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  1. ok understood oppa is calling me to korea.....booking the flight right away..... @Ameera Ali You want to come along?!?!
  2. Why is it only Tuesday today?!?! I feel like this week will never end.... -2
  3. How to take them seriously when they are like this...?!?!?! Whoever gave the idea to put mustache on V and Jin made my day.....hahahahaha. No matter how many times I watch it, I can't control myself from laughing out loud. LOLOL.
  4. looks like a ragged puppy that i want to take home..... -2
  5. How come sunday is already over?!?!?! -2
  6. Yeah grated coconut with normal milk and sugar will also do. Actually making coconut milk is very hard so we just go for milk and grated coconut. We use normal sugar, but I guess diet conscious people might choose brown sugar, I havent seen any of them using brown sugar in my friends and family circle. LOLOL. It will not get soggy if we eat it immediately. Hahahaha. This is not a dish suitable for lunch boxes and stuff. Lol. People who have sweet tooth will follow the above method, but people who wants savory will eat with Korma or paya. One more way to eat it is just breaking th
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