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  1. I hope this is good! The leads look cute together! Is this gonna be on viki or Netflix? If not, where do people usually watch dramas with English subs? Thank you
  2. Are they trying to kill us before episode 5 airs??? How many kisses is ep5 gonna tease? First the scenes in the teaser and now these stills. My heart can’t handle this Also I work 12 hour night shifts thurs, fri and sat... when am I gonna fit in watching the new episodes?? Seriously considering sacrificing my sleep.....
  3. Can I just say I am loving this drama, no matter the rating!! Also I wasn’t 100% convinced with LMH and KGE chemistry before but I take back all of my doubts. They are perfect. also @Wis dom where did you find that clip of those clips of them walking and holding hands all coupley??? Where is that cut scene from?? OMO
  4. @stella77 Thank you so much for that in depth explanation! Makes sense now.. at first I was so confused and thought this was a plot hole.
  5. Wow.. what a roller coaster! Was a little sad that there were only 6 episodes and before I knew it, I was already done. I am however still a little confused about one thing-
  6. Omo... still in awe of this episode. So the ending was not 100% what I wanted, as 2 weeks a year is still a little bittersweet to me but the way it was executed... I will take it and am happy. It did feel right to end it where they all started— where they can both be free and in love and happy for even 2 weeks a year. That paragliding scene... from just the cinematography to the dialogue (tying things back in from NK episodes) and of course that KISS!!!!!!! What we’ve all been waiting for.. finally!! Daebak. But I think what took the cake for me was the last epilogue scene. The house.. the pictures...the scenery.. the romantic colors of their outfits and flowers and just how HAPPY and IN LOVE they look My heart fluttered and that’s why I forgot about the limited time span they have together and how they still have to stay separated most of the time. It doesn’t matter, they are happy and thankful and in love and they are proof that love has no borders and really does find a way Some side thoughts- -what are the chances of a sequel someday due to the semi open ending? A girl can hope... -are they releasing that last song in the epilogue in the Switzerland scenes? -besides the ending, really wanted to give kudos to SYJ and HB in the separation scene with the NIS at the border. I found myself actually crying as I could feel their desperation and sadness... especially from SYJ. Truly daebak
  7. OMG! I am so glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t find the thread. I was freaking out ~~ guess I’ll be over here and on Twitter
  8. So I calmed down and watched the episode with the subs and did not hate it as much as I thought... really hopeful this was all necessary to set up a happy ending for episode 16. Also loved the NIS guys... they are shippers just like us LOL. Hoping for a beautiful reunion that is more than 2 min long with I love yous, deep kisses, and eventually twins
  9. Are we sure the writer nim remembers that this is supposed to be a rom com??? I’m not sure at this point
  10. WTH!!! What was that? We barely got any moments with our couple... now seri is in another coma?? I swear to god if she wakes up and has amnesia in the last episode, I’m done. I don’t know what to expect anymore.......
  11. I’m freaking out... eeeee! Can someone PM me the live stream link please??
  12. Ahhhh I regret not listening to my parents and learning my korean better because I wish I could read that ep15 summary any translations?
  13. Ahhhh noooOoOo ~~ okay well I will still be praying for happy ending and twins