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  1. @twinkle_little_star hello chingu.when i m hungry,my stomach may growl and feel empty.can i say i'm craving some pizza by looking at this commercial otherwise i'll wait for(on)the crumbs that he 'king' gives to me?thank you Imino-ssi GGone-ssi!the truth was further context though,would help explain the metaphor.it's absolutely fine,i'd be wishing MinEun couple they both deep endless love.thank you chingu for the kind words.i met the shippers,and it was a most extraordinary thing.i was supposed to have said something i hadn't said.i'd gone and looked at fan sites.(God,please give us a lot of e
  2. @twinkle_little_star hello chingu.firstly, i must give credit to Imino for getting the movielog ep.2 uploaded on time to his lovely fans.how sweet!thank you Imino-ssi!i've thought Imino attached with his favourite ballad songs coz his ballads are great and we all know how much Imino loves singing ballad.secondly,as your writing become reference and was approaching calmness one or three shippers heart here.i feel and find it cheering sign and i've to give credit to you too.thank you chingu for the kind words and the motivation and i hope the ship is sailing smoothly.i feel Imino is copyin
  3. @twinkle_little_star agree.i've been wanting to talk about this for a long times,that's right she sings well.her voice damn so good.Super Duper!! pure hearted lady.i m not biased coz she is the one of my favorite korean actress but i love to listen both of them sing,MINEun have soulful voices.what a perfect couple!! it's nice to hear they're in love together.MINEun pls call each other everyday.may be ok to not call or sns everyday,but should at least want to.i would think some kind of video phone or text would go back and forth every day or not really that kind of relationship.that's fine as l
  4. me too.i pray and wait patiently.i love to hear the love news of any annoucements which they tell us they're decided to get married.it's bonus that couple i've shipped for so long finally they're getting married and start to have their own family.but i'm not hurt when they annouce which they're just a best friend / brother sister / or as a professional actors who are doing a good roles.as shippers,no problem to me at all.
  5. we are in covid-19 so we keep safe.if you're reading this then you are happy,serenity, hope,forgiveness,angry,curious,and feel a significant piece of injustice is happening right now as shippers in communities.i am happy and being inspired to @graceyco @Lmangla @partyon@Prerna @masunni @twinkle_little_star and many more coz their views were very good,they make my heart relieved.as shippers, i would ship Imino and GGone until they declare their truth relationship coz you two are perfect for each other.i ll wait any of their announcement patiently.stay safe wear a mask always,shippers.
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