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  1. @gm4queen yes we miss him badly i hope there will news saying choi daniel had confirmed the drama""""""".
  2. Sooooo sweet if u this is soooo beautiful it made me wanting them to be in next romantic drama for danbin. I wish in future or NEXT YEAR. @gm4queen
  3. Omg this is sooo hard i think both looks hot. But i think the black one is looking sooo attractive on him. U can see his tight muscular @gm4queen
  4. I love the image soooo much its sooo different to otger couples @gm4queen Yes i love the video sooo much u did sooo good it make me soooo happy seeing them both thanks for ur hard work the music suited the best u did soooo great keep it up darling @Pyar i love this image soooo much thank you
  5. Yes they are made for each other. They r soooo cute and beautiful like flowers. I cant wait for the Japanese reaction on them aswell. @gm4queen I love this moment its sooo cute he care about her even they just met. Bc yowool os someone who need protection. Just like in the interview where choi Daniel says she need protection and shes lile a flower. Guys what is ur favourite moments between lee da ll and jeong yo wool? To me is this bc its sooo beautiful and sad also that there is a scene of backhug in horror drama which is sooo emotional. @gm4queen @Pyar
  6. its true that he hate travelling i heard one of the interview. also he quit college after just one semester in order to do acting career. he appeard in the music video called love ballad and coin laundry @gm4queen @Pyar
  7. OMG this is sooooooooooooooooo cute cant wait love the screenshots omg the way lee dail stare at her through the mirror cant wait keep it up dear @gm4queen
  8. i miss them in this drama. im planning to watch the ghost detective again after my exam. i hope in future they would casted again together again in a romantic drama @gm4queen
  9. Awwww soooooi sweet love ur message. Yes i have feeling he might have crush on her. Park eun bin felt shy around him dont u think bc he is sooooo handsome @gm4queen and yes maximum of daniel fans ship soo hard.
  10. Yes its pretty surprised that we have the dream on a same day. I could be a sign that we might meet up with @Pyar @gm4queen yes lets pray everyday for them. Thanks for reading my dream
  11. Omg @gm4queen im soo surprised this is soooo cute i love ur dream. I hope ur dream come true one day and hopefully thats a sign of choi daniel and park eun bin will be casts again in a romantic drama. Where every fangirl will fall in love more more. Ur dream is sooo amazing and beautiful thanks for telling us. As i told u that i have dream too. Its about park eun bin and choi daniel. When me and u @gm4queen @gm4queen and @Pyar. U guys were in my dream thats weird. As we were walking through the road and we saw choi daniel. I think it was u @gm4queen who saw him first and we were surprised and we rushed there we rushed to him but we founf him with another woman. Which is park eun bin we were sooo happy and asked for hug and we hugged them. . Hope this come true lets pray together. Ur nearly done watching the ghost detective @gm4queen I cant remember i much i watched.
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