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  1. Actually it is not just him. Many other actors and actresses will also say the same when asked such questions. I guess it's like the best answer. And yes, that is Choi Kisup, the guy who went Croatia with him and acted with him in Wok of Love , Voice and Bad Papa. Here's a cute video for everyone.
  2. it will be a video interview but I know it will take some time before they show it (from what I noticed for similar interviews of actors or actresses , interviews, it took about 2 months ) I don't think the book comes in English version but I may be wrong though.
  3. I guess like all friendships, the way one views and values the friendship may not be the same as another. I am not sure about the rest of the members but CTH definitely knows JH's wife and kids well. During CTH's Win Win episode where JH was invited as a guest, he mentioned about JH and his wife coming to his house and they would have a chat together. JH's wife knows CTH and his wife well. KHM also mentioned during one of the Chuno's interview that whenever JH and CTH are together, they would talk endlessly about their kids. I guess even though they might be not be nice to each other all the time (maybe personalities matter here too) they, especially JH, still treasure their friendships with one another.
  4. I agree with @Prettysupand @fiesty8001 that much of the teasing was purely to make the show more entertaining. I remember CTH and KJK mentioned during the press conference interview that they were a little stressed about how to make their dragon club show more entertaining for viewers. Since both of them were veteran variety show hosts, that was probably their roles to play. The rest can be themselves. I agree sometimes the teasing can be a little overboard but I can still tell their friendship is very strong. And maybe that is why JH always agree to show up on Running Man or Radio Star even though he knows that he may be asked to do embarrassing things. Haha! He is really such a great friend to have!
  5. @budgerie Haha! Talking about his boxing attire, I think he is really such a down to earth person with no airs of a star. He dressed just like any other guys at the gym. If not for hawk-eyed JH fans, we may miss him. But he will still stand out no matter what. @nykMe too . I want him to be the lead in his next drama.
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