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  1. Agree that Hae tribe has yet to show their fully side of story. Still remember the scene where Mihol ask one of his people in the bronze workshop to run away and wait for any order. And for Mubaek, despite his crush towards Asa Hon, I think he's kinda religious guy. He believe in the myth and legend. Just like when he saw Konmareu (unlike Tagon, who seems not to believe something from 200 years ago), he suddenly thought about Aramun and somehow believe that the guy he saw, Eunseom is the reincarnation of Aramun. He seek for wisdom by meeting Asakan in her cave. He pursue the doubt about Wahan tribe's real lineage after saw the Byeoldaya. And I also believe the decision of Tagon killing Sanung have huge affect on him too. It seems that Sanung is like a father figure to him. Hahaha sorry to abruptly interrupt in the conversation on this forum I really like this drama. The only drama that I follow these days. And now that it's on break, it's really torturing me hahaha I'm thinking to keep on lurking on this thread to read any of you guys theories about this drama It has been awhile I left soompi forum and now I'm back, it feels great!
  2. Hello, I've the same issue on How to change my Display Name? Currently, my display name has this long unnecessary dots/ellipsis. I wish to remove these dots but from the account setting and profile edit on my account, I can't seem to find any option on how to change this. Can anyone help me with this issue?
  3. Is there any update on how much episodes this drama will be? Will it be the usual 16 episodes (32 episodes with the new 2 episodes per day format)?
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