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  1. cr; as tagged @Lindyloo421: I thought LMH was so handsome at the 2016 SBS Awards. I looked like this when I saw him. He always is attractive to me, but sometimes he is simply stunning.
  2. cr: as tagged I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see any photos from the King, but I would at least like little tidbits about the filming. If it's pre-produced, I wonder if the goal is to film one episode a week. If it's 16 episodes, then they would be in finished in January, I guess.
  3. @syntyche: I love the King Sejong video! So cute. I hope we'll see instructional videos in the future.
  4. You can turn the comments off when you watch on your tablet. The "on" "off" switch is in the settings (looks like a rotary wheel on the bottom right). I turn the comments off and on depends. If the comments become nasty, then I turn them off. MOstly, they are funny.
  5. I started the beginning of LBS episode 14 and now I can't remember why Se hwa can't remember the past. Does she remember in a later episode?
  6. My interpretation is that KDR was happy that he was able to protect Se hwa and that he died in the arms of the one he loved. I ended up watching it again on my TV (I usually watch on my tablet while I'm on my laptop typing) and cried again. Oh, I forgot to add thanks for starting us on episode 13!
  7. cr: as tagged I had hoped we would see photos of LMH going to or returning from the script reading. I didn't think we would see any photos of the script reading itself; I suspect everything will be kept under wraps until a month before with teasers of the King. I'm surprised that LMH can leave his home with one bodyguard. It looks like he is wearing a mask, but, for me, it would make him stand out more. I'd wonder, who is that wearing a mask and stare more, thinking that it is a celebrity or someone with some sort of notoriety.
  8. @Lindyloo421: I started to watch Mackerel Run on youtube. I only watched 2 episodes, but I think all 8 ep were there. It probably will take some searching since a search for Mackerel Run had a lot of hits.
  9. cr: as tagged Next week my favorite LBS episode 13. I gotta get my kleenex ready. Remember to keep track of your favorite episodes. Episode 13 is one of my favorites of all LMH dramas.
  10. TGIF (well for some of us)! @Lindyloo421Thanks for starting LBS ep 12 for us! I finished watching it on my new bigger TV. So nice to see LMH's face so big! I have to say that I hate those huge Frankenstein looking boots LMH is wearing in that instagram post where he is wearing the black suit. Does he really need shoes with soles 1" thick? Isn't he tall enough?
  11. Good to see you @Kris Silva! Well call me gullible!. I thought the voice was rather deep for someone that young! Do you watch certain episodes or scenes repeatedly or the entire series? I've watched several scenes a number of times, but not the entire drama. I hope you'll be able to join in the fun once The King airs. I'm hoping it will be as fun as we had commenting about LBS. I think LMH 's body looked the best in CH, meaning, healthiest. I think he looks better with a lean looking face, like in LBS, but I think his body was too thin.
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