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  1. I like how this multi fandoms K-drama fan Twitter account praised and recognised LMH, so just posting it here. If you're observing Twitter regularly, you would know that LMH often gets lots of hate in that bird app, especially from multi fandoms K-drama accounts, so it's refreshing to see this account's tweet about LMH.
  2. From her Twitter handle, the writer is actually a Gong Yoo's fan, but so far she hasn't written about him. I appreciate that she was able to write a really detail and comprehensive article about LMH in a fair manner. I also read her other article about the other K-actor, I like how she managed to distinguish between LMH and the other actor. Especially on this part where she highlighted LMH's status in the beginning of her article: "LMH in 2020..is a king, a figurative, fictional king and symbolic real-world king as a titan in the entertainment realm." This sen
  3. He already gave us a little surprise with the new way of uploading his Movielog today, I think we can expect more surprises related to LMH new projects! Since I might be offline again for several days, I'm just going to write this now. Yes Minho-ssi, after Pachinko, we wish you will do a new Netflix drama with more episodes, 16 eps minimum, we will be very happy if we can get more than 20 eps. We hope that you won't work with SBS again since the digital streaming platform will lead the game going forward. And we also wish for you to have the biggest
  4. More info about the live chat and what he wrote here. He's indeed a comedian and loves to surprise his fans. From the Movielog Ep 5, we could learn how LMH and his team worked so hard to produce that 3 mins video masterpiece. Imagine how hard he had to work for his multiple episodes dramas, thank you LMH, respect for all of your hard work!
  5. OMO, surprise surprise!! Thank God it's SUNDAY in my part of the world and I am not working! Standing by for Movielog Ep5 release and the live chat!! Thanks Minho-ssi for giving us your fans so many delightful surprises!!
  6. Done voting for PT, I didn't vote the GameOver Kiss as well because it's the most popular favourite. Thanks @Lmangla and @CarolynH for setting up the fun poll! Thanks for the info, yes, I hope LMH is more confident to use English now as he also will debut in Hollywood produced drama, he will get more and more diverse international fans! ***************************** Because of LMH, I just discovered for the first time in my life, that it is possible to admire an actor this much. As a relatively new fan, the more I learn about him, the more I admire him
  7. @Thong Thin Happy birthday, wish you all the best!! Besides the ones that Nikaa has posted above, there's another sentence from Lee Min Ho himself in the Youtube live chat. Since when did he start to communicate with fans in English? This is great, hope he will start to communicate more with international fans! Anyone has found out where the Movielog 4 shooting location was? It is definitely a must visit place for next autumn Korea trip! And yes, Korean people, you should thank Lee Min Ho, because he keeps promoting your country and because of him, I'
  8. Is this a coincidence? We've mentioned the movie "Legends of The Fall" in this thread and also Pachinko thread, did LMH read it? LOL.
  9. OMG, MOVIELOG EP 4 IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! THE AUTUMN ATMOSPHERE IS EPIC, THE CINEMATOGRAPHY IS EXCELLENT!! Interesting fact, LMH used "Legends of The Fall" , Brad Pitt's movie OST in this Movielog, the title is "The Ludlows" by James Horner. ** sorry mod, please allow me to quote images and video link for context.
  10. Everybody knows K-drama of course, but not everybody watch them and like them. Even my self, I know K-dramas since long time ago, I didn't watch them, I only started to watch this year because of pandemic. It's about taste and preference. My friends prefer Hollywood content over Hallyu content, it's just a matter of taste, not everyone has the same taste. Even some people that I know still consider that K-dramas are lame, not everybody is into K-dramas, but everybody knows about K-dramas, that's the difference. And my friends are in their 30s and some early 40s, when K-dramas started to
  11. Yes you are right, K-pop and K-drama is huge here in the last few years, but this country is also very huge, 270 million people, lol. There are many segments of audience in terms of age, education and social economic status, so not all segments are into Hallyu. Yes majority of people in my country knows LMH, but previously majority of his hardcore fans were younger generations in their early and mid 20s, maybe because of dramas like The Heirs. Then after TKEM and the rise of streaming platform, I think LMH's popularity dramatically increased and he got fans from older generations in thei
  12. Haha you remind me of the old days of Twilight Saga craze, R Pattz is still a hottie until today. Don't talk about Hollywood actors here, we might get warning from the mod due to off topic, LOL. But as much as I liked him, I never signed up to any forum for fan-girling, only LMH got me to do this for the first time in my life. I am amazed by your skill and ability to track every single article related to LMH from various languages! @syntyche This article is from my country but I don't even read these kind of articles, only read articles in English nowadays, l
  13. Haha I don't know how to make spoiler, sorry I'm new to Soompi and I don't post very often too, LOL.
  14. You can hear a bit of LMH's real life laugh in Personal Taste too, it's in ep 16, after he woke up next to Son Ye Jin and teased her under the blanket. If you notice carefully, it was LMH's real laugh, not fake laugh like Lee Gon's laugh. Haha so true, it's different generation. I am familiar with Brad Pitt because I like to watch old Hollywood movies, but my friends now are into Hollywood actors who are in their 30s like Chris Evans and Robert Pattinson. Brad Pitt is definitely in different generation with LMH, you can't compare, lol.
  15. I haven't watched many K-dramas since I've just started to watch early this year, lol. But these 3 blind items seem like the dramas I have watched. Blind item #2 Blind item #4 Blind item #7
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