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  1. @angelangie Yes I love him. But I'm amazed that you remembered it. Especially since how I come up with a brand new Oppa for each season, it's hard to keep track of all the oppas I love. Hahaha. I almost forgot that I created this thread. I'm sorry for not updating it regularly.
  2. @nrllee Haha I know I know. @Sushimi I didn't know you have a gang. LOL @refuse2sink I used to be the only subtract member here for a very long time too. I used to get frustrated too when adds were winning all the time. LOL. Then after some time I got used to it. Hahaha. As @angelangie said it's just a game there were times too when add team gave up on winning and remained silent just so that subtract team can have a few wins. LOL. Everyone is good hearted here. That's why I keep coming back. -2
  3. Oh my gosh guys, I know it's from forest gump. But read the full quote it's not the same. Sighhh. Ok maybe I should credit Forest Gump in the above post. Lol. Don't make me do this. -2
  4. 324 I also think @Dhakra is bullying me all the time. Where to report this? Sushi yeah the second one is from forest gump. LOL. Jung hwanie borrowed it and modified a little.
  5. -2 @Dhakra i'm sorry for the late reply. Regarding hiding your feelings for a girl because the timing and situations are not right, i'd like to quote an example from one of my fav dramas of all time. This guy didn't get the girl, and I was heartbroken for many days after this show ended like that. But this quote hit me hard and I kinda appreciated the writers for going this way. Tsundere guys will not always get the girls. It happens only in the dramas. LOL.
  6. Awww @angelangie I love him!!! I watched season 2 of The inn for Wang he di and Shen yue now I guess I'll be watching this season for Zhang baby. Haha
  7. This is really sad. I have always thought Sulli was a brave girl who doesn't like to live her life dictated by what other people say. I'm not a fan or follower, but she didnt come across as someone who would take their own life. Sighh. Tats how it is though most of the times, people put up a brave front in front of others, but you never know what's going on inside of them. I guess it should not be as surprising afterall as many kpop idols have taken this route before. But this one really is shocking to me. May her soul rest in peace. -2
  8. Ofcourse @Dhakra I'm a girl too. I have that super power. 9 out of 10 times I can tell if a guy likes me or not. I don't like that kind of attitude really. He may love me more than anyone else but he has to tell that for me to know. Some guys hesitate so much that they would rather take their love with them to their grave but not confess to the girl. It's really stupid. Even if you value friendship, I can't see how you can live with yourself if she ends up marrying someone else and you still has to be there for her as her "friend". I find that pathetic. Also I can't imagine living with a guy who is that hesitant, how will I know if he is not like that in every other aspect of life. "Oh I'm afraid, I can't have a baby, oh I'm afraid, I can't buy a house, blah blah...." Guys who are proactive are much more sexier, trust me. Life is short, love is all or none phenomenon, either you go all the way or you just back off. Don't torture yourself and her by pretending to be a friend if you love someone. -2
  9. @Dhakra See all the girls have this super power called intuition, we can be dumb and ditzy all the time but when it comes to this matter, trust me we would know it. If the guy is no good we would pretend like he doesn't even exist to ward off any confrontation headache. LOL. But yeah as others have said, only some guys are really shy and don't make any move at all. I would just assume that those guys are not interested in us enough to make a move. Anyways, Boys or girls, if you like someone it is your responsibility to make it clear to the other. Being shy and tsundere is not going to cut it, you would be doomed to live alone all your life. Lol. -2
  10. Ok this Amazon delivery guy just flirted with me now. My God, won't they get fired if a customer complains about them. But I'll not complain, it was kinda cute and I'll take that as a compliment.
  11. -2 @Dhakra hey I have an idea. What if I post a picture of one topless hot Oppa everytime you annoy me. It will be like a reward to me and a pain to you. Eeeeee
  12. @Dhakra You can't sleep well at night if you don't take a dig at me and my oppas at least once during the day, right?? -2
  13. @Dhakra You couldn't take it when I called you crazy fanboy and you are asking me to read your previous intellectual posts about kpop groups. But you also criticize others and call them brainless without knowing anything about them. You know what this is called? HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!! And you definitely very well know that it will trigger me because I'm also the fangirl type. You are calling me brainless, how am I not supposed to react to that?? -2
  14. @Dhakra what can I say?? You just want to turn every conversation into a argument/war. And you crown yourself as a winner, I don't even think you understand what I was saying. You are not a good listener, and if you are not a good listener you can't win any argument. And yes I'm definitely comparing you to a crazy fangirl. I don't see any difference between them and you. You are the one who first called people brainless. I mean if you can't respect people irrespective of whether they are fangirls or idols, then you are a lost cause. Don't know why there is a discrimination here, idols should not be disrespected, but fangirls can be called brainless lemminges or whatever. It just says how Petty and immature you are. I can't waste my time talking to immature people, you notify me after you have grown up a little bit, then we can continue this conversation. Until then.... (I chose this gif mainly for Michael Scott. Lol. But yeah also for the caption....) -2
  15. I guess there is always chance that it might happen. Fingers crossed. -2
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