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  1. EP 13 Review : HK is officially the worse out of HK and Cha, he knowingly did not contact NJN all these years when he knew she sat by and waited for him day by day. NJN I think has a clear winner and just needs a closure with HK ,while LHK wanted to make Cha confess he is guilty but Cha who has basically bought up him puts the entire scenario straight forward without eating any words finally makes him realize the error he did is a scene worth a watch. NJN is not a Toy HK fails to get that IMO. I like how Papa Cha basically described the pros and cons of both Cha and Lee it ma
  2. Happy Bday LeeMinHo, may your stars always shine bright. We love you laughs and sincerity to your work. Be HAPPY ALWAYS.
  3. EP 12 Review : Cha is restless and wants to read chapter 2 of the story Writer Lee Hyeon wrote, but she is Mia, he himself visits NJN and wants a straightforward answer so he can either steal her from his friend or be an unrequited Lover. NJN is all overwhelmed. I like his straightforwardness , saves some Noble Idiocy track here. Meanwhile LHK discovers that there is a writer LH who coincidently writes about him and NJN's story. Again our scholar Bro T figures out that LH is His name so what is he blabbering about Lee Hyeon!! I swear people in Love are dumb and people around t
  4. Lol On the contrary I think for this show the Love triangle is the only Story Present here so discussions are more, the main leads have only chemistry nothing to get hooked on to as a Background or story for that matter.
  5. EP 11 Review: Main Storyline - FF most of it, all they do is talk cute, stroll and eat, addon a random Kevin who is married to a native Korean wife who speaks in Korean and he does not understand it, Wonderful, that's what we needed for an already dragfest storyline. Nevermind. So Doom gets TDK back...Yayay.... then.....FF..then TDK is distressed because her family is under wraps about her deadline and She has a choice to save world, herself her love her family, so Dora offers her a way out that Is she has to die but her destiny with Doom ends so he and world survives without any s
  6. Still 17 WAS my First Kdrama, I loved loved that show, I ended up watching Legend of the Blue sea for SHin Hye Sun then switched to stanning Lmh lol , but I think of my kdrama binging the max number of shows I have watched is of Shin Hye Sun, (Still17, LOTBS,Oh My ghostess, and Mr Queen). One of the most versatile actress of her generation and someone who is not typecast, I just love her shows.
  7. Hey Niceee Topic....but below are my Most Fav Noona.... Category 1 are Same age so they are Chingus Lol. The Noona Who for me is Goddess Incarnate. Noona do a Saeguk Please. The Noona Whose eyes makes me wander to another storyland.Please do a show which is NOT FANATSY its high time now And the Very Underrated Noona.She can transform into anyone and Everyone.Waiting for you more Noona.
  8. EP 10 Review : IMO I can just skip the entire Main Lead storyline watch last 10 minutes for one liners which for the day is " Sorry I loved you" " Do you think you can run away from Me", Doom is a Semi God , a Human expected to go mia cheating him how dumb? TDK logic is leave everyone to save them, woman if you have few days left no one will be saved if they did not get the opportunity to meet you for the last time ,it will be more horrific than living. She opted to leave everyone and live a Blue Lagoon life on the beach. Her last plea and her only Plea is that sh
  9. Some rants about EP 9. Pardon me beforehand Lol. Second Lead Triangle : Lee Hyeon saw Cha knew Ji Na , Understood he deliberately hid Ji Na from meeting him, saved Cha from his father getting embarrassed in front of his Boss,Yet he barged in and said Date me to NJN because he was her First love Like and feels? Team leader Cha is like super guilty but his sarcasm to his boss while defending TDK are On point. NJN is still obsessed with LH & unceremoniously leaves Cha and runs away to LH to meet him and he is left feeling bad, Like what were you expecting, she is a shallow di
  10. I have been watching this show, but at a snail's pace. EP 1 -8 Review : Main storyline is not coherent, Everything depends on Dora the explorer Goddess makes the Puppet Doom do. She basically pulls and pushes the entire situation around, other than that the main storyline has no story IMO. Park Bo Young I missed her so much, her chemistry with SIG is good, kiss scenes are great, her one liners and workplace scenes are wonderful, also her and LSH's banter is fun. The Mainstoryline is how to use the word Love in different sentences every episode :
  11. Any Indian Fans over here Boys over Flower will be airing on TV channel ZCafe as per their official Fb page. Wow First time I can watch Him on TV on a Tv channel and not via Netflix/Viki. https://www.facebook.com/ZeeCafe/videos/153503746738935/
  12. Darn Now that I remember If you were to be saved from being run over by a truck of doom, who would you like to save you? EDWARD CULLEN FROM TWILIGHT lol. He was my First Teen crush and saved Bella from Cars of doom Lol.
  13. It's Monday Here Almost ! ! Happy 15 years to LMH. And thank You for accompanying me in the closed Indoors and Let me explore a world of New shows after almost a Decade. And yes getting me addicted to This as well
  14. Blind Item #1 ...Best Second CP of Kdramaland and Best Fantasy/Human EVER! Also OST lol. Blind Item #6 is one of my Fav Kdramas ever and the best BF in cpland. And thanks for tagging Bind Item #5 Blind Item #7 ummm The Cast which can never be Recasted together ever? Unless they have budget of 20 Dramas , and one of the best quotes...The one who Wears the Crown ...Bears the crown Blind Item #9 Blind Item #11 The most overrated show ever. IMO Dont kill me lol.
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