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  1. @starrynicPretty sure they'll end up together since we have enough episodes for that to happen. At the same time, there's not enough time for JK and SJ's webtoon story to develop. @backstreetboysfan may not be allowed to post this but i just wanted to say i would have taken your nickname if you hadn't created it cos i've been a fan for 27 years!
  2. Replying to All the posts above cos i don't know which post to quote. My 2 cents on why everyone is so bias when it comes to "teams" especially with Seojun. These people come from reading the webtoon and the story there is obviously different. Seojun gets the girl (at least at the beginning). These people then watch the drama with the same expectation, but sadly, that did not happen and they start screaming "that's not fair!" and starts lamenting on drama seojun's plight. Webtoon seojun isn't as annoying. He at least treats JK respectfully (although he did ask suho to die )
  3. @starrynic @airasara Gonna agree with both of you on this point. Team suho/seojun is just a really pointless discussion. Seojun in this drama is overstepping boundaries of both his so called friend and JK. He obviously knows that they are in a relationship and time and again he tries to get close to JK and acts like he's going to steal her away from SH? I'm not even going to mention how he first approached JK. I have utter disrespect for this character. His scenes annoy me.
  4. yes this also happened in the webtoon. but the webtoon lack depth in the characters which was part of the reason why i dropped it. This drama is alot better than the webtoon in my opinion. i didn't dislike HSJ as much in the webtoon though . The HSJ here is arghhh... again i don't think they deviated from the webtoon. The drama HSJ is the HSJ from the webtoon but better (or badder), likewish LSH is the same but with way more expressions, LJH is the same but not as dimwitted or shallow.
  5. To Cha Eunwoo's defence, this is my first time seeing this actor and i didn't know there was anything bad about his acting until i read some netizen comments. I guess these views are and will always be subjective. there are wildly popular actors/actresses out there who can't act but yet they are getting all kinds of recognition from people. I read the webtoon and Lee Suho only had 1 expression 90% (if not 99%) of the time, so i'm really happy to see this drama version of Lee Suho and how the character has been portrayed. I agree on your views on Seojun, i really dislike him in th
  6. There was an "error" in that JG / Suho helmet scene. When they showed her upclose inside the helmet, her entire face was without makeup and you can see her acne. but when she took it off later, it was a half half.
  7. I read the webtoon sometime back and was excited for this! Episode 1 was alot better than i thought. it is slightly different from the webtoon but those memorable moments are all nicely included . Don't bother reading the webtoon in case anyone is curious, it went downhill midway. Let's hope the drama corrects it.
  8. So i finally started on save me. i watched for WDH but oh man! The storyline is so good!!! The creepy part is due to the cult and psychotic believers. Those high school kids though, they're probably borned psychopaths.
  9. LOL allow me to quote this bit of that article cos it's funny. and yup, i don't understand LOL. i thought Jo yeong was and then they put him in hanbok and that mane of glory and i died. sorry Jo Yeong, seonho won me over. #5: You don’t understand the depth of Woo Do Hwan’s beauty. Drama Geek: Photos can only convey so much, but put this man in elegant hanbok, slap a mane of glory on him, and he’s about the most divine creature you can behold.
  10. oh my goodness, those actually look legit! Yay! another my country fan. I love that drama. Unlike TKEM, i didn't have a "i wsh.. if only" list. And yes he's looking really good in sageuk, i really want to see him in another sword fighting badass role. About the girl.. i dont know if it's her acting, she's just one dimensional like you said and i feel no chemistry between her and anyone else in the drama. i'd say remove her and put more seonho lol. Lets look out for SBS2020 nominations!
  11. So awesome to see that TKEM cast are still close! They look like regular people just chilling out at someone's home.
  12. oooooo he posted!! his other post is still up though. maybe his dog didn't like that selfie and demanded him to take it down. LOL
  13. @Ava Jo i had to rewatch it immediately after finishing the drama, skipping to seonho parts only. haha. The abs are so defined they cast shadows on the other abs.<--- this made me laugh h . i know it's sweat in that scene but it looked like he oiled himself for that shot , not that i'm complaining. there are many more scenes where you can get a glimpse of those abs, keep watching lol. yeah there wasn't much explanation about why he came to like the girl (maybe due to lack of choices lol) @bri that halloween post though, he makes a good mythical
  14. Welcome to My Country where the screen always lights up when Seonho appears LOL. You won't regret watching this
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