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  1. @mouse007 Welcome back!!! Glad to hear that you had fun at your vacation. I'm behind both on Le Coup and PYHOMS....sighhh. Ahhh I used to have many of these as a kid. Brings back all the childhood memories. Lol. -2
  2. hmmm I think @lynne22 will not like it if you say loving Pikachu is immature. Bwahahahahaha. And I don't know about others but I'm far from being mature. Lol. I'm so petty and you know it. And I bet @Lmangla has been writing poet-ish sentences ever since her high school days. No??? It's just talent yo. It has nothing to do with age. I don't know why you are making such a fuss. I know it's rude, but seriously you are not that young either. Once you hit 20s, you officially enter the adult life. LOL. When I was in college, I wouldn't let anyone call me kid, but you are calling yourself kid, why??? -2
  3. LOL. Stargazing was just stargazing in soompi too until Scarlet heart thread won the shippers contest a few years back and chose the term 'stargazing fireflies' as their shippers name. There is a scene in that drama where the main leads watch the stars together at night. I love that scene and I love that drama a lot too even if it ended tragically. Alright this is why we shouldn't really reveal our ages or other personal information in forums like this. Sighhh. The whole point of online forums is the anonymity. It gives you freedom to talk openly with everyone despite their age, gender, status etc... -2
  4. @bedifferent @stroppyse Are you guys ready to see Oppa in uniform??? A North Korean officer at that. LOL. I can't wait...... https://www.soompi.com/article/1326375wpp/hyun-bin-and-son-ye-jin-confirm-for-new-drama-from-writer-of-the-legend-of-the-blue-sea -2
  5. Is it the same tooth that troubled you last year?? Did he pulled the tooth out?? That's what surgeons usually do here. LOL. -2
  6. You are waiting? I thought all eps are already out and got subbed. No? Sighhh Are you watching Le coup de foudre? That one is really good and has a real plot unlike the shoulders drama. LOL. -2
  7. -2 @stargazer187 I hate Fu pei. I skip all his scenes. I don't know what Momo and Shan Shan sees in him. He is not worth it. Sighhh. Hmmm which ep you are at?? I'm only at 8th ep now. Lol. @Dhakra why what happened? It's not even 'that' time of the year yet...why did you go to a dental surgeon? Lol.
  8. What are you guys talking about? All these AC/DC stuff. All I know is that AC is Alternating current and DC is Direct current. This is 10th standard physics. Lol. -2
  9. But I have always been a fluffy romcom girl. I even had that as my status/rank, remember? Sighhh. But still scared of dark ghost/priest stories. LOL. I guess i'm somewhere in the middle now. -2 @triplem Oppa was spotted on Barcelona airport a few days back.
  10. @stargazer187 Both the dramas are available on YT with subs. Le coup...is still airing, 18 eps out of 34 are out with subs until now. Put your heads on my shoulder is already over and all 24 eps are available on YT with subs. You can just search for the show in YT and can easily find it. You know what, it is kinda scary to think that I feel the same. And now my tastes are similar to sushi's. Sighhh. I think the world is coming to an end. Lol. I wouldnt write off all romcoms like that. But I admit that it is kinda getting repetitive. All of them has the same tropes and cliches, it becoming boring. I don't know whether I have changed or the dramas have lost the touch, but either way, I'm getting less and less attracted to dramas in general. And those scenes which would've made me cry a few years back are looking stupid and funny to me now. There is this scene in one of the cdrama I'm watching where the female lead's friend get punished in front of the whole school for wearing the wrong uniform, so our female lead goes and changes into the wrong uniform and proudly goes and stand beside her friend for the punishment. I was like "who in the world does that?" LOL. She could have got the right uniform for her, but no....we are in a drama, so we ought to act like a bunch of fools. I found that extremely stupid. LOL. When I said this to my friend, she got baffled and said I'm not getting the point. Maybe I'm not. Idk. Sigh.
  11. @stargazer187 I didn't expose Oppa. Oppa exposed himself in IG. LOL. But I appreciate it, these kind of treasures are meant to be shared. LOL. I'm watching a couple of cdramas. Le Coup de foudre and put your heads on my shoulder. Both are really cute and funny. If you don't have anything else to watch you can try one of these. Exactly why I'm not watching Her private life. Kinda getting bored seeing the same thing over and over and over. Sighhh. -2
  12. Oppa's sexy legs... Guess bae is on a vacation!!!!! Have fun Oppa!!!!! @stargazer187 You are finallyyyyyy here!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! -2
  13. -2 Meeeeee!!!!!!! It's a very cute story. It gives me My sunshine vibes. Haha. But please, can someone get a Guan Chao for me?!? Qiao Yi can have Yan Mo. I only want Guan Chao. He is soooo precious!!!!!!!
  14. @gladys57 I never expected QY to speak up for the goddess during that incident. It's just not in her character to just swoop in and be a hero. She has always been a shy soft spoken girl, I can't even hear her voice tbh. Only in the present timeline where she is giving the interview, her voice can be clearly heard, in the high school timeline she only like whispers all the time unless she is fighting with her bro. LOL. Anyways yeah, I guess you can say that bullying is very much a real issue, that is why from the Meteor Garden era we are constantly seeing this trope being used in many of the dramas. So it's not something new for the dramaland. I don't see any difference between Shan Cai and Goddess, they both are tough nuts. Haha. In this drama though, they conveniently left off all the other main characters from that scene who would've definitely raised a voice against that bully. Even Wu Yi, was not there, right?? LOL
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