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  1. Omg @gm4queen thank you Omg the way he gave the rose its soooo cute of course u will accept him so he is married in this drama pretty interesting cant wait till 24 of june right
  2. yes he is cute the way he acts every moment @gm4queen his beard do suits him sooo well ur right, just like from the ghost detective
  3. thank you so much for the links in my country we were sleeping at the time when the vlive aired @gm4queen
  4. I just though but i read something from the instagram in korean language they say confirmed at the end of june @gm4queen
  5. http://asianwiki.com/The_Beast_(2019) Choi daniel looks good in those jackets See trailers below of this provided link
  6. @gm4queen thanks for tagging and the links. Sorry for the very late reply hope i didn't miss anythings
  7. He is sooo cute with black even from the ghost detective press conference where he worn brown he also look good too there @gm4queen
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