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  1. Hey Soompi Minoz chingus, I'm on my lunch break and doing some research and I just wanted to share something that truly shows how BIG and FAMOUS is Lee Min Ho in my country, Indonesia. We might have already discussed this in the past in Soompi, but I just wanted to post this as a reminder of how big is the actor that we all stan. If some of you didn't know, Indonesia is 4th world's most populous country with 270 million total population and can you imagine how big is the REACH when a show is broadcasted in national TV? The reach is crazy big. Purchasing a K-drama
  2. I'm doing well chingu @Min2206 , thanks for asking. Hope you are well too! I've been busy with my new job and can only catch up here on weekends. *sigh Ah you make me wanna rewatch City Hunter again, LMH is absolutely stunning in that drama both in looks and acting departments, but I don't have time anymore now, lol. I guess there's a positive side in this pandemic for me, I managed to watch all LMH dramas & movies during free time in 2020 and became LMH fan! I miss hyping LMH everyday here, but I still follow the thread updates when time allows.
  3. Wow you are so lucky to be able to travel to Vancouver in this pandemic time @Elnin Joery - hope you get to see LMH there! I would've travelled there too if not because of the pandemic, the 14 days quarantine period is too long for me, I guess I will have to wait for LMH's next fan meeting when the pandemic ends to see him in real life! City Hunter is one of my favourite LMH's performances. He showed his acting chop in many emotional scenes in this drama, I can still remember how Lee Yoon Sung cried desperately in the hospital when he thought his beloved Ahjussi wa
  4. 1. I can go for (a), but it will be situational. I will do (a) if the situation allows such as I can take a break from work without harming my career/job and there's no any other pressing obligations at the given time to do (a). LOL. 2. I will go for (d), I love LMH with all my heart, but I won't wait for him in the rain or snow and get my self sick for him. LOL. I'll consider waiting in summer heat though, since I live in a country where we have summer all year long, haha. Gosh, I am so late to everything happened in LMH world!! Super love his Hansu looks from all the
  5. YES YES to all of these! We want casting news ASAP, we want another project in 2021 please!! OMG, we finally have sighting of LMH in the airport, I am always late to the party, LOL. And we got it from Minoz first, not from the reporters. Minoz is such a powerful and resourceful fandom!!
  6. Oh I love Personal Taste so much! It's actually the only LMH drama that I currently rewatch before I sleep every time I miss him. Since I am currently not watching any new or old K-drama due to my busy schedule, so Personal Taste is the only K-drama I rewatch, lol. I absolutely love LMH's acting and look as Jin Ho, this character also shows that LMH is a great actor. After portraying GJP in BOF, he could switch to Jin Ho so quickly after 1 year without a slight trace to GJP character. He's so mature and cool in Personal Taste even-though he was still so young at that time! On
  7. Wow, I've been away from Soompi for so long, it felt like ages, lol. Been missing yakking, fingirling and hyping our dearest LMH here but real life has been really demanding. I've just done catching up on everything, so many updates! I remember when I first joined Soompi in August last year, there was hardly any content from LMH, only occasional social media posts, we were complaining and crying often in this thread. It's unbelievable sometimes to think about what had happened in 2021, we already have upcoming project, Leeminhofilm, magazine pictorial, interview and so many new CFs
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