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  1. @Heretorant @CallieP @Layali: any of you want to take a stab at the quiz? ******** Next poll: Favorite bromance and Favorite OST. The OST category is almost filled. I would like to have at least one song from each drama. I'm missing a song from: PT (I don't remember any songs) and Faith (hello @msdot) If I ask Lmangla to set it up next Wed to the following Wed, is that enough time for everyone to vote? ******* If wikipedia is correct Yoo Ha is available. He apparently hasn't done anything since GB. ************ @Aleumdaun: Did you watch GB yet? I remember being a little shocked at the violence and sex. I had never seen a K movie prior to GB. I
  2. I think I'm back! This time I wrote my password on a piece of paper. I'm never logging out again. But now, I don't think I can use my phone or tablet, because it recognizes CarolynH2. I don't dare try changing it to CarolynH. That's what I did last time. I should get a new laptop, which is what started this whole mess. I'm not going to push my luck. I'll log off and let my laptop rest. carry on!
  3. Perfect! I'm working on the quizzes for PT. I stopped because I didn't think many people would participate. It's a cute drama. I don't understand why people don't rewatch it. ******** Guys, my laptop is acting up, so if you don't hear from me, it's because I can't log in. I tried on my laptop yesterday, but it kept freezing. I think it may be time to buy another. I have no idea what my password is, but tried to log in using my tablet and google and FB--nope I kept receiving the wrong password message. Today, when I turned on the laptop, the screen was complete black (not the blue screen of death) and finally, i was able to log on to the laptop. ********* Since everyone is talking about favorites, we may as well switch to favorites and put the quiz on hold. Let's do a poll for favorites, so people who don't post can participate. I'd like to save the "big one" like fave drama, performance for later. Let's start with Fave OST and bromance. PM me your suggestions and I'll ask Lmangla to set up the poll. Do we want the poll up for a week?
  4. I'm trying the night mode too. It is really different. ****** Welcome @Jhon Ahmad to the LMH thread! *********** You do know someone is going to challenge you, right? lol ********** When you tag use the @ symbol and type the name (case sensitive, I discovered) carefully (because there are some similar names). Usually after a couple of letters, the choices will narrow. It's easiest when someone has a display picture. For the emojis, you are clicking on the happy face on the tool bar, right? a list of emojis should appear. You chose one and click! ******** A bat? ******** Hey, how do we accumulate points ? I know if you join clubs, friends of soompi etc, but for the average joe, is it posts and reactions?
  5. Is it a re-watch or a first watch? I also agree on our favorite LMH look. ********** Hair poll? lol. Is that a more visual poll? *********** New question--facial hair?
  6. Welcome @Bangchan to the LMH thread! Sorry to cut your post. I, personally, do not find Soompi user friendly, so I'm not surprised you had difficulty creating an account. I'm so glad you were successful! Feel free to ask questions here. I'm glad your family supports LMH Hi @Aleumdaun! A warm welcome to our LMH thread! I cut your post too-sorry! I always tell people, don't look at LMH too long, or he's gonna suck you in!And once you start to investigate a little more-forget it--you're a goner like the rest of us. I really don't know what it is about it him; he just has that X factor. @Bangchan and @Aleumdaun: Please feel free to vote in our poll (I think it closes today) and/or attempt answers to @msdot's questions on Faith. ******** If the poll closes before anyone has a chance to vote, you can also express your opinion in a post. **********
  7. Best of luck unbreakable sword in MS Thank you being a good friend to our LMH. It will seem like a long time, but keep yourself busy and it will pass quickly. Any friend of LMH's is a friend of ours
  8. I usually don't post this early (even before my coffee!), but OMG, OMG, the photos of LMH and WDH brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy! What a beautiful friendship I kept my fingers crossed that LMH would be there for WDH. This @SophieH, is why it is so hard to separate yourself from LMH.
  9. Yay! I gots me a LMH badge! Why would you want to "buy and store"? I don't want to store LMH; I want to use him!@Heretorant you gotta buy one! @Nikaa94: I will try my hand at a drama page tomorrow. I have one in mind; I need to find the photos.
  10. Happy 4th of July to my US chingus! I was going to buy a badge too, but I don't see it. I'm on my laptop and saw badges for other actors, but no LMH!It's not in the sold out section, so where is it? ********** I thought a reason why SBS is good. @Nikaa94 posted it. LMH always ALWAYS looks so handsome at the SBS Awards. He looked a little skinny and tired at the 2013 Awards, but still so handsome. My favorite, as I've said so many times before, is the 2016 SBS Awards. Everything was perfect. That is my favorite hair style. *********** If you're looking for more LMH content, have you watched Secret Campus? LMH doesn't have a leading role, but it's actually not a bad drama. I think he is about 19 when he shot the drama. I think @CallieP will agree with me.
  11. Back to his hair color: It would be too early for a project, I think. An endorsement? For hair color? lol. ********** Part 2 of Summer Love: His hair was light brown here. cr: as tagged
  12. You have to do it right on the rewatch. Eating fried chicken, kimchee and that make, shake ...what was it.. MS something while watching..
  13. Here I am @Nikaa94! I can only post when I'm on my laptop--I cannot for the life of me remember my password. I read the posts from my phone or tablet. And my laptop is upstairs where it is a lot warmer. ********** IG analysis and comments--Why would he color his hair now? The timing is a little odd. Maybe he likes it lighter in the summer? Not really orange. Orange is like the 2nd lead in BOF or the annoying girl in PT. The light hitting his hair makes it look lighter than it probably is. His clothes look similar to the previous IG post except the sweatshirt is now pink. It's good to see him smile ******** I finally voted. I wanted to chose athlete. An athlete who is injured then must figure out what to do with his life; tragic biography (then we get to see LMH in pain!) of a k-athlete; athlete who murders an opponent or team mate (oh, I like this one). *********** I have a love hate with Viki. I used to have a Viki subscription, but I dropped it when I heard TKEM would air on Netflix. Netflix seems to be licensing a lot of the anticipated K-dramas, so I haven't found much to watch. They do have PT and LBS. I like and dislike the timed comments. Sometimes they are funny, but other times mean spirited or irrelevant. They are slower than Netflix in terms of translation. did you participate in testing Viki's new features? ******** Back later--carry on Nikaa!
  14. Welcome back @mademoisellesia Damn it's hard to spell your name! lol *********** Have you voted? My bad. I accidentally put "slice of life" in Q2 instead of Q1. I haven't voted yet. I know my answer for Q1, but I want to think a little more before I allocate my 3 votes for Q2.
  15. @Joojix: could that horse in the 8 letters video be Maximus? Can't be right? LMH would have mentioned working with Maximus for a 2nd time. ****** Don't you guys love the new emojis? I think these are the most popular in this thread We hope to use this one soon!