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  1. With Dan Ah character like that, it would be hard for Yong Hwa to break those hard wall but definitely, Dan Ah already shown her melting side like she cares for him lol. It will take a long way for Yong Hwa but we'll see tonight.
  2. Wow, Hwan In Yeob is shining so brightly in this drama. He reminds me with Kim Woo Bin's character in The Heirs aka Choi Young Do. The Second Lead Syndrome is strong with this one.
  3. Never in my mind i would see an innocent male lead like Seon Gyeom. He is my favourite. He is dense lol but he is sensitive inside. He is vulnerable and i have to say, i like his character so much. Somehow i can relate to his character so much irl. and Mi Joo, she is not a damsel in distress and i love it. We alread in part two of this drama yet they haven't gotten together
  4. The preview showed Joon Young gave her (?) plane ticket and she doesnt show up and even she said we already broke up so we better be friend and she also says goodbye
  5. FAF ? FOR WHAT ? preview summary : Young In asks Song Ah to work in Kyung Hoo Joon Young asks his mother to divorce his father because he wants his mother live happily. Song Ah finally works in Kyung Hoo and she will the assistant pianist for Jun Young in end of year recital along with Jung Kyung and Hyun Ho JOON YOUNG WILL GO ABROAD THE HELL WRITER NIM AND HE ASKS SONG AH TO ACCOMPANY HIM !!!!!!!!
  6. Finale week for finale episode. This past eight weeks are blissful to meet you guys. I am eagerly waiting for another new still because i am still bitter with last episode. HOW COULD THEY BREAK UP LIKE THAT ?
  7. Where’s my Kang Dong Won oppa ? He is my first celeb crush
  8. The lack of their relationship is communication. Both of them were not ready for relationship. They both liked each other but Joon Young hasn't dissolved his feeling for Jung Kyung. He likes Song Ah but he always hid his burden feeling towards Kyung Hoo and Jung Kyung. On the other side, Song Ah finally let her free. Like left the chamber and told her piece of mind to Joon Young. She is aware that she has changed but deep down inside, she is hurt. Thank you it's Thursday unless i am going gaga. T_____T
  9. MWOYAAAA MWOYAAAAA TWO OF THEM ARE SICK AFTER THEY BROKE UP. rough translation: IY: You want to quit piano ? JY: Right now, i don’t think it’s important anymore. HH : Just let time do the works. ( roughly translation ) JY: I gave her a hard time and i didn’t make her happy. SA : I think i am happy ( ?) but it ends like this. JY : Could i play as a your partner? SA : You don’t even like Brahms JY: You can make it. I want to do it with you. Gosh i am in tears
  10. My piece of mind before i go to sleep since it's almost 12 am. 1. Joon Young need to leave Kyung Hoo or he will feel burdened for the rest of his life. 2. Joon Young need to reprimand Jung Kyung that they are FRIEND. JUST FRIEND ! Okay i need to sleep before i go flabbergasting.
  11. Who's gonna hit Jun Young ? Hyun Ho ? I bet he would do that voluntary without saying nothing. LOL, that guy really need something to slap his head so he could find console inside Song Ah. Hyun Ho moved on but Joon Young ? Beurghhhh
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