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  1. Hard to disagree with the perfection and standard part. I concede. Waiting for updates
  2. Hahaha. Saw this on social media and thought I would share it It's a gif with LMH, KGE and WDH
  3. I have become a big Alba flores stan and as soon as I watched her in Locked-up I realized immediately that she is a legend in the making. AFXLMH pairing in a crazy crime-romance I would green light it immediately despite the language difference between them because I think this would even work if it was mute in a charlie chaplin type series but both can speak broken english which is enough and gives the series even more edge. Where they can play tourists who meet each other in bali or somewhere else in the caribbean etc etc heres to hoping netflix makes it happen somehow and it would be experimental as both are from two different entertainment organisations and to be honest not fan of him crossing over to any other entertainment organistation except staying put in his own but this will be just one-off collab for Alba Flores only
  4. Since you mentioned it there is ONE INTERNATIONAL ACTRESS i would do anything to see her and LMH work together and that actress is Alba Flores. She is one bad bad bad Bixtch and I freakingly love it. Weirdly enough she reminded me of younger LMH in villainy characters bad-good guy. The screen would literally explode if these two were to romance each other in a Tv-series with all that intensity on display and savagery. They call her La Faraona meaning the female pharoah for her stage flamboyance. She comes thru the screen to audience like a knife thrown out of the screen she is charismatic and has alot of similar treats with LMH. I watched her on hit netflix shows Locked-up (She is so outlandish it's absolutely crazy and wonderful) and Money Heist she is nairobi but you would think her character as Nairobi was flamboyant wait to you see her character in Locked up. I started following her after watching locked up last week and became an official fan she conquered me. I am on the verge of making petition so these two can work together in their next projects even tho she is spanish actress and his a korean actor I hope they will find a middle ground language they can communicate and the love-arc has to be very toxic romance they will function literally together if you put them on the same screen and the romance have to be obsessive and complete insane
  5. You finally understand us and some of the others on the TKEM thread hahaha. We were pushing for Tyrant Lee Gon day and night but I recall you were into LHJ back then which is his light version from the republic but we wanted the opposite due to Gu Jun-Pyo nostalgia. Trust me it would've been good TV and LMH's execution would be on point as usual he would become Tyrant Lee Gon literally (Correction that characters name is actully Lee Jun) It would be even better if it is a comedic centric tyrant something similar to Gu Jun-Pyo. For season 2 we need Lee Jun and JTR love-line arc besides the normal casts
  6. I read something about them being afraid of ruining careers and saying that we follow certain rules etc etc hahaha but I am not sure about that tho
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