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  1. Coming here after seeing little forest. Loved the concept and performance. Btw the videos of little forest in youtube are full of shippers' wishful thinking about LSG & JSM ship specially after her recent break up. I too am hopeful for them. A shipper thread would be perfect for all the dissection of the stolen glances in the show. Both of them deserve good partners like each other.
  2. Coming here after seeing little forest. Loved the concept and performance. Btw the videos of little forest in youtube are full of shippers' wishful thinking about LSG & JSM ship specially after her recent break up. I too am hopeful for them. A shipper thread would be perfect for all the dissection of the stolen glances in the show. Both of them deserve good partners like each other.
  3. It hurts really. I am tired of reading "never bothered about LMH before" "never paid attention to LMH before" "not interested about LMH's work but upon seeing him wearing his heart on sleeves became his fan" bla bla bla. The least you guys can do is rephrasing these kind of sentences gracefully. Like we write "never experienced any work of KGE before, but after seeing her act we stan for her". He is an actor for God's sake. Remember his insta profile name? " Actor " comes first. So if you guys don't like his craft spare him your fanship. Tomorrow if it comes to that, that this relationship is not going as the way as speculated, these so called fans who cannot care less about his hard work will turn into haters in no time. As yoon se ri in CLOY said, one time fans are worse than non fans. Respect them individually before shipping them as a couple. Give respect. Earn respect. Period.
  4. It's just his normal message to fans but my mind stuck in the line when he said TKEM shooting period was a meaningful time... Can't overlook his giddiness even when he said I love you to Minoz... https://www.instagram.com/p/CCI8m_SIXFD/?igshid=sbwybsjvc6n8 The photos MYM uploaded when TKEM finished airing, were from this day.
  5. Soompi if you had change in mind, you could have opted for something green. It would be good for the eyesight for those who spend a long time in this forum. Or could have left the old white as optional (If that's not technically possible please try to change these blacks into soothing green.)
  6. Found this gem of LMH's interview about love at first sight, family, his take on nude scene etc. Don't know how many of you read it. Sharing it for the first timers like me. Such an introspective man... https://m.facebook.com/notes/lee-min-ho-minoz-românia/lee-min-ho-is-surprisingly-open-in-this-recent-interview/771823426201355/
  7. As it takes two to tango, the scene was shot with the male actor too. As per my google knowledge his name is kim mu yeol and he is married since 2015. How many times he or his wife was judged or questioned or scrutinized because of that scene? Why should it affect the female actor's personal life then? Its because the problem doesn't lie within nudity itself. Then nobody would have spared the ML. It lies in women's perspective towards women. Those who are putting her under microscope, making vicious memes using scene from that movie, all are women,unfortunately. Just because she is being associated with LMH his toxic fanbase is using it as a weapon to downplay her. I wonder how do they deal with men in their real life. We can't expect respect from men if we women do not respect each other. Actors are like snakes,they shed their skin off after a project ends. If LMH has any feelings towards her, then it is for the human being KGE not her long back shedded skin of eungyo. Let the man deal it in his own way. Thank you, have a good day.
  8. With WDH thrown out of the picture from 6th , we need a new candidate as the sacrificial lamb at the alter of love. Applications are invited. Job criteria- has to be a Human. Maximus, Minomi and Choco may not need to apply. My suggestion is KKN ( only shippable TKEM cast available at hand) or JHI (though they look like siblings, he is the only oppa KGE follows in IG). During the press con of tune in for love, KGE cried and JHI went all the way to bring tissue for her. Such a gentleman. Wonder what would LMH do in that situation. Giddyboy would offer his handkerchief and start patting her head.
  9. ¡)He never patted any girl's hair before, he said himself it was too cute for his taste. ¡¡)He never squished his nose while kissing before, remember the rooftop kiss in city hunter? Just look at the tilt of his head which was a deliberate, conscious attempt to save his nose. (Please refer to TKEM kisses zoomed versions to see his nose pressed hard against her cheeks.) iii)he never posted any picture of his female costar before in his IG. iv)he never updated so frequently before. (Not that I am complaining. I love him being like this). Remember he changed his FB picture after 6 long years. So my point is, there's first time of everything. Specially if you've found "the one".
  10. Aigoo...Everyone turned shadow hunter Btw can anybody throw some light on the building seen behind him? Is it the famous 63 building which was mentioned in TKEM? Are there only two glasses beside the cake?
  11. This dork deserves all the happiness of this world. That's why as his fan we are happy that he fell for KGE. She is one genuine girl. This boy is a Phoenix, he rose from ashes. He knows very well to differentiate from fake to real. He won't settle for anything less than 100% real. KGE is just that kinda girl. Other than sincerity she won't be won over by fame or money. In this ostentatious world of show biz these two honest persons found each other. On a side note, if this video is the aftereffect of yesterday's cold noodles saga, we should bring from time to time some other actors for temporary shipping to lure our one true captain out of his cave. Happy Birthday Queen.
  12. Am I the only one who thinks he is skating? His shadow seemed like that. Also I noticed a flash midway in the video. If he is taking this video then who made the flash. Though there are some in distance but definitely he is not surrounded by morning walkers. Good Bye to sleep. Was waiting for crumb, he threw the bread at our face.
  13. A pretty noona bought food for her dongsang on the last day of his shoot. Pyeha had nothing to object. He was busy planning about his own last day of shoot. Which flower to give to whom. On June 2nd, after the shooting ended, he was relaxing in his couch listening to the song from "something in the rain" which was also playing in background in his IG live from paris and suddenly remembered he himself sent a food truck to his pretty noona on the set of "something in the rain"/"pretty noona who buys me food". Then the storyline of that drama crawled into his mind. Boy got anxiety attack, posted running blurry pic in IG screaming "wait for me, I am coming too". Also commented under WDH's post "remember what I told you" i.e "no more cold noodles with noona without me". Disclaimer: the above incident took place on delulu land.
  14. LMH ate it and found it tasty. Conveyed his message to the company. They got motivated and started to follow him to get the idea of his likings. In future they may launch more products to satisfy LMH's taste buds.
  15. Your description matches perfectly with the character of hyun bin in memories of Alhambra. Though I was shattered by the ending but the character development of the ML is really commendable in that drama. Would love to see LMH play such a multi layered character.
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