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  1. hai @corey @Nodame @Jillia @Ameera Ali @Sleepy Owl @iksunijini @mirmz the distant horizon with night connection alive. it's love. hai @Min2206 many varieties of stunning cakes. and it tasted awesome. 126
  2. hai everyone.. thank you for the beautiful days. safe and sound. to lovely @MayanEcho @larus @sadthe1st @Lmangla @Sleepy Owl @partyon @joccu @4evrkdrama @Catleya @Thong Thin @Min2206 @pompyavi @cenching @iksunijini to a team subtract @mirmz @forme26 fi -2
  3. hai @forme26 fi @iksunijini a new reality for everyone. travelling can be rewarding in so many ways. it helps to open our mind and we meet different people from all walks of life. on top of that, it's also the best way to learn about ourselves. the feeling of walking up in new cities and the anticipation of new experiences whenever we travel. that's right. travel safe, and have fun 166
  4. hai everyone.. to a team add and a team subtract. there's more to do. shine bright in the night. hai lovely @partyon @Lmangla thank you for giving me this opportunity to fill up the pandemic questionnaire (just for fun), I really like the last question regarding the first thing you want to do once the pandemic is over. I would like to say, I believe it's tough going out there, we can't travel but we can still dream. after almost a year of mostly staying home and minimising travel, it's natural for many people have been feeling the blues due to the travel restrictio
  5. hai everyone.. sunrise, the tale behind the story. have a great weekend to kind-hearted team add @larus @Ameera Ali @partyon @Lmangla @Min2206 @Jillia @sadthe1st @joccu @kokodus@Thong Thin @4evrkdrama @Catleya @Nodame @cenching @Ernie @Sejabin @pompyavi @kokodus @MayanEcho @corey @Sleepy Owl @iksunijini and team subtract @mirmz @forme26 fi -2
  6. hai @iksunijini that's right. do it with love. I'm more focused on the growth that we all need. 288
  7. hai everyone.. close to home. wishing you the best weekend. @iksunijini @Sleepy Owl @joccu @larus @4evrkdrama @Jillia @cenching@sadthe1st @corey @Lmangla @partyon @Ameera Ali @Min2206 @MayanEcho @Catleya @Nodame @pompyavi a team subtract @mirmz @forme26 fi -2
  8. hai everyone.. a sunny day rainy night, winters frozen wind. affection will return. to a team add @Ameera Ali @Jillia @Lmangla @partyon @corey @joccu @larus @Ernie @Catleya @Min2206 @Thong Thin @Sleepy Owl @MayanEcho @4evrkdrama @sadthe1st @cenching @pompyavi @iksunijini to a team subtract @mirmz @forme26 fi -2
  9. @forme26 fi @iksunijini hai. they beat eggs and whip cream. 300
  10. hai everyone.. to a team add @Ameera Ali @partyon @Lmangla @Nodame @Jillia @Min2206 @joccu @Ernie @pompyavi @sadthe1st @Sleepy Owl @MayanEcho @Catleya @4evrkdrama @corey @larus @cenching , to a team subtract @mirmz @forme26 fi . pouring rain at night. minds in the future. the way you see things and do things that's what makes you're amazing, I remain grateful that I met with all of you. @Thong Thin hai @iksunijini 's from SK. -2
  11. hai everyone.. a quiet calmness when everything around. all is calm. to a team add @Min2206 @Thong Thin @Ameera Ali @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @partyon @Lmangla @Jillia @sadthe1st @larus @corey @joccu @4evrkdrama @Ernie @Nodame @Sejabin @pompyavi @cenching @Catleya @iksunijini to a team subtract @mirmz @forme26 fi -2
  12. hai @iksunijini @forme26 fi thank you. it's the size of the cup. 334
  13. hai everyone.. the real night sky. to a team add @Ernie @Min2206 @4evrkdrama @Catleya @sadthe1st @cenching @MayanEcho @Thong Thin @Sleepy Owl @joccu @pompyavi @Nodame @Jillia @larus @sadthe1st @Ameera Ali @partyon@Lmangla @iksunijini to a team subtract @mirmz @forme26 fi -2
  14. hai everyone's here is amazing, the healing power of quarantine. stillness has a healing quality. to a team add @Ameera Ali @iksunijini @partyon @Lmangla @Min2206 @corey @larus @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Ernie @pompyavi @MY15 @joccu @sadthe1st @Nodame@Thong Thin @Jillia @cenching @Catleya to a team subtract @mirmz @forme26 fi @4evrkdrama -2
  15. @Min2206 hai. thank you. till me weet again. @Sleepy Owl @kokodus hai. in the middle of the night cold wind blowing. @Ernie hai. I've gotta go. -2
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