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  1. I'm only at episode 11 but i wanted to drop a note because this show is just incredibly well written.
  2. THIS i totally cracked up when you said it's your favorite hobby HAHAHAHA I agree , i love how he looked as JY. also SH in my country. His jawline in tempted was too sharp, too skinny. Boy needs to eat more eggs.
  3. So i finally started to watch tempted. WDH needs to check who the female lead is before he picks a project. She trashed every scene, it's hard to watch because i see her trying to act and it looks so amateur. Haven't seen anyone this bad in Kdrama world before. Sorry if anyone is a fan here. Other actors including WDH were great though. Still halfway through it. Story wise, i would say it's more suited for the younger crowd. Teens maybe? Wouldn't recommend this. I'm glad he picked better projects after this drama. Also he looks way better now. haha
  4. I'm lazy to sub everything since i'm sure someone will eventually do it anyways but here are main snippets! so he's supposed to guess what the stuff in the box are used for. He hopes that they are stuff that he can use in the army like daily essentials. he opened it. 1st item, he thinks it's a toy that they use to play when they were young 2nd item, "it's normal that i don't know what this is right?" he thinks it's for the hands so he puts them on. 3rd item "i really don't know what this is, am i supposed to know what this is? "oh it's like a helme
  5. Never heard of him lol. I started watching them when i was little, though not an avid watcher. I like historical dramas, fantasy, sci fci (basically anything that is far from reality i realize!). I was never interested in following celebrities, WDH caught my interest, probably because we were in lockdown and TKEM at that time became my life, that's when i got interested to know more about WDH (quarantine does things to you LOL!) The only thing i noticed about jang hyuk is his speech and diction, other than that... hmm not really. and yes, i watched it because of WDH so maybe i
  6. Never heard of Jang Hyuk before this, so when i watched the drama, he was just another villian to me. I only saw how fu*ed up he was, nothing else HAHAHHA so when i started to read comments about him, i was confused. I was wondering which character he played (cos he received so much love) and when i realized it's bang won, i was even more confused.
  7. @rocher22 @Seonhoyaa how could i forget sung rok.. the man who has 1000 lives
  8. @SweetButters @Seonhoyaa Oh my gosh, thank you guys for the military posts. Good break for my eyes from a busy work day.
  9. i think TKEM was a fantastic choice because i got to know WDH from there. Although i do admit that TKEM itself has alot of flaws, i would have probably dropped it if not for WDH lol. He saved the show in my opinion. I've heard several mixed reviews on tempted but i've not watched it (yet) so i'll refrain from making comments. Although i suspect my opinion might be bias cos i'm not really into this type of dramas.
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