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  1. Do you need me to write the name in korean? It will be 동농-가영 (dongnong-gayoung). We can settle with this only i think? Then it will be “동농-가영: 비밀의 세계” (dongnong-gayoung: bimil-ae saegae) << i’m loving how this looks and sounds like currently (btw, I’m no expert in Korean so if anyone wanna correct me, or help more, please do so) Once the club is open, we must remember to bring over the kiss BTS lol! edit: Gosh! More than 2 months have passed but I’m still hooked on this couple! I believe, there must be some truth behind then
  2. I hope you wont forget about me here since I hardly post anything nowadays but I’m still lurking around do include me in the secret club . BTW, I like the ‘Secret world’ name you suggested! Or when written in korean it will be 비밀의 세계 and I’m wondering if we can call it Wook Young (pronounce as woo-gyeong since ㄱ met the vowel ㅇ so it’s combined? cmiiw) Secret World? In korean it will be “욱영 비밀의 세계”
  3. @Gewe31 I believe the 1st script reading where KDW wore cap and black shirt happened around Nov2019 since KDW still a lil bit chubby and even MGY hair was shorter compared to YHJ’s hair when Feb2020 they already in the middle of filming...am still wondering why they mentioned it happened in Feb though In the official script reading video the caption when KDW intro himself is “welcome daesang bae-u” since they released the video after 2019 drama awards but in the video Lee PD didn’t mention anything about KDW’s daesang which kinda proved the scene happened before the drama awards even. I also saw the photo you mentioned where KDW was spotted in light green coat, that still a mistery to me till this day..wonder what script reading session was that for... Anyway, I believe most of us must have seen this photo, our couple during their 1st script reading (most probably their 1st meeting?) credit on the photo Time when social distancing was not a thing but MGY-KDW has practiced it..but then when You supposed to practice social distancing...
  4. I think this might be due to the lack of shipping materials for our couple here so I've to settle with just the drama for now so if anything juicy that you can't make it public here please also DM me! I have to master KDW's acting especially his expressions so that I can compare with future projects and decide if FMIYM was an act or not lol.
  5. I’ve tried to stopppppp! Everytime finishing ep.16 I always tell myself not to start again from ep.1 but I can’t help it! @Thirtysvn37 don’t leave me out, I want to know the juicy stuff as well!
  6. No.2 was among my fav scenes and I really can rewatch it just for that JH expression before asking HJ to stay till after the news! But I definitely missed out on no.3! Didn’t notice that before maybe because it’s not the otp scene so I tend to just skimming through it. Last weekend I just finished the whole drama again. I’m not sure if I missed JH-HJ or KDW-MGY it has been over a month! And I’m still rewatching everything about this drama! (And this couple obviously )
  7. And this account relates back MGY perfume addiction to the bts when she smelled perfume (?) on KDW’s jacket love watching MGY 1min interview on sikvengers..feels like im watching MGY during FMIYM period all over again and sometimes she gives me YHJ vibe as well..the people around her did say she’s not acting but instead showing her own self in the drama so this is proven
  8. Ouch! your MGY & LSY theory will just kill me Actually before the couple phones theory, I was almost giving up and would just like to believe both of them are currently maintaining a professional seonbae-hoobae relationship. But somehow as more juicy findings you shared here..., it might be me being a delulu or they really are together romantically now For now, I'll stick to the latter. If its only MGY, Jamie PD and sometimes KSG joining the duo, I believe this is only girls day out but if Oh PD is there as well, I would like to believe KDW is with them all.
  9. Always thankful for your great findings! Since I don't have time and resources to do/get all that I'm pretty much relying on this forum only and on YOU! Jamie PD posted on her igs today and seems like MGY was actually with her when she took her selfie in the mirror. Good to know they are really close to each other even though the drama has ended and I really hope KDW is also part of this circle
  10. I can really see KDW being offered a role in variety show or better his own talk show but seriously, it will be such a waste not to have him as panelist on any kind of tv shows Lets hope the offer will come to him soon!
  11. I remember that I enjoyed personal taste so much but I don’t remember on why? I just remember the feeling of ‘enjoying’ the drama if you got what I mean and I also don’t remember much about that drama though apart from LMH disguised as a gay man so that he can rent a room at SYJ’s place. But tbh I didn’t watch most of LMH drama listed in the pool besides BOF, personal taste and currently watching the King..
  12. @Thirtysvn37 WOW! that's a lot of juicy info you sharing up there! I saw ur post yesterday regarding the phones but didn't quite get it when I saw the insta post earlier. Thank you for explaining & for all the sharing! I never know KDW circle of friend also including LSY! (and is that JiChangWook in 2nd photo?) Since I didn't really follow him prior to FMIYM of course I won't know that Before checking out the restaurant on their ig, I thought this is the same pizza place they went together last time with the crews but looks like its a hanshik place not a pizza place.
  13. There's something always bothering me regarding the camping scene bts let's see if I can pen down whatever I have on this perfectly since I'm not good in expressing what I have on my mind. at 0:55 in below video; It's a practice session and it's yet to be a real recording. When KDW was demonstrating how he gonna kiss her, he just went in without hesitation and stop just a few inch before his lips reached hers I bet if other actors, they wont go that near since it's not real shooting yet. My doubts here are, (1) he was not hesitating (as if this is not his 1st time) (2) he stopped way too near to her lips . The only explanation I will have on this is that they are too comfortable with each other already OR they are for real (well my shipper's heart would always want to go for the latter) And regarding KDW fav scene, why is “today is our 1st day” always bugging me..I think it’s because JH never really say that line in the scene, but when mentioning his fav scene he always refer that scene as their 1st day scene instead of rooftop scene? Confessing scene? HJ’s bday scene? It’s either he’s shy coz his fav scene is a kissing scene? Or that day is REALLY their 1st day together!
  14. Yes, both of them already using banmal outside filming. Missing their IG live since I love to hear MGY speaks in banmal to KDW! Explain why I love episode 6 so much during HJ drunk talk to JH at the neighborhood stairs. @lhynne Me too can't help to think they might having the conversation in their characters but then they were using banmal so rest assured, that's really MGY-KDW there and not HJ-JH
  15. OMG!!!! What is this??????? Hopefully this is real! Then just like you, my shipper’s heart also can finally rest in peace haha @justfans_520 the photos are latest? Seems like he’s out with his co stars from ‘Riders’, that drama was back in 2015, he’s still keep in touch with most of them? Wow! Lets also hope he’s ‘in touch’ with our Gayoung-ie for a very long long long time
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