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  1. I can't believe that we still live in a world where getting a proper psychiatric help is still considered as a stigma and those who do are regarded blindly as insane people. We are living in 21st century and judging people for seeing a psychiatrist!?!? I mean no one in this world is completely sane, everyone at least in one point in our life would have faced something extremely terrible. It's how we recover that is different. Some recover on their own, some have great friends and family members who help them but for people who can't rely on any of them has to get professional help. I don't know why its still a big deal. And definitely celebrities have that add on pressure, you see so many of them committing suicide, if only they have gotten help sooner, I guess we wouldn't have lost them? Idk. As long as there are people judging other for seeking psychiatric help, those who are really in need of help will become hesitant to go. Let's just not create such a environment.
  2. She definitely needs medical help. About the beef soup, I definitely would get upset too, if something that I had prepared painstakingly specially for certain someone and they don't even touch it. Small things like this if we repress for a long time it will add up and burst out one day. That's why it's wise to get angry at someone exactly at the moment you are feeling it. -2
  3. @angelangie hahahaha I understand. I love LOTR too, I mean who doesn't?? Lol. And I'm just busy these days preparing for my exams, hence you couldn't find me more in soompi. @Lmangla Wait wait wait. You know that I'm a slow writer and a slow thinker, it took me half an hour to write that above post. I was going to post about pineapple head and his drama in my next post when I get time. You will not close this thread down, right?? Ashes of love was my first choice because you tagged me in that thread, so I assumed you wanted me to write about that show. Hahaha. I have a big heart too. So big that its housing dozens of oppas at the same time.
  4. Bwhahahahahaha what is this @angelangie????Do you really think there are still people out there who haven't watched LOTR till this day??? Nahhh I don't think so. LOL. You people already know what drama I will recommend..... Name: Heavy sweetness Ash like frost/Ashes of love Summary: It's about a naive little girl who can't feel love because of some "unfeeling pill" her mother gave her to protect her from any heartbreak in the future. I know.....her mother is stupid. But anyways love, as we all know is so strong that it can't be restricted like that. She falls in love with this handsome hot fire God despite having the unfeeling pill in her. I mean he is just soooo HAWWWWT, he is literally the fire God, for godsakes, it's hard not to feel anything when he is around. LOL. But the fire God has this douchebag half brother who wants to marry his brother's girl. Sighhh. Watch when you are in the mood for: Can be watched in any mood. LOL. Visual factor: XUUUUU FENNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG. Deng lun is gorgeous, enough said. Emotional moments that you liked: when Xufeng says to Jinmi "Our tree has died" after he comes back from dying. It gets me all the time. It is just so sad. Annoying bits you might need to ignore: The half brother had a lot more screen time in certain eps than the main leads. That was so annoying. And the demon princess love story was also not that captivating. *yawns* Overall grade: 11/10 Hahahaha. No other drama has made me feel such rollercoaster of emotions.
  5. @Lmangla Hey thanks for thinking of me. LOL. I have not been watching any dramas, honestly it's not because I don't have time, it's because I completely lost interest in them. Every drama grinds the same thing over and over again, nothing new. Meh. Its probably because I overdosed on dramas these last few years, now I feel like I got cured of my addiction. Hahaha. -2
  6. Excuse me mods, I need to quote this. LOL. Woww he kinda looks like Zhang bin bin. @themarchioness don't you think so?? I didn't know that the male lead of this show is this hot. I was going to watch this for Yang zi and it seemed like cute romcom. Ok now I have another reason to watch this show. -2
  7. But same goes for Kpop girl groups too. They all look the same to me..... I don't even know which group this is...I just randomly googled kpop girl groups and picked one. Haha. -2
  8. ^^^Honestly the only reason I'm still watching this show....pretty much everything was a disaster in this wedding. But still look how happy my babies are....Now I want to have my wedding in Niagara. LOL. -2
  9. @USAFarmgirl 2 How are you doing? @Dhakra I think I already told you that Rabb.it got adopted by someone called KAST. Go and check it out. And tell me how it works. @mouse007 There are only two type of people's reaction who have watched Well intended love. Either they love it so much or they think that it's absolute trash. Unfortunately I'm on the latter group. -2
  10. What are those voices saying dhakra? I'm curious to know. They, probably, are telling you to make fun of me for falling in love with every male lead in every drama I have watched. Right? Well I can't help it, ok? I have to live through fantasy because no guy in real life is half as awesome as my drama oppas. LOL Also I have already watched and rewatched every ep in every season of B99 a multiple times. LOL. I'm a certified B99-er. I think that is the fandom name. Hahaha. -2
  11. You must really want to die? Don't you? Where is that angry Bok Joo gif when I need it? Ughh. No there is no boy yet. It's just me lying awake contemplating my life decisions and how I could have done better. On other nights I think about how Jim and Pam are relationship goals and where to find a guy like Jim. And ofcourse on some nights I lay awake thinking about different ways to kill you. -2 Found it Credit to the owner Also did you know that Rabb.it is gone now? I was just thinking last week about how I could have asked to watch The office with me on rabb.it if it was still there. Sighh. I would have even called @mouse007 to watch with us. They have come up with something else called KAST now. I don't know how it works...it looks similar to rabb.it. I must explore it when I'm free.
  12. 804 @Dhakra I.... I don't know what to say. Have you finally gone insane? I don't understand what you are teasing me about. I can tell that you are really bored. Don't you have any dramas to watch? Should I recommend something? Good old LMH classic Boys over flowers? Or heirs?? You will definitely like them a lot. I'm kidding, don't you dare watch them only to say mean things about Oppa. Maybe we should play a game or something. Clearly I'm equally bored as you and this insomnia is killing me. It's 3 in the morning here and yet I'm wide awake sighhh. Plus I'm hungry.
  13. I suspect that too. Or it might just be because his fav girl group released an album or something.... Or one of those kpop girls replied to the comments he left on their social media. Who knows? Haha 780
  14. Yeah, why are you so giddy @Dhakra??? LOL. -2
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