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  1. Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Jong Ki are my ultimate oppas!
  2. Lol I saw it too late too and it’s now that I am watching FMVs and reading fanfics. This couple broke my heart.
  3. This looks so good! I always liked the stories of the nine tailed fox.
  4. I wrote a fanfic and decided to post it here. It’s a Man wol and Chung Myung story. https://archiveofourown.org/works/26052379
  5. Plastic surgery maybe? I don’t know. We all suspected it was her but never knew it was actually. Poor MY.
  6. I said in the discord chat but I almost dropped my tablet when I saw the screenshot on Instagram. It was so intense that scene. They really kept it in especially Kang Tae.
  7. Jae Su’s face lol I wonder when he is going to be nice to her. Always blaming her for everything.
  8. I miss you guys! Im so glad the forums are back. Looks like KT and MY are wearing the school uniforms for today’s episode.
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