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  1. I was disappointed too that this thread was so quiet. I missed the days from a few years ago when it was very active. I was glad to find the Flower of Evil thread more active.
  2. I just finished watching the final episode with English subs. I feel like it is perfect. The pacing was just right, not too long and not too short. They got to the happy ending the best way--a fresh start with no lies between them. If he hadn't lost his memories, he wouldn't have been able to tell her who he really was, and might not have known himself. I couldn't be happier with the show.
  3. I don't think he had any impulse to choke her. He was just trying to hold on to her because he had a panic attack and couldn't breathe. It was her shoulders that he actually grabbed.
  4. Two great movies! Of course, The King and the Clown is my all-time favorite Korean movie.
  5. Iljimae was my first Lee Joon Gi drama, and I've watched it multiple times. Highly recommended because he goes from comedy to tragedy with plenty of action thrown in and even a little romance. I've also seen Princess' Man and enjoyed it. I'm not a fan of Park Shi Hoo, maybe because I disliked him so much in Iljimae, but he did a good job in Princess' Man.
  6. Gong Mi Ja said Ji Won forced him to marry her by getting pregnant. Eun Ha was born September 15, 2015. So they must have gotten married in the spring or summer of 2015, shortly before they bought the house. Ji Won implied that they spent some time furnishing the house before they moved in.
  7. I have to disagree with this. I don't think he had any impulse to hurt her in either case. In ep 7, he had a panic attack that caused him to reach to her for help. His pain and inability to breathe caused him to look threatening, which was great for the suspense, but I don't think he had even a second of wanting to hurt her. She realized that she was misinterpreting his action as soon as he collapsed to the floor. In ep 13, his first thought when she was talking to the police was to stage the scene to make sure she didn't look like an accomplice. Even when he was angry with her for
  8. I agree with you about the end, including that Hae Soo will survive, but I think you are a little hard on the writer. The police chief isn't actually a bad guy. He is just a bureaucrat who is doing a favor for a guy with connections who he doesn't suspect of any ulterior motive. Baek Man Woo said he was worried about Cha Ji Won, and the police chief is assuring him that she is okay. If he had been supplying BMW with information all along, I would agree that the writer shouldn't spring another bad guy on us at this point. As for Ji Won, she thinks that the secret of her being free i
  9. That makes the most sense. We know that YSC located JMS at some point after 2002, so he would know that she didn't remember BHS. It makes sense that he might offer to "take care of" her, but that BHS would want to do it himself. That was probably why BHS owed YSC money for finding someone, the money that BMW ended up paying after BHS was in a coma. It all fits.
  10. Doesn't military service in Korea have to be completed by the age of 32? At 36, he would be too old. Or is that not how it works?
  11. All he heard on the tape was the word "ashtray" in the bartender's voice. That was what made him remember the whole exchange between the bartender and his father on that night. The flashback to DHS's memory of that night made it seem like his father's voice was on the tape, but it was really only the one word by the bartender. That was what made DHS identify the sound of ice being chipped. When DHS questioned the bartender, one of the first things he established was that the accomplice was a regular customer who would also get hand-chipped ice. That explains why there was the sound
  12. That would be impossible because that was the night Jung Mi Sook was kidnapped, May 11. The foreman wasn't killed until months later in the fall. He certainly wasn't killed while DMS was still alive.
  13. May 11, 2002 is when Jung Mi Sook was kidnapped while DMS and DHS were in the bar. She must have escaped pretty soon after that, but she wandered around with amnesia for a long time before she ended up in the mental hospital. The witness reported DMS car involved in kidnapping right away, but DHS testimony cleared him. At that time nobody knew about the missing people who had been murdered. There was no suspicion of DMS for any crime. A few weeks later, DMS committed suicide, or did he? After his death and funeral, the police discovered the buried bodies, including DMS'
  14. I agree with this. Maybe he made an excuse to himself that he didn't want to wake her up and that he would tell her about the call in the morning. Then he didn't have time because she was suddenly called to work. However, I think it is more likely that he just isn't used to being transparent with her yet.
  15. @violina, the taxi driver is in prison. I assumed that his explanation for why he kidnapped "Baek Hee Seong" was the end of his purpose in the story. However, writer-nim has surprised us again by having Jung Mi Sook show up alive. I had forgotten that DHS asked KMJ to visit him in prison a few episodes back. Maybe that will be related in the next episode.
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