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  1. @sadthe1st @MayanEcho @larus @Thong Thin @Min2206 @corey @Jillia @Sleepy Owl @Min2206 @joccu @mirmz @4evrkdrama @elan1 @Min2206 @Ameera Ali respected the organizers @partyon @Lmangla hello chingus.yeah building new dreams.have a very productive and successful day ahead chingus @twinkle_little_star @iksunijini hello chingus.show them some care and compassion.i have found something -2
  2. hello chingus.are you sleeping?yeah drink plain water steadily throughout the day to avoid dehydration and stay safe @twinkle_little_star hello chingu.baked with love 452
  3. @Ameera Ali @mirmz @corey @Sleepy Owl @Min2206 @Nodame @Catleya @Thong Thin @Jillia @sadthe1st @Ameera Ali @4evrkdrama @joccu @larus @iksunijini @twinkle_little_star respected the organizers @partyon @Lmangla stop by to say hello chingus.waving my hands.everything will be alright.stay safe @elan1 hello chingu -2
  4. hello to all chingus in this thread.beat the pandemic.stay safe @twinkle_little_star hello chingu.closer to the top -2
  5. @Min2206 @sadthe1st hello chingus.may you be happy always @Sleepy Owl hello chingu.stay safe @pompyavi hello chingu @twinkle_little_star @iksunijini hello chingus.the week that was. ..yeah somebody have watching us.stay safe 392
  6. @MayanEcho @Thong Thin @joccu @corey @larus @Min2206 @iksunijini @mirmz @4evrkdrama @Sleepy Owl @twinkle_little_star @Ameera Ali @Jillia respected the organizers @partyon @Lmangla hello chingus.have a nice day ahead -2
  7. @twinkle_little_star @iksunijini 378
  8. hello chingus.things are under control says Meow.stay safe -2
  9. hello chingus.waving my hands.stay safe respected the organizers @Lmangla @partyon stay safe @MayanEcho @sadthe1st @Thong Thin hello chingus.thanks for mentioning me in this +/- thread @mirmz hello meme queen.thanks for the tag.support meme.yeah -2
  10. hello to all chingus.make sure you get a good night's sleep chingus.stay safe @iksunijini @twinkle_little_star hello chingus.down but not out.somebody have watching us.start planning 362
  11. @larus @corey @Min2206 @joccu @Sleepy Owl @MayanEcho respected the organizer @Lmangla @partyon @Ameera Ali @iksunijini @mirmz @twinkle_little_star @Nodame @Catleya @4evrkdrama @sadthe1st @Thong Thin hello chingus -2
  12. @sadthe1st hello chingu.how do you do?wanna do thin rice noodles.hope go really well with this dish as they help soak up the broth @Thong Thin hello chingu.stay safe 424
  13. @twinkle_little_star hello chingu.yeah with it's milky broth.as the fish fillets are fried it doesn't have a strong fishy taste.the fish bone stock is simmered with four ingredients as you mentioned before this 420
  14. @sadthe1st @joccu @4evrkdrama @MayanEcho @Min2206 @corey@Ameera Ali @larus @Jillia @Nodame @Ernie @Sejabin respected organizers @Lmangla @partyon @Catleya @iksunijini @mirmz @twinkle_little_star hello to all chingus.keep up the original thoughts.be original.any team would be lucky to have you on it.stay safe @mirmz stay safe chingu -2
  15. hello chingus in the thread above. waving hands.have you taken your meal? @twinkle_little_star hello chingu.it should be the basics:do good things for others.yes.watering plants 458
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