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  1. Ep 11 Review Baby Bro needs a Special Mention, he ia cute and Poor guy has to See everyone of his family members In the HEAT OF THE MOMENT and the gurl he likes pays no attention to Him....OH SHEET MY EYES!! the way he Openly challenged Seojoon he will make his sis intrested in him was Cute and Daring. I can't with Mr Im.His wife Has her reasons to Dominate him, HE NEVET USES Brain when required.15000 Won for a Taxi Ride? good Lord. Unnie and Teacher need a Spinoff.I loved the slight heart to heart IJG has with her. Ok first of all there are so
  2. Lol C media never reports their own Celebs news properly , how do they get hold of Korean Artist news?. Naver is still Way more Legit. I feel you, 30th Feb , Uff. Nvm.
  3. Ep 9-10 Review. I wish the writers Give Seojoon More scenes than Sujin, it became so Boring at one point Lord. Unnie and Teacher-Unnie is impulsive and confident and Teacher hiding their relationship makea Sense much more than IJG at this point.Glad he Told her the Facts, A teacher dating someone from his student family is not accepatable in Asian Cultures that easy.Also He clarified that he knew Unnie better than he showed, he may nkt wear the pants in their relationship But He is More Reasonable.I love them Together.and I loved where she claimed He is My Lover He is m
  4. GQ+FENDI YAYAAAA.... Fit thin Long Legs = A reminder that I need to start exercising Lol.
  5. Episode 8 Review.... IJGs makeup Issues are More than Love Issues, hahahaha. Suho Spoke FINALLY.Dude thank God you did not disappoint your Friend with Weird Hairdo. I love Seojoon, I loved when his family was watching A familiar Wife and he got all mad on Someone having a Dab on a Girl just because they Liked her First.But dude is Manipulative.He does like IJG but somehow he is so Underconfident in himself He has to Make sure to let SUHO know that IJG should not be with Suho. Their Lion fight in Savannah Grasslands and finally after jumping on each other they
  6. I lOVEEE What he wore today, I was so bored of Black honestly this suit of his gives a slight twist to Formals. It does need a Long Legged man like him to carry it like a Pro.
  7. Episode 7 Review. Lmao...Throughout It Took an Adult Looking Manchild to make both Dreamg Manchildren to finally Pursue IJG openly. THEY Even turned into cheerleaders so ADult Manchild can win the game and leave for US.BTW He was Smooth his wooing skills were woah.... Seojoon is gonna endup like next Jisoo, true if the writers only Keep on giving him Sass and Bold attitude without any Actual Actions. IJg finally spoke Up to her Mum.Loved that Courage. Teacher finally lost his Mind in Love and Virginity, UNNIE is a Smooth Flirter Woman...she rocks t
  8. Can I do 2018 then? Ashes Of Love, there aint no Story which Breaks your Heart Like this one does.Even L&R is inspired at a lot of Places.
  9. @partyon Haha I can expect Abs from a Lot of Actors, KSH I have never expected, I mean His acting is more Precise than Ab show, for few scenes this past year even his ABs became Defined LMAO. @MayanEcho WITH YOU is something I saw because of my Cdrama Bias Denglun(I swear his drama depravation is REAL , he is worse than LMH in making his fans wait lol), but each different story so Real Hard Hitting and Hopeful. Like I always say CDRAMA If done Right is way better than any K drama out there, this was one of those. @msdot Count me IN for not caring about the TKEM Pair. TK
  10. OMGee...We have a CDRAMA POLL Yayay!!! 1) Which was the best C-drama of 2020? But my most fav CDRAMA show maybe couldn't be listed because that was not internationally Popular and Polarizing views. It's WITH YOU (Anthology Episodes how the Normal People Coped up with COVID-19, available on Iqiyi) , The struggle was real but the ending was Hopeful gave courage , out World is battling the disease but somehow People around the region have gone lackluster without wearing relevant Masks, they can use this as a Reminder about why was a Lockdown necessary and how frontlin
  11. Hhaha BOF Rewatch Party, Considering K drama these days START with trumpets and End with a PLOP, BOF seems a Golden Rewatch TBH. ALMOST PARADISSEE..........
  12. hmm, Best Drama 2020. 1. TRUE BEAUTY(If this can be counted) 2. FLOWER OF EVIL 3. It's Ok not to be Okay 4. King The Eternal Monarch 5. Zombie Detective
  13. In restrospect KES is a pretty Big and Respected Writer as Well in SK. Lee Gon was actually Tailor Made for him , its just when KES lost her team of writers who worked with her during previous 3 shows ,TKEM Story Execution Suffered, It may have the best Choice for his Comeback then considering she Literally gave back to back Critically Acclaimed Hits.And the writer had Credbility working for her. That being said I still think KES does imagine him as her Disney Prince then again LG had a solid Foundation, Editing Team Didn't. TKEM unfortunately suffered in a Lot of Unpl
  14. Nono no NO KES for LMH. KES has a certain Prince Charming Complex when she casts LMH unfortunately which makes his character look half baked. He needs to Divulge in better Roles now. I mean I do like Prince Charming LMH but I want everyone to see the Potential he has not fully shown in recent years in mainstream Dreamland. Switched from KES prince in Need to PJE's ERIC in The little Mermaid to Emperor Lee Gon via KES.
  15. Lee Seung Gi is the guy who makes me confused with his and Lee Joon Ki's name. He was in My girlfriend is a Gumiho and Korean Odyssey, also is a singer and a Host and Variety Star. LMH is so lowkey 2021 I discovered a New Friend of his, that makes me happier.
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