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  1. His looking mighty there.. Funny that you mentioned work? Guess who got a new job just recently? That is right me No more unemployed Just kidding with ya. I was always employed in the same pooring working place as last time
  2. 'Lee Min-ho' seduced customers while selling yellow rice JAKARTA- A seller of yellow rice dishes in Indonesia became contagious because he had a face similar to the famous actor from South Korea, Lee Min-ho, Suara.com reported yesterday. Dodi Angga Andrean, 28, who hails from Samarinda, East Kalimantan, did not think that the TikTok video shared by her yellow rice buyers made her the focus of netizens. Dodi initially only helped his mother and father sell yellow rice two years ago but after quitting his job last
  3. I don't see myself on the poll? I remember entering this comeptition Edit: I am not refering to my brazzers edition that got deleted but the other one
  4. Just checked your Mydramalist is awesome. You are watching all airing global dramas. Respect! A true drama'ista
  5. Tweak-- Tweak. That is cute A cute back hug She gains superpowers making the back hug less funny..
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