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  1. I'm rewatching The Scholar Who Walks the Night while waiting for JG's next project. I had forgotten how great he is in it because the story goes off the rails in the second half. I remember that the last few episodes are good, but some of the middle episodes drove me crazy, and I never did warm up to Lee Yu Bi or her character. I think I will enjoy it more this time because I know what to expect and won't find the story so disappointing.
  2. @happyfanlgx Thanks for posting gunman's translation. I'm studying Korean as a hobby, and I don't know much yet, but I recognize enough words to know that Google translate is way off. For example, in the first sentence, I knew the words "today" and "design," but Google didn't have either of those words in its translation of that sentence. Gunman's translation filled in the blanks for me and made perfect sense.
  3. I didn't discover kdrama until 2012 when I stumbled upon City Hunter on Netflix, but when I started looking for other action dramas, I read that Iljimae was a must-see because of LJG. Sure enough, I became a fan due to Iljimae and started looking for everything that JG ever did. I have even watched his commercials and music videos. I'm not sure if I would call either the drama or the role "iconic." An icon is usually symbolic of something else, and that may not fit. Iljimae was undoubtedly important and influential. Both the drama and JG won lots of awards that year. Also, as you mention, it seems to have spawned quite a few similar shows because of its success. No matter how much you might like Jung Il Woo, Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, or Ji Chang Wook, none of them are as strongly identified with that type of character as JG. Even if it isn't the best word for it, I don't think anyone would object to calling the role iconic in the same sense as Christopher Reeve's role as Superman, Anthony Andrews' role as the Scarlet Pimpernel, or (going way back) Guy Williams' role as Zorro. They were all similar characters to Iljimae and were played by many other actors before and after, but those are the actors most identified with the role, at least to my generation. You could say that LJG is the Korean icon for the masked (or secret) hero of the people.
  4. Iljimae was also the first JG drama I saw, back in 2012 (although it aired in 2008), and I have been a fan ever since. It seems like it always takes him longer than he expects to select a new project. It depends on what he is offered and the negotiation process. I know he turns down projects that don't seem right to him. I don't recall him ever "announcing" a new project personally. We usually hear in the trade news that he is "considering" a project long before it is confirmed. In the case of Criminal Minds, he was reportedly attached for months before his agency announced his confirmation just days before the first script reading. I remember wondering at the time if he had doubts about it and was hoping something else might come through. In contrast, the producers of Lawless Lawyer first reported that he was considering on February 13, 2018, it was official by February 26, and filming had started by March 6. I guess that means we have no way of knowing how long it will take. We just have to keep watching for news.
  5. I enjoy watching videos of JG at airports because he is so kind to all the fans who greet him. He makes eye contact and shakes hands with so many, even when the crowds are threatening to overwhelm the security people. Arriving in Hong Kong, he tells the fans in English "be careful" and "don't push." In contrast, another Korean actor went through the same airport in a very different manner. I won't mention his name, but he is very popular with kdrama fans. He had the same number of security people locking arms and surrounding him, although his fans numbered in the dozens rather than hundreds. He was wearing sunglasses and avoided looking at anyone, keeping his eyes either straight ahead or down. Not only did he not touch anyone, but nobody was allowed within six feet of him. He certainly didn't smile or make hearts for them. I wonder if he was afraid or just above it all. I worry that JG could be hurt in the crush, in spite of all the security, but he never shows the slightest fear of his fans, even when he has to remind them not to push. Fans can be scary, especially considering ways they have treated him in the past.
  6. He has talked about wanting to do a romantic comedy for over two years. He said on camera in "My Ear's Candy" that he wanted to please his fans by doing a romantic comedy but he never got offers for romantic comedies, just action dramas. He may have been exaggerating a little, meaning that he didn't get offers for GOOD romantic comedies. I always suspected that he agreed to do "My Ear's Candy" and was even a little flirty on it to show his romantic comedy acting chops. That is the only "reality" show he has ever done and he and Park Min Young were so adorable they might have been "auditioning" for a rom com. That show was a friendship show, not a "dating" show, but it seemed to be edited to take advantage of their rom com chemistry. Their segment was the most popular the show ever had and would have aired an extra episode if the despicable Dispatch hadn't chosen the worst possible moment to "expose" his dating Jeon Hye Bin. Of course, what got exposed was the dark side of fandom and the media, but most of his real fans would still like to see him do a romantic comedy because he would be great in it and could show more of his range as an actor.
  7. You and me both! And I imagine a lot of the rest of us.
  8. It looks like you were right. He got his hair cut and colored darker for the Penegreen shoot. Lovely.
  9. Is the black hair really back, or is the orange hair covered by the hat? His hair has been growing out for a while. In the update last Friday, it looked to me like his dark roots were quite long, and the short hair around his ears was black. I think he looks the very best with natural black hair, but he is beautiful no matter what color he chooses for his hair. He is even beautiful with those big, black-framed glasses partially hiding his gorgeous eyes.
  10. Gunman in Joseon when the king had him rescued from the cart taking him to be executed.
  11. I just got an email from Represent that my Just Go Love bucket hat has already shipped early! Anybody else getting their Just Go Love order early?
  12. Just ran across this YouTube video. So funny!
  13. I was surprised how reasonable the shipping was. They must be printing them in the US. I guess that isn't too surprising since Represent is a US company. I think I read that JG is the first Korean actor they worked with. I didn't think about Knowing Brothers being a media test, but it makes sense. If so, it was very successful. Didn't they say the two episodes were the highest rated for Knowing Brothers? I have seen quite a few rom com dramas where the initial description emphasizes the female lead as the story impetus, but they always turn out to be pretty equal. I can't even remember one where the female's arc overshadows the male's. Even in a typical Candy story, the male storyline seems to drive the narrative.
  14. You have changed my mind. I forgot about Big, which I thought had the worst ending ever. The Hong sisters had so many hits, I didn't think about how long it has been since the last one. I didn't see any of the three tvN dramas you mention, but I'll take your word that the CG was terrible. It also makes sense for him to do something on a broadcast network after two years with tvN. And I really don't want to wait until the second half of this year to see him again. The only thing I disagree with is that he would turn it down because the female lead is the main protagonist. After all, MLSHR was an ensemble with the female lead in practically every scene. JG didn't have a lot more screen time that Kang Ha Neul, but he totally dominated the drama. Rom coms are usually very equal with the male and female lead, even when the story revolves around the female. My big dream, which I think is the same as his, is for him to get a major role in a Hollywood movie. He got his foot in the door, but he needs to follow up before too many years have passed.
  15. I ordered the bucket hat. He has been wearing those hats a lot lately, but I have no idea how it will look on me. Probably awful. That casting news is really interesting. JG just said very recently that he wants to do a fantasy romance, which is what this sounds like. And didn't the Hong sisters write My Girl? That would be a cool reunion. My Girl was my worst case of Second Lead Syndrome, and I don't think I was alone. JG's last two dramas have been on tvN. Criminal Minds was a disappointment, but Lawless Lawyer did well. He might want to get back to a broadcast network, but I imagine tvN wants him to stay with them. The biggest thing is that IU is confirmed as the female lead. They are known to be good friends and have great chemistry. I thought JG acted circles around her in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, but she is much better in modern dramas. There are so many people longing for the second season of MLSHR, which will never happen. This would be the next best thing for all those people. I will be very happy if he takes the Hotelier role!
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