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  1. I like how YJ is always calm and careful. Even when walking with Fukuda, and even when holding a gun in that hallway where WB fought those gangsters. Although to me it seems that in the moment she saw WB, she was more shaken than usual.
  2. Nothing will be the same for sure. Fukuda is already starting to doubt YJ, and now there is WB there too. It seems to me that in this drama everyone is following everyone. I guess because its war time.
  3. Yes, I like Fukuda too. It would be nice, if him and that singer had a chance to be together. Although, what if marriage happens between Fukuda and YJ. General Hiroshi already has everything planned.
  4. Its clear that YJ and WB are attracted to eachother, no matter the circumstances. Everything is happening naturally, and fits the whole story. Fukuda is a good person, and thats the only way YJ thinks of him.
  5. The kiss would be sexy, if they were already in a relationship. But, MR accepted that, so its okay. Such a beautiful scene when MR touched TJs hand, and when they walked the street hand in hand, after. Besides, that the only other thing I liked was that MR changed her nail polish.
  6. Such a funny couple. SY changed her body, but Min still views her the same way. Nice. SY should write a survival manual. Smart girl.
  7. Super start. I like it. SY and CM look firmly connected.
  8. I like the new poster. Looks intriguing. Do they live in the same building, and are those illuminated windows theirs? Or is that just a poster.
  9. Looks like Dan will be in a bit of trouble, until YS starts believing him. But, I like these fun scenes between them. Both of the actors look so handsome and pretty while smiling. I hope there will be scenes like that too.
  10. It is a real love...JK and Beka... Changing the tires, and the water bottle stole the spotlight in this episode. Also WS' smile, when he told that girl that its been long since they have seen eachother.
  11. I hope the king learned the lesson, and that he wont back away, and he will finish the kiss.
  12. Omo..these two... TJ was looking at MR with such admiration, while she was serving that table with her apron on. I dont think he would look at her that way even if she was on the runway.
  13. DM looked beautiful in that white dress. For some reason, while she was standing on the street waving at Ryan, it looked like a scene from "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I didnt like the kiss. Ryan followed her, and she apologised. That was enough. SA is so sweet, I like the scenes between him and Ryan.
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