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  1. Erghhhh. I couldn't wait and just end up watching EP 4 raw. This is just word vomiting because I need to get this out of my head before I go to sleep. Can Han Ju Won stop being so cocky and so above the law like he is the one and only righteous police officer there when he actively conceal all his involvement that might cause unfavorable situation for him if it was exposed? Only Lee Dong Shik who keeps mentioning about the cloned handphone and the text messages. Having father as a higher up person really boost his ego isn't it? Kudos to Yeo Jin Goo for making me hate his character
  2. I feel like I have no words to perfectly describe how I feel about this drama. It is like deliciously good but it give me headache just for simply trying to figure out what is happening. It seems like every single line in the script is alluding to a lot of things. It was mentioned before that the director said something about all the characters are selfish in a way and they want to achieve their own aim. I tried keeping that in mind while watching EP 3. Han Ju Won is extremely obsessed with making Lee Dong Shik as the perpetrator. However, there is no solid evidence inc
  3. Bullying rumors went rampant this week and it is inevitable for the production company to do damage control. I just hope that the drama will still air no matter how late it will be. It is unfair for the others who worked hard to make it work just for the project to get shelved.
  4. @Lmangla @Min2206 YUMMMM. I loooooove bitter gourd. I thought about presenting Petai or commonly known as the stinky bean. Yes it has really peculiar smell but I love it. It can be eaten raw or included in few other dishes. I am salivating right now. and then I feel like I should just add the whole Ulam family. Ulam is just our brand of traditional salad, variety of vegetables and leaves typically served raw or slightly blanched and accompany by sauces but my pick is sambal belacan and I love it spicy.
  5. @partyon HAHAHHAH. Funny that you'd mention IKEA Meatballs because I can never understand the hype of it. The first time I tried those, I just side-eyed my friend because we were super rushing but he insisted to go to IKEA and eat some meatballs. I was there with a bunch of friends and after ordering and paid for our food, we split into two tables and sit quite far away because there was lot of people then. Us at my table (not including him who was craving) were like trying to understand why he was craving so much for it, I never tried it before so I was naturally curious, but we come to concl
  6. Thank you @partyon for tagging me. Tbh, I've avoiding this thread because I want to avoid any cravings. I am on intermittent fasting because I need a reason to stop unnecessary munching plus Ramadhan is around the corner so I am preparing for that too. I did some thinking and I guess my favourite/soul food will be Bakso. Most of the time when I get stressed out in college, I'll be craving for food with hot and spicy broth. My friends and I would go to an extent where we rent car just to go and eat at our favorite shop while receiving orders from those who couldn't go with us.
  7. HAHHAHA. I guess a lot of people doesn't want Dong Shik to have DID. I have to admit, Dong Shik really is a big mystery and I don't know which version of him I want him to be in the end. I am not sure which part I want to emphasize in my post so I will just rant away. Brace yourself. Lee Dong Shik Han Ju Won Park Jung Je Yoo Jae Yi Another thing is, I want to know who they keep referring as someone is always watching. Are they referring to town people or specifically someone among them. I can't wait for next episodes to find
  8. I just watched EP 2 raw, but WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING???!!! The ending is throwing me off AGAIN. I guess the writer intentionally wanting to keep Lee Dong Shik as the suspect as long as possible. Is Dissociative identity disorder (DID) possible? I got it right about the guitar pick but wrong about Ju Seon's body not being found within 3 days after her disappearance. I must have misread the newspaper clippings as I only read the headlines. Sorry! @jongski Han Ju Won was in Foreign Affairs Division in Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency 9 months prior being transferred to
  9. @brooksmom According to the newspaper on Dong Shik's wall, Bang Ju Seon's body was not found within 3 days of her disappearance. The whole investigations were called off after 4 months 16 days, by I assume, Han Gi Hwan because his picture was attached with the headline. That is possibly why we only saw him giving a reaction when he heard who Han Ju Won's father is. I feel that Dong Shik asking Yu Yeon out late at night was a normal occurrence between them because Yu Yeon's expression seems excited about it like she is anticipating it. But I don't exactly know whether she met Dong S
  10. Got time to spare and I already did 2nd watch. There are total of 5 similar cases where the body was found in similar state; Bang Ju Seon (15.10.2000) Jin Hwa Lim (29.7.2018) Wi Sun Hee (16.3.2019) Yeo Chun Ok (11.2019) Lee Geum Hwa (19.10.2020) Lee Yu Yeon is still not found so I am not sure whether to classify her as a victim or not but I think she is because of her fingertips. Now I wonder if all the victim's fingertips were found or only Lee Yu Yeon's. The murders were almost 20 years apart, we might dealing with same murderer or two different murderers. T
  11. I am going in this blind but I am liking the first episode. The last shot of Lee Dong Shik is really creepy and that expression alone made me doubt a lot of things. I am going to watch 2nd time which will involves a lot of pausing to find more clues. I hope it will remain a fun and thrilling ride.
  12. @Haeyoung88 I am looking too but Google search only leading to VIU and I am not sure if it is region restricted. I found link to VIU Singapore but redirected to VIU Malaysia where I am from but found nothing from the website. The English subtitle already uploaded through illegal stream though if you don't mind that.
  13. I finally caught on with this week episodes and I am totally loving where this heading. Pushy Hyun Seung in earlier episodes is nowhere to be seen anymore and now we have the most understanding man ever. Just please do not make any u-turn in later episodes. I am totally on board with both leads because they look so cute together. Finally they reveal why Song Ah relationship and her mother is really bad, while I do feel bad about her mother, I can understand why Song Ah become so distant. She was in need of emotional support during that time too, but she has to become her mom emotio
  14. @LingLing_Wannabe Like I comment earlier, the premise is still interesting and there are lots of questions I am interested in knowing and learning. However, I have to agree with that it is too unrealistic and I really can't take anything seriously. They are going overboard with making things too overdramatic (maybe to flex their big budget) and it is obviously done with lack of sense. I just hope it will be toned down as we go further into the story or it will become stale real fast. It is already 2021 and they can't just spew and do nonsense especially when they want to portray a highly intel
  15. Done EP2 and one thing I remember was I am laughing all the way through the fighting scene. I am sorry that I can't take any of it seriously. Use silencer because there are a lot of people around, but why do the whole troop gathering all over the stairs with guns pointing to one door. What about that face mask when there is no tear mask or gas bomb used. I thought the whole pump looking thing was for them to release gas but it was only for unlocking the door? Until when are we going to be keep in dark with whatever power Seo Hae has? Feels like I am too nitpicking a lot of things rather than j
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