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  1. Of course, we enjoyed JG's part of Criminal Minds, but the show didn't experience much success with people who weren't already fans. I want to see him working on projects like Moon Lovers and Flower of Evil with stories good enough to bring him new fans. I want to see him in projects that offer him new challenges and showcase his ever-growing skills.
  2. I agree about no season 2. Even if they could get enough of the original cast together, I don't see how they could come up with a compelling story in modern times. The greatest appeal of Moon Lovers was the time travel and the exotic setting of Goryeo. I think people would have been satisfied without a season 2 if they had aired that last scene so we could imagine a happy ending in present day. Maybe they didn't air it because they didn't want to tease a season 2 that couldn't happen. On the other hand, maybe the tragedy of the ending we got is what makes the drama so memorable for
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