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  1. I like Secretary Kim too. Lots of Korean viewers were rooting for him to get a pay increase due to this. Hahaha Yes, JS’s parents definitely a scene stealer for this episode hahaha Definitely love when the two soften up after seeing the sonogram picture and when the mom reluctant to give back the picture hahaha and their bickering was quite LOL I’m glad that at least JS side has opened up to the baby arrival but non seems to be seen from AR family side. Sigh... poor girl. The shot from previous episode when AR, JS and ByR celebrated AR’s birthday reall
  2. Based from today’s episode, seems like the investor is really an outsider investor. As JS’s dad said that the it’s a huge international investment company. Not sure if later on writer-nim will bring in a new character on who’s the person behind that company. Wow, JS’s dad is so easy. Now that JS’s company is safe and he promised to help Na Production, suddenly it’s okay to approve JS’s marriage. ”This is better than him not wanting to marry at all and live alone. We can have a grandchild soon too.” Says his dad to the mom lol There’s a scene when JS’s dad came back
  3. Hahaha lol I saw this one Korean viewer comments exactly the same as yours. The comment was like, “Is the actress that play BR has done something to the writer? She’s one of the main lead and yet the writer is writing her character like this. The character is receiving more hate than the Eom PD character.”
  4. Another episode where BR’s part is not worth to watch. Being childish over and over again. Even ByR is definitely way way way more mature than her. Watched DR and BR’s grandpa scene and Grandpa ask DR to look after BR from now on and DR replied how he’ll work on his way to be grandpa’s grandson-in-law. My whole thoughts was, “Right now, BR really didnt deserve this kind and hardworking guy.” Guess writer is gearing up to write more on BR-DR loveline. After writer has ruined BR’s character like this, I don’t know if I can see BR-DR the same way as before. The t
  5. Quite agree with you. Seeing how JS treat AR and his baby, looks like they really were his comfort haven. I hope they can still get through this together. Maybe just straight away register their marriage and just deal with the aftermath later
  6. I didn’t really hate or dislike BR character so much in the beginning but these days, she’s really getting on my nerve. Yeah, I also always root for underdog character like AR but mostly because I really like how strong her character is. (Also, I like the actress, Jung Minah. Known her from Dr. John drama ) She can just close her eyes and leave her sister in the orphanage before. She barely have nice memories of growing up with her mom. In fact, she hate her mom to gut but seeing how ByR is being brought up so kind, so positive, getting all the motherly love that she never felt
  7. Finished watching the today’s RAW episode. Again, full with BR’s thing... I seriously could not fathom her decision to quit the career that she love over this kind of thing. I get that she’s affected emotionally and made a mistake, but to quit the job over it is too much. Glad that JS giving ultimatum to Eom PD actually somehow open up her mind to stop the marriage pursue. She said that she can’t accept the reason that he chose AR over her and will pay these couple back. I believe she’ll still torment AR and JS. And during BR scenes when she went to the b
  8. Weekend has passed and new episode is here... I forgot I didn’t write anything on last week episode here huhu... While BR is still blaming everything on AR alone, it kinda sad seeing how AR has to say that mean things. Till the end, she still consider BR as her sister. But the way BR handle this thing is what made me quite mad with the writer. In the early story, we can see her kindness, especially towards ByR. Despite a bit brat, she means no harm. In fact, her arch story about her dad was quite good. But with this 4-love angle with JS, seriously made her so dislik
  9. THIS. Even korean viewers have the same opinions as us. It’s not like BR and JS were ever a couple. They never have a real relationship. Sure they have feelings which is like “some” but realistically, they’re no more than that. And once JS know that BR and AR are sisters, somehow he tried to draw the line because he has crossed the line with AR instead of BR... hope BR will stop her shenanigans soon.
  10. Today episode definitely my fave!!! Hahaha AR-JS scenes are so many Watched the RAW video twice lolol Scene where JS got headlock by AR’s dad was quite funny hahaha but seeing he’s having trouble to breathe and knowing about his panic attack, must be the reason why AR tried to mediate the situation soon. Kinda felt sorry to JS as well during the scene. But definitely lol when AR’s dad hit him in the stomach and headlocking him Kinda pay-back time for all the jerk time that he did when he first know about the pregnancy. I want to share some of th
  11. Today’s episode is really such a filler... I have a habit where I’ll re-watch some of my fave scenes (usually AR & JS related scenes) daily while waiting for the new episode but today’s episode, there’s none of my fave scene. All so lame... I do find the ajummas fight scene quite funny tho. Haeshim and JS’s mom fight scene. Maybe because they’re friends with each other that their fight scene really looks so childish that it’s fun to watch. Other scenes were really lame... That investor... I really hope JS found better investor for his business. Those
  12. JS dropping the bomb to his parents is the highlight of today episode. Hahahaha love seeing his parents reaction Vampire Witch’s grandma seriously annoyed me so much. The whole family is just pure evil. Doing dirty with JS business. Hope JS will be able to stop whatever evil tricks that they’re doing to his business. Love seeing the small gesture from JS towards AR. The waiting in front of her apartment, the morning gift. Things are looking good and hopefully it’ll continue and AR will open up to JS more.
  13. Yes, I also wonder and love to see how AR will open up to JS. Tbqh, both of them has build up wall where they don’t want others to invade and truly see themselves. The way their view about marriage life also the same. The difference that they have truly bring the similarities between them. DR and BR couple started to become boring. I love their part during the early of this series, when they did that Extreme Part-time Jobs thing. They look cute together but I really can’t understand BR’s obsession towards JS. Is the series has mentioned when AR’s dad and BR
  14. Really agree with your thoughts on how similar Ahri and Junsu is. I think this is what make them attracted to each other. I remembered that one episode when Junsu met with Ahri to discuss about the baby and he said he didn’t know how he can make such mistake as no matter how drunk he’s before, he never made such action and he believes Ahri knows how to bring his guard down. Just like yesterday episode, when the scandal was out, BR was looking madly at Sunhan and Sunhan was feeling like she won and only AR that look to JS with much concern. Sunhan, Bora knew about JS’s panic atta
  15. Hello everyone, nice to meet you here. It has been while I didn’t come to Soompi forum and because of this drama, here I am again, posting a post at 3AM lol Actually I just started watching this drama and now at Episode 40. However, before that, I’ve watched the cuts on YT from time to time, especially recent episodes on Junsu and Ahri character. I just read another post about how unrealistic Ahri decision and how they try to push Ahri - Junsu loveline. And I agree with it. If compared to real life, of course, Ahri decision to keep the baby just after she re
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