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  1. I like the scenes between Yangcha and Tanya, and also the Nunbyeol's fight scene. Everyone is slowly starting to show their real nature. Poor Tagon, he doesnt know that he already lost the war. Right now there is nothing that can stop Eunseom. Saya seems to be as physically strong as Eunseom. I dont want the two of them to be enemies. It would be nice if Saya and Eunseom were able to at least slightly make up for those lost years when they were separated by others.
  2. Omo...they look so gorgeous together... I didnt know the two of them were acting together.
  3. I dont like the last episodes. These writers cant convince me thats how it was supposed to be. But, KSH was very convincing...
  4. Xabara appeared so gracefully on screen. I like how everyone gets out of her way. I like Yangcha's look as Tagon gave the speech.
  5. I like Eunseom's journey. Although he is constantly in the arena. He and Ipsaeng made me laugh. So Eunseom has his army, but he doesnt know it, yet. Memo tribe and the army that S will buy with those gems. The flag scene was so powerful. Looks like no one can mess with Xabara. Yangcha is the smartest off all Tagon's warriors. Of course I leave Mubaek aside. Im not sure if Yangcha connected that if Eunseom is Igut, also is Saya. I kinda would like that Yangcha will be Eunseom's warrior.
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