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  1. My same guess came to be true. Almost gave up guessing some point in the past
  2. I find Kim Bum is very cute looking but with those bad boy looks that gives out cool and mysterious vibes. Completely different style compare to those flower boy. I like him and will watch on this drama.
  3. Could this Daniel be part of Ba Reum delusion as well. I wonder why it’s only 2 of them all the time. Although there is one public scene of bus accident he push him down and a phone call but after that it’s always just the 2 of them. Why does Daniel want to hide? Also, it’s really seems to be Ba Reum for the original 7 sins because why would the cat be so angry at him and the aunty be so afraid of him. The aunty looks so scared when she took her boy from Ba Reum house and seems she wanted to quickly get out with a great fear on her face and ignored Ba Reum’s conversation.
  4. I am just going to try watching episode 1 since Kim Bum is in it. He was really good acting the nine tale drama previously that got me in tears in his scene.
  5. From the beginning of the drama until now, I really don’t like that aunty actress Choi Myung Hee, I find her disgusting, the way she act and her looks. Her acting wasn’t really good but I just don’t like pattern in this drama. And a bit immoral and Low class in the bad stuff of her character also. Like all of you, I am also tearing the scene when SJK wheeled his mum out and both tearing with that touching tall by his mum
  6. After watching the finale, this is really considered a simple yet sophisticated drama with how details are handled. Such masterpiece is few to be found and such an art to watch that made me enjoyed more than other thrilling show. The moment to moment filmed from one scene to the next was prefect. It’s so meaningful in how it deprives teamwork and love and respects they have and how put moral and integrity values in the lead actors. They even gave a sentence on missing person what to do and how to report at the last scene. Just meaningful.
  7. If I were to compare mouse and beyond evil on my own opinion I very much prefer how beyond evil was written and directed, I find that the plot here is simple and not difficult to understand being winning point, sometimes keeping things simple wins, and further more there is sophistication in how this drama reveal the truth slowly with details, just artistic and with good taste, the music, the development etc. And well, i noticed director picked all the good acting Actors and Actresses. Jin Goo, SHK, and even the supporting cast CDH,CJH, HYG, HST, they are all v good acting in this drama and ad
  8. One word messy. I find the sudden development to be messy and difficult to follow. Tired of guessing. Will just watch what happen next.
  9. I vote for mistaken identity but not in the sense that Ba Reum is acting like he was Yohan and those around doesn’t know but in the sense that all along Yohan was not the killer but Ba Reum is right from the beginning but just that Ba Reum lost his memory when they operated on him. There are clues that he might be the real killer but anyway not sure since he keep saying there is another killer during his investigation. Yo Han doesn’t look like a killer to me from the start til he die.
  10. The way they corner the rabbit was a nice plot but this actor Han Ki Hwan always act evil in many kdrama so expected he was the evil one in this drama too.
  11. I cannot understand why the writer kill Logan Lee, he contributed to a lot of help in getting the bad ones behind bars. But didn’t they did tested of the ashes for NAG by the police? I don’t care NAG. But I hope Seol-A comes back
  12. Rona rose from the dead, how I wish it was Seol-A who rose from the dead. Seoul-A death was the most pitiful as she was bullied here and there and she didn’t even get a chance to sew her mom acknowledge her. She even have to work to support herself and was like such a good student with good voice. Rona on the other hand was a bit naughty back at those scenes she rebels Yoon Hee. Anyway I am still hopeful that Seol-A might just miraculously come back in season 3 since although said she was burnt but we didn’t see her real corpse and was not tested for her DNA that will be the most surprising to
  13. Don’t know if it’s because I like Kim So Yeon so I such of felt pitiful for how things changed for her character Seo Jin, last night when she cried with regrets in many scenes, I also feared and moved by her acting, it’s the emotion sent across like she regretted deeply. But technically speaking she didn’t killed her dad right, although some degree it’s accident he fall and she should have saved him but out of greed she was afraid to loose everything so she didn’t act on saving her dad. Hmm it will be interesting to see her development in the show if she would join hands I will be glad to see
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