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  1. I didn't like 70% of Episode 11 as it focused on Master/Maid and their unrealistic romance. Sure they had to show that Master was going to pick the maid over his chaebol life, first time it gets mentioned he actually works for the company . When he said to her "I love you", I felt their souls are both missing so vacant their stare is. I don't feel the love or desperation, just nothing, except teary-eyes when master decides to be homeless person instead of rich boy when he tells his father to disown him :D. I suppose his life never was nice so that's why he thinks he can live outside these Hyo
  2. I don't believe cheating is right, because if you have troublesome relationship, you should work on it and face the issues (be it work on it, or break it off). However, sometimes people choose the cowardly option of ignoring things or simply distract themselves to forget what is missing or their pain. Is the 30s husband a good husband? No. But he is still a human. Do I think he's trash? Yes. But it just looks that his marriage is unsalvageable anyway as the only reason he'd try is because his parents won't support him, actually they're being obstacles and tricking him, too.
  3. OK back to the ultimate oppa: even Mothers know about JCW's film schedule (Kim Jong Kook's mother saying Jo Woo Jin is appearing together with Ji Chang Wook) 564
  4. Me & @kokodus when being asked to promote RM: Just kidding lol! -2
  5. our wise man RM. JK after wrecking your bias: "my work here is done" 566
  6. Actual depiction of @kokodus being chased for transfer of BIAS from V to JK: -2
  7. Yes, pollen, or more specifically especially grass (Poaceae) and rye (Secale). I was trying to minimise my reactions which is why i underwent therapy. for two years every 4-6 weeks 1 immunisation shot D:, very annoying and also time costing. Hmmm ambrosia? Haven't heard of that, at least it's not common here. I'm not really a tattoo gal myself, but it's a personal choice people should be able to do whatever they want. It's just associated with gangsters in Korea, that's why public don't like it. However, JK actually got his fans tattooed, so they should be happ
  8. Thanks for the warning. I'll be sure to pack anti-mosquito spray. As a kid I once held the record of about 20 mosquito bites lol. I underwent an immune therapy for pollen for 2 years, but "only" managed to lower the allergy level from 6 (max) to 5. So even if I take medicine, it's still very noticeable for me. It's just itchy in eyes, nose and feeling KOd lol due to nose being blocked and eyes being irritated. Sorry guys I didn't mean to make you worry, thanks for all the best wishes.! Having allergies is just generally a big nuisance D: -2
  9. Night night people. This is actually me. 520
  10. I just remember from S1 where she was all like "OH I'll just say I want a baby but actually you will REGRET IT", cursing him in her head, basically stringing him along and using the baby proposition as a way to make him heel. and I remember vividly her eyes being all evil LOL that it creeped me out. So I was pretty sure the baby idea came after she discovered he was cheating and that his mistress had a baby, because in her eyes that seemed to be what was missing in their marriage. Because everyone says how beautiful, competent and popular she is, so why would any man, her husband, cheat on her
  11. It's everything you said - all the Tea Party girls are rather timid and shy in the face of other industry people. That's a given because they are just newcomers who have no fanbase and aren't established yet. Their 15 minutes of fame could be over if they are not careful. That passive attitude is for Maha it's even more extreme, especially the way she moves, almost as if she's afraid someone (Ryuk) is going to physically assault her - unless there is some backstory as to why she is like that, I think the acting is suffering a little, or at least the PD direction. That's why it's so
  12. I don't remember that. 'In any case the environment they are in right now is not suitable to think for babies anyway. Their marriage is already crumbled down, now people are just trying to pour water into a pot with a hole in it. Yeah I mean he IS haunting her. I just thought the CGI was funny, the way they made him just 50% transparent. I'm just saying, it would be spookier if he wasn't actually shown and she just ~feels~ his spirit (or with sounds).
  13. Sorry I was being a bit presumptious, she is reviewing the script for Show Window! I just saw the news about Eriksen. All the best to him! -2
  14. I know I hate cheaters but Sa Hyun in this episode was too cute. The way his eyes lighted up when she told him. Arthgujgjg and all the baby preparing! So I do also want him to be with his new family. It helps that the wife doesn't actually love him, only wants revenge and to torture him (something about never giving him what he wants, right). You can't force people to love you, so I suppose she went the route of making them fear you. Yeah he deserves RickRoll'D from her, but the baby is innocent. Only she is prepared to go to war to basically eradicate this baby. Befo
  15. Oooh I was talking about Song Yoon Ah's new upcoming drama, which is about cheating as well, but the gif is from The K2, when she was playing a powerful woman only she "lost" versus "innocent" girl played by Im Yoon Ah. Their first meeting: Their second meeting: Ahhh she should have ended up with Jeha (Ji Changwook). What a waste of sizzling chemistry. 518
  16. Lmao the ending scene I didn't expect THAT, though of course the Director death isn't resolved, but it was funny seeing the ghost appear. For more drama he should have walked into that bath tube scene. I find it funny that 30s parents are so convinced their daughter in law will conceive a child. She just found out she was cheated on, and the ONLY reason she is "willing" to have a baby is because the mistress is. It's innocent children that are put into such pre-existing toxic situations. I was laughing a lot when they were all like praising her cunning mind against the weak son of
  17. Large dose of Sunghoon yes Does this make you long for a drink or no? Hahaha. What hairpulling do you mean? Do you mean Devil Judge? It's an upcoming series with Ji Sung! Or the video posted? The video is from the movie charlie's angel 514
  18. Such great food photos and I'm preparing food, right before barf is going to start. Unfortunately I can't share recipes or food ideas as I am not a talented cook, but I will share my mum's talent when the opportunity arises. 508
  19. Na In Woo, Cha Chung Hwa, And More Are Charismatic Professors In “At A Distance Spring Is Green” DRAMA PREVIEW Jun 12, 2021 by C. Hong KBS’s upcoming drama “At a Distance Spring Is Green” has released new stills of the professors in the show. “At a Distance Spring Is Green” is a college campus drama starring Park Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, and Bae In Hyuk. Na In Woo appears in the drama as Yeo Joon Wan, the older brother of Park Ji Hoon’s character Yeo Joon. He
  20. reminds me of Charlie's Angels Is this a premonition? -2
  21. Imagine if he played 40s husband instead of 50s husband 496
  22. I first heard this song in my oppa's youtube live fan meeting, when he played Spring Day on his playlist! He selected the songs himself but ya know probably had to cut it out of official channel video due to copyright reasons -2
  23. New potential upcoming barf drama with Song Yoon Ah? Show window: A melodrama about a woman who supports an affair not knowing it's her husband's mistress. I hope it turns out better than this: lol -2
  24. Sung Hoooooon He didn't have many lines which is why I forgot, but he has a distinctive voice (and face). Mine is the recent barf drama, Love feat Marriage and Divorce is basically Original barf drama , at least in my times haha. 494
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