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  1. it can be said that opposites attract but similar people mate in fact JU and AR apparently are cold and closed towards others because they are wounded, but they have a warm and sincere heart and in a mature way they take responsibility for their choices, while BR and DR seem to be kind and caring, but they are extremely selfish and self-assured, blame others easily and don't apologize easily. I hate transvestite dad he is really selfish bad and sees others top down, as if he is right and others are wrong. JU is a good person, but they judge her based on her family. I don't want Bira to go to l
  2. AR's father still hasn't forgiven her for having chosen to raise her sister, he would like to cancel her existence, he accepted the marriage unwillingly, weighs them down, he didn't wish his daughter a happy birthday as well as Bora forgot her, he is a hypocrite. No dad is saved here, even the grandfather has his faults for how he treated his daughter after the divorce or the transvestite who for years did not think about the woman he had left, at least to see if he had not had problems because of him, for then feeling guilty when he found out he had a daughter, what to do when his problems ar
  3. I want to see ByR in the bridesmaid dress. the sister should insist that Ari put on a wedding dress, if not for the ceremony at least for the couple photos, a good excuse so JS seeing her would understand that he is in love lost, after all if he dresses as elegant and beautiful as his sister BR.
  4. in this drama the important moments are behind doors and in the corners of corridors I was saddened that it was not revealed that the pregnancy was false, at least to her mother who is so troubled by this unfortunate daughter
  5. Indeed, if the writer wants to punish YR and JS's mom, develop YU's past as a non-daughter Han, rehabilitate his uncle, meet the two divided lovers, 5 episodes are needed. It was not for nothing that until now he had wasted time on uninteresting things. Who knows if he will think about revealing the non-pregnancy? in this case it is necessary to add another episode, but maybe I missed some other plot?
  6. JS I don't think that to save his father's partner and his he agrees to marry her. However, if she AR does not marry him she will not be able to marry her sister either. BR can't stand up to Sunny's family or that of JS's parents if she reacts to difficulties by running away! Dad is horrible he doesn't want AR to marry and so she should remain a single mother, but she doesn't want this shame, so she demands that she give up on the baby, then accepts BR's desire to marry JS just because she is suffering ... or rather that none of their daughters marry him but are trapped by the witch
  7. If he loved him as a son he would not leave him stuck with a wife like YU who does not love him and will blackmail him for the rest of his life. He is thinking only of her but not of the good of the son, with this I undoubtedly put her maternal love for her, he does not want to lose the husband he loves, so put on a scale weighs her husband more than her son! JS loves his mother but knows that if she stays with YU it will be hell for him. The secretary must be really in love with JS's mom to so intrude in family life, he wouldn't do better to find how to take out YR who is tormenting
  8. SA is a selfish little spoiled girl, she says she loves JH but she wants to ruin him to make him her own, love is something else, letting those you love live happily. She also thinks that having kicked her bio daughter out of her house, her stepmother will erase her from her heart, a daughter found but that she too had always been present in that heart in the past she does not vanish. I hope NR doesn't end up with SA he needs a family that's the love that goes looking for a place he can call home to return to. However NR gets hurt too often, likely that he has a serious accident to save someon
  9. it would be a good opportunity for the writer if JS were invested. I wonder but how long does she plan to carry on the YR fake pregnancy with her father-in-law. I think TP will investigate the ranking ask why it was falsified, but I still don't see him investigating the Foundation, as someone has already indicated at the beginning and is destined to return to the way it was, I'm so sorry
  10. what is the writer preparing, with the invitation from YJ's father to the restaurant to meet the lady without memory? Does it come out that he knew her? let's hope they are not brother and sister. poor child even when he is dead won't leave him alone, let someone tell YU that he can't have children anymore. Let's hope madness isn't its ending!
  11. I don't understand but in Korea is it so bad to be a single mom? however I think that at the beginning of a pregnancy they are all a bit scared and it takes time to collect their thoughts, evaluating everything in cold blood but ARI's mother seems overly emotional to me. Also why does ARI refuse to tell the family if she has decided to have it? afraid that they will make her marry her or that her father will throw her out of the house JU is not in love with Bora if I understand correctly she does not want to have love affairs, an instinct of protection for a past disappointment that has de
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