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  1. Thank you @CallieP and @Lindyloo421 for your comments about GB! I think I may know Callie's choice on favorite LMH role! Next week, a much lighter movie--bounty Hunters!
  2. It's Gangnam 1970/Gangnam Blues weekend! I'm about 45 min into the movie. You may want to be careful who is around you as you watch the movie if you haven't already seen it. I was watching during my lunch hour and had to be careful who was around me while watching certain scenes. I'm looking for the movie thread, but can't find it yet (how hard can this be?!). There are so many characters that I need a cheat sheet to keep track of them. Please provide your comments on LMH"s performance in this movie if you want to participate. If you have any questions, including where to watch, please PM me. Separately, @gtLmh0622, do you know if the Hallyu ban in China imposed before LBS is still in effect ? I haven't heard anything, so I'm curious. PS: You may notice that the gif on the first page is missing. I deleted it as @syntyche has created a new one! yahoo! I will attempt to insert the new one this weekend.
  3. @Joanna Alfson: Welcome! I agree that initially LMH would be best suited for action roles in Hollywood movies. But, IMO, he also very good in dramatic roles. I wasn't quite sure he could pull off comedy, but he proved me wrong in LBS. @Lindyloo421: Welcome to you too! I'm sure either Viki or Netflix will pick up The King. I have Viki basic and have been disappointed with how they try to force people to upgrade, so I think Netflix may be a better vehicle to watch The King. A group of us are watching Gangnam 1970 /Gangnam Blue ('GB") this week and commenting on LMH's portray of his character next weekend. Why don't you watch GB with us and give us your thoughts? If you don't already know, his character in GB is 180 degrees different from Kim Tan. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've been able to determine, the press conference for a drama (I think same with movies) is within a week of the premiere of the drama.
  4. @syntycheI watched the teaser you posted above. While I don't understand Korean, does it seem that the drama isn't starting until March 2020? I assumed I would be watching in January. Ugh, that's too long to wait! I want to add that whether this drama succeeds or fails depends on the entire cast, not just one member. I think that we all should be supportive and cheer for each and every actor/actress.
  5. cr: MinozNoonasForever It makes me happy to see LMH so happy at the SBS awards. And, so handsome--an added bonus. @kiklaminHo: Welcome back chingu! Hopefully you'll visit from time to time.
  6. @msdot: Oh, so you're part of Mexico Minoz? I look at their Facebook page. I'm very impressed by their organization! The Korean age is 33 years. When they are born they are considered 1 year old. I also thought LMH was a little too thin in LBS. I noticed it at the scene at the sauna and then again at his last fan meet before MS when he was changing clothes. ------------- Separately, you may notice that I'm the new thread starter for this thread. I added LMH's new drama on the title, which I've been wanting to see for a while. Is it too big? Maybe I shouldn't have used CAPs. I'm working on updating the first page too. If anyone notices anything else that needs updating, please PM me. I'm a little slow using the computer , so some things will take me a while to figure out.
  7. I wonder if we will see LMH this week. I figure that he is fulfilling advertising contracts, since he'll probably cease to do so once filming for The King begins. I really hope that he has some sort of clothing contract since he does have the right type of body to model clothes. I'd really love to see him modeling high end suits. I understand that there is a collective Minoz project for his 33rd birthday. Is anyone participating?
  8. @CallieP: The video of LMH struggling with his bag is on page 3307. While it's not hateful comments, I am disappointed that many (I should probably use the word "the majority") comments about LMH, in dramabeans, are negative. I know some people like DB, but I'm hoping that they don't recap The King. I guess I don't have to read the comments, but if I'm reading the recap, I know I'll peak at the comments and end up irritated. @gtLmh0622: So he is going to play two characters! The role of the King sounds intriguing. It sounds as though he'll need to portray a wide range of emotions. Edit: I re- read the synopsis. Now I'm confused. So, the King crosses to the present day similar to CY time travelling to the present to find a Dr?
  9. @gtLmh0622I loved the story about the 96 year young lady who is a Minoz! And my favorite airport video clip was LMH struggling to get his bag in another bag. I replayed several times. He looks so helpless, I couldn't help but laugh!
  10. cr: LUCK2 Man, I'd like to be his stylist who got to fiddle with his scarf!. I'd have to throw it on him, because I'm way too vertically challenge to reach his neck @gtLmh0622: Yeah, lol, it's rare that LMH takes a normal photo; that's why I tend to like the ones where he seems unaware the photo is taken.
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