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  1. Argggghhhhh! Every race I chant “please let his car break” repeatedly. Finally it happens today and his tyre bursts! But Hamilton still wins! So sad for Kimi too. Last. Sigh. 468
  2. 474 Haha thanks @Lynne (for the like too). You have any special insights?
  3. Yes I did and liked it. The story is little more shallow compared to Kingdom though. 494
  4. Hello @joccu great to see you here! You are in team subtract so we are very happy. Every new person seems to want to be in team add LOL. I think Vettel will likely be in Austin Martin (fka RP) if they can agree terms. There is no other competitive car available and RP seems keen to have him. Hopefully money is not an issue since the owner can bankroll his own son in the team. Yes, I read too that Ferrari is making plans for 2022 with the new rules and giving up these 2 years. So no loss to Vettel too. Who do you support? 516
  5. 1. Yes, grocery shopping was very early. Both denied strongly. JHI - SYJ herself said no during an interview I think. Anyway, the timing clashes a bit with HB - if it were you, who would you choose Sorry, no offence to JHI fans. 4. See the fan-made videos which summarises the interactions and also the Swoon videos. But I am looking at it from shipper's eyes so I could be biased LOL. Re the grainy photo, apparently it was taken earlier when HB was still in SK. Anyway, even their own shippers debunked this photo in the shipper thread here. 520
  6. Haha yes. I think there are at least 3 of us here. I am always open to a discussion with a shipper from the other side 522
  7. HB-SYJ The reasoning is that they denied because 1. SYJ has not ever admitted a relationship 2. They wanted to act together again - it is said that k-ent frowns on couples acting together? Not sure how true. Since CLOY, they have not denied dating again but only answered in a roundabout manner when asked. There are also many interesting bits to support the existence of a relationship but it’s too long to list here. True or not, their interactions are really beautiful to watch. HB-SHK I don’t know much about this except that it is all derived from the actions of the people around them, rather than they themselves. Their shippers call it “strong circumstantial evidence” LOL. Supposedly, the denial came within 10 min of the report in official SK media. That’s pretty fast and direct. So we just wait now Edit: Yes and both ships are being discussed in China so that cannot be used to determine which is true 516
  8. Re Senna, that must have been heartbreaking. I cannot imagine watching it. It’s so sad for Schumacher too. We can only wish him the best in his difficult road to recovery. 550
  9. @kokodus You agree? What kind of fan are you ??? 554
  10. @kokodus Because of your comments on the ship, I have to say the shirt looks like children’s bedsheet 556
  11. Congrats Team Sub!!! @MayanEcho Thanks for joining us! @sadthe1st @Teeners A good fight as always. 500
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