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  1. cr: LUCK2 Man, I'd like to be his stylist who got to fiddle with his scarf!. I'd have to throw it on him, because I'm way too vertically challenge to reach his neck @gtLmh0622: Yeah, lol, it's rare that LMH takes a normal photo; that's why I tend to like the ones where he seems unaware the photo is taken.
  2. cr: Timepass Paisa Wasool thanks for all the photos with his long long legs. I wonder if he'll begin work on CFs next week. I miss the airport photos. Welcome @dukesa1122! Glad you delurked.
  3. cr: as tagged I still want to see LMH sport the GJP hairstyle. @Maja If you are still around, can you please update the thread header (or whatever you call it) similar to that for other actors and actresses? We've waited two years ( more than two by the time the drama airs) to see LMH.
  4. cr: as tagged I wonder when we'll start seeing the airport video clips. Wah, I missed all the excitement when LMH confirmed for KES's new drama.
  5. Thanks everyone for the posts on LMH's return! My new favorite picture of LMH is the one with the halmeoni. I absolutely love it! And this thread made it through almost 2 years! I want to thank @gtLmh0622 for tirelessly posting the daily photos. And, I want to thank those who helped with the recap and commenting (it's not over yet guys!) @syntyche @CallieP, @1ouise, @minekas (we miss you Minekas--hope all is well), @Moonrain (where are you girlfriend?), @Kris Silva, @Latifah_, @leeminhosny (for providing gifs) and @MsDot2. If I inadvertently missed tagging anyone, please tag them. cr: Minoz Nation Now the guessing game begins, what (and more important question-WHEN!) is his comeback project? I'm still hoping for mystery or portrayal of some famous figure.
  6. Hello! Happy Easter, Passover or whatever you may celebrate! I hope all our chingus in Sri Lanka are safe and well. So, I've been thinking about what we can do to pass the time waiting for LMH's 1st project after MS. I already planned to do the list of favorites, similar to what we did in the LBS thread, for all his dramas and movies. I thought one long list after the rewatch of GB (are we rewatching BH or LBS?), but after some head scratching, I think one question a week will keep the thread going longer and consistently. Additionally, you wouldn't have to keep returning to a certain page to find the questions. I have a couple of the obvious favorites, such as favorite drama, favorite character. If you have any "favorites" you want to submit, let us know! Now that our "newbie" @syntyche will have watched all his dramas, I'm interested in her answers. @gtLmh0622: Have you heard any rumors about potential projects?
  7. I saw on Mexico Minoz FB page that they are planning something when LMH is discharged from MS. I really have to give them credit. They seem really well organized. @gtLmh0622 do you know if Minoz Japan, China or Korea have something planned? I assume Korean Minoz are planning something. @alovebof What about Minoz thailand? The good and bad about LMH returning. The good is obvious. The bad, such as it is, is that we probably won't see him for a while. i assume he'll be busy planning his schedule. I think he'll have a fan meeting first. Hmm, if that's correct, I wonder if he will reveal if he has chosen a drama or movie.
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