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  1. I was one of these fans asking for a sequel and if a drama gets a good amount of audience and junk of fans it should get a sequel per American ways of doing things. That is what we do we prolong shows that has an audience and cut these that don't have it and being American myself I am use to it and would like to see Kdramas follow the same pattern
  2. Couldn't agree more with you. Well said. I truly felt the emotions and it was an epic ride and didn't thought such a short movielog would be able to capture all that feelings and emotions in such a short clip. It was breathtaking and it made me feel something and got me emotional. I am anticipating more of this type of movielogs from Minho
  3. I was accidently reading a wrong fanfic because THERE are around 3 Lee Min Ho's apparently. I almost finished reading this fanfic and I realized at the end that it was not the Lee Min Ho I thought he was. He has a nickname Lee Know. It was good decent fanfic I don't regret reading or anything but it was the first time I experienced this. As for the teaser we don't know what it is. It could be anything. We don't know anything currently. @Nikaa94 Come to the private room. We will continue spazzing there. See you there
  4. We are still waiting for the wedding. I heard alot of bell rings from tweeterians. Hopefully the call shall surprisingly appear out of nowhere. Imagine if all the shippers from this thread and drama thread get invited. It would be a ridiculously hilarious wedding. 500+ shippers attending the wedding giggling and taking pictures screaming kiss kiss kiss! I would take the front row seat without any blocking my views pushing other shippers out of the way...
  5. You don't need to [img] or none of these tags. You just drop the link on it and it will embed itself automatically.. Try with this gif as tutorial!
  6. We won't experience leakage this time around because it's being pre-produced entirely.... What happened last time is that the hype and the filming sort of collided at the same time. When you have such a high profile drama airing and filming in the same time there is gonna be leakage but if you pre-produce entirely you avoid that which means the promotions doesn't begin until it's finished filming but last time the promotions started months before airing and they were still filming while airing later
  7. Gotta do alot of back reading here.. 20+ pages! I dread it but can't run from it I have read Variety, Hollywood reporter, MyM tweet and Koreaboo. I have gathered some small infos from here and there. LMH is Hansu yes. I was honestly talking about him in gangster role before even knowing he would play one. The swagger and coolness is absolutely coming thru on this one. Filming starts on Monday according to rumours and lets hope that this doesn't get bugged down with leaks like last time we had a bit of leakage nightmare I recall haha. damn these pedestrians.
  8. It was me. I said they were crows, noisy and Tik Tok leaky type. Yeah! I have been to Vancouver it is a quite nice city but I got that vibe
  9. Hahaha. I swear I remember running into a similar prayer circle on twitter awhile back but they were praying for a comeback and the prayer is answered but imagine if we ask for pain and it gets delivered big time. Everyone gets killed and things turn into GoT level of tragedy
  10. If the filming takes place in Vancouver the leaks would be even much worse then last time. The pedestrian in Vancouver don't strike me as the silent type of pedestrian who will just vanish into thin air but they strike me as crows, noisy and Tik Tok leaky type unless you move the filming location into the country area or the Rockies
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