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  1. I actually quite enjoy you guys analyzing the grocery items from the grocery pictures..it’s fun and funny and i don’t think such will trigger any negative thoughts or comments or getting any DM from VAST (LOL) or getting a 4th denial from VAST... I would not believe that those items in the basket are for a group of friends, neither would i believe that both of them met up to do grocery shopping (only) for their own things then split up and hang out with their friends separately They may not have planned their trips together but it’s a fact that they met up Analyzing the cute interactions in The Negotiation promos and all Swoon interviews are actually sweet enough to make people believe that they are attracted to each other (*ahem* especially HB with his heart stares) I don’t consider myself a shipper so perhaps this is why i am more rational. As i also posted previously why i enjoy seeing this pair is because YJ is the most beautiful Korean actress and HB is the most handsome Korean actor for me, and me being a superficial person (LOL) loves looking at beautiful people and even better if the are together in real life (again pls don’t judge me) Keep this thread going, i really enjoy reading all posts here! As to why i’m not a shipper but visiting this thread, well i support and cheer for the two beautiful people rationally and wish there’s happiness for the two beautiful people. Simple.
  2. And i find it extremely strange that people can linked HB’s statement release about the coronavirus to YJ ...I believe HB is sincere showing his concern out there, he can definitely express his concern to his good friend or perhaps to his good friend’s parents/relatives DIRECTLY without showing the whole world...
  3. I can’t tell the nudge though, seems more like an unintentionally/accidental action.. HB’s stare is also unintentionally, but he just CAN’T help it/control
  4. Oh if i recall she was trying to get his “help” on creating the sentence using Ri Jeong Hyeok.. Sorry if i burst your bubble again...but STILL #ingrocerywetrust right??!!!
  5. So Sorry to burst your bubble but i think she’s pulling his jacket.. I love this video, SYJ is soooo pretty here and of coz HB can’t resist his staring again
  6. Opps sorry juz realised you were asking for more than 2x..not sure about that though
  7. It does gets a bit upset when VAST denied the rumors again and it’s not helping that at the same time CLoY ended... Re the golf and meeting with SYJ’s parents, there’s actually no clear pictures and it involves YJ’s parents (unlike #ingrocerywetrust) so would respectfully ask everyone not to discuss or magnify those unverified rumors. You guys are so hilarious to the extend to analyze the items in the grocery basket (YJ’s backpack, ONE bottle of wine etc ) i mean let’s continue to analyze those grocery photos although their respective agencies “claimed” that they were with a group of friends (but with only ONE bottle of wine, rest to drink coffee, tea or plain water??) ... Oh how am i supposed to watch their other dramas or movies with other on-screen partners...Sorry but to me the photos that TvN released (YJ in purple cardigan) is HB and SYJ, not CLoY’s characters though.. perhaps partly due to the fact that those scenes were not shown in the drama.. And seems like all of us here (if not most of us) feels that HB likes SYJ more (even the director says so), that’s because HB - your STARE at your pretty co-star is damn too intense that we see hearts shooting out
  8. It could also reference that actually years passed and SR for years without fail have been travelling to Switzerland which is why manager ask why she is always going there..
  9. Precisely why i really don’t like people speculating about the hand holding... It always creates unnecessary attention and their agency always have to clarify that they are not dating (which saddens me).. Shippers please ship rationally..
  10. Thanks all for the insights and interesting review. Finally CLoY ended and is with a loud bang. Extremely happy for CLoY team! I voted for the sweet ending in SK because I wished that would be the case. In actual fact, i’m almost certain that the ending would be in Switzerland (they met in Switzerland for a start and makes sense they met there again in the end). For me it’s a bittersweet ending. To think that JH and SR is only able to meet for 2 weeks in a year (that’s like 14 days out of 365 days saddens me..). But of course for them this is already a bonus since theoretically speaking they won’t be meeting again ever in life (unless a reunification takes place which may not even happen in their life time). I guess this is the most perfect ending for the drama and i’m happy with this ending. I love love love the scene at the border. Again SYJ and HB did it perfectly. SR was crying while running towards JH and also the farewell from the minions made me tear... I especially like that JH remembers EVERYTHING that SR says. Is there a JH out there in this world?? The death of SJ puzzles me a lot, why would the writer kill him off..i would have expected to see him back to SK to testify against SR’s 2nd brother, get his punishment, and seek forgiveness from SR and goes back to NK and live happily ever after with SD. Perhaps their storyline is just too rush towards the end and there’s no time to show their story...In any case their story does not interest me (sorry to those who likes SJ and SD..) But i’m glad that the actor will probably get lots of attention because of the character’s death (he was trending at least)... There’s alot of comparison between CLoY and Goblin. Am i the all the while wrong that CLoY and Goblin are different genres altogether? At least for me they are I would have thought that perhaps DotS and CLoY would have been more similar. I watched DotS because of the hype and high ratings, not for the storyline and the leads. For CLoY, i watched it for SYJ and HB and i have decided even before the drama airs that regardless of the storyline (even if it’s trash) it will be my favorite because of the leads. Turns out that the storyline is actually good and side characters are interesting as well).
  11. LOL this is so funny. But if we can request for a younger version of HB’s photoshopped face instead?
  12. I think this was already explained. There was no corruption involved with SD’s uncle coz his noona had plenty of wealth so he’s not tempted
  13. It’s difficult to keep up to the thread, moving way too fast! I see a mixed reaction of viewers who like/dislike episode 15. Personally for me, i really enjoyed episode 15, despite the not so much screen time between RJH & YSR. On JH trying to kill himself (NOOooOooooooo!!!!), i can see that CCK is trying to confuse and make JH believe him that his dad is also involved in something dirty & thus did not make a clear investigation on MH’s death. He does not want further investigation and wanted JH to die in SK (NooOooooooo..JH’s dad love his son as we can see that he’s relieved knowing JH is not hurt and is alive though captured by NIS). At that moment, JH can’t think properly & perhaps thought if he died there his parents & SR would be fine.. (typical noble idiocy plot in Kdrama & a MUST action by the ML) I thought the comedic scenes with NIS was well executed in the drama to make it less serious though they are actually in a serious situation. The minions have they would be tortured but of course none of this happened. There was never a scene (besides in the hospital) that the minions/JH was handcuffed or being treated as “dangerous criminals”. I also especially like that SR’s mum was with her most of the time On SJ & SD, i have to say that personally i’m really not investing much in their storyline at all. Even SD’s mum/SD’s uncle and SD’s mum/SJ are more interesting for me... I’m happy that the rating for episode 15 is at 17%. If we look at the rating for previous weeks on sat, episode 15 is already the best rating. I hope the ratings today will go to 22% (HB’s wish), if not 20% I really enjoyed the acting of HB & SYJ. So very looking forward to the last episode today. Oh gosh, last episode is near 2hrs & by the time the sub is out it will be very late..should i just take a leave of absence tomorrow since i guess i wont be able to sleep tonight... Regardless of the ending, CLoY is definitely my most favorite Kdrama. P.S why did JM & PCS tease baby ED about the vending machine...
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