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  1. I do not understand the boy all this hesitation, I suspect that he considers her only a dear friend but does not want to admit that he is in love with someone that the family would not approve. I am convinced that he is gay, but he wants to hide it, in my opinion he has a love interest for his colleague, whenever he and his girlfriend are together he behaves abnormally uncomfortable, when the colleague asked to be able to have meetings in the dark with some of her friends he was not happy.
  2. when the bad guys begin to tremble and be punished for their sins, I hope not in the penultimate episode with a collective death. the writer is not really happy with all the times they tried to eliminate EJ, new chance, I'm tired of this mania of him. I had imagined a blackmail marriage for SR with the gangster before going to jail the writer does not use fantasy.
  3. I thought the process was for divorce custody, why did the child change surname? everyone wants that the father who raised him for 10 years, cuts off any relationship with the child, absurd, just because he is not his biological father! however, he is an adoptive father, he should be treated as such and not as a perfect stranger. If the mother continues with that goal of undoing it, the baby will need psychological support that will surely recommend maintaining the bond.
  4. the child loves his mother but only thanks to the fact that the father who raised him did not make him hate her, on the contrary he encouraged his attempts at rapprochement, justified the shortcomings. the child after the divorce was not prevented from having contact with the other parent, her mother was only asked to inform her when she would meet him. from the preview I perceive that the honeymoon is over. However, an idiot ex-husband is really an incompetent father, his daughter leaves home and does not call her, does not care, does not delegate others in the family to mediat
  5. what a horrible mother, poor child when he finds out that his mother lied about who his biological father is, he will be traumatized. Because she doesn't denounce it ? heroin is still too good, that man deserves someone to teach him a lesson, selfish and arrogant as he can aspire to succeed the president, I want her to report him to show him the green mice. The couple of ex dumped are really cute; the three of them together give the idea of a nice family.
  6. the cheating husband is an idiot, he is treating his biological daughter very badly. The girl told the truth when she replied that she cannot consider her a stepmother, since she is no longer a child, she has not tried to mediate, to meet her daughter, he has not realized, that he has put himself in a bad light in the face to her, for how she treated her mother. Don't understand the old man? I thought he was able to understand people, why expect his grandson to come and live in their family? he does not see that he is happy, that woman has never cared about him, her son! Do they really want to
  7. she was shocked when he confessed that he knew about it, I think he thought the ex husband would have given up on his son knowing the truth! I was happy with the reaction of the protagonist's mother with her son-in-law, you are not yet legally divorced and you go around with her lover, without shame! he is worried about the alleged son, about how the father who raised him treats him, judging him to be unqualified, but he does not care about her daughter, whom he has hurt and criticized. selfishly he put himself first, he didn't even ask for her when he came home, in fact her aunt wa
  8. I think the co-worker while trying to help her capture her crush, making her more confident and open, falls in love with her first. I don't think she has bed scenes for them, but a kiss or a confession from her while he's drunk, which makes her feel uncomfortable every time she sees him.
  9. her daughter is the reason must think only of herself , really a toxic environment. So the father knows that he is not his son! Of course that cheating husband is a fool, I hope that when he realizes that the woman he loves has deceived him and used him for her money he will suffer a lot. Neither the cheating husband or the mother-in-law are thinking about the good of the child, for them the important thing that must come to live with them, they do not consider that for that child they are strangers who for 10 years had a father who loved him. When her mother, she really thinks from that she
  10. he hasn't forgotten it in 5 years just think of the song he always sang to his son, a memory only of himself and of EJ that HR didn't know. HR instead canceled every possible concession with EJ photos, family, memories, nobody had to talk about EJ especially with unni oppa present. Then he married her even though she didn't love her for her son, I think both families lobbied for that. if you look at the behavior of HR's father in recent scandals, I don't think considering his political ambitions, that he would have accepted that his HR daughter had had a child out of wedlock. Then considering
  11. the still horrible father still has two faces, one sweet, kind, understanding for his wife and daughters and one harsh, critical, rude, insensitive to his sons and daughters-in-law. his wife pointed out to him that it is necessary to support encouraging children and that his attitude should not be too protective towards daughters who must create their own happiness, have a positive attitude towards other people.
  12. she is a horrible woman, selfish does think only of herself, She does not care if she hurts her son, ex-husband or daughter of her beau. she does not calculate that a woman who ruins a marriage is never well regarded. He has a daughter who she is 25 who does not love her, indeed she will be a ruthless enemy. his father as well as her director sell it with her true colors, she has not in the least hidden her goal to become the new daughter-in-law of this family to make a career, I hope that everything about her turns against her. husband is also selfish, does her lover make him feel young? this
  13. I don't know what to think it was nice today but in the end anyway I heard a shot before he fired at Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young, for this they had turned around, I don't want Han Seo to lose her life but the bloody cell phone does not promise a happy ending.
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