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  1. Tbh, I don't watch a lot of JTBC dramas, but I do agree, that all cable channels have distinct way of filming their dramas. But, I think they will use more crisp, modern look to describe Itaewon. Vibrant colors. Oh, thank you for translation, I was actually curious, what was written on them;) Something tells me, that they will touch JYS and MH hair;)))
  2. luuckyyy youuu yeap, but I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) many (tall) korean actors also first start as models;) or they get a chance to debut as actors instead some time later;)
  3. So, Kwon Nara left message for fan on her DAUM cafe page in November and looks like despite having short hair on the script reading photos and some leaks from the early filming her heroine will be with long hair just like in the webtoon(?).
  4. I'm just very picky about stuff like that But it's just teaser poster, plus they have Namsan tower, which was my most favorite place in Seoul, so I should stop complaining, I guess
  5. I can't really comment on that;) Until we see final result, it's hard to put a bet on it without seeing any previous results for refernce. But I do think, that IC will probably look really cinematic, if Showbox planing to bring their best;) Yeah, I believe when you already have source material and you saw it, you trend to get curious about stuff and details like that more, compared to when you just get rough idea about what to expect;)) Good thing, that they slowly stared promotion;) We just need to wait 1.5 months now, but it will be such a fun (on it's own way) wait
  6. Well, there is no girls like Kim Mi So either XD WWWSK, honestly, perfect story about two absolutely perfect people. I even consider it a bit on fantasy level, but it's a great drama none the less. Plus, despite his narcissistic behavior (which I believe was developed as a result of his rough childhood), LYJ was never malicious about it. He never put down people just because he thought he is better, than anyone else. Or never acted like he is more superior as a person compared to KMS. He just loved and thought extremely high of himself. Yet he still tried his best to change a lot about himself and his behavior just to please KMS, tbh, not a lot of fantasy or real people can brag about it. And that's including him being also supportive, understanding and simply forgiving. After watching countless number of dramas I can say that LYJ, despite being so-called "selfcentered" actually one of the most sweetest and pleasant leading man in k-dramas. I was never even once annoyed by him, which is a miracle on it's own lmfao Idk, I just really like him.
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