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  1. YES YES to all of these! We want casting news ASAP, we want another project in 2021 please!! OMG, we finally have sighting of LMH in the airport, I am always late to the party, LOL. And we got it from Minoz first, not from the reporters. Minoz is such a powerful and resourceful fandom!!
  2. Oh I love Personal Taste so much! It's actually the only LMH drama that I currently rewatch before I sleep every time I miss him. Since I am currently not watching any new or old K-drama due to my busy schedule, so Personal Taste is the only K-drama I rewatch, lol. I absolutely love LMH's acting and look as Jin Ho, this character also shows that LMH is a great actor. After portraying GJP in BOF, he could switch to Jin Ho so quickly after 1 year without a slight trace to GJP character. He's so mature and cool in Personal Taste even-though he was still so young at that time! On
  3. Wow, I've been away from Soompi for so long, it felt like ages, lol. Been missing yakking, fingirling and hyping our dearest LMH here but real life has been really demanding. I've just done catching up on everything, so many updates! I remember when I first joined Soompi in August last year, there was hardly any content from LMH, only occasional social media posts, we were complaining and crying often in this thread. It's unbelievable sometimes to think about what had happened in 2021, we already have upcoming project, Leeminhofilm, magazine pictorial, interview and so many new CFs
  4. Yes, I'm aware of that @leeminhosny- but @CalliePwanted to see a direct statement from Netflix official account or Netflix webpage so I informed the page so she could check.
  5. OMG @CallieP, since you are so curious about the official source for the fact that TKEM is the most watched K-drama in the USA, I looked everywhere and I found this page on Netflix: https://about.netflix.com/en/news/what-we-watched-2020-on-netflix "We traveled to different countries from our homes: Viewing of foreign language titles was up over 50% this year (compared to 2019)1. The Platform (Spain), Barbarians (Germany) and Rogue City (France) were the most popular - showing that nothing, not even a stay at home order, can shut down our curiosity about other cultures
  6. Yes, it was @Wis dom who stated that TKEM was a huge international hit and it would increased LMH's social media following exponentially. His prediction was completely correct. Will your statement about TKEM Season 2 also happen @Wis dom? I'm so happy to read all of the Netflix official statements about TKEM, it indeed proved what we knew all along, the show was a massive hit, it's loved by so many around the world! Antis and haters can just choke For LMH's next project, I'm up for anything that would expand his acting portfolios and show his versatility as an actor
  7. Netflix Viewers Search For Love, Baking Shows Rise & Foreign-Language Drama Booms As Streamer Reveals What Was Watched In 2020 Netflix has revealed some color about its subscribers’ viewing habits during 2020. Finally, as Netflix continues to ramp up its international commissioning strategy, it’s clear that English-language viewers are interested in watching shows with subtitles. ....while it saw a big jump in Korean drama, up 100% in the U.S. with Kingdom’s second season and The King: Eternal Monarch becoming its most popular favorite K-dramas. So
  8. Announcing Forbes Asia's inaugural #100DigitalStars list, spotlighting 100 singers, bands, and film and TV stars from across the Asia-Pacific region who have taken the digital world by storm. source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ranawehbe/2020/12/07/forbes-asias-100-digital-stars/ cr: xjinnyxpurple
  9. 32 Of Our Favourite 2020 Crushes That Made Us Forget This Horrid Year In 2020, since we were low on human interaction - we found our crushes online, mostly on our favourite shows and films. Here is a list of celebs we couldn't help crushing over in the pandemic, because they looked amazing on-screen or because they were busy doing good off-screen. 6. Lee Min-Ho Lee Min-Ho as Lee Gon in Netflix's The King had us swooning for all the right reasons. Thought the show wasn't a smashing success, we stuck through just for him. Skipped unrelated, source: https://www.
  10. For LMH next project, I'm still leaning towards the kind of genre/theme which will be very well loved in SK. Whatever that is which can resonate to SK audience taste. LMH needs more recognitions in his own country and hopefully his next project will be a critically acclaimed one. Whatever character that he plays, LMH will always be able to bring it to life and make it iconic and memorable with his outstanding abilities. So we need the best script, the best crew (writer & PD) and the best matched FL. Ah I miss LMH already, will he upload another movie log today? It's
  11. I like how this multi fandoms K-drama fan Twitter account praised and recognised LMH, so just posting it here. If you're observing Twitter regularly, you would know that LMH often gets lots of hate in that bird app, especially from multi fandoms K-drama accounts, so it's refreshing to see this account's tweet about LMH.
  12. From her Twitter handle, the writer is actually a Gong Yoo's fan, but so far she hasn't written about him. I appreciate that she was able to write a really detail and comprehensive article about LMH in a fair manner. I also read her other article about the other K-actor, I like how she managed to distinguish between LMH and the other actor. Especially on this part where she highlighted LMH's status in the beginning of her article: "LMH in 2020..is a king, a figurative, fictional king and symbolic real-world king as a titan in the entertainment realm." This sen
  13. He already gave us a little surprise with the new way of uploading his Movielog today, I think we can expect more surprises related to LMH new projects! Since I might be offline again for several days, I'm just going to write this now. Yes Minho-ssi, after Pachinko, we wish you will do a new Netflix drama with more episodes, 16 eps minimum, we will be very happy if we can get more than 20 eps. We hope that you won't work with SBS again since the digital streaming platform will lead the game going forward. And we also wish for you to have the biggest
  14. More info about the live chat and what he wrote here. He's indeed a comedian and loves to surprise his fans. From the Movielog Ep 5, we could learn how LMH and his team worked so hard to produce that 3 mins video masterpiece. Imagine how hard he had to work for his multiple episodes dramas, thank you LMH, respect for all of your hard work!
  15. OMO, surprise surprise!! Thank God it's SUNDAY in my part of the world and I am not working! Standing by for Movielog Ep5 release and the live chat!! Thanks Minho-ssi for giving us your fans so many delightful surprises!!
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