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  1. Actually it was better than I expected. I thought he would turned up in a hat or cap. Quite happy he didnt..Haha! Anyway, this is what I gathered from reading the Naver blogs And more of his fluffy cuteness. I find his hands adorable even though they can throw a mean punch. Hehe. cr. owner
  2. Actually it is not just him. Many other actors and actresses will also say the same when asked such questions. I guess it's like the best answer. And yes, that is Choi Kisup, the guy who went Croatia with him and acted with him in Wok of Love , Voice and Bad Papa. Here's a cute video for everyone.
  3. it will be a video interview but I know it will take some time before they show it (from what I noticed for similar interviews of actors or actresses , interviews, it took about 2 months ) I don't think the book comes in English version but I may be wrong though.
  4. Oh my!! It is my wish too!! I think he looks super good with his hair tied up and showing his forehead! Let's see how...but maybe a hat like what you said.. I found an article him. His co stars always sing praises about him, male and female alike.
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