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  1. They just released the text preview for upcoming episode. Gosh, i am on the edge while waiting for episode 7. Maha will get helped by Hyuk and Do Jin to visit Kwon Ryuk while he's in hospital. Maha couldn't get inside because of Fins and Fins only allowed Larima since she's closed with SHAX.
  2. man, this is tough but my ultimate unnie is this woman. But wait, why she didnt put on list ?
  3. So, i guess they really follow the novel route to put In Hyung commit suicide in front of JJ while she gave him drugs and Hoo Joon will fix it all ? Gosh, i hope In Hyung won't die. and the truck LMAO
  4. Dang,i was heartbroken watching episode 6. The heart wrenching was real. I mean Ryuk overworked and Maha tried so hard to avoid him because of her member and their future. I never thought Jae Woo would be so cheap to spill Eun Jo's GF. The CEO is basically a devil. and the most heartbroken thing was both of them liked each other in the past before they were famous. the scene in the Han bridge was the proof they liked each other
  5. Tea Party and Diamond already made performance as their promotion meanwhile SHAX, poor thing, twice they want to record their performance, the staff always tested positive even they cancelled two times :(. I want to see SHAX in Mubank or Music Core @agenth The man who played with Hyuk while Ryuk was having a headache to tell his member that he likes someone is their leader, his name is Jae Woo. He barely has any screentime. I like Do Jin and Hyuk better than Ihyun and Jae Woo lmao. If Yoojin really took the way to be an imitation of Ryuk, it will be the hardest part he took
  6. Thanks God finally this drama got recognition they deserve. Since 2019 until 2020, K-dramaland lacked in romcom departement like this. A light romcom without giving any headache. It's still number in iQiyi and the most popular drama for this season
  7. Oscar De La Renta would wake up for his death if he saw this. Even haute couture designer will end up bawling with those creation. This is my first time seeing a female actress wore a haute couture fashion in k-drama
  8. someone mentioned in twitter about the contract slave that Ryuk signed since the CEO mentioned only Ryuk can save his company by working harder like a devil. I wonder the contract slave that he signed for Eun Jo's sake since in episode 2 it was mentioned subtle that Ryuk protected Eun Jo by signing those contract and his mental health was severe including deep insomnia and anxiety. @agenth for Yujin, IMO he would end up being a copycat for Ryuk since in the poster, his face get darkened not like his character. His feeling might be the worst for making him blinded in love. Five epi
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