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  1. Thank you to our organizers @partyon and @Lmangla for this event! I'm already looking forward for next one! If it's still kdrama related, I'm all in! After all, my k-craze started with kdrama 18 years ago and only into kpop in 2009 and now I'm almost at ajumma age that anything kpop is already hard for me, so I'll stick to kdrama instead. Have to admit most of my answers for this event were only after the additional hints tho. Gotta admit this was a bit harder if not because all the extra hints Till next time
  2. Set 1: Though #3 & #4 sounds awfully familiar, even after the additional hints you gave, I've concluded I've never watched them Set 1 Set 2 : Can I ask for extra hint on #14 pleaseeeee
  3. @partyon Can u keep the hints coming? Set 1 Set 2
  4. #10 Had a hunch on what drama is this, but need to admit I'm kinda guessing it with few hints coming from other forumers hopefully it's the correct one #11 Thought long before putting this down as the answer. Never really watched it last time since I'm no fan to daily and weekend drama..a long one even! Nevertheless, the OST keep on playing in my head now p/s: Is there anymore daily/weekend drama in this game? Definitely will be harder for me to guess...
  5. This is getting harder and harder #5 Thanks to the additional spoiler! #8 Need to change my answer after the new add info #7 Didn't really watch this, so just a rough guess #3 & #4 sounds sooooo familiar, being cracking my head since last night, can I have new hints on these 2 as well? #9 Why so many celebrity characters in this 2nd set?
  6. So far only managed to guess 4 which I not even sure if I get all 4 correct though. Leaving the 4 answers here first and see if I can guess the other 4. #1 Watched this with half-closed eyes. Open my eyes just enough to read the sub! #2 Hope I am right on this one. Netflix is having this drama now! #6 I hate the ex till I can't watch any drama the actress is on. LOL #8 Never watched this one but it was so famous that even you don't watch it I think you will be able to guess? p/s: trying hard not to read any of the answer
  7. He really is! Me too can’t wait to see him in adult role and no longer the “younger version of all handsome oppa”. He really has grown a lot and about time he will be the main role himself Fun fact to those who didn’t notice this, NDR was LJS younger version in Pinocchio and While You Were Sleeping (mentioning these 2 dramas since they are from the same writer). Can’t believe this nuna has been watching him since BOF 11years ago..next thing I will realize, he might be on the “My ultimate oppa” soompi list
  8. I managed to channel some of my love for HJP to NDS after episode 2 last night for a moment I really hate HJP for being such a jerk when he was telling the 3san members about them not going to make it (implying)..but still I managed to excuse his action LOL..coz thinking about it again, that’s HJP for you, he’s never the good guy actually tho halmeoni always calls him that..maybe because he was growing up in orphange he seems to have some trust issue with people..even his 1st meeting with halmeoni, he’s kinda rude to her when he was even saying “are u deaf? i said i have place to go to” and w
  9. I watched the drama with low expectation actually but i was blown away with the 1st episode! And now I cant wait for tonight’s episode. I love everything and everyone (except mom and big sister) in episode 1 and even the dad!(I love this actor, he is everywhere! Tho he was so unlikeable in romance doctor 2) He made me cry after so long I didn’t cry watching kdrama! I’m kim seon ho fan but I know its nam joohyuk who is the ML so I have prepared my heart for NJH, episode 1 already makes it hard for me..from the character chart shared, seems like KSH likes suzy as well hopefully 2nd ep
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