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  1. Aigooo these pics remind me of Joon Jae with LG hairstyle in few.
  2. Haha ...and Got a Bit slimmer on face. Dude Plastic Surgery Fake Doc entering Seoul Hospital. Eshhh.... Please please spare me these expected makajhang twist. Fingers crossed the writer won't let me down.
  3. MINHO in Shanghai LV Spring Festival 2021.(Checked his IG update) China Loves LMH
  4. Agreed!! Because she was Dead was not entirely shown, quite contrary there were hints that her or someone related to her was always lurking in the background. The show always had the feeling of mystery horror alongwith Healing Process.
  5. Exactly. MY'm mom being alive doesn't contribute anything to the story. She does TBH. It is not easy for GT to fully convince or get rid of MY feeling guilty over their Mum's death. For MY she knows that DHJ must have killed Moon Mum because of the possessiveness. How do convince MY that she is not responsible? It leaves a deep psychological impact. A kid knowing her mother being possessive and crazy v/s actually experiencing her killing/attacking as an Adult and then understand that she is NOT HER MOTHER in MInd Games and tendencies have a much different impact. MY may have cut her hair, she is still not over fully from being trapped being her Mother's daughter. Her father kept on saying MY and DHJ are same, imagine the impact on top of knowing that same mother is responsible for ruining the Life of her Prince Charming Saviour. MY encountering her mother now and then Healing entirety with Moon Brothers will be much more fulfilling in overall impact of storyline narration.
  6. This possibility just ruins the entire let's say very out of box K drama experiences for this show TBH for me. This was one unconventional show, and for the writers to just insert the fake doctor entering room rghh....
  7. We were CHEATED out for Tyrant Lee GON and villain/anti hero LEE-JIHoon !!! And Thank You for stating LJH uniform wrt to HJJ FAKE Uniform. I get why LG supposedly wore Loose clothes, why was LJH subjected to that as well, I mean in Time reset nobody ain't strangled him or made him a King of Korea!!! (Shakes my head ) Anti Hero Tendency Role for LMH please.!!!!!!!!!! I am personally tired of his Fairy tale heros (not that I mind it, but gimme some BAD BOY scary screaming feels as well) #wishesofafangirl
  8. Hola, GOOD POINT!!! Head Nurse was supposedly working for a LOOOONG Time in OK CARE CENTER and the Kid's father died in Seoul Hospital. Writer NIM better show some logic missing parts here.
  9. Andd......We are back to Rocky sorry PsychoBio Horror Show.!!! Dang!!! I am proud of you ST OPPA!!! For taking care of MY and GT. JS is a friend one is lucky to have for life.But stop calling KT weak, he may be a suppressed coward , it takes a LOT to be him for you to call him weak. Weird example to make him stick together in a screwed up situation though. LSI and JR are cute. Can Director Doc and JR's mom end up together They are so Good. Random Scene , GossipBoy CY is Director's Son??? What Why did I need to know that?? The heart breaks for MY and GT. I think the pigtails of MY in Epi 15 preview, is her loosing Memory/intense trauma after she watches something happening in cursed castle between DHJ/GT. The writer NEEDS to show how did DHJ Survive??? And How did MY grow up and where.... ST Oppa better Survive Also WHY isn't the Cursed Castle EVER Locked from Inside Ever Day OR NIGHT!!! It is like a Free GAS Station, anyone can enter anytime. #HopingforaHEA
  10. Huh? Wasn't Twilight and BOF released around samE time ??? 2008(Twilight) 2009 BOF ???. Figures the Vampire Craze, Twilight and Vampire Diaries was popular in 2008-2013 Era (Rpatzz and Edward Cullen) and Then we had the Korean GREEK God LMH flourishing around the same time with all his yumminess??
  11. Aah This Pic, The Drawing is completed and Flowers have Pink colors instead of Blue Outline. ST found his Door !!!
  12. I forgot about that scene of POR, thank you for reminding.There might be some inconsistencies in both POR/Head Nurse. Hope we will know in detail by next 2 episodes. @shazbinjin I know there was gap between Lady peeking through window and Choking incident wrapup, but was it that much?? I mean I do think the Notes kept in Wicked witch of West Book given to ST by POR was left by Head Nurse and HN acting too lovingly towards ST/Dad makes sense in that manner , still there are some very visible doubts.
  13. I am so darn confused right now. Whose memory is Actually Reliable??? And I still think the Head Doctor Knows more than meets the Eye. I can be wrong though!!! MY's dad kept on 2nd guessing himself about killing MY's mother.He did throw and Lock her, but as per MY she disappeared from basement , as per her father She was thrown pit deep into sea packed inside a bag. In either cases, My's mom had a serious Head injury, Does it really make sense for Head Nurse to be her Mum? (She does have the exact dress of Moon Mum's murderer on). If I can recall, the scene where MY's DAD was choking MY when they went for a walk, wasn't Head nurse standing there as well?? And there was a Different Lady looking through Window stating Serves you right? (Around Episode 4) #EpicConfused.
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