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  1. Just finished EP 4 and I am really loving this drama. I was laughing real hard during comedic scenes and totally get caught into feelings during heavier scenes. Dam really proved how level headed she is by the way she confronted those sunbaes and her groupmates. I love how she took serious matter seriously, pointing out they were the bad people and nothing she did warranted their treatment towards her. She really is not typical pushover female lead in rom-com. I appreciate the depth the writer has given to her character. I feel like referring Woo Yeo as Yeo Woo from now on because
  2. I am actually enjoying the story so far. I have been watching a lot of heavier dramas recently and watching this feels like a breath of fresh air. I really hope it will maintain a light rom-com drama throughout its run and even when the inevitable crisis comes, I hope they will get through it quickly instead of dragging it. Dam feels like a very typical college student. She can be fashionable if she wants too but she prefers to be comfortable. She clearly level headed enough even though she can be so random at times. I do appreciate she is representing what typical young adults lik
  3. Hi all. Stopping by here because I'm currently trying to catch up with the episodes and I just want to rant somewhere. I just finished ep 6 and I am just boiling with rage over Soo Ryeon and her family but especially her. I get it, she is one of the righteous students who wants to fight for democracy but doesn't want to sacrifice her family. I get it. But it doesn't mean I can just accept everything she did. Everything snowballed because of her decisions and requests and now she doesn't have the backbone to admit everything while Hee Tae gave her so many chances to come clean before it ge
  4. Got 3 guesses wrong. 2 totally expected and I didn't watch those, while another one I got wrong because I got confused. Thank you @Lmangla @partyon @Sleepy Owl for organizing this event and I did enjoy testing my memory on dramas I watched before.
  5. Updating my answers for both sets. The bonus clue for #10 and #12 really helps a lot. There are still answers I'm not fully confident about but I'll just stick with my wild guesses. Blind item #1 Blind item #2 Blind item #3 Blind item #4 Blind item #5 Blind item #6 Blind item #7 Blind item #8 Blind item #9 Blind item #10 Blind item #11 Blind item #12
  6. @lexicon I believe it is totally fine. I did it A LOT during the last event.
  7. These are my initial wild guesses. I have a feeling that I got it wrong for most of my guesses. I'll try to get back to this once I got time to spare. Blind item #7 Blind item #8 Blind item #9 Blind item #10 Blind item #11 Blind item #12
  8. Thank you @Sleepy Owl @partyon @Lmangla for organizing this again and tagging me. I had fun guessing during the first part months back I am happy to see this. These are my first guesses. I had a really long day today on top of fasting, my memory is quite hazy I am pretty sure I got some of it wrong. Will try to get back to it later. Blind item #1 Blind item #2 Blind item #3 Blind item #4 Blind item #5 B
  9. I haven't been posting much last few weeks but I have been following and being so impressed by each episode. I have got to say watching this drama have been so mentally exhausting but also very satisfying with all the small and seemingly insignificant details that actually adds up to complete the story. Every single character hold significant meaning to the story and not just there to be filler characters and I appreciate the writer for including them. Even the neighborhood ahjummas hold some importance for the story. Watching the latest episode, I have to say the character that su
  10. @booha I just saw his face on the thumbnail while scrolling mindlessly and got curious. I think the only time I watched him outside of drama was a talk show with Kang Ho Dong and snippet in The Return of Superman during William and Ben's segment. I am not really expecting I'll be laughing a lot but he was totally hilarious but in a way feel quite relatable. Who in their right mind puts dirty laundry on the floor just because of oil splatter, and there was even white cloths among those. But then he is just like other people who might do stupid things too. He was definitely unsure on
  11. Hi everyone. I have never been here and stopping by because I just watched CJH's segment in My Ugly Duckling and feels like checking the thread if anyone watched it too. It was quite obvious he is new with this sort of variety show because the regular cast will tend to talk out loud even when alone just to express things but he did not do it. Nevertheless, it was a really fun segment and I am looking forward for more of his segment. I really hope he will become regular cast in the future. The PD really trying to set up Hwasa - Twit as his theme song and I live for all his handsome
  12. Finally caught up with the all the episodes I have missed and I have to say this is the best romance drama I have watched recently. I don't watch romance drama much nowadays because most of it made me feel forced to accept the couple instead of making me slowly accepting and rooting for them. I am glad that the not-so-impressive earlier episodes did not deter me from finishing this. I feel what I love the most is the fact all the characters were given a chance to grow. There were no pesky ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend much either and the problems between main couple was realistic a
  13. I NEED Lee Jin Woo to have some sort of grand plan to bring down all those corrupted politicians. If his only motivation is to brings down Seo Gi Tae, this drama is nothing but a very plain revenge drama. I guess we are not gonna get anymore call to the past since the phone is missing. I guess I know now why Lee Seo Jin was casted in this. The PD needs someone with charisma as a president candidate and his image fits in. However, his character is slowly going downhill and I won't root for him at all anymore unless he proves that he got bigger plan in action. His motivation just to
  14. Haven't been here for a week just in case I will get spoiled before catching up with the latest 3 episodes. Welcome to new people joining the thread. I kinda regret watching 3 episodes at once because it was so emotionally intense watching Dong Shik suffering alone. I keep wanting Han Ju Won to stop, literally screaming HAJIMAAAAA!!!! when he went to Dong Shik's home with the handcuff because his action got a little bit unbearable for me to handle. After the reveal of Min Jung's cause of death, I can hear Dong Shik's heart breaking knowing that he got the chance to sa
  15. Can I just say I am particularly bored the whole time while watching this week episodes except for the cliffhanger? That cliffhanger is the only thing that happened in ep 5-6 that convinced me to keep watching next episodes. To be honest, the only one I am rooting for is Seo Jung In and I don't really care much about Lee Jin Woo anymore. I wouldn't say that Seo Gi Tae is completely innocent because by doing nothing, he is enabling both Kim Young Joo and Nam Seong Beom to continue with their dirty jobs. However, for Lee Jin Woo to be completely roped in into Kim Young Joo's story f
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