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  1. what is this ZZH livestream. where can i watch it? I honestly don't care if GJ can't sing, he's just so charming and entertaining! HAHAHA
  2. I've seen the clips on Youtube, WOW ZZH CAN SING! Him in ZZS outfit and singing the ost just made my entire year better. Also the opening theme song was a disaster but apparently no one cares (neither did I). I rather have them sing it off tune all the way cos it's just so fun. GJ was so off tune i sometimes wonder how does ZZH even keep in tune when singing with him.
  3. I'm going to give this a miss since i won't be able to understand a thing if there are no subtitles. But If i were you I'd buy from Youku since it's a one time payment. Is it normal for chinese dramas to have drama related concerts ? I find this rather refreshing. I've almost never heard of such events! Are any of the actors even singers? I know ZZH can sing and GJ is rather... entertaining when he sings, not sure about the rest. Or we may just end up as a ZZH private concert.
  4. I hope that the 2 actors get to do another drama together too on condition that they must have long shiny hair and swords in hand I'll watch it even though i don't understand a thing. HAHA
  5. So this is really a low budget film? I did notice the bad cgis but i haven't seen other chinese dramas so i thought it's the norm in china. Well that explains why ZZS looks different in some of the clips i saw on YT, he doesn't have that jaw line! He must have been eating very well after he got his taste buds back at least WKX still looks the same though. LOL
  6. Thanks for the tip! Followed your instructions and managed to post it it's not full body but he's definitely not in that robe!
  7. i mean... if it's really a fan edit, why edit one shot, they should edit the whole scene with him topless. i' can't remember where i saw that shot, i'll post it here if I come across it again. Edit: so i found the image on insta and screenshot it on my phone. i have no idea how to post it here
  8. I'm checking youtube and instagram only, maybe i should check out twitter. Alot of the videos or information are in Chinese and I don't know the language
  9. There MIGHT be one more scene from ep 30 because i saw a photo of ZZS topless when he was all chained up in that chair. That scene does not appear to be in the actual film though. Such a pity.
  10. I'm watching it on youtube, the youku channel. I wish i discovered this board earlier! i'm on episode 23 although i have more or less taken a peek at the remaining episodes. couldn't help myself! When my friend told me about about this drama, i didn't think i would enjoy such a genre, but boy was i wrong. the leads are also too beautiful (pun intended) for my eyes.
  11. This is my first ever chinese drama and man i don't even speak the language. A friend highly raved about this and i got curious. This has somehow taken over my life. How is this happening.
  12. @starrynicPretty sure they'll end up together since we have enough episodes for that to happen. At the same time, there's not enough time for JK and SJ's webtoon story to develop. @backstreetboysfan may not be allowed to post this but i just wanted to say i would have taken your nickname if you hadn't created it cos i've been a fan for 27 years!
  13. Replying to All the posts above cos i don't know which post to quote. My 2 cents on why everyone is so bias when it comes to "teams" especially with Seojun. These people come from reading the webtoon and the story there is obviously different. Seojun gets the girl (at least at the beginning). These people then watch the drama with the same expectation, but sadly, that did not happen and they start screaming "that's not fair!" and starts lamenting on drama seojun's plight. Webtoon seojun isn't as annoying. He at least treats JK respectfully (although he did ask suho to die )
  14. @starrynic @airasara Gonna agree with both of you on this point. Team suho/seojun is just a really pointless discussion. Seojun in this drama is overstepping boundaries of both his so called friend and JK. He obviously knows that they are in a relationship and time and again he tries to get close to JK and acts like he's going to steal her away from SH? I'm not even going to mention how he first approached JK. I have utter disrespect for this character. His scenes annoy me.
  15. yes this also happened in the webtoon. but the webtoon lack depth in the characters which was part of the reason why i dropped it. This drama is alot better than the webtoon in my opinion. i didn't dislike HSJ as much in the webtoon though . The HSJ here is arghhh... again i don't think they deviated from the webtoon. The drama HSJ is the HSJ from the webtoon but better (or badder), likewish LSH is the same but with way more expressions, LJH is the same but not as dimwitted or shallow.
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