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  1. I never keep up with news update etc. Just watch whatever caught my eyes on the site I frequent. The drama was uploaded few hours prior to my first post. I was caught off guard actually because I did not know that the drama was already airing. I can share the site I usually use if I want to download new drama with sub (they already updated) but for the streaming site I actually used, I am not sure if I am allowed to share it but if you scour kdrama or kvariety reddit site, you might find it. That was how I found it. As I am not directly sharing the link, I hope it is okay to mention the sites I use.
  2. Hi. I already watched until episodes 2 with subs and decided to check up this forum. I know that this is upcoming drama but did not keep up when it is premiering. I usually just check new drama upload section and this drama was there. But coming here seeing no one comment anything and even said that it will premiere on 21 Sept. makes me thinking, am I in the wrong forum? Anyway, I really enjoyed watching both 2 episodes. Seeing Choi Jin Hyuk as the Zombie flailing around did made me laugh out loud. I did rewind some of the scenes too because it is too funny but I also did skip/mute some parts because I could not stand the cringe and second-handed embarrassment. Park Joo Hyun as the writer struck me as someone with big heart and relentless once she set her mind on something. By the end of episode 2, it is pretty obvious what is the link between the leads. I never really like zombie related film/series/drama but I hope I will enjoy this one. For Choi Jin Hyuk. Happy watching everyone.
  3. I did not even remember that Jung Kyung was there until I read your post. Hopefully she would not turn into a typical 2nd lead territory, who will try her best hijacking the new budding relationship between Song Ah and Joon Young. She already starts noticing how Joon Young becoming closer to Song Ah. I mean, we got enough of that kind of character in the dramaland that I want her to be different. As of now, I wish all the characters' tangled relationship will be resolved gracefully without sacrificing their years of prior relationship. And thank you @Jillia for your warm welcome.
  4. I end up not continuing where I left off and not curious enough to actually keeping up with the story. I am looking forward for Yoon Hyun Min and Seo Ji Hoon's next project and hoping it will be interesting enough for me to stick through. As of Hwang Jung Eum, I am saying goodbye until I can make peace with her or if her counterpart in next project able to hold my interest enough to watch. The rest of soompiers here, hope we will meet again in other thread. It was nice as long as it last (quite short for me) to be here. Cheers to more korean drama in the future.
  5. Obligatory disclaimer; English is not my first language and neither do I use it on daily basis other than reading materials that is in English. If my thoughts/sentences feel disjointed or anything, just kindly point it out. I will try my best to improve expressing myself next time I am posting here. Thank you. Hi everyone. I just watched ep 3 and I am currently enjoying the story so far. I am in need of light drama but still relatable and not full of cringe-fest. My current drama list is full with much more serious/intense drama it is making me a bit fatigue. It is still just a little bit unfamiliar watching Park Eun Bin as Song Ah because I am used to her previously more upbeat and outspoken character. However, she made me loving Song Ah more as the story goes for now. I am about Song Ah's age and her feelings, train of thoughts and her course of action is so relatable (for now) that I can easily empathize with her. Kim Min Jae's Joon Young too made me feels for him. Someone that has no problem saying no to people that he is not emotionally connected to, but succumb when it involves people he cares about. Both of the main characters share common ground that makes them instantly connected. They don't have to be told what each others are feeling, just quietly observing and low-key trying to protect/comfort each other. I don't really feel that Song Ah and Joon Young's relationship progressing too fast because it is obvious they need a companion that can comfort them and it is easier to connect with a person you just getting know because there is no preconceived expectation between them. Song Ah rightfully told off Joon Young not to concealed anything to protect her but she still lower her guard and accept the comfort that Joon Young gave her. I appreciate that Joon Young was forward enough to progress their relationship into much more comfortable area becoming friend rather then both of them feeling in limbo how to define their relationship. They both do not need another undefined/uncomfortable relationship. As of now, I am staying for both main characters and I hope their story remain relatable until the end. Really looking forward to the rest of the episodes. Sidenote: I watched Running Man where four main leads guesting, and I live for the little moments between Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin.
  6. I am in the middle of watching episode 4 but had to pause because I can't focus on the story. Same thing happened during previous episodes where I had to pause for a while before continuing. I did contemplate A LOT if it is alright to post this here but I guess I have to get this out. Is there anyone who is watching this but can't really enjoy it because of Hwang Jung Eum? Because I currently am. I never had any problem watching her previous dramas and even did re-watch some of them. Ever since Mystic Pop-up Bar, I am having trouble watching her. It is not so much about her acting as I never notice about how she tend to shout her line etc. until people point it out. It is her lip/mouth area that bother me especially when the shot is focus on her face. I even google if she did recent plastic surgery or not because I feel that it looks too unnatural. Or is it actually because of her makeup that doesn't blend well and made her lips area looks whiter than the rest of her face at some close-up shot or is it just me/ my screen that made it look that way. I never encounter this problem after years of drama watching. I just need some answer as why I am feeling uncomfortable. I want to reiterate that I am not hating her or anything. I really want to watch the drama because I am interested with the plot. I made it through Mystic Pop-up bar because there are a lot of side stories that keeps me invested on the drama and it is also only 12 episodes. If there is anyone experiencing this while watching the drama, I need to know some tips that will help me enjoy this drama. I am sorry that this become long rant or if it violate any rules on this forum. Mods may remove this post if it is violating any rules. Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone. Dropping by here to update that I did watch ep 5-6 yesterday but I can't stay focus on the story. I did deliberately distract myself with other things while watching because some of the scenes were a bit too relatable I am feeling so uncomfortable watching it. And today rather that watching the latest episode, I watched other contents and drama just to avoid watching it. I will eventually get to it because I am really rooting for Han Woo Joo to heal and be happy. I might need to re-watch ep 5-6 and then ep 7-8 during the weekend before posting my usual long rant here. If I feel the need to rant to get it out from my system. Before ending my post for now, I just thought of sharing this video I found on youtube. For context, the 3 youtubers are doctors and the one sitting in the middle is a psychiatrist. Some on his comment did shed some prejudice I had toward LSJ. Will look forward reading others thought about this week episodes. Happy weekend everyone and stay safe.
  8. Thank you for the compliment. English is not my first language and I feel rather inferior with my writing skill cause I did took several English proficiency tests before and while I am able to score high marks for other components, I barely got an average for writing component. Grammar never is my strong suit and I have a strong love-hate relationship with grammar that while it make sense when I took english lessons, I'll immediately forget about it when lessons ended. Sorry in advance if there is any grammar nazi here. I just hope that I articulate my thoughts accurately in my long rant and person who reads it understand what I want to deliver. I manage not to skip any scenes today but I kinda divert my attention to something else when I am feeling uncomfortable. Especially the scene when LSJ meet I assume the hospital director and also the rooftop scene where it feels so stage-y and it really was. I don't know whether to accept that kind of method or not even though it ended with a good note. I am worried about HWJ because we can assume she had suicidal tendency before, and even with the mattresses there at the bottom, I can't not feeling worried about her.
  9. Hi guys. I just finish watching episode 3-4. I want to try quoting people who replied to my post ( @Mymindisblank, @jongski) but I am afraid this post going to be too long as I do have tendency to rant and I want to include the replies with my thought on episode 3-4. After watching the latest episode, I am able to accept LSJ but not fully. There is still some questionable things about him and his method. We do know now that he is the face of the hospital, won some awards, so he must be a good and capable psychiatrists. However, because of that too that he is able to go through those questionable method, and the hospital has let him off not just once but a few times when problems occurred. I am glad that his superior actually raise the issue maybe that his method this time around when dealing with the delusional patient is not working and he did not brush it off easily this time around. But the way LSJ finally respond with utmost confidence that his method is not wrong just put me off a tad bit. The delusional patient arc ended a little bit too nicely that I can't feel like it is totally believable and instead it feels like the writer just want to end it quickly it so we can move on with the main plot. However, I really do hope that he can move on with life without huge relapse or setback. I feel like LSJ eccentricities tendency is related to his own trauma. He works himself to death, purposely volunteering taking other doctor's shift, is just like a scream of help instead. Or he actually trying to forget his own pain. Even looking at his room full with books tell me that he uses most of his time focusing on his researches and his patients. He also go beyond his means by personally injecting himself into his patient's daily life. He doesn't even know where to go when he got free time for himself. It was a bit comforting knowing that he screens through his patient and just accepting patients within his means. I guess we will go through why he decline patient with borderline personality disorder along this drama once he starts treating HWJ and makes it a healing drama. My hope is just that the eccentric quirk he has wouldn't be use as comedic relief anymore and just use it for moments like during when he cheer for the soccer player to make the kick. In my opinion, that scene uses his eccentricities appropriately. I guess at this point I can reason myself enough to accept LSJ, BUT that doesn't mean that I can accept what had happened in episode 1-2. Episode 1-2 is exaggerated far too much for my own liking. He still got a long way to go to make me fully accepting him. No amount of trying to build therapeutic relationship can brush it off. About HWJ, my heart just breaks for her. I feel like I want more of her on my screen. Her struggles really resonate with me and makes me want to care for her. After knowing that she actually tried to suicide based on the scar on her wrist, I want nothing but for her to heal and find peace. Then during her scene at the beach kinda seal the deal. I might try to go through this drama even if it makes me feel uncomfortable (forward button will be my best friend during those times) just so that I know she will get happiness that she rightfully deserve. I am looking forward for her to undergo treatment with LSJ, and just like what others had said, I am hoping they will strictly maintain a professional friendship and no romantic feelings involved in between. Just please, no romance. My Mister is still a great healing drama, in my own opinion and it works even without romance.Thank you. Another scene that I personally love, during the broadcast LSJ did, when he said, The moment you admit your pain, the healing begins at the end of the broadcast. It will get too personal if I dive through why I love it, but I love it the most in episode 3-4 as it gives a sense of hope that things will get better. I guess that is the end for my rant. Thank you for all who spent your precious time reading it and I hope it all make sense. I am still feeling a bit inferior with my English. Looking forward for the discussions here and I will definitely be lurking around. Have a good day/night wherever you are.
  10. Hi everyone here. I am just dropping by because I need to get this out from my system. Or maybe I should wait for 6 seconds. I did enjoy for most part of the episode. Most of it just a setup to create connection between the characters. Some trope here and there. But some scenes felt so unsettling and I cannot just give it a pass. Disclaimer, I am not in any relation with medical field, so this is only my opinion and what I feel. I am in no way to discredit any of the medical officer depicted because I am just a watcher who only knows the context that has been feed to me. English is not my first language, pardon me if any of the sentences feel weird or disconnected. It is a pretty long rant and you may skip if you want. First in the scene with the somatic patient (cameo by Wi Ha Joon). As of my understanding, when dealing with someone with mental health, they can be unstable at some point especially when exposed to what that can triggered them. While I do understand that they are his doctor, they do know his condition and medical history, isn't is a bit too much to actually hold the machine (the one used to amputate limbs) right in front of his face. While this is only for the work of fiction and they may exaggerate, it just trigger me at some point. I wouldn't mind as much if the patient is not someone with mental health history, but we do know he's got mental health problem based on the dialogue before that and how Lee Shi Joon play the situation. I couldn't help feeling unsettled even though knowing it just played for the comedy. Second, during the scene when Lee Shi Joon went patrolling with the police officer. While watching the scene, I thought that the officer is actually a patient of his, but when he thank Lee Shi Joon for accompanying him, my thought just went, Oh. Maybe this is just public service thingie that he volunteers to help patrol officer patrolling the neighborhood just like in other drama. Cut to scene LSJ being reprimanded by his superiors, we know the fact that the police officer is indeed a patient and did causes various problems before. I mean, I get it it. The drama want to expose us about delusional disorder, but does he need to play as police officer? With elaborate gears that makes him actually look like one? By enabling him with his delusion, LSJ does not only exposed the patient to danger, but also the public. Police officer is someone with power, and people who doesn't know that he is a fake might believe in him and depend on him. That really doesn't sit well with me. And the previous scene lead to the other problem when the patient run away from the hospital, impersonate as a police officer AGAIN with full gear and actually get to ride on a police bus and end up at the Musical Award. Nobody paid any attention towards him and he played the role well that the other officer believes that he is a REAL officer. That just feed my fear further, and I can imagine all what is going to happen that I actually skip the scene on the stage because I can't stomach it well. Little did I know that the next scene infuriates me more. LSJ manage to find him at the venue, PLAY the situation along trying to played it down, IMPERSONATING as officer himself when he should know that cross the line since there are other people present. And it was definitely doesn't go well when the patient actually put the another handcuff on LSJ, accusing him for impersonating as officer when he is actually his doctor. If I was in Han Woo Joo place, I will be totally dumbfounded, trying to make sense what is happening, who should I trust while trying to stay calm myself because everything happened not only in front of huge audience, but also being filmed and broadcast throughout the country. At that point, I couldn't help feeling outrageous towards LSJ and thinking how on earth did he enable all his patients deed. Delaying the missing report, trying to fix the problem himself that lead to bigger problem, and my mind go through a lot of other scenarios that should be presented instead of what happened. While trying to calm myself down, this is a work of fiction, they tend to exaggerate things, this plot is just a device to connect the characters together, I felt mad at myself for normalizing this even though this is just a drama. We are just 1 (or 2 episodes in) and I really hope it will only get better. At this point, I want to know more on LSJ and his background story so that I can to a certain degree make peace with his action and decision as a psychiatrist. And I really do not want to drop this drama because I am already loving Han Woo Joo and wants nothing but a happy life for her. Props to Jung So Min. I am also looking forward for more Park Ye Jin. I didn't watch lots of her project, but I do love her during her Family Outing stint. I am looking forward to read for others' thoughts on this drama. With this, I end my looooong rant. Thank you for reading.
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