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  1. IU and Park Seo Jun are filming something in the school. So far it’s unknown if it’s for Dream or maybe something else.
  2. Some say it’s for Dream though. So let’s wait and see. Soon we will learn every mystery Seriously, Kloud, no one drinks your beer so much style like Seo Jun. Korean bear considered so-so, but Seo Jun makes me want to try it. Because everything he eats and drinks looks delicious xD He knows how to make food appetizering lol
  3. @ivanovie25 We rarely see him with noonas outside the filming setting though. Yumi is like expectation. But I love how he acts around her like both big and younger brother One time he takes care of her, another teases along with Woo Shik lol
  4. @ivanovie25 I think that because based on his friendship with Woo Shik he is someone who takes care of his bros, always there listen to them, support and share, good at giving advices and joke around;))) And never makes it uncomfortable about age gap if they’re younger. Probably because he also has big age gap between his bothers;)
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