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  1. HR ( 30s wife) - ''Father, thank you'' ..that was fun or maybe not.. I dont think SH is in love with SW, for now. Their conversation was innocent until she asked for his phone number. Of course, he wanted that too. After that, their talks became something like flirting.
  2. Lee Son - ''Live for yourself not for me'' That its the only reasonable sentence he said. This time it was better that Yoo Na obeyed him. Anyway, the scene when he was holding her in his arms was emotional. I love this scene.. TvN
  3. Gureum is physically and mentally cornered. Its clear she hurt Ji O, but that isnt what she really thinks. She can hardly remain reasonable after what she saw and heard at that place. I like the scene when the baby was floating in that field of electricity. Im glad Ji O saw that too.
  4. I dont understand why Byeong In had to have such an end. He is a good swordsman and yet that man with the scar managed to beat him. https://twitter.com/hashtag/KimByeongin?src=hashtag_click
  5. its done smoothly.. https://www.tumgir.com/ I love the scene when prince Youngpyeong brought that ink stick. It was a beautiful and rare gift because Hwa Jin was a little surprised.
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