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  1. Wait, Kim Seo Hyung, from Mine was in Sky Castle? What role did she play? ***** @ruzikie I absolutely LOVE your choice! I wasn't sure whether I should react with a laugh or a love. Ji sung was so great in that role.
  2. LMH was so handsome at the Weibo Movie Awards @leeminhosny ********** Minoz have made great strides in pushing LMH's YouTube videos, especially Canada Whistler. It started around 321k a week or so ago and now it's at 341k. I've been trying to watch Last Autumn. There's no talking so you can listen to the music while you work. ********** 8 days until LMH's birthday!
  3. Not sure about this one Ms barf, I mean@partyon. Remember that the 40s wife is mad at her mother because she wouldn't take back her husband when he cheated on her mother. Shouldn't then 40s wife take back her hubby (assuming he wants back)? I do think that 40s husband loves his wife. Problem? He loves other women as well.
  4. I hate to say it, but I also like the 30s husband with the mistress. I like her. 30s husband seems to truly love her. ****** But ok, did I miss something? The mistresses know each other? Huh? Oh yeah, SK is a small country where everyone knows each other . ********** Man, I really hate the 40's husband's step mom. She pretends to be sick so her step son can tend to her? Hello, how OLD is she? She's like 60 going on 15! ***** But, I can't wait for tomorrow's episode lol!
  5. I think so too, @leeminhosny. The choice of words and the information provided sounds more like a fan wrote it rather than an actual reporter.
  6. I miss the Innisfree ads @leeminhosny. I think those were my favorite amongst his endorsements.
  7. I wish Netflix would license GB. I think it's best watched on a big screen. ****** Thanks as always to @leeminhosny, @nina_mitrokhina and @syntyche for the updates! ******* I really have to watch I am Sam.
  8. I like it @ATW! That's so true that the PM never cared for LG; she really wanted the title.
  9. Thanks @nina_mitrokhina for the Kcineflex youtube video on GB. I watched it yesterday. I thought they did a good job explaining the movie. I remember being confused with the many characters. I couldn't remember who Jong Dae was aligned with and who were the enemies. ******** Yahoo for the IG post! LMH you made our @Nikaa very happy
  10. I think possibly the favorite scene from the rewatch party cr: JD Wander @Min2206 was commenting on how she enjoyed watching LMH run. We all love the tight tight hug ********** @syntyche let me think about the what if question. Here is another one: What if LG and the PM had kids? Farewell King Lee Gon, the most handsome King in Corea.... wait there's only one King---do over---the most handsome King in the world
  11. This morning I watched this with chingus cr: Nikki Who is tearing up watching this scene? We were discussing how tight LMH hugs people. ******* Still time to vote in the TKEM poll and answer @syntyche 's "what if" question. ****** Are you rewatching LMH's youtube videos? We still need views for ep 1-3 SBS awards--this one is sad for me to watch. Something about the music and how stressed he looks LSGxLMh mk1 Last Autumn and mk1 LSGxLMH ep 1 (pretty close to 1 million) Canada Whistler ************ Good by
  12. Do Kminoz really know anything? I mean, the first we hear of project news is from the media or C-minoz. I don't recall Kminoz ever being the source of breaking news. ******** Maybe during the week @Nikaa, I also never remember casting news on the weekend. ********** @gtLmh0622: I see stuff from sparkling chinese minoz or something like that. Is that a different group then C-minoz?
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