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  1. ANDZ BTS photos! I hope we all get to see this lovely, lovely man in person! https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=30816872&memberNo=32792076
  2. New teaser video! ********************************************** Yep, my thoughts, too. I hope you get tipped off again and get some info on his flight back.
  3. So happy for you @gpicris! I know it can be a mix of emotions when you see him in person, and up close at that. That's truly a moment to cherish. And quite an empowering moment to believe in the impossible! Are you seeing him off when he comes back to KR?
  4. Jo In-sung became the model of 'Rankingdak' Actor Jo In-sung was selected as the exclusive model by Rankingdak, a platform specializing in chicken breast. Platform Rankingdak, which has chicken breast brands and sells chicken breast and simple food, said it has selected actor Jo In-sung as its exclusive model this year. "We judged that Jo In-sung's image, which shows healthy and reliable self-management consistently, fits well with Rankingdak," an official said. Rankingdak will provide consumers with guidelines for healthy product
  5. Jo In-sung, a face genius and a cooking genius? In "Unexpected Business," Jo In-sung introduced king crab ramen to captivate Cha Tae-hyun's taste. Cha Tae-hyun and Jo In-sung, who are preparing for business in Hwacheon, Gangwon Province, were depicted on tvN's entertainment program "Unexpected Business," which first aired on the 25th. They personally visited the market to shop for the ingredients. Jo In-sung, who finished preparing the ingredients, cooked king crab ramen at a restaurant. His king crab ramen had clams, snow crabs, and scallions, boasting an appetizing
  6. The story of Yoon Yo-jung, a stylish grandmother. I'm leaving for Canada soon to shoot a drama based on the novel "Pachinko." It is a work that depicts the joys and sorrows of Korean-Japanese compatriots by Lee Min-jin, a Korean-American writer. How much did you pack? I did take out this and that. I pack everything myself. It's quite a lot since it's from the end of January to March. You have to self-isolate yourself. I didn't know self-isolation was that hard. Oh, and you can't talk about dramas. I don't know how thorough they are.
  7. @ElectricHearts yup, love that photo of him @sofiabelle indeed, he's an amazing actor and model. And soon variety show host ***************************************** Cha Tae Hyun & Jo In Sung put a star-studded lineup of guests to work at a small convenience store in tvN's new 'Unexpected Business' preview tvN's upcoming new Thursday night variety 'Unexpected Business' has released a 6-minute highlight teaser ahead of its premiere later this month! In tvN's 'Unexpected Business', longtime friends Ch
  8. Super-special guests on the way! | Unexpected Business EP.1 Highlights *********************************************** Jo In Sung in 'Dear My Friends'
  9. tvN "Accidental Business" Talk Show Live 20210218
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