part-timer 3 years ago, come back as Manager Park! Along with my seniors and Wooshik, we'll greet you through Youn's Stay. Current situatuon these days is frustrating and hard. I hope viewers can relax while watching the show.
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