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  1. Even if the meet-up is for CLoY and perhaps is still confidential during then, the agencies can already have their statements ready. Why the need to “confirm” with both HB and YJ? My only conclusion is both agencies are unaware of the impromptu meet-up
  2. Was re-watching the Swoon videos of CLoY and promotion for TN Came back and there we have more Baeksang clips! I seriously don’t mind to be the pengsoo on that BAA night where i can look at HB and YJ from the back without people knowing!!!
  3. YJ liking the IG posts is another happy thing after Baeksang! Girl is really happy now i guess
  4. Oh gosh... As much as i have kept my expectations low, but i can’t help but feel sad that CLOY did not get most awards..especially so that YJ did not get Daesang But if HB and YJ announced their marriage tmr guess i will be fine!! And btw can we delete the tiktok app already? Congratulations to all winners!!! YJ looks gorgeous and HB make ladies go gaga as usual
  5. Guys, YJ is now overall leading! Don’t forget to continue voting for YJ and HB!
  6. Errrrrm...no one in V@st would dare to send such a DM to the lady boss, boss will be angry! LOL!!
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