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  1. I guess i’m probably the minority who enjoys the whole drama. I actually like JA’s character who develops through the drama. Instead of running away from opposition from Mom and being the victim to one being defame in the workplace, she stayed and persisted till the end. It’s a pity that JH did not stay by her side while she’s going through the rough journey. I do not have any issues with JA having a BF since this is also very realistic (woman in late thirties in Asia). Even though deep down in her heart she still loves JH but she also knows that she need to move on. And she is the one who reject to go to the States with him. The only reason I try to convince myself as to why JA have a “not so nice” BF wld be if the BF is perfect then JH wld stand no chance of getting his woman back. JH’s character is not as perfect as he seems to be as he only wants to escape when he felt pressurized. He also seems not very matured and is still angry with JA when he returns from the States. But I think this is a very realistic character as nobody wld be perfect. The very strange part of JA’s character wld be why she suddenly quits her job and move to Jeju when she has already persisted for so many years. The other strange part of JH’s character wld be why he suddenly decides to leave to the States when he can’t even leave JA to China for 3 mths. Guess the writer just wanted to go into the plot of 2 persons falling in love, conflicts, break-up and reconcile. I do not mind this type of storyline as this is also very realistic, but cld be better if the trigger points are better... I’m glad that the drama does not have marriage/babies storyline (my own preference), but if the drama can show more on the reconciliation or the tough times of both JA and JH wld be nice (again in my opinion). Also wld like to see better development of the side characters.. Both SYJ and JHI did very well in the drama and their chemistry is just too perfect. The drama was filmed in a very movie feel and i liked it alot.
  2. She lied as she knows that he will feel bad/upset since she was chased out of the house because of this relationship. She does not want him to feel bad, just like how he never tell her about the abuses he received frm her mother She is way older than him. So she cant date or have another relationship even though she broke up with him?
  3. I do not understand at all why people are mad with JA. So does that mean to love the man she need to give up on everything?? Why is JH so selfish and wanted JA to give up everything in Korea and to follow him to the US? JA deserve someone better!
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