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  1. Hallyu Star's Lee Min-ho's Birthday Gifts Filled His Living Room Actor Lee Min-ho unveiled a huge collection of birthday gifts he received from fans around the world for his birthday on June 22. Lee Min-ho unveiled his birthday gifts and flowers from all over the world on his personal Instagram on the 22nd. The flowers and birthday gifts filled the magnificent living room where Lee Min-ho lives. Born on June 22, 1987, Lee Min-ho wrote on his Instagram, "Thank you, Thanks, I'm happy," and released a photo of his childhood to his fans. Lee
  2. Lee Min-ho reveals his childhood photo in celebration of his birthday... He's a very handsome man Lee Min-ho thanked his fans for celebrating his birthday. Actor Lee Min-ho posted a photo on his Instagram account on the afternoon of the 22nd with a message saying, "Thank you thx, I'm happy.". The newly released photo shows a young Lee Min-ho sitting on a chair with a playful face. Lee Min-ho has been showing off his unique features since childhood, attracting the attention of viewers. Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho is about to release the Apple TV+ drama s
  3. Disney has already begun preparations to supply original content in line with Disney+' domestic launch. It has invested 66 billion won in Studio & New, a subsidiary of Next Entertainment World (NEW), which produced the movie "The Attorney" and the drama "Descendants of the Sun," and signed a contract to showcase more than one film every year through Disney+ for the next five years. It has already decided to produce 50 billion won worth for "Moving," which adapts the webtoon of the same title into a drama, and has hired director Park In-je, who directed Netflix's "Kingdom Season 2, and invi
  4. Watch Korean Drama The King: Eternal Monarch on These 4 Best Sites! The Korean drama The King Eternal Monarch is the comeback of handsome actor Lee Min Ho after returning from his mandatory military service. This drama, which aired in 2020, managed to grab the attention of the public thanks to its interesting storyline. Korean Drama genre of fantasy is written by Kim Eun Suk, the famous script writer who produced many phenomenal work like Goblin , until Descendants of The Sun . Having 16 episodes, this drama stars a series of other well-known artists, such as Kim Go Eun, Woo D
  5. Meet 6 Fantasy Beings Hanging Out In K-Dramas Too bad we’re just humans Rural legends, myths, folklore—all have contributed to the creation of K-Drama characters that range from mermaids to nine-tailed foxes to vampires. It’s quite a mix of superpowers and emotions as their worlds collide with mere humans. For those who’ve only recently discovered this space, here’s a primer on all the otherworldly fantasy beings you’ll encounter as you dive deeper into dreamy Korean TV series. Mermaid K-Dramaland’s most famous mermaid is the ado
  6. Lee Min Ho, etc. Set Instagram into Frenzy with Their New Photos Three of the hottest names in Korean entertainment today - Lee Min Ho, etc - individually revealed their striking good looks through new photos on their respective Instagram accounts. Lee Min Ho The King: Eternal Monarch star Lee Min Ho posted candid photos taken in one of his recent projects. In the first picture, the actor is seriously looking at the screen in front of him, seemingly busy monitoring his shots. In the last image, Lee Min Ho playfully poses on
  7. Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho: 5 Must-Watch Dramas of The Pachinko Star Lee Min Ho became the most talked about South Korean actor among the global audience, thanks to the success of his latest drama The King Eternal Monarch. The king of hearts, Lee Min Ho has turned 34 today. Last year, he was basking in the glory of success of the drama The King Eternal Monarch as the last episode was aired on June 12 and people could not stop calling him the king! This year, the fans are awaiting the release of Lee Min Ho's next multi-language, multi-cultural project Pachinko. On the occ
  8. Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho! You've touched so many lives and healed many hearts. Lots of love and success for another year in your life. virtual cupcakes for everyone
  9. ANDZ x LMH Lee Min Ho Birthday Twitter party starts in a few hours. Use the following hashtags starting 10PM KST: #HappyLeeMinHoDay #이민호생일축하해
  10. LMH twt and MYM IG update LMH 15th Anniversary MD now open *Memory Crystal Mood Light Orgel *Keyring Minomi 3 Store: Minoz Shop Special item is ready for the 15th Anniversary of actor Lee Min Ho's debut as MINOZ Shop now! Before purchasing, please check the contents below. ※ This product is in limited quantities, which can be sold out early. ※ MEMORY CRYSTAL MOOD LIGHT ORGEL does not have a built-in battery. You have to purchase lithium-ion batteries separately. ※ Keyring Minomi 3 is available for
  11. 5 Most Handsome Korean Actors According to Science In general, whether a person is handsome or not is seen from his face and appearance. Quite unique, based on special calculations, here are the 5 most handsome Korean actors according to science . The results of research and calculations regarding the most handsome Korean actor according to science are taken from the calculation of the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci Series. Not kidding, this research involves plastic surgeons from South Korea who have been studying the faces of actors and idols in Korea. Summarized by
  12. Lee Min Ho's Effect Shocks Even Babies No one is immune to Lee Min Ho's effect, even babies were dazzled by his presence and elegance. A fanbase from South Korea rented some ad screens in the subway for his birthday celebration. As a mother was walking with her baby through one of the corridors with Lee Min Ho's screens, the baby's concentration was on the image of 'The King: Eternal Monarch." https://www.nacionrex.com/doramas/lee-min-ho-bebe-no-deja-de-ver-pantalla-proyecto-cumpleanos-20210620-0006.html ***********************
  13. Mogadishu still photos ****************************** [Official] Kim Yoon-seok X Jo In-sung's "Mogadishu," will be released on July 28th...1st trailer released The movie "Mogadishu" (director Ryu Seung-wan, Dexter Studio, produced by Foreigners) confirmed its release on July 28 and released the first trailer. The trailer, which invites audiences to the cinema in 30 seconds, shortens the desperate situation of those isolated in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital, in 1991. The first trailer, relea
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