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  1. No. This is a different restaurant. This restaurant has a much wider range of items, mostly south east Asian, it also has burmese and Japanese dishes. Omurice is nothing extraordinary, the first few bites were nice, they used sticky rice instead of fried rice, and it also didn't have much seasoning, so I had to add the leftover fire sauce from tacobell for some punch. LOL. -2
  2. I have ordered omurice today for lunch. Yes I'm eating lunch only now. Its almost 5pm here....sigh. Anyways I've always wanted to try omurice since I saw it in one of the Taiwanese series. I know its nothing much, just rice wrapped in egg, but I'm still excited. -2
  3. I agree. He is the perfect person to get a back hug from as he is tall and also has Broad shoulders @partyon I'm noting down all the things you have said about my oppas, remember that your oppa list is also with me....
  4. I also want to know @Min2206!!!! Lolol. -2
  5. I got a backhug......Meh.... "A warm embrace from someone who you’re totally smitten with. It’s even nicer because that person can’t bear to be without you and has most likely confessed their inner most feelings for you. Cuddle up into those hugs, you deserve it!" -2
  6. Should i also start watching Mr. Queen? Or are there any other interesting dramas airing right now? I'm kinda bored. And i'm taking a break from my turkish oppa for a while..... -2
  7. Yeah I couldn't find any authentic korean restaurants nearby.... it was not bad, but the portion was too huge for one person, I couldn't finish it. Trying to watch Youn's stay, but my bad data connection wouldnt let me to watch it. Sighh. -2
  8. I have ordered Kimchi fried rice from a Chinese restaurant nearby. Trying it for the first time, let's see whether its upto my taste.... -2
  9. He doesn't smile at all in the drama also. His character is so scary. And that is exactly why it is more rewarding even when he does a small gesture to show his interest in the female lead. He doesn't smile or flirt with her, instead he will just go and eat the omelette (with cumin..eww) made by her for one hour, taking in every bite slowly and make her stay by his side longer. He doesn't show his feelings explicitly. We have to keep guessing what he feels. Hahaha -2
  10. Don't remind me.....I'm so depressed today. Tbh even at home we don't do much, just wear new clothes, eat all the yummy dishes prepared by mom and watch all the new movies and shows on TV. But here we didn't even have an holiday, and on top of that it was more hectic than the other normal days. Sighhh. I'm just going to order some pongal and eat now. This is too depressing. I'm still on ep 50 or something. I actually haven't got much time to catch up on the eps this week. Last ep I watched was that forest ep. -2
  11. What the hell is this? Suddenly I feel like I'm watching a hindi soap....LOLOL. Thank God they didn't break into a dance.... -2
  12. What is going on here @Lmangla??? -2
  13. How is he good looking? He is not even mediocre looking. Sighhh. I really can't understand why he is in this show. LOL. Atleast Ikbal and Zuhal are giving us the comic relief with their Doozy evil plans....LOL. -2
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